Goldie Pt. 02: The Man with a Golden Penis

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As you know from Part One, I am serving a death sentence here in the Texas Penitentiary for a murder I did not commit. The man I am charged with murdering was like a father to me and his wife was way more than motherly to me, why would I wish good Christian folk like them no good? Well, there is no reason, I swear, but the good people of Whipsaw, Texas, with a full jury found me guilty, so unless the Governor intervenes, like the bread commercial reads, “I’m toast.”

Meanwhile I’m writing this history of my brief life in the hope that it reveals something of the long journey I’ve taken to arrive here and above all to reveal my innocence.

When I stopped working part time for Mr. Bentley, I got a job as security man at the Joy Garden. I thought this was a restaurant, maybe a Chinese restaurant or a nursery when the employment agency sent me there to be interviewed, as the Chinese are forever naming their places, Joy Luck, Joy House, Joy Floy and such.

To my surprise Joy Garden turned out to he a high class massage parlor, which means they didn’t just rub your back but what ever part of you was jutting out and need adjustment. Sort of a sexual chiropractor. I was later to learn that it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a guy to get a happy ending but also a full slice of pussy pie right on the massage table.

I guess I passed the interview, the little Chinese man said everyone was afraid of black men but he didn’t think I was black enough. Fearful that I’d lose the chance at a fun time job I piped up,

“That’s what they said about Obama and he made it to be president, besides I’m tough enough, I was the school champion wrestler.”.

“Ok, chop chop,” said the boss, I never knew his name,

“You start tomorrow. You work 10-8. You watch safe, never take eye off. You eat lunch here with girls but you no mess with them, you cock too big.”

That comment made me grin.

“It no funny, no happy panky.”

“I gotcha, Boss.”

“I serious, no happy panky,” said the boss, and you be here in time ebery day.”

“Ok Sir, I’ll always be on time,” I figure the”Sir” would end his concern but he just ran on.

“But you no mess with them, your big cock ruin them for other customers.”

He put his hand on my knee, “you cock velly big, yeah?”

I didn’t answer, he let go of my knee, and quick as a Chinese firecracker he pinches my dick right through my pants.

“Aiyee,” I shout out in pain

“Oh you tuff guy, you no know what tuff is.”

“Ok, I gotcha, no happy panky, Yes Sir.”

“Ok, you go now, come tomorrow.”

So I got up, walked out, my dick still hurting like hell as I got out to the street, the hot sun making me wish I’d worn my sunglasses. I tried to adjust my burning cock through my pants without looking like I was playing with myself.

I didn’t quite understand all the Boss said but the jist of it was watch the safe and don’t fuck with the girls. That was ok with me. I wasn’t gonna argue with my new boss over that stinging dick pinch, and if I was going to buy that red motor bike I saw over at the Used Motor Emporium last week I was going to need the money this job promised.

When I got to work the next morning the boss was already there. He handed me a brown paper bag. Inside was a gray security jacket with a patch on the side to wear and a belt with a red can of pepper spray in a leather holster.

“Here, put this on now.”

I did as he said, the sleeves were a little short, there was a small moth hole under the left arm but the jacket was big enough to fit. I buckled on the belt and felt rather official, like a cop at the mall.

“You sit here now, in front of greeting room,” he pointed at a brown oak chair. I sat down. Then he turned and pointed,

“There in corner is safe. Safe have a slot in top. Girl collect money from client who want massage. She put house money in envelope and time stamp it, he pointed at a time stamp machine on the wall above the safe. You watch safe, all time you watch, never take eye off safe, you no let anyone near safe— that you job.”

“Yes sir, never take eyes off, I gotcha.”

He walked right up to me and stared into fixbet my eyes, them flicked his hand over my lap.

I flinched, remembering the sting.

“Oh you tuff guy, velly tuff guy.”

So I started work, it wasn’t hard, just sit or stand, greet customers. If there was no girl was at desk I’d tell client to ring the little chrome bell on the table and a girl would appear. She’d ask how long a massage the customer wanted, take his money and put money in an envelope, time stamp it and insert the envelope into the slot on top of safe. All pretty simple. Some guys wanted the long rub down for an hour and some other guys who seemed a little nervous or in a rush would opt for the half hour.

It seemed like a fool proof system. The boss was always there when I arrived but often he’d leave around midday, telling me,

“Watch the safe always.” and pat my knee. Sometimes he’d repeat,

“Big dick no mess with girls.” then he’d laugh a high pitched laugh and flat foot it out the door with a too small tweed brimmed hat..

Every once in awhile he’d appear out of one of the booths with a girl I’d never seen, quickly zipping his fly when he saw me.

“She new girl,” he’d say. Before long I realized this was the tryout session where he tested the applicant. Then he’d throw a balled up paper towel into the trash can and look very serious at me.

I got to know all the girls, most worked a two day shift with us, then went on to work at another of the boss’ massage parlors, evidently he had a bunch of them. I was never quite sure if he was the owner or the manager as occasionally two dark suited men would arrive and they’d go into conference with him in rapid Chinese lingo before leaving briskly with what looked like a large envelope under their arm.

Although I was always in the “greeting room” as they called it, I never was privy to went on inside the locked booths where the girls plied their trade, but on occasion I’d hear animal like noises and see the expressions on the men as they left- expressions that looked like the energy they’d arrived with had been all but drained out of them, but their faces had a bright calm relaxed glow. Sometimes I’d strain to hear what went on but the girls would turn on these little disc players with sing-song Chinese music that overpowered their conversations. When the men would leave the girls would offer them a bottle of cold water on a tray with some hard candies. Sometimes the men would just nod, other times I’d hear, especially from the older men,

“I love you,” and the girls would respond, “I love you too honey.”

So I sat there or stood up and never took my eyes off the girls, the safe and what went ever went on in front of me. The first month passed quickly, the boss paid me every two weeks. Then the months began to pass quickly. When we reached the Chinese New Year there was an added red envelope in my pay with an extra $20. Before long I’d been there six months and I’d have to say the time had passed quickly. I was paying off my new red motorcycle and life seemed to have no downside. The money was good, the Chinese food was fine and the girls were pretty. Most of the massage girls were imports from China, from different cities, places I’d never heard of except for Beijing. Occasionally a girl from Korea would show up, but they also seemed to speak Chinese but looked different, a bit less graceful with heavier features but the men seemed to like them a lot.

Fact is, very few of the girls spoke English, but someone had taught them to say, “I love you honey” and I’d hear that refrain a hundred times a day. As the girls got used to me they would sometime linger in the front office when business was slow. One of the girls, “Tiger Girl,” was her business name, seemed to like me and would touch my hand or shoulder and say,

“You big man,” and wink.

I guessed I was “big man” because I was about six foot tall and they were all closer to five feet tall or a few inches more, but I was never quite sure if it was height if it was something else they were referring to. Unlike most westerners, most of the girls had small breasts although a few were better endowed. Those, like Tiger Girl, who had nice B+ cups, were fixbet giriş the ones most often requested by the clients for those fast half hours. Tiger Girl was taller than most of the girls and had a pretty face, dark eyes and shoulder length hair she wore in a ponytail. Her long legs, clearly visible in the short outfit she wore, usually a brief mini or tight shorts, were strongly attractive to the clients and also to me.

After a few months of working I was careful never to get too inquisitive about the safe. I watched what went on and didn’t ask any questions. The boss never opened the safe in my presence so I assumed it was something done after my hours. It was an old heavy metal safe, about 4 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide. The front door still had most of the shiny black enameling but with plenty of scratches, but the sides had at some time been painted a dull grey color, there was a fancy old fashioned golden script across the front that said “Empire Safety Company.” Below the script was a black round dial on the front door of the safe with numbers and a worn but still partly shiny chrome lever just below the dial.

My birthday falls on Columbus Day and with all the political drama over whether we should honor the explorer or the Indians he killed I was hesitant to even mention it. But Tiger knew something was up when I came in that morning whistling a tune, she was in the front greeting area and said,

“You good mood Mista today, heh, what this your birf-day”

I was very surprised and I should have kept my mouth shut but I smiled and responded,

“Yes, how’d you know?”

She didn’t answer, her lack of spoken English made communication difficult and she probably didn’t know exactly what I was say’in. The job these girls were doing did not require a Master’s degree in communication, I was beginning to realize that that it was actually “cum”-munication that the men were interested in.

“Oh, ok Mista, I have birf-day present for you,” she smiled, “I see you later.” She turned and I looked at he tight little ass and long legs set off by black high heels and fishnet tights.

Around 6:30 the trade had slowed, my shift was over at 8, the late night guy, a retired cop who showed up for the 8-11 shift was still an hour and a half away, that was when Tiger Girl came out and taking me by the hand, she said,

“You next Mister”.

I guess when you grow up with a dominant Mom like I did, you get used to doing what the women say. I should have said “Thanks, but no, I can’t leave the room,” but she was insistent and pulled and pushed me out of the entrance room and into her booth.

“Take off clothes,” she said and left the room, a few minutes later she returned and I was sitting nude on the bed, the glanced at my cock and reached out to pet it, “Nice one,” she said, patting the head. As I was circumcised like most of my people, my golden cock’s head stood out very clearly.

“Oh my, it made of gold,” she said. “How you got cock dis col-la? Maybe you part Chinese?”

I just smiled, saying nothing. She told me to lay down and I laid face down with my head over the round hole cut in the table. The hole was kinda small but I tried my best to accommodate. She started to massage me, slowly, from my feet to my shoulders, ever once in awhile here hands would graze my ball sack. I gotta admit, it felt real nice. He hands were cool and moved rapidly with a light touch. She spent a long time kneading my ass and then pinching it till the skin felt hot. After about ten minutes of this she spread my legs and reached forward and grabbed me by the balls, splashing oil on them and working her way up underneath to my cock.

“You likey Mis-ta?”

I moaned my assent.

“Over— you turn over now.”

I rolled over and glanced down to see I was fully erect. As I turned my cock popped up like the Eiffel Tower.

She’d lifted up her blouse and red bra and motioned for me to lean closer. I sucked those titties like they was manna. Then she tapped me on the back of the head.

“You velly big honey- now you ducky Tiger.”

I was a little confused, I didn’t know what “ducky” meant, but I soon realized what she was talking about. Before I could say a word she bent forward and started sucking my cock, then I realized that at the same time she was rolling a condom on my dick with her mouth.

“You too big honey, condo too small.”

She took the “condo” out of her mouth and laid it on the table next to the bed.

“No condo—we do it.”

I was afraid this meant no pussy but then I realized she meant we were going to fuck bareback.

She was as agile as a gymnast as she mounted the bed and positioned herself over my dick, grabbing hold of me and rising up enough to insert the head of my cock into her vagina, at the same time she started to massage my well oiled balls.

“Oh you big mista- too big, big baals too.”

“No, it’s ok,” I said, to encourage her, “it will fit.”

She needed no encouragement, little by little, inch by inch she was lowering herself over me until I was completely inside her, pressing forward until I could feel I was just a little away from the end of that sacred tunnel, another inch of cock and I wouldn’t have been able to fit it all inside her. I let her do her thing for a good while and although it felt great, I realized I wasn’t going to cum this way.

“Wait I said, lie down here”

I pulled out and positioned her on side of the bed facing me, I spread her legs and like Robin Hood’s arrow I re-entered her in one full swoop. Now I was in control, I started pumping and she wrapped her legs, as much as she was able to, around my ass and I went to town fucking her in long full plunges, all the time she was moaning and saying, “You too big,” like a broken record and slapping my ass and me saying, “no it’s ok” and then I grabbed her tightly by the ass and kept pumping as I dropped load after cum load inside her as she giggled, Even after I came I still kept fucking her for a good while.

“Oh yes Honey, you too big and you make Tiger Girl velly wet.”

My cum had filled her up and when I pulled out, still fully erect, a large splat of cum rolled out of her coochie and splattered on the floor. She rose up, grabbing napkins and cleaned me off and leaned forward to sop up the cum spots on the blue tiled floor.

“I get hot towel for you,” and she refitted her bra and rolled down her blouse and pulled on her shorts and scampered out of the booth.

She had only left the room momentarily when I heard a loud shout. I couldn’t understand her, she was shouting in Chinese, I was still naked so I poked my head out the door to see and then I was able to make sense of her shouting, she was shouting,

“Safe gone!”

When I looked for the grey safe in the corner of the room where it always stood- it wasn’t there.

And that was the last day I worked at the Joy Garden.


A few months later Joy Garden closed down, A Mexican with an old truck marked “We Doo Huling” sloppily painted in white dripped paint on the old trucks plywood side panels. The truck was parked out front of the place for a week while some old guy and his helper, a guy with a sombrero, carried out the dismantled booths and took them away. Within a few months the place was converted into a Chinese restaurant.

Out of curiosity I stopped by one afternoon to try the lunch special that was on a banner in the front window. To my surprise Tiger Girl was running the place. Of course she recognized me and without even ordering she brought me several tasty dishes. When I asked to pay she said, “First time-no charge.” So instead I left a ten dollar tip.

“You always give me a velly big tip,” and she winked.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now I’m told that crime in the Chinese community generally goes unreported so I never was interviewed by the City Police about the robbery. However, when I was pulled over by the only Chinese cop in town, on an occasion when my motorcycles tail light had burned out, an Officer Chung, so read his name tag, stopped me. Of course I pulled over right away. As soon as he saw me he knew who I was and said right off,

“Ain’t you the security guard involved with the robbery of my Uncle’s safe.”

“It wasn’t me, maybe it was my fault but I never stole no safe.”

“We know that, if it was you we’d cut off your big dick and fed it to you in a bowl of chop suey.”

Then he wrote me a ticket and got back into traffic and left me sweating in the sun.

End of Part Two

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