Forbidden Desires , Awakenings Ch. 03

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(You may want to go back and read part 1 & 2)…


As they both reached for each other neither of them noticed the quickly vanishing sunset, nor the breeze that wrapped around their bodies, nor the soft sounds of the waves as they rushed closer to shore. He took her face gently in his warm shaky hands and looked deep within her eyes. The desire he saw mirrored his own. They were not really strangers for something as old as time had brought them together and was pulling them toward that flame of desire that fed their senses and needs.

How long he held her face she did not know, nor care. As if by magic the man of her dreams was holding her. She didn’t care where he came from, what his name was, or what tomorrow might bring. For now….just for now….she wanted to live for the moment…she wanted to experience what her body has always promised her.

He picked her up and carried her into the house while his eyes never left hers. As if he already knew he made his way through the bungalow to the bed that awaited and gently laid her down. He stood above her taking in her beauty which caused him to take deep breaths.

“You, you are beautiful,” he said as he watched her begin to remove her clothing. He noticed how her body trembled, how flushed her entire body was and Escort bayan it made him want to possess her even more.

She watched with passion filled eyes that begged him to take her. She had no idea just how sensual she looked, how deep blue her eyes had become, almost violet as she unconsciously licked her dry lips. She moved over in the bed and that was all the invitation he needed. When he pulled her into his arms, the world outside their room ceased to exist.

Their lips met as if two magnets were pulling them together. Lips entwining, eager, hot with passion and need. Time stood still as hands explored, touching forbidden places that ignited hidden passions beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Her body took on a life of its own as she began touching his body as if memorizing every inch. When she began to stroke his cock, he pulled back to see her passion filled eyes, to read her reaction, to enjoy watching as she evidently liked what he had to offer her. And when she lowered her head closer….closer…lower….he held his breath in anticipation of feeling her mouth wrapped around his hardness.

He leaned back as she devoured his cock as no one had ever done before. She licked slowly up…down,….up….making circles…sucking hard then slow again. Bayan escort And just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore she began all over again….starting at his balls and licking slowly….kissing each one….pulling one and then the other into her warm mouth…licking that small space under his cock and then sliding her tongue up the entire length to taste his precum. She was driving him to such a feverish pitch he knew he would have to stop her soon. To his surprise, she stopped suddenly and looked up at him, as if she was reading his mind. When she smiled at him she kissed the tip of his cock again, licked her lips, and he pulled her up to him and kissed her long and hard. His tongue delving into her warm mouth as she wrapped her arms around him.

He began to stroke and caress her breasts reveling at the way her nipples hardened as he continued to make circles around each peak. She moaned and softly whispered….

“Please, mmmmm please….I need….need….to feel you inside me.”

He reached back up to her face, pushing the damp hair back from her face and saw the raw desire in her eyes. As he smiled, he began to move his hand down lower…lower… until he felt the warmth between her legs….sliding his hand over her smooth pussy lips …one finger delving Escort deep into her pussy hard and fast….then slow…..continuing to tease her until she was shaking uncontrollably. Her moans became louder and louder. Her passions building to such a crescendo that it fed his own passion and he knew he had to consume her.

In one swift movement he was over her and both moaned at the same time as he felt her hot wet pussy lips enveloping his hard cock. They moved in unison as they kissed. With each thrust she clung to him….nails digging into his back and sides….his hot breath kissing her neck as their tempo continued to build. He rolled over pulling her on top of him at the same time so he could kiss her sumptuous breasts. She gasped as she felt how deep he was inside of her which made her wetter and hotter…juices dripping down his body as the aroma of sex filled the air. She began to rock back and forth as he held on to her hips.

As the pinnacle of their exquisite release began their hands locked, bodies rocked faster, sweat pouring from each of them, and she screamed as her ultimate orgasm took her breath away causing her to collapse on him. His arms magically wrapped around her and held her as their breathing slowly returned to normal. He began to kiss her softly as she drifted off to sleep.

The one thought that went through her mind was….

‘To the one who brings out hidden passions and desires …shall be the one who reaps the knowledge of understanding the essence of total sensual fulfillment.’

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