Master Lord Boutsos Ch. 1

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The storm intensified as the night wore on. Lord Boutsos was waiting for his slaves to arrive. The road to his estate was dark and the stormy weather added to the difficulty of finding the long dark drive to his home. He sipped a cool Chardonnay as he leafed through a Time magazine. Looking at his watch he realized that they would be late and he smiled. That gave him an opportunity to ‘correct’ them for their tardiness. He poured some more wine and could see some lights turning into his drive. The house was located in a remote area in upstate New York and was built on a mountaintop overlooking the Interstate nearly five miles away. His winding driveway was purposely built to wind over seven miles before arriving at the Great House.

The house staff were slaves or submissives that he had trained. Some members of the staff usually assisted Lord Boutsos in his sessions with clients. It would be the same tonight. Susan, his most trusted slave, was his housekeeper and staff supervisor, assisted by Allen the Butler. They had arranged the Sessions Chamber for this evenings use, according to their Masters instructions. Boutsos heard a car stop and the door closing. After a few moments he heard the doorbell to the service entrance and heard Allen’s heels as he moved to answer the door.

Allen opened the door to see the two slaves, husband and wife, naked, drenched from the rain and kneeling. He stepped to one side as he motioned for them to crawl into the Sessions Chamber anteroom to await their Master. Both were shivering from cold and wetness and nodded as they lowered their foreheads to touch the cold stone floor. Allen left them to tell his Master that this evenings clients had arrived. “Their condition?” asked Lord Boutsos.

“Both are waiting naked, wet and shivering in the anteroom, M’Lord,” Allen told him. Boutsos smiled and rose from his chair to walk to the anteroom. Wearing his black cloak, he moved at a brisk pace and the long cloak spread out behind him ominously. He entered the anteroom and gazed at his clients kneeling naked and shivering. He moved to the female and nudged her with his boot. She shuddered in fear, as this was her first ever session and she obviously didn’t know what was expected of her. “Stand up for your Master, Lord Boutsos,” Allen instructed her, “with your eyes looking at the floor.”

“Thank you, Allen,” Boutsos said as he walked around to examine his newest submissive. She was taller than most women, well proportioned, long supple legs coming together at a fiery red bush that hid her pussy from view. Her ass was rounded, firm and covered with goose pimples from the cold. Her red hair hung down nearly to the small of her back. It would be silky and full when not wet, Boutsos thought, as he walked to her front. Her breasts were magnificent, not big, but full and rounded without a hint of sag. They heaved as she breathed heavily from her uneasiness. She had large pink areolas crowned with hard erect nipples that were nearly as thick as the tip of his little finger. “Your name,” asked Boutsos.

“Kathleen, Master,” she replied.

“Lift your head so I may see your face, Kathleen,” Boutsos ordered her softly. She moved her head to look her Master in the eye, trembling and a little ashamed at her nakedness. He looked deep into her green eyes and took in her beauty. “You’re trembling, Kathleen. Are you cold, or frightened?” he asked.

“Both, Master,” she murmered obviously intimidated by Lord Boutsos.

“Good,” Boutsos said, “submissives need to be frightened in the presence of their Master. Don’t worry about the cold. You will be warm soon enough.” He told Kathleen to kneel, sit back on her haunches and place her hands behind her head. Boutsos moved to Kathleen’s husband to inspect him. He too shivered from the cold and was covered in goose pimples as well. “Stand,” commanded Boutsos and the male submissive sprang to his feet. Boutsos asked him his name and the slave told his Master he was named Kevin. Lord Boutsos looked over Kevin, a well-muscled man with very little hair on his chest and arms. He walked behind him and saw sparse hair on his back and none on his asscheeks or thighs.

Boutsos motioned to Allen to help Kevin to bend at the waist and told him to spread his asscheeks. Kevin’s hands grasped his asscheeks and spread them wide revealing his pinkish brown asshole. Boutsos noted that Kevin’s asshole was also devoid of hair. He turned the male submissive around to examine his front. His nipples were average for a male and his belly was flat. Kevin’s cock was uncircumcised and flaccid. Boutsos judged it to be in the seven inches plus range when hard and was pleased with its apparent thickness. He had a thick growth of pubic hair, but none on his balls and Boutsos Starzbet correctly guessed that he had shaved his balls.

“Kevin, is Kathleen your girlfriend?” Boutsos asked.

“No, Master, she is my wife,” he replied. Lord Boutsos nodded and told Kevin to kneel, sit on his haunches and place his hands behind his head. Boutsos moved to stand in front of Kathleen and dropped his cloak to the floor. His huge thick nine inch cock was hard and pointing up at an angle. He looked at Kathleen and nodded. She swallowed hard, crawled to her Master, opened her mouth and closed her lips around his massive cock. Kevin watched as his wife sucked Master Boutsos cock. His expression revealed that he was envious of his wife, wishing he had been asked to pleasure the Master first. Boutsos motioned for Kevin to crawl next to his wife to closely watch her suck and lick his massive cock. Straining, as his orgasm rose in his loins, Boutsos knew he was near the edge.

Kevin hungrily watched his wife slather the Master’s huge cock with her tongue. Boutsos stiffened, groaned and exploded deep into Kathleen’s throat. His hot thick white cum splattered against her tongue and inner cheeks, pumping his seed into her mouth. Quickly, Boutsos withdrew his massive organ from the woman’s mouth to blast his second volley of cum into Kevin’s face. The wad struck him on his forehead and the thick white gooey cum slowly rolled over his eyelid as the second volley splashed against his nose and upper lip. He opened his mouth and Boutsos rewarded him with another long rope of cum that splattered on his tongue. Kevin swallowed as another huge wad of cum crashed onto his lips. Boutsos orgasm subsided and he withdrew his semi-hard cock from Kevin and turned to Kathleen. Eagerly, she licked her Masters cock clean of cum.

“Clean that slut Kevin’s face clean of my seed, bitch!” Boutsos ordered Kathleen. She moved quickly to complete her assigned task. Allen brought a set of wrist and ankle restraints for each of them and told them to put them on quickly. The slaves hurried to put on the restraints, kneeled on their haunches, backs straight and placed their hands behind their heads. Allen quickly locked their wrists together and told them to stand. Standing, the two slaves were told to bend over at the waist. Allen forced a well-lubricated and long thick butt plug into each of their assholes and connected the plugs with a chain. He wrapped his large hand around Kevin’s balls and cock and pulled him by his genitals to the steps leading to the underground Sessions Chamber. Kevin followed Allen, pulling Kathleen along by the chain from his butt plug, between her legs and attached to her butt plug. The rough chain parted her cuntlips and chafed at her inner pussy lips as she walked.

They descended the steps into a short hall and stopped in front of a heavy oak door. The hallway was very dim and they needed a few moments to adjust their eyes to the dim light. Allen opened the oak door and pulled the slaves into an equally dim chamber with a single spotlight brightly shining down on the center of the chamber. Lord Boutsos stood naked under the spotlight, arms folded and ominously waited for his slaves. Allen delivered the slaves to their Master, kneeled, kissed Boutsos cock in homage to his Master, and left the Chamber. Boutsos fastened an overhead chain to Kevin’s wrist restraints and hoisted him up until his toes were nearly two feet from the floor. Kevin moaned as his arms ached from the weight of his body. Hanging high from the chain, caused Kathleen to stand high on her toes as her butt plug was pulled up by Kevin’s.

Boutsos turned Kathleen around to face Kevin and she had to painfully step over her butt plug chain to get into position. Now her chain parted her cuntlips and the chain links painfully rubbed the folds her inner cunt, as she stood on her toes whimpering and trying to balance herself. Kevin’s arousal was evident as his cock was hard and erect as he watched Kathleen struggle to stand upright. Boutsos wrapped a wide leather sling around Kathleen, covering her belly from her navel to just below her tits. He attached the sling to an overhead chain and pulled her up so her head was level with Kevin’s cock. Boutsos attached a spreader bar between Kathleen’s ankle restraints and secured it. He fastened an overhead chain to the spreader bar to keep her legs spread and level. Finally, he placed a leather collar on her neck and fastened her wrist restraints to a ring on the collar.

Boutsos moved to the wall and selected a leather paddle whip, two inches wide. He returned and rubbed the paddle whip against Kathleen’s lovely asscheeks then swiftly backhanded the paddle hard against Kevin’s cock and balls. The slave screamed from the pain and tears streamed from his eyes. “Suck his cock and lick his balls to soothe the pain, bitch,” he ordered Kathleen, “and don’t let that cock come out of your mouth or you will regret it painfully.” She swung her body forward, opened her mouth and grasped Starzbet Giriş his cock with her teeth. Kevin howled when her teeth bit into his cock. Swinging slightly, Kathleen’s teeth dug into his cock with each back swing while her tongue licked his cockhead. Kevin moaned in both pain and pleasure as she sucked his hard cock, swallowing his oozing pre-cum.

Their Master enjoyed their plight for a few moments then brought the paddle whip down hard on the slave girls’ ass. She screamed, biting Kevin’s cock as she jerked her body and caused the butt plug chain to painfully pull at both of their assholes. The chain ‘kissed’ Kathleen’s inner cunt walls and pressed hard on Kevin’s balls as it became taut with each swing of her body. Boutsos smiled wickedly as he struck her ass again and again, listening joyfully to their wails and sobs. Deep red marks appeared on Kathleen’s asscheeks and soon blended together to give her ass a crimson shade. Boutsos moved behind Kevin and struck his ass hard with the paddle whip. The male slave screamed, bucked and jerked as the slave girls’ teeth bit his cock again and the whip marked his ass.

Boutsos struck his ass several times until his asscheeks were as red as Kathleen’s. He was sobbing as his cock hurt from Kathleen’s teeth, his ass was on fire from the whip and his aching arms felt as though they were being pulled out of their sockets. Boutsos lowered Kevin so his feet were on the floor. But that caused the butt plug chain to become very taut, increasing their ‘pleasure’ in her cunt and on his balls. Further her teeth slid down his cockshaft until they were holding his cockhead just under the rim. She held on tight with her teeth, fearful of letting the cock slip out of her mouth and incurring her Masters’ wrath.

Lord Boutsos selected two light chains with alligator clips at each end. He moved to the male slave and began to rub his nipples. Kevin, still aching, welcomed the pleasure Master bestowed upon him. Boutsos grabbed his nipples with his thumb ands forefingers and gently rolled, pinched and pulled at them. Kevin sighed with pleasure then cried out as Master cruelly twisted and squeezed his nipples. He pulled one nipple put as far as it would go and placed an alligator clip on it, letting the jaws snap shut. The male slave screamed and sobbed, as the pain seemed to cut completely through his chest. Boutsos let the other end of the chain fall to hang loosely around Kevin’s knee. He placed the clip on the other nipple in the same fashion and Kevin openly cried from the ‘pleasure being visited on his body.

Kneeling, Boutsos reached under Kathleen’s suspended body to play with her nipples. He gently rolled, pinched and pulled at them as she moaned in pleasure at the wonderful sensations. Boutsos lay down underneath her and pulled a breast to his mouth to lick and suckle her nipple as he tweaked and rolled the other nipple. She continued to moan delightfully, but held Kevin’s cock firmly between her teeth. The chains from Kevin’s nipples with the two alligator clips were hanging just below her chin. Boutsos bit her nipple and pulled it with his teeth as far out as it would go as she wailed in pain, but she held on to the cock in her mouth. Her Master grabbed an alligator clip, lifted her breast, pulled down on the chain and clipped her nipple securely. Both slaves howled in pain as the metal teeth of the clips dug into their respective nipple flesh. Boutsos did the same to her other nipple to the sound of both of their howls.

“Now, bitch, the weight of your tits and gravity will provide both of you with as much ‘pleasure’ as can be had from nipple clamps,” Boutsos told them as he stood up next to them. Lord Boutsos pulled on the chain that joined their butt plugs and painfully extricated Kevin’s balls from under the chain. The slave sighed as some of the pain in his balls was lifted. He watched in horror as his Master took up the paddle whip and began to spank his free hanging balls with the whip. The first few blows were gentle and though it hurt a little, it also felt good. His good fortune was shattered as Master began to increase the force of the blows until Kevin was screaming continuously as his balls were pummeled severely. The slave was crying and sweating. He jerked with each blow and the slave girls’ teeth punished his cock with each convulsion of his body.

Lord Boutsos stopped paddling Kevin’s balls and stood at the side to watch their torments with a wicked smile on his face. He extended both arms and grasped the butt plug chain with both hands. One hand was holding the chain under Kathleen’s cunt and the other under Kevin’s balls. In a single move, Boutsos ripped the butt plugs out of their assholes. They both screamed feeling as though they had been ripped apart. Kathleen allowed Kevin’s cock to fall from her mouth when she screamed. She watched her Master apprehensively as he shook the cock in front of her face. “Since you can’t follow even simple instructions, you worthless cum slut, I shall Starzbet Güncel Giriş extract a painful price for your infraction,” her Master told her as she shivered from fear.

Boutsos lowered Kathleen down a few inches causing their nipples to be stretched even further. Her red ass burned and she trembled fearfully over what punishment would surely come next. Allen entered the chamber and placed a ball gag on Kevin. Kathleen felt a tongue slathering her sore asshole and cunt. The tongue would start from her clit and move to her asshole in a single lick. She sighed in delight as her asshole and cunt, were soothed by the large wet tongue. She looked up at Kevin and his eyes were wide open as he looked at Kathleen as though he was trying to tell her something. Though her nipples were nearly numb, she could feel them hurting as she enjoyed the wonderful tongue that was thrust deep in her cunt to lap her heavily flowing juices.

Suddenly, Kathleen felt pair of legs rub her asscheeks. She turned to see a giant of a man ready to mount her from behind. The slave girl began shaking her head and crying ‘no no’ as she felt a hard extremely huge cock striking at her ass and pussy trying to find entry. “Slut, this is Max. He will fuck your brains out with his massive cock as part of your punishment for releasing the cock,” Boutsos told her. The huge slave kept pushing his massive cock on her asshole and cunt while Kathleen entertained Lord Boutsos by sucking at Kevin’s flaccid cock while wiggling her ass to avoid Max’s gigantic cock. Although Kevin was horrified at what would surely happen to his wife, his flaccid cock began to stir and swell.

Boutsos waited until Kevin’s sore cock was as hard as a rock and he ordered Kathleen to resume sucking and licking it. The slave girl, resigned to her fate, eagerly captured her husbands’ cock in her mouth to lick and suck it. Their master nodded to Max. He grabbed his mighty cock, lubed it with a generous amount of KY and placed it between the slave girls’ cuntlips. Kathleen screeched in pain as the gigantic cock slammed deep into her cunt in a single monstrous thrust. The pain was so severe that Kathleen felt like she had been split apart. Kevin watched in awe as Max began to fuck his wife’s cunt with long deep slow strokes. Kathleen’s initial pain slowly transformed to from pain to intense pleasure. She had never been fucked this deep, this hard and with such a gigantic cock before. She began to thrust back to meet Max’s cock thrusts while she redoubled her efforts at sucking Kevin’s cock.

Kathleen reveled in pleasure, as the huge cock fucked her. She could feel her orgasm building as the magnificent cock penetrated deeper and deeper. The slave girl nearly gagged as she erupted in a powerful orgasm while Kevin’s drove his cock deeper into her throat. A copious flow of cunt nectar poured out of her pussy as she spasmed in cum after cum. Her cunt muscles squeezed Max’s cock each time she would cum, clenching it as though she would strangle it. She released Kevin’s cock from her mouth and cried out, “Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me. Make me your bitch, Max…God I love your cock…fuck me, Max!” The giant’s cock began to throb and his balls slapped her pussy with each thrust. Soon the massive piston was pounding her cunt unmercifully, seeking release.

Lord Boutsos sipped a cool glass of wine as he watched Max assaulting the tight pussy his massive cock had entered. Max’s balls were hitting Kathleen’s clit with each lunge and she felt another orgasm building within her. Just as Max slammed his cock deeper into Kathleen’s pussy, she exploded in another massive orgasm. She felt fuller than she ever had, as the huge cock pressed against the insides her pussy to sealed itself within. She gasped as she came hard again and again. Max was still thrusting his cock deep into her as he groaned, cumming hard into Kathleen. He pumped his cum into her pussy in huge volumes. Kathleen, overwhelmed by her own orgasm, screamed gleefully as she felt the hot cum splatter against the walls of her pussy.

She could feel her belly swelling as Max poured more and more cum into her as he continued fucking her as he came. The slave girls’ belly was distended from all the cum Max’s balls were still pumping into her. The massive cock sealed his cum inside her and only her sweat moistened her pussylips. Max finally finished cumming and began to pull out, but it was no use, he and Kathleen were held fast together by his huge member clenched by her cunt. Max stepped back and pulled his massive engine from Kathleen’s pussy until it popped out with a plop. Both Max and Kathleen were gasping for air and panting from the magnificent sensations of their orgasms.

Allowing Kathleen and Max to recover their senses, Boutsos turned his attention to Kevin. He lowered him and placed him on his hands and knees. Boutsos ordered him to crawl backwards to stretch the nipple clamp chains taut. Both slaves winced as the chains pulled their nipples painfully as both slaves sobbed from the pain in their nipples. Boutsos removed the nipple clamps from both slaves and the blood rushed into their nipples painfully restoring circulation. They cried and sobbed from the pleasure/pain, but neither one uttered their safe words.

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