Naughty Fiancée Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in this story are fictitious as they do not exist. Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead is purely coincidental and should not be construed to associate a real person, living or dead with scenes or events described within this story. All of the characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18 and takes place in a world where sexually transmitted diseases/illnesses do not exist. This story is intended for mature audiences only.


Upstairs in the master bathroom, 22 year old Jennifer Turner took a quick shower to thoroughly wash her clean shaven pussy. She brushed her pearly white teeth and rinsed out the taste of cum with mouthwash. Then she dried her hair and her body and reapplied her makeup. When she was presentable again, she left the bathroom to get dressed. The lights in the large walk-in Californian styled closet turned on as soon as the blonde walked in.

Jenny beamed with excitement as she thought about what to wear. A proper business suit that she had bought for her past interviews crossed her mind. Deep down inside, she wanted to use the knowledge she learned from school, but something told her that Tyrone was not hiring her for her brain. At least, not only for her brain. So she decided against it and opted for something more…appropriate.

Downstairs in the foyer, Stewart and Tyrone were making small talk as they waited for Jenny. With each passing minute, Tyrone noticed that Stewart was becoming increasingly anxious until Stewart finally blurted out, “What the fuck is taking her so long? I’m going to miss my flight!”

“Calm down,” Tyrone replied, “You know how women are.”

“She’s always like this. FUCK! We have to actually DRIVE to the airport, PARK and get past those TSA idiots.” Stewart said. The 35 year old was pacing back and forth with his fist clenched in frustration, “FUCK!”

“Relax. There’s valet parking there so we’ll save time on that.” Tyrone said to the impatient white man, “Go fix yourself a scotch or something. I’ll see what’s taking so long.”

Stewart heeded to his neighbor’s advice and left the foyer to help himself to a glass of scotch. As he entered the kitchen, he muttered to himself, “Fucking women.”

Back upstairs, Jenny had just finished getting dressed when the 6’6″ and 250lb black man poked his thick neck through the closet door. Tyrone eyed the 5’6″ All-American bombshell from head to toe and walked in like it was his house as he boomed in a deep voice, “DAMN girl.”

Jenny had put her blonde hair into a tight French twist. The attire she wore consisted of a white top worn under a gray button up blazer. The blazer was cinched tight around her trim waist and it was straining to contain her 36D breasts on her 110lb frame. The button that held the blazer together looked like it was going to pop any second from all the pressure.

Jenny had a matching gray flounce pencil skirt that fit tightly around her 23 inch waist and showed off her tight ass. The skirt was pulled taut across her firm ass. The hem flared out under her round ass and only reached an inch below the top of her black lace stockings. The flounced hem looked like it could float up whenever she moved. If she walked fast enough or if it was windy, the tops of her lacy black thigh-high stockings and the matching garter straps connected from her garter belt would be exposed to anyone that was looking. The outfit was finished off with a pair of patent black Louboutin Lady Peep stilettos that had 5″ heels.

“You like?” Jenny asked, quickly twirling around for her black neighbor. Sure enough, the hem of her skirt floated up and even gave him a glimpse of her black g-string underneath the ridiculously short business skirt.

“I like the skirt,” Tyrone grinned approvingly, “turn around and bend over for a second.”

Jenny only bent over slightly and her skirt was already riding up. Her firm tanned, buns were exposed and were split down the middle by a thin black string. The g-string held Jenny’s pussy like a little pouch, framed by her tanned thighs and tops of the black lace stockings.

“What’s with the jacket?” Tyrone asked. They were in California and it seemed rather warm this time of year for a jacket.

“Oh come on, I have to at least LOOK like I’m going to an interview.” Jenny said. She had to cover up her top or else Stewart might start asking questions. She could get away with the skirt since almost all her skirts were short. But the top was too…risqué. She stood up straight and peeled back her blazer, letting it slide it off her arms and onto the floor. “This isn’t exactly appropriate for an ‘interview’ is it?”

Tyrone’s eyes instantly focused in on Jenny’s halter top, if it could be called a top. It was more like a white satin cloth draped over her tits and tied around the back of her neck. That was it. The top did not cover her back or wrap around her sides. It just draped over her large, round breasts and tapered Escort bayan off at her belly button. The cowl neck line and the way the satin cascaded over her tits allowed anyone to see Jenny’s tanned skin from her neck and almost down to her flat stomach.

“Depends on the interview.” Tyrone smiled at the two little tents made by Jenny’s erect nipples. “Grab your jacket, we gotta go, your boy’s losing his shit downstairs.”

“I’ll wait for you guys in the car.” Tyrone and Jenny heard Stewart holler from downstairs.

“OK honey.” Jenny chirped in reply to Stewart. She handed a business card to Tyrone and said softly, “And that’s for you, SIR.”

Jenny bent over at her waist to pick up her blazer. The halter top hung off her neck and she gave Tyrone a view down her top. He smiled, obviously enjoying the view of her tits. She stood up and slid on her blazer while Tyrone examined the card.

The card was a close up picture of a woman’s ass against a black background. Or more accurately, Jenny’s bare ass tilting up the air in a doggy style position against a black background. There was a python that slid over from her lower back and down between her ass cheeks. The python’s head covered all her naughty bits and acted as a natural censor. Jenny’s hand was between her thighs under the python’s head. She was holding onto a red apple as though she were tempting the python. There was no phone number, email or any kind of contact information.

Tyrone flipped the card over and on the back was a QR code. He used his phone to scan the code and it took him to link to download an app called “Sluice” onto his phone. As he was downloading the mysterious app, he asked, “What is it?”

“It controls this.” Jenny explained, holding up a black rabbit vibrator. But it wasn’t just any rabbit vibrator, it was custom designed.

One of the engineering frats in college designed it for her. It had the appearance of any other rabbit vibrator. It had a vibrator for the clit and a rotating dildo for the pussy. The difference was that once inserted, it sat flush without any protruding handle. There was no need for a handle since it was wirelessly controlled by the app. The guys nicknamed it the Sluice because it literally controlled how wet Jenny’s pussy got. It was also a play on the words “slut” and “juice.”

Whenever Jenny came, her tight pussy would firmly squeeze on anything it was wrapped around, forcing the object out or giving the lucky cock a massage with her velvety cunt muscles. But the Sluice managed to stay on for the ride — most of the time — because it was designed to snuggly wedge her clit between the vibrator and the rotating shaft. The guys had lots of fun watching her hide her orgasms during class. Heck, a few of the faculty members were in on it too. So she had it inside her pretty much whenever she was on campus.

“It’s my calling card…so to speak. There’s an app that you need to download first.” Jenny explained. She slipped the Sluice inside her and adjusted her g-string so that it fit snugly over the curved end of the lewd toy. Then, smoothing out her skirt, she headed towards the door.

“Yeah I figured the app part out.” Tyrone quipped. The app was small in size and finished downloading by the time he caught up with Jenny at the bedroom door. He opened the Sluice app and from what he could tell, the vibrator could be adjusted for strength, the dildo twirled and it could be adjusted for speed. It was an ingenious device. As they started heading downstairs and Tyrone made a mental note to himself, ‘Gonna have to contact the creatros of this little pussy pleaser.’

As they descended down the stairs, Jenny explained, “Some of the engineer’s from college designed it. They came up with the idea to make lectures more — “

Jenny was cut off and her hand shot out to the door in front of her to brace herself. The vibrator came roaring to life at full strength and the dildo started twirling within her pussy like a tornado. The suddenness of it all caught her off guard. She had not expected Tyrone to figure out how to use it so quick.

“Interesting?” Tyrone said, finishing Jenny’s sentence and out of admiration of the device. He had set all the settings on the Sluice to the max and a loud buzzing sound was resonating from between Jenny’s legs.

“Not too quiet though.” Tyrone commented. He saw the impatient Stewart through one of the two opened front doors and waved at him.

“We have to get going!” Stewart shouted from the front passenger seat. He saw Tyrone in the half opened door frame, but not his precious fiancée getting ravaged by the sinister sex toy behind the other closed door. Impatiently, he shouted, “Is she coming yet?”

“I think so.” Tyrone shouted back. He looked at Jenny, who pleadingly looked back at him. He subtly cocked an eyebrow at her to tell her to reply.

“Yes, honey…” Jenny shouted curtly. She bit her bottom lip, trying hard not to moan from the intense Bayan escort sensation of having her clit buzzed and her pussy drilled.

“What’s taking so long?” Stewart asked. He looked at Tyrone at the door. The giant black man simply shrugged in response.

“It’s just…I…I’ll explain…when I ‘come’ hun!” Jenny groaned breathlessly, wishing that her fiancé be more patient.

“Don’t take too long.” Stewart said, sounding a little less agitated now.

“Oh…ok…I’ll be…’coming’…soon.” Jenny shouted hastily, trying not to sound like she was on the verge of orgasm. The dildo was frantically stirring her cunt into a steamy frenzy while the vibrator was buzzing her clit. Her knees were weak from the pleasure radiating out between her legs and she needed both hands on the door to steady herself as she leaned against the heavy wooden door. Her legs were wobbling, threatening to give out any second and her entire body was shaking from the fast approaching orgasm. She couldn’t move or take another step.

“I don’t think he heard you.” Tyrone sneered as he watched Jenny squeeze her thighs together and push her ass out. She looked so slutty, rubbing her thighs together and gyrating that fuckable ass in that sexy little skirt. Without any warning, he shut the Sluice off.

“What? No! What are you doing?!?!” Jenny moaned, half in desperation and half in frustration at Tyrone for robbing her of the impending orgasm. Her pussy was on fire but was immediately cooling down without stimulation.

Jenny was furious! She was so close! She turned around and tried to grab Tyrone’s phone but he quickly pushed his body up against hers. Together, they slammed into the door with a ‘THUD’ as she was sandwiched between his hard body and the dark mahogany door. Her lips mashed firmly into his and she parted her soft lips to let his tongue snake into her mouth. A lust filled moan left her lips as she swirled her tongue with his as they kissed passionately.

Tyrone’s hands slid down Jenny’s toned arms and down to her wrists. He grabbed her wrists and brought her arms over her head until her wrists were crossed like an ‘X’ and he pinned them there with one hand before pulling his lips away from hers.

“Uh-Uh. I don’t think he heard you answer him.” Tyrone said, holding his phone up to Jenny’s gorgeous face. Her eyes followed his thumb as it slid across the screen to ‘max’ for vibration intensity, then he did the same for the speed of the dildo. He knew that she loved the risk more than just orgasms on their own and said, “So tell him when you’re really…’coming.'”

“Oooo.” Jenny whimpered in pleasure, her body tensed up again as the dildo resumed drilling her core and the vibrator resumed massaging her clit.

Tyrone pocketed the phone as he and Jenny passionately explored each other’s mouths again. He slipped his hand under her skirt, he spread her legs and pressed the vibrator firmly against her pussy. Even through her g-string, he could feel her pussy getting hotter and wetter by the second. He let go of her wrists. Then with his hand cupping her wet, vibrating mound, he lift her entire body off the ground by about a foot.

“Ah…uh…oh god…oo…ah..ha.” Jenny groaned, her feet hanging off the ground. Her hands shot down between her legs and grasped Tyrone’s thick forearm as she tried to take the weight off her pussy.

“What’s the holdup?” Stewart yelled from the car. He getting impatient again and was hopping in his seat like a child.

“T-Tyrone’s just…just…g-giving me a…giving me a…’hand’ w-with…something.” Jenny shouted with a quavering voice. Her back was arched against the door, her fingers were tightly clenched around his forearm and she felt her orgasm approaching. Her entire body weight rested on Tyrone’s hand and he was pressing the vibrating and rotating sex toy into her core, hard.

Stewart stuck his head out the car window and shouted angrily, “You coming or not?”

On the other side of the mahogany door, Jenny was in the total clutches of lust. The risk associated with how close her fiancé was and his choice of words pushed her over the orgasmic precipice. Merely a few feet away from her fiancé, the Sluice ruthlessly worked her pussy into an earth shattering orgasm.

“YEEEESSSSS STEWART!…I’M CUMMING! I’M…CUUUUMMMIINNNGG!!” Jenny screamed as her world spun.

“Finally.” Stewart muttered out of annoyance under his breath and sat back down.

Jenny’s back was arched so far from the door that her tits were mashed against Tyrone’s face as she convulsed. She was shuddering in the throes of orgasm, her large, firm tits were bouncing and shaking from side to side beneath the confines of her jacket. She surely would have collapsed onto the floor had she not been held up by Tyrone. A raging torrent of ecstasy gushed from her snatch, her body bucked against Tyrone’s hand, her juices soaked through the thin g-string and trickled down the inside of her thighs. Escort Her juices were streamed down all around Tyrone’s hand, down his forearm and dripped onto the marble floor.

“Damn,” Tyrone grunted, turning off the sex toy with his other hand, “I’m gonna have to get one of these.”

Tyrone’s comment fell on deaf ears. Jenny was relishing the post-orgasmic aura that surrounded her. She did not know how long her orgasm lasted but everything around her slowly came back into focus and stopped spinning. He gently lowered her down on her feet and she stood with her back against the door for support while she caught her breath.

“You can’t buy it. It’s custom.” Jenny said, regaining her composure. It had been over a minute after her orgasm had subsided before she felt strong enough to stand on her own. She pulled out some tissue from her designer purse, wiped her thighs dry and tossed the damp, crumpled tissue balls on the floor. She took a deep breath and exhaled, “Phew. That was hot.”

Stewart let out a sigh of relief upon seeing Tyrone walk through the front door.

“What took so long?” Stewart demanded as Tyrone sat in the driver’s seat and turned the ignition.

“Women,” Tyrone replied with a smile, “takes them forever to ‘cum.'”

Stewart didn’t have a chance to ask because he heard Jenny’s stilettos clicking on the pavement.

Jenny was a mesmerizing sight. Both men watched the 22 year old blonde saunter towards the car, one foot over the next. She looked stunning, sexy and professional all at the same time wearing a gray blazer, matching mini pencil skirt, stockings and heels.

Stewart eyed his fiancée questioningly. He noticed that she seemed to have an extra ‘bounce’ in her step but he wrote it off as the excitement that Jenny must have felt about the interview. He wasn’t worried, it wasn’t like she had been successful in any of her previous interviews.

“Wel-cum a board.” Tyrone greeted when Jenny opened the car door and settled in behind Stewart.

“About time.” Stewart greeted coldly as Jenny closed the door.

“Sorry I took so long to ‘come’ honey.” Jenny said, leaning forward and pecking Stewart on the cheek, “But it would have even taken me longer to ‘come’ had it not been for Tyrone giving me ‘a hand.’ He’s such an awesome neighbor! Thank’s Ty!”

“Hey, you’re welcome.” Tyrone replied, fiddling with the Sluice app on his phone. He was looking for a particular function, he knew that it was there. It had to be. There was no way the geniuses that designed this would not have built in this feature. It took him a few more seconds and then he found the “Music” mode, a feature that made the Sluice respond to ambient sounds.

‘Perfect.’ Tyrone thought. He pressed the ‘sync’ button on his phone to pair it up to the car stereo and set the phone down. He stepped on the gas and Theory of a Deadman’s “Bad Girlfriend” blasted through the speakers and made Jenny and Stewart jump in their seats. Tyrone drove away from the mansion and rolled down the windows, spilling loud music out into the quiet neighborhood.

“That’s a bit loud isn’t it?” Stewart asked with his hands covering his ears. The loud volume startled him and he turned to check on his fiancée. Jenny had a look of shock on her gorgeous face. Her jaw dropped, her mouth formed a very shocked ‘O’ and she had a death grip on her designer purse. What Stewart didn’t know was that Jenny’s expression was not a result of the volume. Her expression was the result of the vibrator suddenly buzzing her clit and the dildo churning her tight cunt.



She’s hot.

Can’t stop.”

“That’s so true man. I’m sorry. I just love this song.” Tyrone apologized, referring to the lyrics. He turned the volume down so that it was low enough to have a conversation. He glanced in the rear view mirror at Jenny, who flashed him a smile.

“Apology accepted.” Stewart mumbled. “Just get me to the airport.”

“You got it, boss.” Tyrone smiled, navigating the SUV along the winding road.

“Damn it.” Jenny muttered to herself. She lifted her ass off the plush leather seat to try and take the pressure off of the sex toy digging up her cunt. Her precious pussy was aching from all that it had endured that morning and she was looking forward to getting some rest on the drive, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen.

For the second time today, Jenny was trying to stop herself from cumming. She couldn’t risk it with Stewart sitting in front of her. It didn’t matter though, in fact, once she got going, not much of anything did except getting the release that her body craved. Despite her protests, the vibrator had already reignited the fire between her legs and the dildo was dancing to the beat, stoking the fire. In less than a minute, she sat down on the seat and gave in to her lust. Silently, she bargained to herself, ‘OK, I can stay quiet.’

Sitting down, Jenny resigned her body to its fate. Now, her clit was grinding into the vibrator and the dildo was twirling further into her pussy. She bit down on her bottom lip to suppress a satisfying moan and thought to herself, ‘I can do this.’

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