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I got up and started to make a pot of coffee. While that was brewing, I went outside and got the morning newspaper, came back in and poured a cup of coffee. While I was reading the paper, Misty woke up and came into the kitchen. She was wearing only a white tee shirt and white nylon panties. Her firm tanned legs attracted my attention immediately. I felt a stirring in my groin, but tried to stifle it, as I had done so many times in the past.

I had been living with her and her mother since Misty was 12, and she always slept in a tee-shirt and panties, so I had seen her like this many times before, but now she was 18. I was 36 years old, but she was a fully developed woman now. The sight of her in those panties was different that day.

My mind retraced to some of the times when she would be laying out in the backyard sunning herself. Her skin so smooth, and her ass and tits covered only by a tiny bikini. How many times I looked at that beautiful ass, and wished I could just touch it. Just to feel the firmness would have been wonderful, but every time I saw her like that, I wanted to lick and suck every part of her. I wanted to experience every part of her body, but she was my wife’s daughter, from a previous marriage. This was not supposed to be in the cards for me.

I turned back to the paper and tried to read. I turned from page to page, scanning the headlines, looking for something interesting, but nothing could keep my interest. Misty opened a cupboard, and reached up to get a box of cereal from the top shelf. As she did so, the tee-shirt rose up, revealing her whole ass in those thin white panties. Her legs were stretched out fully, and I could see the outline of her pussy against the white panties. Again, my groin stirred.

She put the cereal box on the table and went to the refrigerator, as I tried to get back to the paper. I couldn’t even get started reading, because when she opened the refrigerator, she spread her feet about shoulder width apart, and bent over to get the milk. She seemed to be doing this deliberately slow, and I could now make out her entire pussy now. I couldn’t help but look! It was SO beautiful; I couldn’t take my eyes off it. She stayed in that position for a couple of seconds, and I got an eyeful.

Finally she Stood İstanbul Escort up, with the milk in her hand and came over and poured some in her bowl. She then returned to the refrigerator, and repeated the scene while putting the milk back. By this time I had a hardon, and sitting was uncomfortable. I wondered if she knew she was teasing me like this, but back to the paper I went.

As she ate, and I drank coffee, we made small talk about an upcoming trip to one of the universities she was considering. My hardon subsided, and I was glad to have some normal conversation, just to keep my mind off her body. This lasted about 30 minutes, because when she was done, she started to load dishes into the dishwasher.

She made several trips to the dishwasher, and each time she would bend over with her ass pointing in my direction. My dick was stirring as I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help it. The only thing keeping me from seeing her pussy was those panties! I looked down at the paper in front of me, but she came over and stood right next to me. “Are you done with that coffee cup?” she asked. I looked at her crotch from the corner of my eye, and could see the dark patch of pubic hair through the thin material of her panties, and my dick got hard as a rock. I stayed in position as if I were reading, and just handed it to her. She took it to the dishwasher, and bent over so I could see her pussy again. She stayed like that for a while as she rearranged the dishes. It must have been 2 minutes, waving her pussy at me like that. I even caught her watching me look at her once, and she didn’t stop.

I couldn’t deny it. I wanted to fuck her, right then! It took all the restraint I could muster not to do just that. I was sure she knew she was teasing me, but I picked out a story in the paper and concentrated on it until my hardon went down. I told her that I was going back to bed, because I was tired. The truth was, I couldn’t stand to look but not touch any more, so I had decided not to look.

I went to the bedroom, and lay on the bed. I was kind of tired. I had worked every day for over 3 weeks, and finally got a day off in the middle of the week. Misty’s mother was working that day, so I had plans to just relax. It was getting warm, so I decided Anadolu Yakası Escort to undress and get under the covers. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

It started to get warm, so I woke up and pushed the blankets off myself. I noticed the door was open about 4 inches, so I got up and closed it. I was sure I had closed it before, but I just closed it, and went back to bed, using only a sheet to cover me. Soon I was back to a sound sleep.

Suddenly, I felt the bed move, and I completely covered by misty! She was naked, and had climbed on top of me in one fell swoop. She had my dick in her hand, and was guiding it toward her pussy. I started to resist, but I when I felt her warm moist pussy lips on my dick, I couldn’t resist. She sat down hard on my dick, but it wouldn’t go in. Misty started to sob with frustration, “Please break my cherry, PLEASE! I want to fuck you!”

I was totally unprepared for this. “I can’t do that, Misty”, I said.

“Please, Please! I want to fuck SO BAD!” she cried. She was begging me. She had real tears in her eyes.

I was confused. I couldn’t fuck this girl I had just helped raise into a beautiful, intelligent young lady, could I? Then again, she was naked, she had jumped on top of me, and she had my dick up against her pussy, while begging me to fuck her. I told her it would hurt if I broke her cherry, and she shouted “I DON’T CARE! Just FUCK ME”.

So I bucked my hips and rammed my dick into her. Her cherry popped, and she winced. It looked painful, and she got off me. She went into the bathroom, and I lay there thinking, “What have I done”. I figured that was the end of it, and I was kind of glad about that. I shouldn’t have sex with her, and maybe this will make her stop teasing me so much.

Nope! After about 5 minutes, she came out of the bathroom, and rushed back to bed with me. She was on top of me in a flash. She grabbed my still hard dick, and jammed it into her pussy. Her pussy was SO tight, I couldn’t get more than an inch in it, but an inch was in. I was now fucking my daughter-in-law, and was HER idea.

No going back now, I thought. I left my dick in her, and didn’t move while her virgin pussy adjusted to the size of my dick. I held Misty in my arms, and said, “There. Ümraniye Escort Is that what you wanted?”

She said, “Yes, but I want more. Please fuck me. I want to know what it feels like to be fucked”. With that, I began moving my dick around in small circles, slowly edging it into her new love box”. Each time I pushed another inch into her, she would gasp, and I would stop and roll my dick around. Soon I had my entire dick in her snatch, and was moving it around. Not really fucking her, but allowing her to adjust to having a dick inside her for the first time.

Her pussy was so tight. I had never felt anything like it. The tightness was all the way around my dick. As I moved around, she began to loosen up. She reached back, and felt my balls, and said, “I can’t believe I got the whole thing in there”. This seemed to make her happy, and her pussy started to get wet. VERY wet. I started to stroke it in and out a couple of inches at a time. My balls were getting soaked from the wetness of her pussy.

I grabbed her by her ass cheeks, and started to bounce her up and down on my dick. After a minute, she got the idea, and started to fuck like a pro. I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was. She even said, “Look how wet I am”. I was soaked, and the bed was soaked from her sweet pussy juices. I Held her tight and said, “That’s right, you’re SO wet. You are going to be a good little fuck”.

I told her to sit up, and fuck me. She did, and I was treated to being able to watch her little tits bounce up and down, and I could see my dick going in and out of her pussy. Very nice.

Soon, she started to cum. She tilted her head back, and just said, “UUUUHHHH, YES! FUCK ME!”. I could feel her pussy convulsing on my dick, and I just kept fucking. She orgasmed very hard, and when she was done, she slipped my dick out of her, and let me slide my dick up and down her hot wet gash until I came like a volcano.

When she got off me, and started towards the bathroom, her legs buckled, and she couldn’t walk. She looked at me, like “wtf”? I smiled and said, “Your legs will come back in a while”.

That was the first time we fucked, but not the last. She would often come home after a date with a young man her age, who had cum too soon. She would need relief, and we would go off somewhere and I would fuck her to orgasm. She is the only woman I can honestly say had an orgasm every time we fucked.

She has found a husband now, who can take care of her in bed, and I’m happy for her. Even still, we get together alone once in a while and have sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32