One Father’s Awful Dilemma Ch. 01

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Watching her boyfriend dutifully peel one layer of her clothes off after another, Jennifer Borland couldn’t help but feel like she was 15 years old all over again, being naughty in her own bedroom, praying to God her parents wouldn’t come home early and catch her in the act.

Back then, Jenny and her various boyfriends at the time pressed their luck because they simply didn’t have anywhere else to go. A college Sophomore now, home visiting during her school’s Christmas break, Jenny and her boyfriend Shane could have jetted over to his apartment like they had done several times already since Jenny returned home, to get their primal fix.

Spending the day however lounging around the Borland home, the fact that the two 19 year olds had eventually succumb to their sexual urges hadn’t been a surprise to either. By the time they had retired to the privacy of Jenny’s upstairs bedroom, Shane had finally convinced her to try something kinky.

“Come on Baby,” Shane tenderly whispered into his girlfriend’s ear. “Your Mom wont be home until after 9 tonight… and your Dad… he’s never home from work before 6 o’ clock… Its only 3 right now… we’ve got plenty of time… you know you’ve always wanted to try something like this. “

“We might not have this much time alone for the rest of your visit home Jenny… what do ya say… come on Baby,” Shane continued, this time squeezing Jenny’s small but perfectly round breasts alternately with his right hand.

The two had fucked like bunnies since Jenny returned from school earlier that week, making up for the lost time they had spent apart during the past semester.

Shane had decided, for financial reasons, to stay close to home and save some money by attending the local community college while Jenny, who was from a rather affluent family, decided to go out of state to a well to do private school.

Like any couple that spends significant time apart however, the strain of young hormones and endless temptation often causes a rift.

From Shane’s perspective, the initial stages of that ‘strain’ was well worth it. He had fallen in love with Jenny from the first time he talked to her in their Calculus class during their Senior year of high school.

Even though he dreaded the separation that came with her choice of colleges, Shane staunchly committed himself to warding off the lure of all the attractive women he encountered because of the wealth of feeling he had for Jenny.

Jenny Borland had initially set off for college with the same virtuous intentions as well. Being that far from home however combined with the free flowing alcohol and searing heat of peer pressure that came with her new surroundings, she had fallen off the wagon of monogamy more times than she cared to admit.

Even though she didn’t have an ounce of feeling for any of the guys she had the occasional one night tryst with, in her more lucent moments, Jenny did often feel deep twinges of guilt over what she had done when, especially when she talked to Shane on the phone or in the case of her visit home, when she had to look him in the eyes.

She was thankful he didn’t have a clue about her indecent extracurricular activities and when it came down to brass tacks, she knew she loved Shane and could see them spending their future together. To show him the depth of her love and commitment, Jenny had relented from her initial reservations about doing something so kinky in her parent’s own house, hoping that sharing such a lewd and wanton act with him would help clear her conscience and deepen his commitment to her.

Watching anxiously as Shane went about disrobing her, Jenny felt an incredible sense of calm wash over her as she submitted to his advances.

“He loves me… just look at how carefully and joyfully he’s undressing me… God… I could just kill myself for all the shit I did this past semester while I was away… guess its just water under the bridge now… God his lips are so warm… those boys back at school… they can really… Shit… they can really fuck… but Shane… Shane… he’s the only one whose ever known how to make love to me,” Jenny thought to herself as she gazed down at Shane making her clothes disappear.

“Yes… Baby,” She mewed down to her kneeling beau, rubbing her soft fingers through his hair as he slid her jeans over her hips and down to the floor.

“MMM… I’m on fire,” Jenny groaned luridly down to Shane, Even though his face was buried so tightly against the front of her purple panties that he knew already just how hot she had become.

“Yes… Yes you are,” Shane grinned back before mashing his mouth back into the fabric of Jenny’s moistened panties to titillate her tender vagina.

Jenny’s knees buckled wildly as Shane’s swerving tongue worked under the lacy edge of her underwear and slid directly across her steaming fissure.

“You… aahhh… You… ahhh… ahhh… really want to Shane… you really want to tie me up and fuck me?” Jenny breathlessly tuzla eve gelen escort squeezed.

Feeling the grip of Shane’s fingers intensify on her bare skin at the same time his mouth pressed viciously against the front of her crotch, Jenny had the answer to her question.

“YESSS,” she whimpered in return, as ready now to have Shane fuck her right there in her childhood bedroom as he was to do it.

By the time Shane had rose to his feet and cinched in the cloth restraints around each of Jenny’s tiny wrists, thus extending her arms out in a modified “Jesus Christ Pose” against the frame of her bed, any hint of trepidation had seeped from the 19 year old girl’s psyche.

With Jenny’s arms tied to the bed, Shane once again dropped to his knees and took advantage of the unfettered access to roll Jenny’s panties all the way down her legs as well.

With only a bra on now to conceal his girlfriend’s complete nudity, Shane reached up and gently undid her bra clasps, allowing the lacy purple straps to drape loosely over her shoulders at the same time the cups started drifting slowly down the roundness of her bosom.

Darting his tongue in and out of Jenny’s flowering vagina, it wasn’t long until Shane felt her bra fall free from her shoulders and land luridly across his forehead.

Jenny watched as the cups of her bra slid from the curvature of her bosom and dropped like a fluttering leaf across Shane’s lapping face. Smiling down at Shane and savoring the excited look on her boyfriend’s face as he delighted in the taste of her sex, Jenny had no clue what lie beneath his gleefully deceptive facade.

The whole time Shane deliberately went about disrobing Jenny, he had to continually remind himself that this would probably be the last time he would ever see her naked. Even though there was a significant amount of guilt and angst over what he was about to do, the clarity of vengefulness and spite in his purpose overrode any of the calls for decency within his conscience.

Swirling his tongue up and down the tanned and goose pimpled flesh of Jenny’s long and lean legs, Shane internally shuddered with perverse joy at the way her knees bucked in front of him.

“I can’t wait to fuck you Jenny,” Shane lovingly sighed, the whole time admiring the way his girlfriend’s pink vaginal lips flowered out from her curly blonde pubic forest.

“Spread your legs a little wider,” he softly added.

“Good,” Shane smiled when he saw Jenny’s legs drift further apart, allowing him an unfettered view of her steaming crotch.

Darting his tongue into Jenny’s soupy quim several more times, Shane orally teased his whimpering and delirious girlfriend until he was satisfied she was ready to fuck.

Standing up to face her eye to eye, Shane lowered his lips toward Jenny’s, causing her body to swoon and her heart to quake from the passion and seeming sincerity of his last kiss.

“I love you,” Jenny involuntarily muttered with pure, unfractured honesty when Shane pulled his lips away.

“I know you do,” Shane distantly sighed back, never once breaking his gaze with Jenny as he began to unzip his pants.

Smirking as he watched the way Jenny’s eyes drifted anxiously down to his crotch, Shane took a few steps back and started to undress for her. For just a moment, Shane thought of scrapping his intended plan and fucking Jenny one last time. In the end however, Shane knew he’d never have a better opportunity for his vengeful intensions to play out so perfectly.

“Hurry up,” Jenny murmured with brute arousal. “Hurry Up Shane… get naked and fuck me!”

Shane could see Jenny’s pussy moistening by the second and each time he inhaled, his brain sizzled from the familiar fragrance of Jenny’s seeping fluids wafting through the room.

Everything then seemed to happen in slow motion.

The feeling of falling off the edge of a cliff insidiously began to infiltrate Jenny’s senses. At first she simply felt weightless and helpless as Shane zipped his pants back up and began to back away from her.

By the time he had turned and without a word left the bedroom however, the overwhelming sensation of freefall overtook Jenny completely.

“Wha… Where… Where… What… Where… are… you… going Shane… Shane,” Jenny cried, hoping it was just a part of her boyfriend’s perverse foreplay.

“Shane… Shane… SHANE… SHANE,” Jenny yelled out louder and louder until her shrill cries echoed through the cavernous, three story dwelling.

Jenny’s blood ran cold and her muscles tensed as she listened to Shane’s footsteps trail downstairs and her heart literally stopped for an instant when the sound of Shane slamming the front door closed ripped through the silence.

By the time she heard his car start and back out of the driveway, the naked girl tied helplessly to her own bed was in full hysterics.

“This ain’t happening… this… can’t… be… happening,” Jenny sobbed tuzla otele gelen escort repeatedly until she could feel the warm river of her tears wash down off her cheek and drench her quivering chest and belly.

“Come back Shane,” she desperately cried as if her boyfriend would suddenly reappear and tell her it was all a bad joke.

For the life of her, Jenny couldn’t fathom why he had so brutally left her there, naked and spread eagle, tied to her own bedframe.

“I didn’t do anything to deserve this,” she whimpered like a hurt child, not once thinking of her repeated infidelity while away at college. Infidelity that only came to Shane’s attention when he heard a friend of a friend bragging about a girl that he had banged several weeks earlier while he was visiting Jenny’s campus. After mentioning several incriminating birthmarks and a small tattoo, it was clear to Shane who the girl he was speaking of was.


As the initial shock of being left in her current state started to wear off, the realization of what was going to come slowly and venomously started to seep into Jenny’s mind.

Glancing over at the digital clock beside her bed, Jenny could see that it was almost 4 o’clock.

“I’ve got to get loose… just got to get loose… before… before… Dad gets home, “she murmured, the last few words dripping off her tongue like bitter acid.

Ripping her arms, first to her right and then to her left, Jenny heart steadily sunk realizing the ties were cinched in too tight.

“You could tear your shoulders out of socket and it wouldn’t do any good,” Jenny cried to herself, feeling an inner twinge of guilt sweep through her soul when she caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye at a book called “Gerald’s Game” that she had read several years earlier, sitting on the shelf to her right.

“I should have learned my lesson after reading that Goddamn book about letting myself get tied up during sex… and now look… here I am living that fucking story out for real!” Jenny angrily scolded herself.

The subsequent hour seemed to last a lifetime. On one hand she knew when her Father got home, her physical ordeal would be over and she’d just have to cross the bridge of mental anquish when she got to it. On the other hand however, the whole thought of what her Father would think when he saw her in that condition was almost worse than the thought of dying tied there to the bed.

“He should be getting off from work right about now,” she stoicly mumbled, her outstretched arms now completely numb as the fight all but left her beaten body. “And he doesn’t have a clue what he’s in for when he gets here. “


Jenny’s face went white and slivers of ice seemed to crystalize in her bloodstream when she heard her Father’s car turn into the driveway.

“Why couldn’t Shane at least had the decency to have closed the bedroom door,” Jenny thought to herself as the sound of Russell Borland walking into the house registered inside her burning ears.

Her heart seemed to stop for several moments as she waited for her Father to make a movement downstairs.

She immediately thought of crying out in desperation as the faint sounds of his lazy whistling filtered upstairs. By the time she tried organizing the muscles of her mouth to do that however, her cottonmouth was too much to overcome.

“Jenny… Darling… you home… you upstairs,” Rusty’s booming voice rose from the first floor. “Mom’s gonna be late getting home tonight… you hungry… think we should order some takeout or just see what leftovers we have in the fridge?”

In the direst circumstance of her entire life, Jenny felt a surrealistic wave of paranoia wash through her as her Father yelled upstairs, asking the most mundane of questions.

“Jenny… you upstairs?” Rusty Borland asked once more after receiving no answer.

“Maybe her and Shane are out in the back yard,” Jenny heard her Father say to himself before the sound of his footsteps carried him to the rear of the house.

“Jesus Christ what am I gonna do,” Jenny whimpered as the sounds of silence once again enveloped the house. “When he sees I’m not out back… the next place he’s gonna come is upstairs… I just know it!”


To that point it had been an ideal mid December day for Russell Borland. With Christmas approaching, the workload at the office had diminished substantially, so much in fact that he was able to get out of there nearly an hour earlier than usual.

Home early, Rusty had the extra advantage of knowing his wife wouldn’t be back until after 9 o’clock in all likelihood. Even though he could have used a nice dinner, what Rusty was really looking forward to doing was getting upstairs to get out of his suit and tie, throw on a tee-shirt and then grab a couple of beers before heading out to chip some golfballs in the tuzla sınırsız escort back yard before it got too dark.

“Jenny,” He called out once more, still thinking she was home because her car was parked in the driveway.

When Rusty didn’t get an answer halfway up the steps, it dawned on him that she had probably left with Shane.

“That makes sense,” Rusty thought to himself as he loosened his tie and rounded the banister at the top of the steps.

Having now made the assumption Jenny was off gallivanting with Shane, Rusty didn’t even think to cast a gaze towards his daughter’s opened bedroom door as he slowly trudged towards his own bedroom to change clothes.

It wasn’t until he had taken two full steps past Jenny’s bedroom door that something primal tripped inside of Rusty Borland’s head. At first he thought the distant, almost inaudible shuffling and muffled sounds were that of the upstairs bathroom’s leaky sink faucet.

“But the bathroom is up in front of you… that… noise… is coming from behind,” Rusty’s head whispered.

That’s when the fragmented and subliminal visual image that had wedged itself in his brain when he rounded the top of the steps suddenly became illuminated.

Turning gingerly, all the feeling went out of Rusty’s legs as he retraced his steps.

“It had to be some sort of… strange reflection… the way the setting sun was shining through Jenny’s bedroom window against her mirror… that’s all… But wait… her bedroom faces East… the Sun’s on the other side of the house right now,” Rusty senses argued with rampant and uneasy confusion.

When he finally made his way back to the entrance of his daughter’s bedroom, the depth of what Rusty Borland saw made him cringe and shudder.

Rusty’s initial, engrained reaction upon seeing Jenny’s arms extended out, each cinched tightly to the posts of her bed, was to run to her thinking she had been attacked in some way. He quickly checked her up and down for any evidence of bleeding or injury. The fact that his daughter was standing in front of him completely naked didn’t register at all as she begged for help.

“Wha… wha… what… happened?” Rusty started to stammer, deep down dreading to hear the truth Jenny might tell him.

“Who… did… this…?” Rusty mumbled as he boiled with anger, fear and helplessness.

Trying to ease his shaky hands up to comfort his daughter, Rusty noticed that Jenny clothes had been removed in a neat pile to her side and there was no evidence of a struggle in the room.

Thanking God with every fiber of his being that Jenny didn’t appear hurt in any way except for the morose and exhausted look on her tender face, Rusty correctly guessed that Jenny and Shane had been up to some sort of afternoon liaison.

Looking quickly to his right, then back to his left, Rusty was waiting to find Shane standing somewhere in the room, caught in the ultimate of awkward moments.

Staring at the look in Jenny’s tortured eyes and the way her glistening tears shined on her grossly blushing cheeks, Rusty also remembered that Shane’s car was no longer parked outside. It was then the real truth about what had happened in the house before he arrived home slowly took root inside Rusty’s shaken mind.

“Dad… Dad… Daddy… get me… loose… please… I can’t feel my arms anymore… Please cut me loose,” Jenny sobbed as she surrealistically watched her Father seem to vacillate in front of her.

“I… I will… Darling,” Rusty distantly answered.

Standing less than two feet in front of his daughter’s naked and twisting frame, Rusty’s eyes became fixated on Jenny’s exposed body.

“She’s… completely… naked,” Rusty murmured disbelievingly, just loud enough however to send an arctic, blitzing chill through Jenny’s scalp to the bottom of her toes.

Reading her Father’s lips, an unsettling and eerie blackness swept through each of Jenny’s internal organs. It felt as if the person she had known as her Dad her entire life didn’t see her standing there, yet the heat of his leering gaze was so intense, the young teenage girl felt as if it was boaring a hole though the core of her being.

“Dad… Dad… Daddy… Please… help me,” Jenny yelled again, her already shaky voice quickly drifting from a scream down to a sobbing whisper.

Standing there as if he had become frozen in animation, Rusty appeared helpless as his tied and bound Daughter seemed to wither in front of him.

“Help her dammitt… get her untied and get something to cover her up for Godfuckingsakes,” a distant and rational voice urgently begged.

Somewhere along the way however, that message seemed to get lost, leaving Rusty standing there in place for what seemed like a millennium, staring aimlessly at his spread eagle and weeping little girl.

Through the damp distortion of her tear stained eyes, Jenny tried finding an ounce of recognition, or tie to reality, in her Father’s stone face.

“This can’t be happening,” she whimpered painfully, watching as her Father succumb to some sort of unspoken transformation right in front of her eyes.

Jenny Borland’s heart rose for just an instant when she saw her Dad’s right arm raise from his side and slowly inch its way towards her trembling body.

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