Foolishness , Humiliation Ch. 08

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This time Marianne drove off looking for something that only she knew. I sat naked for a few seconds. Then I thought better of that.

“May I get dressed Marianne?”

She glanced at me, seeing me still naked and smiled.

“No you can’t Sabine.”

Marianne drove until she found a quiet stretch of two-lane blacktop. As we were riding down the road she looked at me.

“Look for a stretch with hills. I think we can find some fun in a place like that.”

I started to cry, babbling and shivering.

“I don’t want to do anything more now. I was so embarrassed at the rest stop with that woman seeing me. I can’t, I just can’t!”

Marianne looked at me and then sighed.

“Fine, just fine. I’ll take you home today, but this doesn’t change things, Sabine. It doesn’t change a bit of what I expect of you. Making you pee there may have been a bit much, but understand that nothing has changed.”

I forced myself to stop crying and sat and sniffled for a long time. Marianne had a set look on her face as she drove us back. I knew that she was angry with me, but I couldn’t help it. Having her make me pee in public was something I never would have expected and it really got to me. I was still naked.

“Marianne, may I please get dressed?”

She looked at me and with a disgusted look, nodded yes. I hurriedly pulled on my top and then my shorts. I felt so much better. I still had a knot in the pit of my stomach from the rest stop and felt so ashamed and humiliated. But dressed was much better, much better.

We drove in silence until we reached my apartment building. It was about 6 o’clock and quiet. Marianne got out with me and followed me into the building. I began to get nervous all over again. We walked up the stairs to my floor, my steps getting slower and slower. When we reached my door, she held out her hand. I looked at her and then handed her my keys. She unlocked the door, opened it and turned to face me. She was in the doorway; I was in the hall.

“Strip now and hand your clothes to me.”

I moaned and looked both directions nervously. Her look made me scared and I pulled my top off and handed it to her. Then with a small whimper I undid and unzipped my shorts, removing them and handing them to her also. She looked at my feet and I slipped my shoes off. She bent and picked them up. She looked me up and down, at my naked body and backed into my apartment. Then she shut the door in my face. I looked both ways again and began to cry. I squatted down and covered as much of myself as I could and cried softly to myself. How could she do this to me?

After what seemed like hours but was probably only minutes, the door opened and she motioned me inside. I hurried inside only to have her grab my arm as she closed the door. She dragged me into my living room. In front of the sliding glass doors to my balcony was a chair. She sat on it and pulled me down over her knee. I gasped as my stomach hit her legs.

Then she swatted my ass hard with one hand. I tried to cover my ass, but she grabbed my arm and twisted it up, holding me down. I was going to scream but thought better of it as she smacked my ass again. It was no where near as bad as the yardstick she had used on me Monday, but it still hurt. And the worst part was that we were in front of my glass doors. I hung my head so my hair covered my face as much as possible. Marianne’s hand rose and fell, smacking my ass over and over. I still had bruises from Monday, even though they were mostly gone and her hand hurt. I could feel my ass heating up, turning red as she smacked me over and over. Finally she gave me one tremendously hard smack and pushed me off her knees. I hit the floor and immediately my hands went to my ass, rubbing to try and ease the heat.

I humped my ass up and down, as I rubbed, not caring that I was in plain view of the building across from my building. All I could think of was the heat and burning in my ass. Marianne sat and watched me squirm and rub, smiling to herself. Smiling at the spectacle I made, bare assed naked in front of my glass doors. The heat and burning began to lessen and I stopped bobbing my ass up and down. I had tears on my cheeks and a nose full of snot. I sniffed and whimpered to myself.

“From now on when I want to play, you will play, Sabine, or you will be spanked or paddled. Understand?”

“Y-y-yes M-m-marianne.”

“Your clothes are on the balcony. Go get them.”

I looked at her and got to my knees, then my feet. I looked outside and tried to see if anyone was across the way. I couldn’t see anyone and I cautiously opened the door. I peeked out and saw some people four or five balconies down from me. I moaned and stepped out, crouching over. I looked for my clothes. Escort bayan Marianne had tied them in knots around the railing at the front of my balcony. I scurried over to them and struggled with the knots, peeking nervously at the people down the way.

I finally got my shorts undone and dropped them to work on my top. I had worried the knot almost loose.

“Jesus, there’s a naked woman down there!”

Oh god, oh god. I tore the knot open and yanked the top loose, grabbed my shorts and ran inside. My eyes had filled with tears and my face was burning red. I hoped they hadn’t seen my face. Oh god if they had, oh god.

Marianne was standing, watching me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Then she turned and left me naked, holding my clothes in one hand, my sliding door open behind me. I fell to knees and began to bawl, clutching my clothes to my chest. I finally managed to stop crying and crawled to my door closing it. I stood and scurried into my bedroom, dropping my shorts and top. I pulled on my robe and ran out to close the drapes. As my apartment was closed to sight I finally calmed down. I wasn’t hungry. I made a cup of tea and gingerly sat to drink it. After a long time I went to bed. I didn’t want to but I made sure the alarm was set so I would get up in the morning. I was dreading work on Monday.

I wore one of the button down the front dresses to work. It was one that I had worn only once and that after the beating. So at least it held no bad memories since I hadn’t taken it off at work. I was pretty nervous, thinking of the spanking that I had received on Sunday and my ass was a little sore and my legs felt stiff high up. I got to work and busied myself as much as I could. I was beginning to feel better as Marianne hadn’t shown up. Finally she did.

She walked by.

“Good morning, Sabine.”

“Good morning, Marianne.”

She went into her office and closed the door. I watched my phone, seeing her line light up and stay on for a few minutes. I did this all the time since she whacked me with the yardstick and my mind raced through all kinds of things. I imagined her calling people to come and witness a humiliation for me. I couldn’t help it. She had done it to me so often by now. It was almost all that I could think about when she was around.

Her door opened, making me jump a little.

“Come in, Sabine.”

I stood and slowly walked in, looking around surreptitiously to see if anyone was there. We were alone and I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Lift up your dress in front.”

I blushed as always, but did as I was told. She looked at my pussy and wrinkled her face.

“You haven’t kept up the neatness from when I shaved you, have you?”

I shook my head, even more embarrassed.

“We’ll have to do something about that. I expect you to look neat at all times.”

She motioned me back to my desk and I let my dress fall, humiliated that she thought I was not groomed properly. I sat at my desk and busied myself with no brain tasks, watching her phone line. In a few minutes it lit up again and my stomach lurched. My imagination is not any good for me. I can think of so many humiliating things. Most of which don’t happen to me, but even that fact doesn’t help, because some of them do. I watched that phone line out of the corner of my eye until it went dark.

I managed to get some work done. Then I jumped as a voice spoke to me. It was the salesman that no one really liked, but who was so good he was kept on for his production.

“Marianne called for me.”

I looked at him nervously and buzzed Marianne. She opened her door and invited him in. I sat imagining all sorts of things, my stomach sinking lower and lower. I was in a state.

The door opened and he came out, smirking at me. His eyes seemed to bore into me and I felt so scared. He walked by me.

“See you in a few minutes.”

He left, a chuckle trailing behind him, after my face turned bright red. Marianne still ignored me and I struggled with my job. I was trying so hard to be good and work, but I was having problems.

The salesman, Joe, came back, carrying a small plastic bag and walked to Marianne’s door. He looked at me and smirked again. My stomach felt like I was going to vomit. He knocked on the door and disappeared inside. I just stared at the door, frozen in place, imagining all sorts of things.

Marianne opened her door and crooked her finger at me. Woodenly, I stood up and haltingly walked into her office. I stood with my hands clasped in front of me as I took in Joe, sitting in front of her conference table with the plastic bag on the floor to one side of him.

“Go stand in front of him with your back to the table.”

I moaned Bayan escort softly, knowing that something I wasn’t going to like was going to happen to me. Even so, I did as I was told, trembling slightly. I clutched my hands together in front for some protection and couldn’t look at him as he smirked at me.

“Sit up on the edge of the table and lean back on your hands.”

I sobbed softly but did as I was told.

“Don’t move.”

My legs I held pressed together, protecting me. Joe stood up and as he stared into my eyes, I felt his hands at the lowest button of my dress. I moaned out loud. He undid the first button. I began to tremble as he undid the second. He chuckled, watching me shaking. I felt so vulnerable as he undid the third. My dress fell away from my legs, baring them. The next button was right at my crotch and I sobbed as he undid that one. My dress fell open more, baring the strip of hair above my pussy. I felt faint.

He didn’t stop unbuttoning the dress. He continued until all the buttons were undone. Then he pushed the shoulders of it back and watched as it slid down my arms to the table. I still had it on, kind of. It was trapping my hands, which were on the table, holding me upright, but the entire front of me was bare. Bare to his eyes, which now took in all of me.

I glanced over to Marianne. She was leaning on her desk impassively watching him strip me.

I was blushing but unresisting. I had let him strip me, bare me completely.

He stepped back a little and then each one of his hands grasped one of my knees. I resisted this a little, glanced at Marianne, and with a whimper gave in. His hands pushed my knees apart and my crease came into view. He kept pushing my knees further apart until I was spread wide. While he did this, I had let my face fall, but now he made me lift it until I had to look at his face. I was blushing bright red. He was smirking at me. This was the first time he had seen my naked body completely.

I sat shivering, unable to take my eyes off of him. He sat in the chair and pulled it up so he was between my knees, so I couldn’t close them. Then he reached for the plastic bag. He took out a can of shave cream and shook it in front of me. I moaned. The top was popped off. I closed my eyes and heard the hissing sound of shaving cream. I began to sniffle and tears leaked out of my eyes.

His hands began to smear shaving cream on my abdomen and then down to my lips. I was trembling and moaned as he touched me. He snickered. I felt the cream cover me. Then I felt the pull of a razor on my skin. He shaved my abdomen first; long strokes and I could feel my skin ripple as he touched me. I was so humiliated.

When he had finished with my belly, I looked down to see it clean, no stubble, and just a thin strip of hair pointing directly at my clitoris and crease. I was so embarrassed.

I watched as he reached out with a finger and then gasped as it slid into me. Blushing even harder than before at the ease with which it went into me, I had to watch. He used the finger to splay my lips open and began to shave them. A man that I didn’t even like had his finger up my pussy and was shaving it. I began to cry openly, my body shuddering as I sobbed.

“Stop the bawling, Sabine.”

I twitched a little and my eyes flew to Marianne.

“The sooner you stop the bawling, the sooner this will be over.”

Sucking in breaths, I managed to stop the shudders, but not the tears that fell from my eyes.

Joe started shaving me once more and I couldn’t look away. I had to watch as he scraped away the stubble that I had let grow back. I had to watch him with one finger up me. I had to. Every now and again he would wiggle the finger inside me. I didn’t think I could get any redder, but my face got hotter and hotter.

Even with the humiliation and shame that I felt, my nipples had hardened into erect peaks on my little tits. They stuck out and throbbed and I knew that my pussy was wet.

Joe was very careful as he shaved me. I was trying to convince myself that this wasn’t so bad when another finger pushed the hood of my clitoris back and flicked the tip. It was as though a bolt of electricity shoot through my stomach and pussy. I jerked and whimpered softly, hearing the two of the chuckle. I had to close my eyes as he pushed my clitoris one way, then the other while he shaved me there.

Finally he finished. He wiped the excess cream off with my dress, leaving a wet spot. I was numb and oh so excited. My face was bright red and tears were rolling down my cheeks, ashamed but excited.

“Get up, turn and face the table, and bend over.”

I sobbed audibly, but did as she told me. Joe’s feet pushed mine further apart until Escort I felt my cheeks open sobbing as my anus peeked out. The hissing of the shave cream came again. I rested on my elbows, burying my face in my hands. I was so ashamed. Then he smeared shave cream between my cheeks. I almost jerked up, but managed to stay down. Then he began to shave me between my cheeks. My tears were flowing faster. Marianne hadn’t shaved me there.

Joe’s finger went up my pussy again, making me gasp once again. He used it to push my skin from side to side as he shaved down close to my pussy. Then it slid out and rose. I knew what he was going to do.


My soft shriek of resistance disappeared as his finger, wet with my pussy moisture, poked and then slid up my anus. He pulled to one side and shaved in my crack opposite the way the he pulled, then pulled the other way, shaving the opposite side. I was naked, my dress beneath me. It had come off completely when I got up. Joe traced my skin with fingers, making sure that all the hair between my cheeks was gone, still with his finger up my ass.

My legs were spread wide. I was showing everything to him and he had a finger up my ass. His finger popped out and he used my dress to wipe me off again. I just stood there, bent over and exposed, sniffling.

“May I?”

I listened, wondering what he meant. Marianne stepped over and in front of me. She gripped my arms, holding me down. I heard a zipper and realization burst through me.

“No, Marianne, no, for god’s sake no!”

She just held me down and I felt his thing between my legs. It was hot, it was hard. It was prodding at me. I was bawling. It found what it was looking for. It poked at the opening of my pussy, then right up. I gasped as he filled me. I could feel his suit pants and the zipper on my bare ass. Then he began to thrust in and out.

I felt dirty. Naked and screwed by a man I didn’t like, held down by my boss.

“Aw, shit!”

I heard his words of disgust, wondering why he said that.

“Not in her.”

His cock pulled back and he held it right between my cheeks. I soon understood. He came right between my ass cheeks after about three thrusts in my pussy. He came a lot. I could feel it hitting me and then dribbling down. It was high up in my crack, over my anus and dribbling down to my pussy. When he had finished coming, he wiped his cock on my cheek and then put himself away and zipped up.

“Thank you, Marianne.”

Joe left us. I was humiliated.

“How could you?”

“Take it as a punishment for not being groomed properly Sabine. He wasn’t in you that long anyway.”

“But you let him, you held me, it’s not fair, you promised no sex, Marianne.”

“I said no sex in the games, Sabine. This was a punishment. That’s different.”

“You never said, you didn’t tell me. I don’t like him and now he has, oh god, he, oh god.”

“You weren’t hurt and obviously you were ready. He sure went inside you easily enough.”

I just hung my head and cried. He had fucked me, even if it was for just an instant. Marianne let go of my arms and left me bent over with come trickling down my legs.

“Get dressed and get back to work.”

“I want to clean up.”

“No. That’s part of the punishment too. Let it dry on you. It will help you remember to stay groomed.”

I looked at her in disgust and picked up my dress. I slipped it on and buttoned it. I could feel his stuff make the dress stick to me. I sniffled. I walked out of her office with as much dignity as I could manage. At my desk, I didn’t want to sit down. Marianne stood in her doorway, smiling at me. Smiling at my disgust.

“Don’t you have work to do?”

My head jerked to stare at her and then I sobbed and sat, feeling the come squish and stick the dress even more to my ass and legs. I turned to my computer and away from her. My hands came up and wiped my tears away. Bitch, I thought. I was going to have a wet spot on my dress until it dried and I was going to smell like sex all day long.

She left me alone for the rest of the day. I managed to work, doing what I was supposed to be doing. I felt uncomfortable as the come dried on me and my dress. I wasn’t going to get up for anything.

I skipped lunch and worked through it, catching up, glad that Marianne left me alone. I was ashamed and humiliated. Every time someone came by, I was sure they could smell me and knew what had been done to me.

At five o’clock Marianne came out.

“Make sure you take care of yourself better. If you don’t, we’ll do the same thing again until you learn. Oh, and this weekend I am having a dinner party for some friends. I want you there as the maid. I’ll have the clothes you need. You can just wear the coat over, Sabine.”

I looked at her, goggle eyed. A dinner party? Me as her maid? She would have clothes for me? Oh god! Oh my god!

My stomach clenched and I felt tears start again.

Oh my god!

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