Master’s Crop

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Black Dildo

i Feel my warm flesh pressed tightly to Yours,Your heart pounding through Your chest as You flip me over pulling me hard by my hair, thrusting my body over onto the bed. You pull my ankles apart, my thighs spread as wide as they can. You place a leather cuff to each of my ankles, and using a chain You attach each cuff to the legs of the bed. my arms raised and outstretched above my head you tightly apply a handcuff to each wrist…click…click…locking each to headboard. i lay there face down, bound with my face and my nose covered by a pillow and i am barely able to breathe. my pulse races and i can feel tiny beads of perspiration forming on the nape of my neck, my body so exposed, my flesh outstretched as far as it possibly can. You laugh out loud as You place a leather blindfold over my eyes, knowing what it does to me.

my juices start to flow so freely down my inner thighs and You laugh louder. “My slut, My whore is so wet for her Master and I am so Hungry” You say in a soft voice.

A tiny moan escapes my lips and although i hear it i am not Starzbet sure where it came from. You reach for the crop that is sitting beside me, although i am completely unaware it is there. You gently run the leather of it along my body, tantalizing all kinds of sensations deep inside of me. You begin at my wrists, my body trembles as i feel the smooth leather caressing my flesh. Your tongue and Your lips follow the path of the crop and i try to move against my restraints, unsuccessfully, as i am bound so tight. i gasp for air against the pillow below my face, turning my head away from it. Feeling the crop against my neck, then Your tongue, Your lips. i can feel myself throbbing, and i want to feel You inside me. Craving You more than life itself. You trace the outline of my back down and You barely let it brush over the cheeks of my ass. Still Your tongue and lips never leaving my flesh. You continue down along the backs of my thighs. my breath quickens as tiny, barely audible moans escape me. You touch the tip of the crop in between my legs. i try to raise Starzbet Giriş my ass as i feel the leather brush along my soaking wet lips. Then, You tease my swollen clit with it, tracing little circles with its edge.

“My slut wants more” You say.

“Yes Master” i beg in a voice so soft.

“Excuse Me? Did i say You could talk?” You say in a more harsh manner.

Hearing Your warning i lay there completely silent. Waiting in anticipation of what is about to come.

i hear the sound of the crop, the air going through it as it makes contact with the flesh on the cheek of my ass. i gasp and scream as it strikes me. my body trembling and shaking as much as it can against my restraints. Tiny tears form in the corners of my eyes as i bury my face into the pillow beneath me. Over and over You strike me. First the right side then the left. Running Your tongue along each welt forming on me. my body starts to spasm as i can feel my orgasm so close. Sensing my climax, You slide 1, 2, and then 3 of Your fingers inside me. my screams so Starzbet Güncel Giriş loud as You strike over and over. my ass now a beautiful shade of crimson red. Some blood forms on the welts and You run Your finger along it and bring it up to my lips for me to taste. As i suck Your fingers it sends my body into wave upon wave of my orgasm. Your fingers from Your other hand still inside me, my folds drawing them in deeper as i fuck them as if it were You. my hips gyrating against my bonds. my final orgasm near as You withdraw Your fingers from me replacing them with You. Thrusting me hard, the head of Your cock so deep against my cervix. my muscles grasping You with each thrust.

“Harder, deeper…please Master” i beg You.

As you penetrate me deeper pounding me over and over again. Your body stiffens and a loud moan escapes You as You cum so deep inside me. my body in the throws of its final wave as i cum with You, releasing a scream so loud as i do.

You lay there inside of me for what seems like eternity but was only just a few minutes. You release me from my restraints, remove my blindfold and pull my twisted flesh to Yours. You brush Your lips against mine kissing me so deeply, holding me against Your flesh as we both just drift off into dreamland.

i love You, my Master…Forever.

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