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Please, if you are under the age of 18, don’t read this material. Just wait a few years and you’ll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow

In the world of Fantasy, we make our Reality!


Good Evening Betty. What a wonderful day to sit outside don’t you think?

Yes Sasha, it certainly is, are you ready for some fine tea?

That would be wonderful. I’m really glad we have these little get togethers. Just the two of us to discuss the going-ons of our lives.

I welcome it as well, its such a pleasure to be able to engage in conversation with someone as well breed and educated as yourself.

Thank you Betty, you are too kind.


You rang Miss?

Yes Wonda, can you please bring tea for Sasha and I.

Right away ma’am.

What wonderful house servants you have here Betty.

Why thank you. Good help is hard to find, but when I find someone who is special, I make sure I get them.

So what shall we discuss today?

Well, lets see…..oh my little angle Jessica got an A in her spelling test yesterday, isn’t that wonderful?

Oh it most certainly is. How proud you must be of her. My Cynthia is doing very well herself, only she got a slightly lesser mark in history than I would have liked.

Why is that Sasha?

Well her teacher Mr. Smith claims she’s being too harsh on the slave owner’s of the pre-civil was era. He claims that it was just part of normal life to have slaves. More so, he claims that many blacks were ‘comfortable’ being in slavery. Unbelievable what they are teaching kids now a days.

So I take it you feel very strongly on this subject?

As a matter of fact I do. Several hundred years ago, I had family members that were slaves and I owe it to them to keep up the good fight.

And what fight is that Sasha?

To make whites fully accept blacks as equals.

Is there really a need for that?

I should most certainly hope so, after all we are all human.

But is it really so wrong to think of ourselves as slightly different.

What do you mean?

You know, white people and black people have different strengths and weakness.

I don’t follow.

Well white people aren’t very good at…say….manual labor. Blacks tend to do a better job of it.

Well I’ll admit that black people tend to be a little more athletic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean….

However, whites do tend to be more individualized than blacks, and more of a leader. Black people like to cluster together, I guess like sheep.

Betty, I don’t like the way you are generalizing.

I’m not, after all, we did have slavery once in this country.

And thank goodness its over.

Yes, but my point is, if it wasn’t for white people freeing blacks in the civil war, you may still be a slave today.

Well I’m sure something else would have come along…

I really don’t think so. I think once in an organized, serving system, black people are the most comfortable.

Trust me Betty, we are just as comfortable out of slavery and living free.

You would think so, but I see things differently. I see today’s life as merely an abbreviated form of how life was back during slavery.

What do you mean?

Well as I said, whites are more natural leaders, while blacks are a more controlled group Bostancı Türbanlı Escort of people. That is why most of the corporate and political leaders today are white. We do these types of things well. Yet most of the menial jobs like maids, janitors, and fast food workers are black.

Well not all of us are at those positions. Look at my husband and I. He does really well in his shoe business. And I carry myself well in the social world don’t you agree?

Yes I do agree, and I am very happy for you that your husband is so successful. But let me ask you something. Do you feel comfortable?

Excuse me?

Do you feel comfortable with yourself, with how you live your life.

I should say yes, I do. I am very happy to be where I am in life.

Are you so sure, do you ever feel that something just doesn’t seem right.

Well….sometimes I do. Sometimes I feel like things could….should be a little different, but I’m not sure what.

Perhaps it’s with your position in life. Maybe you have a need to be doing something else. Instead of being a wealthy socialite and always going to parties and gatherings, perhaps you should be doing something a little more important with your life. Something a little more…physical.

I have thought of doing something a little different with my life.

Have you given it any thought?

No I haven’t.

Well Sasha, it just so happens that I have an opening for a position of great importance.

Oh really? What is it may I ask?

It’s something that requires a lot of responsibility and dedication.

I have thoughs.

And it requires good listening and physical skills.

I am a very good listener and would like to do something more physical than just talking all day with fellow rich women.

Well you most certainly sound perfect for the job. I may be willing to consider you.

But what is it?

The position is for House Maid.

Ha ha, how funny Betty.

I’m very serious. I think you’d be just perfect for the job.

Betty, I am a wealthy woman, why on earth would I want to be your maid?

Well you said so yourself you needed a change in your life. Something that makes you a little more comfortable with yourself.

Why would I feel comfortable being your maid?

Because like I said, it’s merely an abbreviation of slavery two hundred years ago. Where Whites lead, and blacks serve.

Listen Betty, I am a free black woman, and am married to a wealthy, successful black man.

Yes Sasha exactly, and that’s why you aren’t comfortable with yourself. Just look at your husband. He may be successful at his job, but is it really such a mystery why he spends most of his time kneeling before white men while putting on their shoes?

It’s….part of the job.

Correct Sasha, but don’t you find it a coincidence that as a black man, he’d have a career serving white people, and kneeling at their feet? It just so happens he’s found a position where can be comfortable while still making money at it.

But I….I…

Come on Sasha, wont it be wonderful being my maid. It’ll feel so natural.

Betty, I don’t really feel…


Why are you ringing your bell?

Because I want to ask Wonda a few questions. Hello Wonda, how are you doing today?

I’m doing fine ma’am. Thank you.

Tell me Wonda, do you feel comfortable Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort working here?

Yes Ma’am.

Do you enjoy being my housemaid?

Well yes ma’am, its really a nice place to work and I have no complaints.

Let me ask you, does the idea of you, a black woman, being a maid to a white woman like myself bother you?

Oh no Miss, you and the Mister are so very nice to me. I don’t think badly at all working for you.

You see Sasha, she is very happy working as my maid. Wonda, why don’t you go fetch my good friend Sasha one of the maid’s uniforms to try on.

Betty no, I couldn’t possibly try on a maid’s….

Nonsense, it’s just like trying on new cloths. It doesn’t mean anything. But perhaps you should remove your dress so we don’t waist any time when she gets back.

What? Why?

Well you certainly can’t try on your maid’s uniform while wearing that expensive dress.

Yes I know, but undress here? Outside?

Oh don’t be so modest. The fences are too high for anyone to see. Besides, we’re both women, and as you said we are both equal. Now come on, stop wasting time.

Oh Betty, I really don’t know why I’m doing this.

Because you wanted to try something different remember? Now lay your dress over the back of your chair. No no no, leave your bra. I have no desire to see a black woman’s breasts.

What’s wrong with our breasts?

Nothing, there just not very…um….oh Wonda, you’ve arrived. Give the uniform to Sasha to try on. Help her if she can’t do it by herself.

I think I can put on a simple maids uniform….I just put my arm through here….and wrap it around there….no, perhaps here….um…Betty, maybe I could use a little help….

Its ok Sasha, clothing can be complicated. Wonda, if you please…..there, now its on. Oh and don’t you look wonderful. You look like the perfect maid.

Do you really think so?

Yes I do. Turn around for me…..yes, you most certainly wear it well. Why don’t you put on the little hat that goes with it….oh that’s really completes it. Don’t you think she looks like the perfect maid Wonda?

Yes ma’am, she does.

You see, I told you. Thank you Wonda, you may go back inside. So Sasha, how does it feel?

It feels ok I guess.

Isn’t it much more comfortable than those silly expensive cloths?

It does yes…but it feels…kind of….

What dear?

Kind of degrading.

Oh that’s nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with wearing what makes you feel comfortable.

I suppose.

Well now that you look the part, lets see if you can actually do it. Try picking up the tea tray….that’s it…be careful….very good. Now why don’t you try walking around the table with it. Make sure you don’t spill any of the tea.

How is this Betty?

Oh that’s very good. Ok now you can set the tray back down. Try pouring me some tea…carefully….good girl…your passing so far with flying colors. Doesn’t this make you feel so proud?

Yes it does. I can’t believe I can do this so well.

And doesn’t it feel natural to be serving me tea instead of sitting next to me drinking it?


Oh, I spilled a little of my tea on the table. Do be a dear and clean that up.

Sure Betty.

So Sasha, when do you think you could start?

Oh I don’t think I could actually be your maid.

And why not?

Because Bostancı Ucuz Escort it just doesn’t seem right. I’m a wealthy black woman. Doesn’t it seem wrong for me to intentionally become the maid of my wealthy white friend.

Do you feel comfortable serving me tea?


Than what does it matter? If your comfortable, than that’s all that counts.

But…but what would I say to my husband?

The truth. That you want to do something that makes you feel comfortable. He does. He’s perfectly comfortable serving white men. You’ll be perfectly comfortable serving a white woman, me.

I just don’t know….

Ouch my feet, there just so tense. Sasha, why don’t you kneel down and give them a good rub, it would really be appreciated.

No problem Betty…but as I was saying…it just doesn’t seem right. I, a wealthy black woman, and a champion of equality willingly becoming the housemaid of my white friend….

Ohhh…I’m sorry to interrupt you dear…ahhh…its just you are doing such a good job..ohhh…rub a little harder…that’s it…..You know you could suck on my toes if you want, it would really hit the spot…ohhhhhhh that’s nice…..and don’t forget to lick between the toes…..

You rang Miss?

Wonda, why don’t you prepare Sasha’s new room. She’ll be moving in with us.

Yes ma’am.

And make sure you stock her closet full of maid uniforms, she may be getting this one dirty.

Yes ma’am.

Oh you’ll love it here Sasha. I just know you will. You’ll fit in perfectly with the rest of my black maids.


Your new room may seem a whole lot smaller than your old one back home, but think of it this way, you’ll be spending most of your time in mine anyway. You see I already have enough regular maids, so you’ll do just fine as my personal maid. In addition to the standard cleaning and food service that you’ll be expected to do from now on, you’ll also be helping me with my ‘special’ needs.


That’s right, my special needs. As you very well know, Brandon, my husband often has to go away on long business trips. That tends to leave me a bit frustrated. I’m sure you’ll have no problem using your mouth and tongue on other parts of my body. Just as long as your serving me, your happy.


No no, keep sucking, your doing a wonderful job. Oh and by the way, while you are here, I absolutely forbid any sexual activity with your husband. I expect you to work, not play around. I know you black girls tend to get very horny, but you’ll just have to control yourself. I will not have you acting like an animal if I can help it.

However, occasionally I do have to put my girls in their place. There may be a time when one of my black servants misbehaves and she must be punished. I’m told by the girls that the canings I give aren’t really all that bad, and the soreness tends to go away after a few days.

Ok Sasha, that’s enough sucking. I want you to clean up and go back home to tell all your friends and family of your decision to become my maid. They may look at you a little strange, but simply explain to them that being my servant is what makes you feel comfortable in life. Is that understood?

Yes Ma’am!

The End!


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