Operation: Manipulation

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This is the first story I have ever written. If you like it and would like me to write another part please leave a comment. Enjoy

Luke had always been a spoiled growing up and throughout his entire life up to that point, he often would act out until he got his way, Growing up he learned all the subtle ways to get what he wanted. As he matured with age those things matured with him. Toys became bikes became computers. By 18 he became a perverted porn addict, and those things started to become less appropriate, be it porn, a sex doll, or other things of a sexual nature. As always his mom would give in to both shut him up, and because she wanted him to see happy. Soon she would regret herself for the way she was raising her only son.

He was growing desensitized to both porn and artificial sex. He wanted it for real. The problem for him was that he had become a reclusive hermit with severe social phobia. Of course being the mom she was, she tolerated it and allowed him to drop out of school in only 8th grade, though she knew it was a bad idea, but felt it necessary to keep him safe at home with her. he began needing more and more stimuli, after not going outside for over a year. Most days he stole her adderall his mom’s and masturbating hours on end. He found he was fond of videos featuring “moms and sons” having sex. He would take her dirty panties and smell them while jerking off. As with everything else up to this point, this too was soon growing dull.

One night he begged and pleaded to his mom to buy him liquor, As usual she complied. His growing depression and fear of the world allowed her to justify these actions. She would think, “It’s better to keep him happy, lest he got too depressed and one day commit suicide”. This was a constant fear for her. Both her father and brother had done it years before Luke was born. It was her goal in life to keep this from happening to her son.

That night, bored of his video games and porn, he wanted more. He hatched a plan to do more than just watch porn and jerk off, even if it was with his own mother. He waited untill the next day to put his plan into action. Luke would often make his mom tea before bed, this time he invited her to drink with him

“Baby, you know that alcohol and my prozac cause me to just go to sleep, and I still have a lot of house work to do. she said.”

“But mommm, using the tone he always had since childhood that had never failed him before. “I just wanted us to have fun together, I’m so sad today and drinking alone doesn’t cheer me up.”

She reluctantly agreed. Though not showing it, she really didn’t want to drink. She had always had a history of passing out easily and not remembering anything from the night before. Adding her prescription to the mix would only exasperate the problem.

She just smiled, lied to him and herself saying. “On second thought, I’d love to honey.”

As the hours passed he kept insisting she drink more. While at the same time he had stolen all her adderall earlier in the day and took 120 mg. He wanted her passed out as soon as possible. By shot 8, she was fixbet completely wasted.He made sure to stay sober enough and only had 3, but the stimulant was keeping him alert. she wanted to go into her room to sleep it off. He couldn’t allow that he wanted her in the recliner she had been sitting in.

She always locked her door while she slept. Mostly to hide from Luke that she cried herself to sleep almost every night. She hated herself for the way her son was developing. Always blaming herself for his mental disorders. She just reminded herself that her mission in life is to keep him safe, by any means necessary.

Luke said in a pitiful voice he knew would work on her, “But I afraid when being alone mommy, can you just hang out ’til the movie is over. She complied, and anyway she couldn’t walk to her room even if she tried.

Luke watched the rest of the movie, all the while keeping an eye on her to see if she passed out yet. He popped another 60 mg of adderall to get up the courage for what he was about to do. He was trembling with anticipation and because of the drugs. He checked one last time, she appeared asleep. He got up and called for her.With no response he nudged her arm, first lightly, then harder. Still nothing, this made grow more bold. He began to unbutton her top. Scared she would wake up, but to horny and high to stop now. He finished with the buttons, then he took a deep breath, he was about to touch breasts for the very first time. The fact that it was his own mother only excited him more. He slowly moved his right hand closer and closer to her breasts. Then with the first tactile sensation, his penis got harder than it ever had in his short life.

At 50, her breast weren’t very firm. They sagged a bit low, but he didn’t mind one bit. This was the only person he loved, and for that matter had any contact with in a long time. Not being much a boob man, what he really wanted was to play with what she had always referred to jokingly as her “kitty.” After another few minutes of appreciating his mom’s boobs he was eager to see and feel more of her body, trying his best to save her “kitty” for last. He rubbed her stomach, which was surprisingly flat for a woman her age. Afterward running his index finger down from her thin neck all the way to her panty line. Making sure to stop himself from spoiling the best part just yet

He was fully confident that she wasn’t going to come out of her alcohol induced coma any time soon. With his right index finger gradually skimming, back and forth the top of her panties, protruding slightly above her jeans, and his left hand fully engaged rubbing everywhere else on her torso. He couldn’t resist the temptation to lift up the strap of her panties just for peek at what was his ultimate prize that night.

He got his head close to her stomach, took a deep breath through his nose. MMMMM… he thought, better than her panties even on her busiest day. Then the greatest fear he had ever know shot through him, he heard her groggy voice. Afraid to look up, he hesitated. Then his mom gasped, this finally prompted him to fixbet giriş look up,

He had never seen a more shocked and disgusted look on his mom’s face before. Without needing to think about what to do next, he ran faster than he even knew he was capable directly to his room and locked the door. He squatted in the corner of his room and used the only coping skill he’d ever known. He began to bash his head into the closest hard object he could reach. “OMG, OMG, he kept repeating.

A few seconds of this ended with a knock on his door causing his whole body to tremble. He dreaded answering it. Another second or two and a more forceful knock followed by her voiced filled with concern said. “Please honey, answer me, I just want to talk to you.” Luke stopped shaking and puzzled by how mellow her voice sounded. He expected anger in her voice. Still too afraid to open the door, he stood up. With studded speech he said, “I, I’m s- s- so sorry mom. Please say you’re not mad.” She responded quickly and said, “I’m not mad, just stop hurting yourself,” then in the sweetest voice she could under the circumstances softly said, “just open the door sweety and we will talk about this.”

Relieved but still anxious about opening it, he walked to the door and opened it. As it opened, he lowered his head too ashamed to look her in the eyes. His eyes pointed down to her chest, confused by what he saw. Her top was open with her breasts still exposed.

“Come back to the living room and sit down baby, Don’t be upset.” she took his hand in hers and they walked together to the couch. We both sat down, Luke with his head down, seeing as he wasn’t going to be the one to start talking, she started. “I’m not going to ask you why you where touching me, I already know. I have always done everything I can to make you hap-.” He opened his mouth to speak and she stopped to hear what he wanted to say. “Mom I am so depressed with my life, I’m too afraid to leave the house and I know it’s not right to fondle you in your sleep, but I just thought that since you were asleep and never knew it happened, it would be ok. I wasn’t going to do anything more than touch your boobies.” This was a lie, but he was starting to get the hope that maybe she would still let him.

“You can’t baby, it’s wrong.” He responded, in a low mumble. He knew how fucked up what he was going to say to get what he wanted, but the booze and drugs made him anyway, I should just kill myself, I’m never going to have sex, never going to have a normal life. I just don’t care anymore.

It was another lie, he depressed as he really was , he had no intention of suicide. He knew her family history of suicide and how much saying that would affect her. In his mind he had always felt like his fears and all the other mental problems he had were her fault. Always being taught to fear everything but her and his home. The same way she justified giving in to any demand he made, he felt justified to feel that she should provide him at least the thing he couldn’t otherwise get by never leaving the house. How much of it, and in what manner he was willing to see how much he could get from her.

This was the one thing she’d hoped he would never feel, the thing she was trying to avoid by never having his disorder treated. In the house, she could always know he was safe and if this day ever came, she could help.

“Please don’t think, talk, or act on that feeling sweety, What do you need to feel better, I’ll give you anything you want not to fo that.”

This is just what he wanted to hear her say, He knew what he wanted, but couldn’t just say, “I wanna fuck,” He knew he had to tactfully approached this. He learned long ago what buttons to push and how to speak to get what he wanted to do or get anything, He thought about it for a minute. Decided that the scared little boy act would probably work and to cry too.” And with an oscar caliber performance said. “I just wanted to see a girl’s “kitty”

and since you’re the only girl I ever see or talk to.” He stopped to cry and let her say something, and plan his next move.

“I really don’t feel comfortable with that honey, is there anything else I can give you to change your mind on feeling like this?

She gave him a minute to think while she pondered on whether it would be alright just to show him. She thought. “Well he did come out of there, and we used to bathe together until he was 3. He has seen it before, he just doesn’t remember.

He continued with the most depressing look he could express, he wanted her to be the one to say he could, without any more pleading,

Finally after about 5 minutes of silence, she broke it with exactly what he wanted to here. “I will let you look at it, but this is very uncomfortable for me honey, are you sure it’s the only thing that will stop those thoughts?”

He nodded and quietly said yes. He was quiet on the inside but felt like exploding from joy. She stood up, slipped off her pants, and removed her shirt, she couldn’t look at him while she undressed. She did not want to do this, but wanted her son alive, She slid off her panties, and her son got his first look at a naked woman. He was so turned on, but thought it would be too much, too soon to touch himself. “Is this enough, or do you want me to spread open my legs also?” He said in a happier voice, “yes please, I want to see all the parts.” She sat back down and laid her back against the armrest, took a deep quick breath to show him how uneasy this made her. She thought just quickly show him and it’s all over. At least that’s what she thought would happen, she proceeded to then put one leg up and rested it on the back of the couch. He was amazed by how flexible she was at her age, and how good her body still looked. She was 5 foot 11, long unshaven legs. This didn’t bother him though. She was the kind of mom anyone would look twice at, hairy or not. Her vagina only had stubble, this he liked. It gave him a good view of everything. She stayed in that pose for a few seconds.

She just wanted to get this over with, so she could go cry, but with a smile for him and in a nervous voice said, “Is that enough baby, I really don’t like-. He said innocently, can I please touch it?” She nodded yes without speaking. He knew she didn’t want him to, but also if he kept asking for a little more each time, he could get her to agree to anything at this point.

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