Am I a Bisexual?

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I’m your regular 47 year old attractive married white guy that gets off to bisexual porn. It started several years ago in my 20’s when my roommate was fucking a hot blonde named Ashley that looked like Marilyn Monroe and bragged about fucking men and women. I would jack off while I listened to him fuck the shit out of her and try to catch glimpses of her naked when I could. She knew how to make men hard and women wet.

One evening I came home from work at the golf course to find her passed out buck naked on our couch. I admired her naked body and I so wanted to wake her up by licking her pussy and ass but I decided I had better not. I went upstairs to shower; glad that I was finally able to see her naked but for whatever reason I didn’t jack off although my cock was pretty hard and I was horny as fuck.

When I stepped out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my waist, Ashley reached the top of the stairs and before she entered Rob’s room she said,

“How about I get a look since you got to see me.”

So I dropped my towel and my cock started to get harder.

“Nice cock. I would love for you to fuck my ass while Rob fucks my pussy.”

I stroked my cock and said,

“Anytime. I’m always ready..”

As she walked in Rob’s room I grabbed a pair of shorts, slipped them on, turned on my tv and laid on my bed hoping they would fuck so I could relieve my hard on.

Ashley came through my door with Rob behind her with his big hard cock leading the way and she said,

“I Bycasino hope you’re ready because I want these 2 cocks now. Lay down next to Wil so I can suck these cocks.”

As she yanked my shorts off and my cock sprang free. We laid on our backs while she got on her knees between us and she grabbed a cock in each hand and told us

“I have wanted to fuck 2 guys for so long and I’m going to wear you boys out.”

She then licked my dick from my balls up to the head and swallowed my entire dick in her mouth. I almost came right then but let out moan and said,

“Fuck, she’s good”.

She stroked his cock as she bobbed on mine and played with my balls. She knew just when to pull off my cock and move over to Rob’s. His dick is longer and thicker than mine so she stroked the bottom of it and licked around his head. She made his cock look so sexy that I wanted jump down there and help her. She saw me watching her so closely so she removed her hand from my dick so I could stroke it while she put on a cock sucking show for me. She kept her eyes on me while she sucked, licked, stroked and played with his cock and balls. It was so hot to watch him thrust his ass off the bed while she serviced him. She licked from his taint to the tip of his dick and said.

“I want this beautiful dick in my cunt while Wil fucks my ass. Grab the KY next to our bed.”

I came back into the room as Ashley lowered her pussy onto his big dick and let out the sexiest moan that I had ever heard. She slowly rose up on Bycasino giriş that hot cock that was shining with her pussy juice. I watched her ride him while I stroked my cock with KY. She turned around to catch me staring at his cock and her pussy while I licked my lips. She smiled as she knew I wanted to get between his legs so I could lick his balls and dick as well as her pussy and ass but she wanted something else. She said,

“See anything you want to get into? Come fuck my ass.”

I put some KY on her asshole as I got onto the bed and she sat all the way down on his cock. Her ass was so tight as I slid my dick in her ass. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back and let out the sexiest moan that surpassed her earlier moan. It was a little awkward at first but we got into a rhythm but every once and awhile one of our dicks would come out. All 3 of us were filled with lust, moaning while she was talking nasty and I felt his wet cock slide past my balls across my puckered asshole. Ashley felt me jump and I almost came right then. She rose up a little and reached back, grabbed his cock so I could slide it back in her wet cunt. Ashley told us to hold still cuz she was about to cum. She wiggled on our dicks as her whole body trembled with orgasm.

I slipped out of her ass and she dismounted his cock. His cock looked awesome with her fresh cum on his dick. She caught my looking again and said

“Fuck me from behind while I suck my cum off his cock.”

She got on her knees and I couldn’t Bycasino deneme bonusu help but to lick her pussy from behind for a little bit before I slid my cock in her. I was so fucking lost in sexual bliss that I started pounding her pussy and I knew I was about to blow. I finally fucked her as deep as I could and she removed his cock long enough to say,

“Cum in my hot pussy.”

I shot the biggest load of my life. I shuddered as I slid my cock out of her pussy and laid down next to them. She laid on her back between us, spread her legs, looked at him and said,

“Your turn to fill my pussy with cum.”

He jumped up and started fucking ear hard. She knew just how to make him cum hard and quick by talking nasty by saying,

“Fuck me where he shot it.. You like feeling his cum in you pussy?”

He slammed his dick in her and I could see them both shake as they both came. He pulled out and laid down on the other side of her. We were all exhausted and she reached down so she could rub her swollen pussy and said,

“My pussy is so sensitive after I cum like that and sometimes I can make myself cum several times. I also love the taste of my pussy with a load of cum in it. I wonder how it tastes with 2.”

As she looked at me and put her fingers in her mouth. She removed her fingers and said,

“Either Of you boys want to clean me up?”

So I got up and grabbed a warm wash cloth so she could while her pussy clean. As she grabbed it she smiled and said,

“That’s not what I meant but thanks.”

Unfortunately that was the only time I got to fuck Ashley and she moved on from Rob shortly thereafter but I did run into her at a bar where she asked me,

“When are we going to have another 3 way. Have you tried cock yet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32