Mary Beth’s Idea Ch. 1

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My friend Mary Beth and I have a great sex life. Now understand that we are not going together, we just like to crush a lot =). She is a very attractive girl, about 5’8″ with nice 36c tits, a shaved pussy and a tongue ring that just loves to suck my 7″ cock. She also doesn’t wear panties, so it makes it easier for me to finger her when we are in the movies. She puts her jacket over her lap, I just slide my hand in her jeans and play to my hearts content. And let me tell you, she gets very wet when I play with her pussy. Oh, and I almost forgot — her ass is nice and tight, too.

Our sex life is very interesting. We’ve watched each other masturbate, we’ve masturbated each other, and we’ve fucked in almost every room of my apartment — we have yet to try the closet. She also loves to pull out her big blue vibrator and fuck herself in front of me — I just like to watch that fake blue cock penetrate my friend’s pussy.

One time, we were laying in bed after a hot session of licking, sucking and fucking when we were talking about fantasies. My biggest fantasy has been, like every other guy in America, to see two girls together and I join in after a reasonable amount of time. Mary Beth was very understanding and heard me out, but when she told me that she has masturbated to that very same thought, my cock got harder than it ever did before. That wasn’t what I had expected! She leaned close to my ear — the left ear — and asked me, “Do you wanna see me with another woman??” I let out a small moan and could only answer yes. Of course, I was moaning because she had my hard cock in her hand and was stroking it. My hands went down to her ass before my right hand slid around to her wet cunt. I rubbed her clit very fast as she pumped my cock. “Do you want that baby?? You wanna see another woman licking my pretty pussy??” she said.

My only response was jamming three now wet fingers up her hole and she moaned loudly. Avrupalı porno Her ass started bouncing on my hand, fucking herself with my fingers, her hand abandoning my cock. Not that I minded, I knew she’d take care of my dick after she came. She loves to suck my cock =).

She was bouncing so fast, so I kept getting on her. “Oh baby, I want you to fuck her with that big strap on you have.” She moaned even deeper, which meant she was about to cum. “Then I wanna fuck you both — one with my tongue and the other with my hard cock.” That did it. She came all over my fingers.

She collapsed on my body, and after about a minute, took my hand and began to lick my fingers clean of her pussy juice. “MMMMMM, Sean that was so good. I can’t wait for that to happen.”

“I know sweetie, who do you think we should fuck together??”

“How about Nancy, I know how much you lust for her!!”

Nancy was a friend of a friend that we’ve seen out at the bars many, many times. Nancy is a redhead with nice titties and a shaved cunt — as I’ve heard from several guys that I have talked with — and likes girl-girl sex. “We should talk to her about it, I think she likes you too,” I told her.

She seemed to be taken back a bit, but she started to grin sexily. “Oh yeah? Who told you that??”


Again, startled. “When did you talk to her about it??”

“The other night when we were drinking. You went to the bathroom and I talked to her. She said she liked the skirt you were wearing. I told her you weren’t wearing panties, and she started to lick her lips.”

Mary Beth liked that thought. “Oh yeah, by the way babe… when I was in the bathroom, another woman fingered me from behind while I was in there. She was hot too. She reached under my skirt and played with my pussy. I pushed my ass back into her groin to say that I liked it. Then I leaned my head back Video porno and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She even grabbed my tits. We exchanged numbers and we had phone sex when you were at the paper on Friday.”

“MMMMMM, baby, you’re so thrilling. What did you talk about??”

“We talked about fucking each other with strap-on dildos, licking each others pussy, licking and sucking nipples, and even imagining that your cock was shooting loads of cum onto our tits and we licked it off. And speaking of your cock, I gotta suck this baby and I mean now.”

She bent over my body, grabbed my cock and started stroking. It never got soft, but she likes to stroke me before sucking it. Then she stuck out her tongue and began to lick my cock, beginning with the head, which she lapped like a lollipop, before bathing the underside. Her tongue ring never felt so good.

“Oh Mary Beth, suck my hot cock! Your mouth feels so good!! Oh baby, we’re gonna fuck Nancy good!!”

This got her started even more, and she put half of my dick in her mouth, closed her lips around it and slurped up to the head. Her mouth went back down on my dick and took even more in. She then removed it, licked it, then put it back in. She knows this drives me crazy and makes me cum even harder. Like I said, she loves to suck my cock.

She kept doing this for a few minutes until she had my entire shaft in her mouth, holding it down and running her tongue around the base. Then she bobbed her head up and down, and very fast. She was bringing me off quickly, the way she always does it.

“Oh hun, I’m gonna cum right down your throat!!”

She took her mouth off my shaft. “Oh yes Sean, give my tonsils a cum bath!!”

We had already cum a few times, but she wanted more of my cum desperately. She started to play with my asshole, which would definitely make me cum. Then she slid a finger in and started to fuck my ass with her finger. That opened the floodgates, and I started to cum in her mouth. She drank down every bit of cum, not letting any slip out of her beautiful mouth. Her finger was still fucking my ass, and she wanted more.

“MMMMM, you like that huh baby?” she said. “You like my finger in your ass baby??”

I could only moan. She is very oral with me, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I got hard.

She removed her finger from my ass and told me to get up. Then she left the room and came back a minute later wearing an eight inch strap on, apparently a new one, because I had never seen it before. She came up to my face and said “this is what I’m gonna fuck Nancy with. You like it baby??” She loves to taunt me.

“Yeah, she’s gonna love it. What are you wearing it now for??” I love playing stupid.

“Well, I just wanted to see what you thought of it.” She took off the strap on and laid down under me. “Now fuck me with your hard cock!!”

Who am I to argue?? I eased my now aching cock into her pussy, and I always like the feel of her hole. I started pumping in and out, getting all of my cock in her in just a few strokes. She started moaning, “ohhhhhh Nancy is gonna love your cock!!”

“Yeah, she’s gonna like my cock, and she’s gonna like your pussy, and your tits, and she’s gonna love getting her ass fucked by your strap-on!!”

It didn’t take her long to climax, because I kept pounding her pussy, my balls slapping on her ass. I slipped my hand under her butt and started to give her the same fingering she gave me.

“UGGGGGGGGGH!! Sean!! Fuck Me Harddddddddd!! Fuck my pussy and fuck my ass!!”

The whole process — the climax process — was magnificent. The muscles in her pussy started to contract on my cock, her ass muscles clenched on my finger, and my cock started to pulse. Loads of cum shot out of my cock, deep into her pussy, and her juices coated my dick as she came.

She then crawled into my right side, kissed my lips, and said “Baby, Nancy better be ready for a good fuck. She’s not gonna know what hit her!!”

To be continued…

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