Going Dutch Ch. 05

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Friday night I spent with Britt, a former student I had run into in the grocery store. Turns out she had some unresolved feelings for me, and we spent a wonderful evening resolving them. The next day, her mother Lara showed up at my house and basically thanked me for being so kind to her daughter. One thing led to another, and Lara turned out to be as sexually direct and satisfying as any man could hope for. For a weekend that started out looking like a marathon of grading papers and mowing the lawn, it had become an amazing and exhausting 24 hours. After Lara left Saturday afternoon, I finished the lawn, ate some dinner, and graded until 8 o’clock. After an evening phone call with my wife and kids, I fell asleep on the couch watching Netflix.

A distant rapping broke through my dream at some point, and I came awake with a start. A small stack of essays cascaded off my lap and onto the floor before I got my bearings. The rapping cut through my fog again. Door knocker. Someone was at the door. I stood up dazedly.

In a different neighborhood, I would have looked through the peephole first. Instead, I unbolted the front door and pulled it open wide enough to see out. Through the screen door I saw Britt and Lara standing in the soft white glare of the outdoor lights. Both were grinning. Completely caught off guard and very unsure of what to say, I simply raised my eyebrows and opened the door wider.

“Good evening,” Lara said politely.

“Good evening,” I answered, finally finding my voice. “Please…come in!”

Britt pulled the screen door back and held it for her mother. I stepped back as the two of them came into the hall and stopped.

“Perhaps we could have a drink together?” suggested Lara.

“Of course. I’m sorry–I was dozing on the couch and I’m still waking up!” I explained.

“Not getting enough rest?” Britt asked innocently.

I gaped for a moment, speechless again. “Let’s go into the kitchen,” I replied, gesturing the way.

Lara’s shoes clicked on the hardwood floors as they preceded me. Even in my daze, I could admire the two slender Dutch beauties invading my home. Lara wore a simple blue shift dress that touched her elegantly at breast and hip. Britt had on khaki shorts, sandals, and a tank top that hugged her curves deliciously. Memories of both their bodies were fresh in my mind. Still, what the hell were they doing here?

“I think a glass of beer would help me to explain our situation,” Lara said as she sat elegantly on a stool and crossed her legs.

“Yes, please…the same for me!” Britt added, sitting beside her mother.

Still bemused, I went to the fridge, extracted three pilsners, and set them on the counter. I got three glasses down, opened, and poured for all of us. After handing each woman her drink, I chose a stool around the corner of the island so I could see both of them easily and sat down.

“So what need explaining?” I began uncertainly.

“The three of us,” Lara said simply. “I spoke to Britt as we worked today, and she told me about your night together. From what I saw of you two, and from what she has shared, it was very clear that you are a kind and thoughtful lover.”

I glanced at Britt and she blushed a little bit, but smiled gamely back at me. Then she picked up the thread of conversation.

“I know that I got a little emotional this morning, but after I went to work, I talked it over with Mam and I said ‘I think he would be very good to you’ and that I wouldn’t be jealous. She’s my mam, and I want her to be happy, too!”

My turn. “I was wondering how that came about!” I admitted with a laugh.

Lara continued the story: “When I got back home after our…meeting, I of course told Britt how she was right. I have not felt so satisfied in many years!”

“Well, it was completely mutual, Lara” I replied gallantly.

“Yes, I think it was. For all of us,” she continued. “Britt and I speak of many things quite openly, like sisters. I told you this yesterday, no?”

“You did.”

“So after I returned home, Britt and I spoke again so I could thank her.”

“Ah,” I said wisely. I took a sip of beer to ease my suddenly dry mouth.

“I know this is unusual for mothers and daughters to share the same lover, no?”

“Very!” I assured her.

“But I believe I said something about the way married men are able to be cautious when it comes to their affairs, yes?”

“You did.”

“Well, you have shown that to be very true. And now that my daughter has grown into a woman of taste and beauty, she is learning this lesson as well. I encouraged her because she will have to understand that pleasure is all around if one is…judicious about such things. That is the way of the world I grew up with, and I have found it to be true here as well. Do you not agree?”

“I do, and the results have been very enjoyable,” I assured her, back to my normal self as I lifted my glass slightly toward both of them.

“Dank je,” she replied, tilting her own in response.

“Mam…tell him why we are here!” urged Britt after the moment of gallantry matadorbet had passed.

“Patience, mijn kind, patience! Mr. Robertson will need to understand our thinking first.”

I was completely lost at this turn of conversation, but Lara did not make me wait for long.

“While I was speaking to Britt about our…pleasure this afternoon, I had a very pleasant thought. Would it not be nice, I asked her, for the two of us to enjoy you at the same time?”

My eyebrows went up and I glanced stupidly from mother to daughter and back again. They both wore the same smug little smile, enjoying the effects of Lara’s revelation. They even shared a quick glance–one of those fleeting instances of eye contact that women specialize in. Volumes were spoken with the twinkle of an eye or the smallest twist of the lip. Then their gaze returned mercilessly to my face as I struggled to find an appropriate response.

Fortunately, I found the right answer and the brains to state the obvious. I took a deep breath, smiled with more confidence than I felt, and told them in a level voice, “That would be a dream come true.”

“Good” said Lara brightly, her smile widening. “It is settled then. Would you like to hear a plan?”

“Lara,” I said with a matching grin, “I would love to hear any plan you two have cooked up!”

Britt smoothly took up the narrative. “We looked at your house on Zillow,” she began with an arch to her eyebrows. I,” she said in mocking tones, “have never seen it in person!”

Her mother smiled wryly at her.

“Anyway,” Britt continued in a more normal tone, “we noticed that you have a lovely backyard that is fully fenced. Is that right?”

“That’s right–we put in the 8-foot fence when we got a new dog.”

“And we also noticed that you have a hot tub on the back patio. Is that right?”

“You always were good at research!” I replied in a teacherly voice.

Britt snorted, which was about all my joke deserved.

“So,” said Lara once again, “I think it would be very nice if you invited us to join you in the spa.”

“So we can ply you with alcohol and have our way with you!” finished her daughter.

“I like this plan more and more every second!” I said, sliding off my stool. “Ladies, would you care to join me in the hot tub? Right now?”

Smiles and simultaneous “Yes, please!” answered my question.

I grabbed the remaining three beers in their cardboard sleeve, collected my glass from the counter, and said, “Follow me!”

With quick steps, I led them to the patio doors. The lights were off, which was probably a good idea. They followed me outside and stood by as I folded the cover out of the way and turned on the jets. From the tall louvred cabinet nearby, I grabbed three folded towels and two robes. When I turned around to offer them, however, I froze.

Britt’s sandals were off and her shorts, panties, and tank top were tossed onto a deck chair. She stood watching me with her weight on one foot, her one hand on her hip and the other on the back of the chair. She grinned happily at my surprise. Lara was in the middle of unhooking her bra and smiled at me when I turned to face them. She shook it forward off her arms and into her hand, and then with one graceful motion pushed her panties down to her calves and stepped out of them as they fell. She stooped to gather them up and tossed both items on top of Britt’s clothing. Standing up again, she put one arm around Britt’s naked waist and stood beside her. I stood there speechless, totally captivated by the combination of their beauty and their boldness.

“Are you ready for us?” said Lara gently.

Now that things were moving along, I felt much more at home. After a quick “Hell, yes!” I stripped off my shirt and shorts and kicked off my sneakers. They both grinned at this and I noticed their eyes strayed simultaneously to my hardening cock. I stood proudly for a moment, holding my clothes and letting them look. Then I tossed my clothes onto another chair and held out my hands toward them.

“Shall we?” I said politely, nodding toward the steps.

Lara took my right hand and Britt my left. Before I could turn to lead them in, however, I felt them both tug back on me simultaneously. I stood still and two warm, soft bodies came up against mine. Each one turned slightly to make room for a double embrace. My arms went happily around their waists and held them close.

Lara broke the silence first. “Thank you for inviting us in,” she said simply. Then she stood on tiptoes and kissed my lips briefly before settling back down.

“Yes,” echoed Britt. “Thank you.” She, too, stood up tall and kissed me, letting her lips linger against mine for a long moment. Her breasts were tight against my chest and her hand slid down to caress my ass briefly.

“Let us get in,” suggested Lara. Britt disengaged herself so her mother could precede her, and I offered Lara my hand as she mounted the steps. At the top, she sat on the edge and pivoted her feet over the side into the water.

“Oh! This feels wonderful!” she matadorbet giriş sighed. She lowered herself into the water, found a seat, and moved out of the way.

I turned back to Britt. “Your turn!” I said with a smile, holding out my hand.

She grinned widely, bowed a fraction, and mounted the steps. With a quick twist and a splash, she was in up to her shoulders.

“Not very ladylike,” her mother observed. Britt rolled her eyes just a little bit.

I gathered all three glasses and set them on the wide lip of the tub. Then I put the other three within reach on a table and set my hip against the side of the spa. With a practiced motion, I turned myself to face the water and lowered myself onto the seat. Britt and Lara watched as I groaned pleasurably, then reached out and grabbed my glass. Raising it in their direction, I paused for a moment.

“Here,” I said, “is to unexpected visitors!”

Britt was closer, so she grabbed both remaining glasses and gave her mother one.

“And to a gracious host!” said Lara in response, saluting me with her drink.

“A gracious and very naked host!” added Britt.

Lara rolled her eyes this time. “Britt,” she said reprovingly, just because we are nude in a spa with this man does not mean we can forget to be beleefd!”

“Oh, Mam!” Britt retorted. “How can you be polite with a man when you’re both naked and you know what is going to happen?”

“That, mijn beste, is when politeness is most important! Isn’t that so?” she said, turning to me.

“There is always room for being polite,” I nodded. “Until the time for good manners has passed!”

“I think that time is about here!” Britt said happily. She stretched out her foot and slid it up my thigh, letting it come to rest with the ball of her foot pressed against the underside of my cock.

“Well,” said Lara grudgingly, “there is a time to be free. I think that time has come!”

With a more reserved approach in mind, Lara took a sip of beer, set her glass aside, and moved across to sit beside me. The foaming water covered her to the shoulders as well. My arm went around her shoulders, and she turned toward me, her lips coming up to meet mine eagerly. Her hand started on my opposite shoulder but was soon drifting lower, stroking my chest and stomach as she nibbled on my lower lip. My free hand came up to cup her breasts under the water and when my thumb found her nipple, she moaned into my mouth and her tongue sought mine, darting in and out.

“God, that’s sexy!” Britt groaned from her seat watching us. She sat up a little straighter and her foot left my cock, but I could see her fingers playing with her own nipples.

Her mother broke our kiss and turned to look at her daughter. She smiled indulgently.

“Kom hier,” she murmured.

Britt’s eyes were locked on her mothers as she slid along the seat toward me. When her body met mine, I wrapped an arm around her as well. Her hand fell to my thigh under the water.

“You are very sexy as well,” murmured Lara to her daughter, a smile playing across her lips. “I think sometimes you do not realize what sexy means. Sometimes, it means only what has to do with sex, but sometimes it means erotic and beautiful as well.”

Britt didn’t reply, but looked from her mother’s face to mine and back again.

“Let us show this gracious man what sexy can be,” she said softly. Then she leaned forward across my body. Her hand came to rest on my thigh as well, but even though I was in the middle, I was not the focus of anyone’s attention.

Britt’s eyes widened and she watched with parted lips as her mother approached. Lara’s other hand reached out of the water and settled on her shoulder, drawing her forward. Right in front of my face, I saw Britt’s eyes close as their lips met. I sat in stunned silence as Lara softly kissed Britt’s upper and lower lips, then each cheek before returning to her mouth. This time, Lara’s lips parted and the tip of her tongue flicked softly against her daughter’s pursed lips. Britt groaned , and her cheeks hollowed as she opened to this sensation. She leaned further in and I saw her jaw flexing as their tongues dueled tentatively. Untouched beneath the water, my aching cock throbbed with excitement. I kept my arms around them, but did not intrude on their moment.

“So beautiful…” whispered Lara, pulling back a fraction.

This time, it was Britt’s hands that did the guiding. She grabbed the side of her mother’s neck, tilted her head slightly, and pulled her in for a much more passionate kiss. Their tongues tangled together and they moaned softly into each other’s mouths. Lara’s hand fell to her daughter’s breasts and she palmed each one in turn, kneading the firm, supple flesh. Britt returned the favor, sliding her hand from her mother’s neck to pinch and tug on each of her nipples.

“Oh my God, Mam…that feels so good!” Britt moaned after several minutes of kissing and caressing.

“Yes, schat…your body is nice to discover!”

Turning to me, Lara smiled broadly again. “I think our host is enjoying his erotic show, no?”

“God, yes!” I croaked, my mouth dry.

“Good. Do you mind if we continue?”

“Of course…please!” I replied in awe. I groped blindly for my glass and took a quick sip, my eyes darting back and forth between them.

“Kom, schat…stand up,” she said to Britt.

Taking both her hands, she drew her daughter up to stand in the middle of the hot tub. Water streamed from both their bodies as they stood together. I pulled my feet in and spread them wide to accommodate their new position, then settled back to watch. Thigh to thigh, they slowly embraced. Britt’s hands were on her mother’s shoulders, and Lara’s held her daughter’s waist. With infinite slowness, they moved toward each other to renew their kiss. My eyes traveled upward as their hips came together, then the taut skin of their bellies, and finally the soft globes of their breasts as their embrace tightened. Their lips met again, more gently this time, and as they lost themselves in the kiss, Lara stroked Britt’s back and Britt let her hands wander the curves of her mother’s lower back, hips, and ass.

They looked so damn beautiful that I must have groaned aloud again, because suddenly they broke their kiss and turned as one to look at me.

“He is definitely enjoying the show!” said Britt in a gloating tone.

“He gave us both a great deal of pleasure, schat…let us continue to give him some more!”

With that intention, Lara turned her body a little and Britt followed suit so that they were both facing me a bit more, opening up the space between them. Lara took Britt’s hand and raised it to her breast, letting her know what she wanted. Then she leaned in again and they resumed their soft kiss. Lara’s hand, meanwhile, stroked its way down Britt’s side, trailing a thumb along the outer curve of her breast, falling to the narrowest point of her waist, and then traveling across her belly before dropping even lower. Her fingers spread wide as she slid them over Britt’s clean-shaven mound. I saw the younger woman’s hips move forward unconsciously as she parted her legs. Lara’s fingers continued their journey, parting to pass along Britt’s labia before coming back up to the top of her mound again. Britt groaned happily.

Still in control, Lara kept caressing her daughter’s smooth body intimately. She glanced at me to see my reaction and then twined her other hand in Britt’s hair. Murmuring “Hier…hier,” she pulled Britt’s head down to her pert breasts. Her need was obvious, and she groaned as Britt’s lips closed on her nipple and sucked voraciously. Supporting her mother’s breasts with both hands, she moved from one to the other, alternately licking and sucking. It was Lara’s turn to moan aloud as the sensations hit her fully.

Meanwhile, down below her hands were even busier. I saw her left hand stroking Britt’s firm ass and I could tell from its position that a lot of attention was focused on the delicious crack that divided it. Her right hand increased its pace as well and she was making slow circles at the base of Britt’s mound, indirectly stimulating her clit with each rotation. Every now and then, her cupped fingers ran down the length of Britt’s pussy, but instead of parting on each side, Lara kept her fingers together and I saw the middle two push just a little bit inside on each upstroke, gathering and spreading moisture as they went.

As intent as she was on pleasing her daughter, Lara wanted some of the same treatment. She subtly moved them until she could lift one foot and place it on the seat beside my leg. This opened her thighs wide and I saw moisture glistening along the softly furred lips of her succulent pussy. Britt took her cue and moved one hand from her mother’s breast to return the favor. She was more direct, though, and after a few preliminary strokes along the slit, she plunged two fingers into her mother’s pussy, pushing deep and then pulling them out to rub her juices all around. All the while, she kept up her oral assault on Lara’s nipples. In no time at all, Lara was moaning happily and her head fell back with bliss at the combined assault on her most sensitive spots.

Without a doubt, I was watching the most erotic sight in the world. Two beautiful women–both of whom I had slept with in the last 24 hours–were nude in front of me, kissing and caressing each other intimately. The fact that they were mother and daughter made the scenario even more powerful. The fact that one was a former student added a thrill of the forbidden. Whoever they might be, however, they were turning me on tremendously!

My arms had been spread along the ledge of the hot tub as I gaped in wonder. My cock, untouched as yet, throbbed under the water with each new sexual development. I didn’t dare touch it–even though spa water is a terrible lubricant, I was sure that the simplest grip would send me over the edge to waste my load in the jetting bubbles.

In front of me, the action continued unabated. Each woman now had two fingers buried in the other’s pussy and they were plunging them in and out in a see-saw rhythm that was hypnotic. I could tell from their bodies’ responses that each palm was pressed firmly against a hyper-sensitive clitoris as well, and the combination was driving them both toward an explosive orgasm.

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