How Much?

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This is my first submission… I’m a little nervous but excited. Can you guys let me know what you think? Helpful criticism will be much appreciated. I Haven’t got an editor yet so if they are any glaring mistakes I apologize in advance. Also- if you’re looking for hardcore sex from the word go- there won’t be any of that in this chapter. This one is like the prelude. ? I hope you enjoy!



Shit. The only way to describe her life as it was at that moment. A whole lotta shit! Kholeka sat at the corner table of the grimy looking coffee shop with the newspaper classifieds sprawled on the table. She had been frantically searching for a job with decent pay for the last month and so far she had had no luck. Shit. Shit. Shit!

What kind of an idiot was she? Kholeka cursed herself in her head. Hadn’t people tried to warn her? Small town girls do not come to the big city and become big time hardcore journalists. She had saved for so long to get to this damn city- the city of Gold, Johannesburg- the place of untold fortunes and promise and now she was regretting her decision. Her modest savings were running out at a rate much quicker than she had anticipated

She sighed and cupped her chin in her hand whilst absent mindedly reaching for the now cold cup of coffee. Her brows furrowed in displeasure as she thought of the bills that were already due; had a month really passed by so quickly? Argh! It wasn’t like she could go home either. Bostancı Öğrenci Escort Her parents had made it very clear that if she left she was not welcome to come back. Shit. Twenty-two years old, black, jobless and almost homeless. What was she to do?

Many hours later, she opened the door to a dingy little flat that she shared with her best friend Kitheng.

“Any luck on the job hunt today?”

“None. Guy! Fuck. We are properly screwed.” Kholeka slumped down next to Kit on the sofa and laid her head on her shoulder.

“well… if we are going to be screwed anyway, I still have R50 here that we should probably use for bread but I think a cheap night out is in order instead.”

Kholeka perked up immediately, already anticipating the numbing effect of music and alcohol.

“Hell yes! Let’s go!”

The two best friends giggled and pushed and shoved each other to use the shower and the little hot water available to prepare for the night.

Around 22:00pm, the two were ready for some fun. Kholeka was dressed in yellow skinnies with high open toed black stilettos and a midriff baring white top that accentuated the fullness and perkiness of her breasts as well as her flat and toned tummy. Her sweet brown skin glowed with expectation. Her full pink lips shined with chocolate flavored gloss. Her curly her was tied in a messy ponytail with a few blonde strands left to tease the rest of her face. The name of the game Bostancı Çıtır Escort was tease-tame-conquer.

Kitheng chose a pair of tight denim shorts. The feminen swell of her hips was all the more alluring. Her long legs were naked and golden, on display. And on her feet she wore some spikey black studded boots. She wore an off the shoulder red top that showed a little bit of her firm tummy. Her silver bangles jingled as she walked and her red lipstick could only be described as the “fuck me” kind.

The two girls discreetly checked each other out before making their way to the main road where they hoped to catch a cheap cab to town.

“Kit its freezing out here!”

Kit just laughed and continued to strut her way to the main road.

“I know its cold koko. Its definitely… uhm nippy”. Kit wiggled her eyes suggestively licking her lips as she stared blatantly at Kholeka’s breasts.

“hahahaha! Dude you’re such a perv! But if the guys reaction is anything like yours you know its going to be raining drinks tonight!”

They continued their banter. Cars wheezed by some hooting and others slowing down to take a better look at the two girls.

“Take a picture! It will last longer” Kit yelled good-naturedly at a handsome man who had just ogled at them as he passed by.

“Wait, Kit how are we going to get home? We only have enough to get to town?”

Kit shrugged her shoulders and said “Ai. Tonight is not about Bostancı Elit Escort thinking. We’ll go where the road takes us. That all better take care of itself.”

Koko punched her softly

“Kit you’re an awfully bad influence… buuuut I likey your idea!” Koko grinned wide, showing her straight pearly white teeth.

Not too long after, a black Porsche pulled up next to where the girls were standing.

The driver of the vehicle had tinted windows which slowly came down.

Before they could see his face they heard him say, “How much?”

“Listen here Mr. we don’t want any trouble just leave us alone. We are not for sale.”

The driver was undeterred and said “R10 000 each if you climb into my car.”

The two girls laughed so hard and hoped this asshole would drive away but no luck. Koko hunched down to the window level in order to look into this guys car and to his face to let him know in not so many words what she and her friend thought of him.

“You arro…” before she could rant her breath caught in her throat as she stared at a beautiful specimen of a man. She wasn’t really into white guys but this one. One word. Wow.

Not many men could pull off being bald but he did with such fierce arrogance and power it was impossible not to feel attracted to him. He had vivid blue eyes that were currently trained on her. She couldn’t really see what the rest of him looked like but she could gather that he was naturally built. Something she found so sexy in men. The hands gripping the steering wheel were large but manicured. Kholeka felt her pussy moisten up.

“We are not interested.” She managed to blurt out.

He continued to look at her and he said “R50 000 each if you both get into my car now. That’s my final offer.”

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