Lisa’s Big Night Out

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My life took a real change as my confidence grew as Lisa, I spent more and more time dressing and occasionally popping down to the supermarket to grab a bottle of wine and check out the guys browsing not only the meat section but my long slender legs and stilettos as I wiggled round the store.

This particular night I already knew I was going to try and pull a fit guy for some fun. Lisa was horny again after a long week at work had come to an end and I had come home to dress before going out to my local for supplies, in that I mean lube, a bottle of wine and a fit guy with a nice cock.

As I stood in my shower thinking of the evening ahead my girly cock started to stiffen, I knew I needed it bad and stood covered in the lather of the shower gel slowly wanking my hard 8 ½ inch shaft getting more and more aroused when there was a bang on the bathroom door followed by a voice.

It was Gaz, one of my housemates and he was making it quite clear he needed the toilet. Being the only bathroom and toilet in the whole house with 5 of us sharing was always difficult but I guessed Gaz had been to the pub on his way home so decided I would let my cock rest for now and turned off the shower and wrapped myself in a fresh towel.

Upon opening the door I saw Gaz sat on the top stair waiting on the bathroom, he looked up and apologized for the interruption as I tried to creep past to my room, fortunately I was not yet dressed as I thought Gaz may have freaked out if he had realized I was a transvestite.

Gaz being a proper straight muscle guy, in his mid 30’s with cropped dark hair and a nice body I would have loved to paw all over. The strangest bit being he was one of the lads I was always happy to relax in our kitchen with and have a beer, little did he or any of the other 3 guys I lived with know about Lisa’s existence.

As soon as I got back into my room I found a Cd of some house tunes I fancied listening to while I dolled myself up. I wiggled my tight young arse to the tunes which I now had turned right up as I selected what to wear from a case I kept under my bed and locked at all times.

Riffling through the selection of frocks I decided on the classic little back dress in lycra, I did so love it and the clinginess of it. Underneath I pulled myself into a purple satin corset, black lacey g string that hardly managed to hide my cock and balls and hold up black double f stockings with a seam running up the back and topped off with my satin black 5 inch peep toe stiletto heels. I just adore the classic seamed stockings and they always turn on the boys and that is exactly what I was looking for.

So I was finally dressed but as for any girl clothes are just the first stage so I sat myself down at my desk, booted my computer up and went onto my favourite porn site to get into the mood. While sat there watching trannie porn I slowly started my makeup making sure I looked totally convincing before adding my gorgeous black shoulder length razor cut to look truly fem wig. For a moment I just sat looking in the mirror admiring the job I had done.

Suddenly without warning my phone started to ring, I wasn’t expecting any calls tonight but as I picked up the phone I saw the caller Id, it was my friend Al a guy who I had let meet Lisa once before and we had ended up having dirty sex half the night. Knowing he would only start leaving a voicemail I answered the call.

Turns out he wanted company tonight and I made it clear to him I was dressed and looking feminine, he explained he had been asked to go and meet some girl in town and wanted a mate to come along incase she didn’t show up.

Now I hadn’t planned on going to town tonight but looking at myself I thought I would definitely pull if I did, besides the fact I could leave my friend when his date came and go off to either a club or a gay bar at the top end of town and have some fun. With the thoughts rushing around my head I agreed to go along for the support and he thanked me but told me I better not be dressed to sexy as I knew it turned him on to see me as Lisa.

It seemed like no time at all and Al was at my door with a couple of beers in hand of which I was glad of as I fancied a few drinks if I had to do town with all its posers and blatant bitches. Soon we were sat chatting and before I could stop him Al had leaned in and kissed me, I pushed him back asking what he thought he was doing and his reply was exactly what I thought it may be.

He wasted no time in telling me you know you’re the sexiest girl round here and you have the extra I love in those panties, it was fair to say Al had a crush on me. A crush on his best mate who also turned out to be the first Trans girl he had ever fucked.

I had half a mind to leave him to go to town on his own now as I knew what was going to happen already. Al had little luck with genetic women, probably because one he liked a beer or two, and two he was bi and the few genetic girls I know told me when I came out they already kind of knew just from my mannerisms. And istanbul escort he was the same but more muscular than me and with a grade zero crop, to be honest he was quite cute looking.

In the end he talked me into going along for the evening and said if she comes can you hang around?

I was unsure if I would for obvious reasons if the girl figured I was a transvestite it could blow it for him, and two I wanted to get laid tonight and knew I wasn’t going to be able to dress on Saturday night as my family had planned some boring meal that I had to go to.

As 7 o clock rolled round we left my place and as it was autumn and late October it was dark already which was fine for me, seemed we were going to town the cheap way tonight though as we walked over to the bus stop. In the end I was glad we did as there were a few cute guys heading into town on the same bus.

One of which I just couldn’t keep my eyes off an average built guy, around 5’11 tall and dark haired, he also looked like he had a nice package. I wondered if he had ever played with a guy or tgirl and my imagination started to race.

As the bus pulled up I made my way to the backseats and Al paid my fare but before he could come to join me the group of lads had all got on bar one who was paying. I watched with interest as they found seats and was surprised as one walked my way and sat beside me, I suddenly felt nervous but tried not to show it as it was the guy I fancied.

On the way he decided to introduce himself to me, his name was Tom a 22 year old student with a thing for older women as I am 32. He told me all about his course doing social science or something boring, I was more interested in the size of his cock and whether I could have it by the end of the night or not.

He then asked where I was headed and I told him the Weatherspoons pub in the centre on town, a cheap student bar full of cute mid 20 something’s and unfortunately also the towns older drunks for the cheap beer. He soon piped up he was headed there too and asked if he could join me. I made it clear I was only going to support my friend Al on his blind date but Tom suggested he would maybe like to take me onto a club if I fancied it.

It was obvious he wanted to fuck me and he obviously hadn’t realized I was a trannie as yet so I was up for playing along and hopefully getting what I wanted by the end of the night. As I stepped off the bus and took my balance on my 5 inch heels Al was stood waiting and went to take my arm when Tom stepped up to him telling him to back off.

I had to explain to Tom that Al was my friend that I was here to support and he apologized and introduced himself to Al with a friendly handshake. It seemed the rest of Toms mates would not be joining us as they wanted to go elsewhere. At that point I realized that I could have picked a more expensive bar and Tom would have taken me there instead in fact he probably would have gone to one of the gay bars if I had wished.

I was in heaven two cute guys escorting me into the bar and a lot of work done already on my cock finding mission, I was sure now I was going to get what I wanted. As we got near the bar Al offered to buy the first round of drinks so Tom and me held back, I wanted to make it clear I fancied him so I snuggled up to him a little. He knew his luck was in and pulled me close to him and kissed me for the first time as he did I felt his hands move toward my bum which I have to say I loved, the only problem was I was getting aroused and knew he would be gone or worse hurt me if he realized I was a trans girl.

Al came back with the drinks just at the right time and we went to find a comfy seat near the window so Al could keep an eye out for his date. As time passed it seemed she wasn’t going to show up but as Al decided to stand to go and get more drinks a pretty but slightly chubby brunette turned up. It was obviously his date as he greeted her but completely failed to introduce her instead asking her to wait at the table while he got the drinks in.

I knew that situation only too well and she seemed nervous so I first off said hi im Lisa and she instantly responded with yes hi im Kelly. Then the question came is that you’re fella then. Obviously she had clocked Tom sat with his arm round me, I responded with a cheeky smile and told her only if he’s lucky tonight. At that point I think I said the wrong thing as I saw her turn looking for Al and blatantly saw her say slut under her breath.

As soon as Al got back him and Kelly sat talking and really ignoring me and Tom so I made a suggestion to Tom that we should go elsewhere. With that we finished our drinks and said our goodbyes but I told Al where I was going incase of trouble and he agreed to keep an eye on his mobile for me.

I knew full well if Tom didn’t like what he found and got punchy I could call Al and he would come running, he was so protective of me especially when I was tottering around on my stilettos looking for cute guys to have fun with and nine times escort bayan out of ten they were always straight boys that I seemed to attract.

With that Tom took me by the hand walking me outside before he pulled me close again and slipped his tongue into my waiting mouth, I wanted his cock and knew it was time to find out what that package was like so as we cuddled I ran my hand down to his groin and found a rather large bulge. His response being you like that hunni?

I didn’t answer instead I just kissed him again and I felt his hand heading down my side so I pulled away as I knew he wanted to touch my thighs and that would only lead to his wandering hands getting us both in trouble.

With that he asked where I fancied going, I had to think about it but decided on a classy bar come club called Klute. It attracted the beautiful people and the damn right wealthy, horny girls and hunky boys all getting tipsy and being playful. It sounded just right for what I had planned.

Tom seemed keen and obviously knew Klute only too well as he put his arm round me as we walked up the hill towards the bar. As we approached the door the two lads running the door stopped us and asked for his Id. I asked if they wanted to see mine even though I had none and one of the two guys piped up I’m sure you’re fine hun, I just loved the attention and began flirting with him. I just loved doormen, all the muscle and shaved heads really got my juices flowing just imagining going to a back room with one of them and getting used like a slut.

With that Tom took my hand again and walked alongside me up the stairs to the bar, he seemed jealous and protective. There was something about him, something I recognized in myself. Maybe just maybe he was bisexual or maybe even gay, maybe he knew I was a Tgirl. I kept thinking things over in my head about what may happen when he finds I have an 8 inch plus cock in my panties.

With that he ordered me a drink and we found a comfy corner to sit and chat, I soon figured he knew about me as he kept telling stories about Thailand and Ibiza and special girls he had met there and all the fun he had with them. I guessed he meant the lady boys so I snuggled up to him and started to run my hand up his thigh. He responded instantly taking my drink from my hand and placing it on the table before kissing me again harder than before. He knew I wanted him and I had made it clear enough to him that I was going to take his manhood tonight.

With that I felt his hand caressing the top of my thigh and I started to get aroused again, the nerves shot through me as I knew it was now or never so I whispered to him you do know im a Tgirl don’t you, he answered yes hunni I do and yes hunni I will fuck you if you want me to.

He confessed to me he was bisexual and loved Tgirls but none of his mates knew. I explained I had only just come out as a girl and had recently experienced my first sexual experience as Lisa with Al. He chuckled and said I thought he was close to you.

So now we both knew and I decided to text Al just to tell him I would be safe only to receive a text straight back saying can I come meet you guys my date has blown me out, turns out she was as bigger bitch as I thought and unfortunately she had clocked me as a Tgirl as well which probably didn’t help so I felt I had to let him come and join us. I told Tom straight away what was going on and his only response was I want you and only you tonight, I don’t do guys only Tgirls.

I told him I only wanted him tonight as I wanted to spend hours sucking his impressive cock and making him orgasm hard deep inside me. He obviously knew what I was thinking and took my hand and placed it on his inner thigh, he was hard in fact he was very hard. I knew he was big but I had to ask him how big his cock was and I fell into shock with his answer.

He responded by whispering into my ear im a good 9 inches hunni, do you think you can handle me? I had never had anything that big before but I was certainly going to try and take as much as I could later on. With that he kissed me lightly at the nape of my neck sending shivers down my body as I rushed in excitement and arousal.

Seconds later Al turned up looking disappointed and some what upset that Emma had walked out on him. Al came to sit by my side and instantly put his hand on my leg which I could tell upset Tom but to be honest either way now I was sure of a cock deep in me by the end of the night.

I soon asked the boys if they wanted to dance with me, the club side of the bar was packed with pretty little things drinking, grinding and getting down to the sounds of a good Dj with good taste in house music. Both of them agreed to follow me to the dance floor and I instantly picked up the beat and began to grind my tight body into Toms crutch, to my side though I saw Al failing to get a girl so I grabbed his arm pulled him close and kissed him as Tom continued to grind up against me. Now if I could convince the boys to both come home with me and Bostancı escort spit roast me for the first time.

Turning round Al knew exactly what to do as he took my hips and began to grind into me from behind and I grabbed Tom and slid my tongue deep into his mouth, now we were drawing attention from other guys and girls and at one point I found myself passionately kissing another girl in the club before she bounced off back to the dance floor. I just love Klute, its so metrosexual!!

Soon the night was wearing on and I love music and can dance all night in my stilettos and I know Al is a proper clubber as well, unfortunately for Tom he just couldn’t handle the pace and soon was crashed in a chair refusing to dance with me and generally appearing drunk. I thought out my options and went off to get off with Al as I knew he was a great fuck and with that over steamed Tom threatening me first then Al.

With that all I saw was a very large bouncer grabbing him and removing him from the club, I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed as I was eager to taste his 9 inches. I left the dance floor after that and went to the glazed wall and saw Tom getting moved away from the building for his actions.

Seconds after I felt an arm surround my waist and something hard pressing against my arse, I knew it must be Al and as I turned he took me in his arms and kissed at my neck sending me wild for all to see. I was also getting hard again and trying to cover my shame of my 8 ½ inches dropping out of my thong.

Al knew it as well and held me close till I relaxed then took me to the bar and we sat, chatted and acted playful toward each other, him rubbing my stocking clad legs and occasionally I lifted my leg and pushed my 5inch heel into his groin area slowly rubbing his stiff cock.

Before we knew it the time had come for the club to close and as the lights came on so the bouncers could start clearing the crowds out of the door I realized Al was also drunk, the last thing I wanted was a boozed up guy foundling me so I told him straight I was going to go the Swingers club hidden in the backstreets and open till the early hours in search of a cock to ride.

He admitted he was out of it and apologized and left me sat at the bar as he headed off to chase a drunken girl he had been flirting with earlier on, I was alone. Tom was gone, Al was drunk and gone and I was mildly tipsy and horny as hell. This girl needed cock bad and I wasn’t going to stop partying till I got what I wanted.

As the doorman who I had flirted with hours earlier came over to ask me to leave I thought maybe I would stand a chance so started flirting with him again, I couldn’t believe my luck as he said wait here for me I’ll be 10 minutes. Now normally I would be nervous but the alcohol coursing through my body was impairing my judgment slightly to be honest I didn’t know what he would do if he found I was a trannie.

After a few minutes he came over to me and said come on then girl lets go party. I thought what is he on about the place is closed, nervously I asked where he wanted to go and his said Secrets. This was the swingers club and he was obviously a member there and wanted to take me there. Only one thing happened at Secrets and that was members met there late to fuck.

I held back and he approached me again put his arm round me and said its ok hunni I know what you are, I have been watching you all night and now I would love to take you not only to the club but I am damn horny and I need a fuck if you want to go with me. I didn’t hesitate any more, he was a proper hunk, all muscle and around 6’4″ tall with a shaved head and a very tasteful sleeve tattoo up his left arm. I was just hoping he was well hung to go with his looks.

As we reached the doors of Secrets he rang a bell beside the front door and a dark looking huge bald headed guy came to the door, he dwarfed the guy I was with and was scary to say the least, he didn’t appear to be friendly but the doorman I had pulled who I found out his name from the doorman at Secrets calling him Danny boy that they were friends and this monster of a man was actually the owner and a big softie at heart and assured me that if I got any trouble from guys in the club to come find him and he would sort it out for me. I got to my tiptoes and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he just said to Danny im sure you’ll enjoy her arse. He replied yes mate she won’t get any trouble she’s mine and mine only tonight.

To go in you had to strip off but I was told as I was Trans I could leave my thong, corset, stockings and heels on as long as I removed my dress so I had flesh exposed. I did as instructed and watched Danny strip, he had a gorgeous muscular body and his cock did not disappoint a lovely fat 8 inches at least hanging free, I wanted to suck him there and then but he pulled me against his side as we entered the club.

There were guys on guys, girls getting it on with other girls and couples fucking openly in front of everyone. I have to say I was turned on instantly and Danny led me to a area towards the back of the main room where there was some restraints, now I was concerned as Im not into bdsm at all. To my relief we walked past the equipment and through a door I didn’t even see as it was barely lit in the main room.

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