Mr Wrong proves to be Mr Right Now

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I come from a cold country so I am always wearing my Italian-looking neck scarves when I go out. They wrap loosely around my neck but offer a bit of warmth. The only reason I’m giving you the detail is that it plays a role in what happen next.

A buddy and I went out for a drink which we do every 2 to 3 weeks. This time is no different than the other, we talk about work, we talk about our families, and we talk about ideas that we think are intriguing. Both of us work in the field of marketing and innovation.

After about an hour and two beer, we’re getting fairly animated about a specific innovative idea we’ve heard of; lots of hand waving, pointing and animated talk. All of a sudden a guy appears over my right shoulder and asks if he can interrupt for just a second. He was polite he was nice enough, about 45 and in good shape. He was wearing a jacket so I couldn’t see his body. And I’m not usually interested in guys bodies when I’m at a bar. Nobody knows of my inner desires in my personal circle.

We invite this guy jump into our conversation for a minute. He says “I just wanted to comment on how nice it is to see somebody like you. You express it interestingly compared to most of the others in this bar. It’s winter so people wear brown and black and here you are wearing an orange check shirt, a sky blue scarf, tight tapered pants and a pair of zipper boots.”

My immediate thought was this guy must’ve been bored because he knows everything that I’m wearing. I can’t say as I knew anything anyone was wearing in the bar except for the black and brown jackets and sweaters.

We all started a small conversation about the lack of colour in the bars at this time of year. We surveyed the bar together to prove the theory. At one point, my new friend nudged my thigh as I sat on my hi-top stool. This could have been unintentional so I didn’t mention anything. I thanked him for his compliment and he went off to the washroom which had been is in initial intent. About 10 minutes later he came back and disappeared back at the bar. My buddy and I were in a deep conversation so we didn’t need anybody else to join us. Nor had he asked to join us.

About a half an hour later we finished up our drinks and our Lyfts had arrived so we paid up and both got in our respective cars and took off.

I have never been picked up in a bar. And I was really intrigued by this guys forwardness. I only live about 15 minutes away from the bar so upon reaching my home, I made some excuse about leaving something at the bar and got the Lyft driver to take me back. On the way back my heart was pounding. What was I going to do? Should I buy this guy a drink? Did I even want to pursue this? Was this a pick up? All unanswered questions.

My car pulled up to the bar and I hopped out. I walked back-and-forth about three times before I said to myself, “oh fuck it. I’m going in.” As I walked into the bar the waitress who had served me before asked “Are you OK?”

“I think I left something at the table.”

I went back over to the table where I was sitting and pretended that I was looking for something. The guy was still at the bar and he was watching me look around the table. I noticed him looking at me and pretending to give up on my search, I acknowledged him and he waved me over. I went over, told him “I thought I forgot my ipad case.”

He said “My name is Grant, Let me buy you a beer.”

My heart was thumping but I pulled up a stool beside him at the bar.

He asked who my friend was and what the relationship was. I told him we were old buddies and we go out every couple of weeks just to catch up and get away from families. He leaned in denoting that he wanted to ask me a question. He said “Are you two lovers?” I told him “No as a matter of fact we are old friends and our families know each other pretty well. We were both straight family guys who just like to get out and grab a drink to catch up from time to time.”

We chit chatted for about five or 10 minutes. He talked about my looking good again and said “I wish I had the balls to wear clothes confidently like you.”

I said “Grant, you are a good looking guy. Why don’t you wear what you want? You just gotta go for it, dude.”

This was odd for me because I don’t generally throw compliments to other guys about their looks. He thanked me and touched me on the side thigh. As the conversation went on he touched me a couple of more times. I neither moved closer nor moved away but I was kind of intrigued by the heart rate I had when he did put his hand on my thigh. At one point he made a bit of a joke and I put my hand on his thigh. He took that as a sign.

Just at that point, the bartender turned up the music so the whole bar got a lot noisier. It was harder to converse so we had to lean in a bit.

Our conversation went on and both of us were pretty animated with our hands so the tapping seemed quite natural. As we both got more comfortable, the conversation turned a lot more personal. He asked about my family and why my buddy and I were trying to get away from our families every couple of weeks. “No, no, Things are good. We just go out looking to see what trouble we could get into ourselves. Like the good old days.”

He suggested he could get me into trouble. I smiled but shyly changed the subject to find out about him. “Look, I am recently divorced. My wife found out about my bi tendencies and couldn’t handle it. I told her all guys have a desire but few act on it. Honestly have you never desired or been with another man? Tell me the truth. I am not trying to pick you up. But seriously, have you never had thoughts about touching or being touched by another guy?”

I said “Not really. I am not particularly attracted to guys.”

He responded “Seriously, you have never been attracted to or thought of touching another guy?”

I had to come clean. Why did I come back to the bar? I said, “Ok, There was a guy when I was back in my 20’s.” Grant responded “Ok, that is better. What did you do about it?” “Nothing. I was too shy.”

I think at that point he knew the outcome of tonight. He said ” Well that was a lost opportunity.” With that he touched me on the thigh but this time he left his hand there for couple of seconds. I didn’t move away and with the noise in the bar and our having to lean in to hear each other, this seemed like it would go unnoticed.

He asked “So what stops you now from being with a guy?”

You know those times when you have a little too mucha and have spoken too freely? I was at that point. I knew where this was going and I suppose I came back to the bar to find out if I would follow through on this. My mind was jumping because I was supposed to be going home. But I did love the tension from being seduced by a stranger.

“I suppose if Mr. Wrong came along at the right time, I might be coerced into it.”

With that, he grabbed his beer, we toasted that and each took a drink. With that I knew I had given away any possibility of leaving the situation without following through. My heart was beating really quickly and I could feel my hard on starting to grow.

I asked him some lame question about how he got started. I wasn’t really listening because I wanted to figure out how I could taste this guy’s cock. He did mention something about his wife being a prude and I laughed a little bit and touched his thigh. He asked if I want to hear about the first time he sucked a cock. Fuck that would be hot. I leaned in and said “Sure.”

“Let me go to the washroom and I’ll tell you when I get back. You’ll like this.”

Off he went. My heart was racing really quickly. I wanted to follow him but I didn’t want to follow him.

He came back about 5 minutes later and I said “OK my turn” and went off I went to take a piss.

As I was finishing up, the door to the washroom came open and in walked Grant. My Mr. Wrong. He acknowledged me then grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the stall.

I couldn’t believe what was happening but I didn’t want to stop. He went in and sat on the back of the toilet and rubbed his cock. My cock was hard thinking about what I was about to do.

“Unbuckle my pants.” he said firmly. I did as instructed. As his pants spread open, I could see the head of his cock over the top of his underwear. I had fantasized about being this close to another man’s cock but never acknowledged it out loud. This guy was impressive. His cock was about 8 inches long. A nice and thick. I reached out my hand and grabbed his hard dick stroking it up and down a couple of times. I decided it was all or nothing so I bent forward and took this beautiful mushroom into my mouth. The sensation was awesome. I begin to bob up and down slowly and rhythmically because I didn’t want this to go too quickly. His hand was on my head directing the speed. He started to increase the tempo so I knew he was getting excited. At one point he pulled me off. “Not too fast. Make this last a bit.”

Using my left hand I just stroked the length of his shaft down to his balls. What an interesting feeling!

He motioned for me to start again. This time I grabbed the base of his cock in my left hand and his balls in my right hand. My right hand middle finger was massaging towards his asshole. I started off slowly but increased the tempo to a nice quick rhythm. I knew he wouldn’t last long. I massaged closer and closer to his butt so that I could put some pressure on his ass just at the right moment. This worked tremendously and I could feel his body tense up and he started to send ribbon after ribbon into my mouth. I tried to hold it but could not handle the amount. He squeezed his legs together and let out a great moan. I loved servicing this guy!

He zipped up his pants, I washed my mouth out and we went back out to the bar. He leaned into me and said “You are a natural cocksucker.” I thanked him for being patient and willing to teach me.

He acknowledged that I hadn’t come yet and he wanted to remedy that. He asked if I wanted to come out his car. I said “Sure.” We left the bar and went to the parking lot. I hopped in the passenger side and as he slid in, he reached over and grabbed my cock through my pants. I was semi-hard so he unbuckled my pants to let me out.

I thought he was going to give me head but he asked me to stroke my cock. I have never masturbated in front of a guy before. This was so fucking thrilling. He watched me for a minute then he took his left hand and slipped it under my balls and started to tickle my ass. I raised my hips to give him better access. He slipped his finger in up to the first knuckle. Boom, I shot a ribbon up to my chest. What a sensation. To be fingered up the ass by a stranger as I was jacking myself.

I was confused, happy and exhausted. It was such a great first time. We finished off expressing how nice this was and he said he wanted to get together with me again to explore a little further. He got me to open my phone contacts and he added a new name; Mr Wrong and his number.

I told him I would be in touch shortly and got out of the car. What had just happened? I sucked my first cock, came with a guy’s finger up my ass and got a phone number so I could explore further… Should I follow up? No way. What else did he mean ‘explore a bit further’. What did he have in mind? What did I want him to have in mind? I had never allowed myself to acknowledge the possibilities…but I may contact him.

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