Fair Is Fair Ch. 01

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This is a product of my brain, and nothing else. There is cross dressing, bisexual contact, anal, bondage, swapping and probably some other fetishes in there. If this bothers you, why would you keep reading?


The cocks touched my lips and ass at the same time, then immediately pulled away. I was so hot from the activities of the previous 2 hours that I desperately tried to lick the cock near my face. My wife held the cock near my lips and moved it back away from me, laughing.

“You certainly are a bitch in heat now, aren’t you babe” teased my wife.

“Don’t tease me”, I hissed. “You turned me into this.”

I could hardly move, however, lying on my back with my hands bound behind my back, my head off the end of the bench and my feet in the air. I was wearing a black garter belt with purple bows and trim, black silk stockings with 3 inch wide lacy tops and 6.5 inch black patent leather chunky heel ankle strap platform sandals.

Wayne, the man whose cock was near my ass, held my ankles high and wide. I was keeping my legs straight and my toes pointed to the ceiling, like a good slut.

A black lacy long sleeved top covered my smooth, hairless chest. My lace trimmed red padded bra matched the thong panties I had on earlier. My short black skirt and bright red thong had long been discarded and now my hard cock was pointed skyward.

Nicole was dressed in identical clothing in white, at least to start the night. She now wore only her garter belt and stockings.

When the night started, Nicole’s and my makeup matched was perfectly with a deep shade of lipstick matching our painted toes and fingers. My wife had also put extended eyelashes on us both.

“You really want these cocks in you, slut?” she asked.

“Gawd yes, please, I need cock” I hissed.

“What a cock sucking whore you’ve become” my wife taunted.

With that, Wayne pushed his cock into my ass as she feed me John’s cock. I moaned as I sucked John’s cock into my mouth.


How did we get to this point in our lives? I was an average guy with an average office job, an average family, play average golf, etc. I did like to run a lot, so I was in better shape than most guys my age. But, prior to the strange turn of events over the last few months, I never dreamed I would be cross dressing and lusting after cock. My wife got this started and one thing led to another, and well, here we are.

Nicole is a very outgoing woman. She is 5’6, 125 with brunette hair and a nice 36 C chest. She can be incredibly sexy, when she wants to be. Most people would be surprised by this, as she has that “girl next door” look. With no make-up on, wearing her glasses and dressed in a baggy sweatshirt and jeans, she looks pretty, but certainly not the stunning beauty she turns into when she puts her mind to it.

When our kids were very small, she started going to a gym with an exceptional day care facility. She became an instructor, so the kids could play and learn as she became a hard body beauty.

When the kids started school, she became a personal trainer and continued to work on her body and became one of the top trainers at the gym. She also became friends with several of her clients.

She also became more interested in sex. As I had always asked her to be more open and experimental in bed, and now she was accepting my suggestions, on one condition. She made the statement, “fair is fair” which meant, what I wanted her to do, I should be willing to do as well, at least to the point it was physically possible.

So, when I suggested we try anal sex, she was agreeable, as long as we both got to fuck each other’s ass.

“What!!! You will let me fuck your ass if you can fuck mine?” I exclaimed!

“Exactly. What’s the matter with that? An ass is an ass, you ass. You want to fuck mine, and I’m OK with it as long as I get to fuck yours, baby. Fair is fair” Nicole answered.

At the time she said this, she was wiggling her gorgeous ass at me, pulling her cheeks apart and bending over, exposing her cute little chute to me. Fuck.

Looking back at me she said “Don’t you want my ass, baby? Don’t you want to slide that hot hard cock up my ass?”

My cock was throbbing, so what the fuck, how bad could it be.

I gave in, answering “OK, I want your ass, now, fuck, your ass is so fucking hot.”

“Then, fuck my ass, baby. Give my ass a hard cock fucking” said my sweet wife, all this talk coming from a woman who normally looked as wholesome as apple pie.

I grabbed her hips and slid my cock up and down her ass crack.

Nicole stopped me saying “Slow it down, cowboy. Get some lube in there first. I’ve only had little things in there so far, not your fat cock.”

I grabbed some lube and put it on my cock and slid a finger slowly up her ass. Damn, if I stopped here, it would be a memorable night, but my cock had other ideas.

I pressed my cock against her tight opening and pushed in a little. Fuck, she was sooo denizli escort tight, so hot. She moaned and told me to stop when the tip of my cock popped into her ass. I waited for her ass to get used to my cock, then, pushed in further. Soon my cock was buried in her ass and she was moving her hips.

That first fuck was tremendous. But, the next night was my turn. She came out of the bathroom with a strap on cock around her hips. I had no idea she where she got that thing. I can only imagine how she looked when she was in the sex shop buying it. I looked at the seemingly huge cock and wondered how in hell that was going up my ass.

“Honey, I can’t possibly take that much cock in my ass, no fucking way. Why did you get a cock so big?” I complained.

She answered “You wimp, it’s only the same size as your cock. Fair is fair. I took this much cock up my ass, so can you.”

Looking closer at the fake cock, I could see it probably was the same size me when I am rock hard. It’s just that on her smaller frame, it looked gigantic.

Then she said “Suck it, baby. Suck my cock.”

I wasn’t into having a cock, fake or not in my mouth, so I told her “That wasn’t part of the deal, for me to suck a fake cock”

“Come on, I suck your cock all the time. You can suck my ‘cock’ this once. Fair is fair” she responded. She used her hands to make the quote sign when she said cock.

Damn I was starting to hate that phrase. But, she was right. So I stuck out my tongue and licked the rubber cock. It tasted like a rubber cock, but the visual effect was profound. It was like I was sucking her cock.

After a few minutes, I pushed the cock out of my mouth and turned around on my hands and knees.

“OK, honey, lube me up and let’s get this done” I said trying to make this a chore that had to be completed rather than a sexual romp.

I wanted to get this over so I could go back to fucking my wife. She started to lube me up with the gel. It wasn’t the first time she had her finger up my ass, but not in preparation for a cock, even a fake one.

As soon as I was ‘ready’, she held my hips and pushed into me.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggg, stop a minute”, I shouted.

“You just got the head in, you big baby. Now shut up and take it like a man” Nicole said, chastising me.

She pushed more cock into my ass and I bite into the bed sheet to stifle a scream. Stuff should be going out of me there, not into me. But, somewhere in that haze, I remembered her ‘fair is fair’ statement and made myself relax a little.

She finally bottomed out and didn’t move. I was sweating bullets as the tension in my body caused all my muscles to tense at once. Then, I did relax a little and she moved back just a bit, then forward again. The pain subsided some, and the feeling of fullness took over.

We didn’t move much for what seem like 4 hours, but was probably 4 minutes. Then she pulled out a little more and pushed back in. That actually felt nice, or good, or sexy, or something pleasurable.

Then she moved a few more times, and the pleasure increased. I actually started to move my hips as she pushed her cock into me. I was getting fucked, and enjoying it.

She fucked me harder until I finally screamed as I exploded in one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Nicole started to taunt me “Wow, honey, you really seemed to like getting fucked”.

“Wow, baby, I guess you really know how to fuck a guy”, I laughed as I rolled over in my own cum.

That was a big start to our life changing process.

Ass fucking became a regular part of our sex life, whether I was the one giving or receiving. We both enjoyed having our asses stretched, although I never got to feel hot sperm filling my ass.


The next thing we got into was swapping with another couple. This was actually Nicole’s idea.

She had been chatting for a while with a friend of hers and somehow got the subject of swapping came up. Evidently this friend, Sue, and her husband, John, were into swapping. We had gone out with them several times, and I have to say that Sue is smoking hot.

Nicole looks like the kind of girl you hope wants to fuck your brains out. Sue is the type of girl you KNOW wants to fuck your brains out. Her jet black hair and green eyes are intoxicating. She can look at you so sexually that you probably would cum from just from that.

Anyway, Nicole was really turned on by the prospect of being in bed with John. I have to admit he is a really good looking guy. Tall, but not too tall, strong, but not muscle bound, good looking but not intimidating. And, based on Sue’s assessment, well hung.

We had gone out with them a several time. After we left them the last time, Nicole and I ended up in bed together. I was fucking Nicole and talking dirty to her as usual, asking her about whom she wanted to fuck and who she wanted to eat her, etc. So as I am buried deep in her pussy, she screams out that diyarbakır escort she wants to fuck John. I play on this and fuck her as I talk about her getting John’s big cock in her hot pussy.

So, the next day I talk to my wife about her wanting to fuck John. And, well, fair is fair, so when I mentioned that I should get a change to get into Sue’s panties, she said something like, “Fucking duh!!” And that is really something. Sue is stunning. She is the perfect match for John. She’s probably 5’4″, 120, black and green, and 34C. In my head I was thinking “So, go ahead honey, I will do what I can and be with Sue, if I must.” Wow. Anything for marital harmony.

So, we meet with John and Sue on a Saturday night at a local restaurant. John and Sue were gorgeous as usual, a simply beautiful couple. The kind of couple you would see in an ad online for clothing or vacations or something.

John and Nicole hugged, Sue and I hugged, John and I shook hands, and Sue and Nicole kissed, deeply, passionately. I saw Sue’s tongue go into Nicole’s mouth. Damn that was fucking hot. Watching that, I was ready to fuck Sue within about 30 seconds of seeing them, but we had a nice meal, talked for a while and got to know them more intimately.

They are actually really cool people, and not snobby as their good looks might have made them out to be. John and I have a lot in common and he seems to enjoy talking to me as much as Nicole. Of course, at that time I didn’t know John was bi.

I don’t think anything specific was said, but we all just kind of knew we were all going to go somewhere and have sex. It was just that kind of evening, relaxed to a point, fun and dripping with anticipation. I know I was hard most of the night. John seemed to be in the same state, and I am sure the girls were wet.

We left the restaurant and went to a club to go dancing. After the first song we changed spouses. I thought Nicole was going to fuck John on the dance floor. The women were dressed very hot, Nicole in light colors, Sue in black.

I know my wife was wearing a thin dress with only a white garter, hose and white platform sandals on. I guessed Sue was wearing something similar in black. It was obvious that both women weren’t wearing bras. My guess was that Sue wasn’t wearing panties. I know Nicole wasn’t.

They went to the restroom together, and when they came back 15 minutes later, Sue kissed me. I definitely could taste Nicole’s pussy in her mouth. She just smiled when I looked at her questioningly.

We continued to dance and drink for a couple of hours. “How are you doing, baby” Nicole asked me.

“I’m doing fine, honey. How are you? You seem to be enjoying yourself” I answered.

“Oh, I am definitely enjoying myself” Nicole answered as her eyes wandered to John’s crotch.

Sue leaned into me and whispered “Your wife wants my husband to fuck her”. While it was hot to hear Sue verbalize what was in my head, it was another “duh” moment. Everyone in the club knew she wanted his cock. It wasn’t like Nicole was trying to be subtle.

“How do you feel about your wife wanting another man’s cock”, Sue said, a little louder


I just looked at the obvious bulge in my pants and asked “And what about you”?

“I want another man’s cock too” she said smiling at me. “Or maybe his tongue.” With that, she stuck her tongue into my mouth for a hot wet kiss. I wondered if my wife had mentioned to Sue my lust to lick pussy.

I watched Nicole and John. They were talking, laughing, kissing and enjoying being close to each other. I wondered if John could feel her heat. I wondered if John had fondled her perfect tits. I wondered if John had stroked her hot wet pussy. I wondered what John’s cock tasted like.

Whoa. Where the fuck had that thought come from. I quickly decided it must have been if Nicole had wondered what John’s cock tasted like. Anyway, I was immediately distracted by Sue’s right hand rubbing my inner thigh, just touching my cock head.

Then somehow it was decided that it was time to leave. “Let’s get out of here before my husband fucks your wife in the booth”, said Sue.

Nicole was hot to fuck. And it wasn’t me she wanted to fuck either. We all knew she was going to have John’s cock in her soon.

We had driven to the restaurant, John and Sue had taken a cab, which meant we were going to their house in our SUV. I paid the bill as the 3 of them headed out the door, John in between these two smoking hot women.

I was once again totally amazed at what I saw in the parking lot. My wife and Sue were in a hot open mouthed kiss standing next to our SUV. John was leaning back against the vehicle as Sue pushed my wife in between John’s spread legs. He was rubbing her ass and pulling up her dress right there in the lot. Luckily I guess, we were in a back corner of the lot where the lighting was more subdued.

Nicole was moaning as Sue kissed her and John played with her ass. Sue pulled away from Nicole and turned her around to face her antalya escort husband, John. Nicole kissed John just as deeply as she had kissed Sue. I could see their tongues moving back and forth over each other, their mouths wide open, alternately pressing together and pulling apart. Fuck she was on fire.

Sue ran her hands over Nicole’s ass. “I don’t think you need this anymore” she said and started pulling up Nicole’s dress in back, but didn’t stop. She pulled it up and up until Nicole moved her hands from John’s neck and put them straight above her head. Sue pulled Nicole’s dress completely off in the parking lot, then, for effect, threw it to me. Nicole hadn’t worn any underwear, no panties, no bra, just white garter belt, heels and shoes, and the dress that was in my hands.

John’s hands followed the dress up on either side of Nicole’s rib cage, then on to her heaving tits. He began to suck on her nipples as Sue gave Nicole a nice swat on her bare ass. Nicole moaned and Sue did it again. Sue slid the fingers of her right hand down Nicole’s ass crack and right into her smoking, wet cunt. Nicole moaned and wiggled her ass as Sue finger fucked my wife. She pulled her wet digits from the moist canal and wiped them across my lips before pushing them into my mouth. I could taste my wife’s arousal for another man, or woman, or both. Fuck I was on fire.

John’s hands dropped to Nicole’s ass as she kept her hands over her head for a moment. As he pushed his obvious erection into her tummy, Nicole brought her hands down to his face, then his chest, then to rub his cock through his pants. She started to unzip his pants when I made them stop and get in the SUV. I didn’t think we needed to be arrested.

Sue got in front with me as the lovers jumped in back. John’s shirt was in the front seat before I got the engine started. As I pulled out of the parking lot, his pants were in the front seat. At the light, his black thong hit the windshield. Sue took it and hung it on the rearview mirror, placed just so the crotch was facing us. It was impressive to see how the fabric had been stretched to accommodate his large hard cock. I had so much sensory input I thought I might crash the SUV. Then, Sue decided to pull her dress up.

The first thing I noticed was that Sue was completely shaved. There wasn’t any hair anywhere on her body, except her head. And, the tender lips of her pussy were engorged and leaking. She ran her finger through her wet slit, and pushed it into my mouth.

“I want you to taste me”, she said. I licked and sucked on her finger, as she ran her hand over her bare cunt.

“Let’s get this off now” Sue said as she pulled my polo shirt out of my pants and up over my head. The people stopped in the van next to us at the light could see Sue’s tits and mine as she got me naked from the waist up.

“Now, your pants”. She unzipped my pants and I raised my hips to let her push my pants down. The light had changed by the time my pants were off, and I started to drive again. I was the only one in the vehicle with my genitals covered, and they weren’t covered by much. Black micro fiber bikini shorts were the only thing covering my crotch.

“Nice panties” said Sue.

“They aren’t panties, just small men’s shorts” I countered.

“Sure they are” she teased. “Whatever you say, baby”. Then she reached into my shorts and pulled out my rock hard cock.

As she stroked my cock, I heard a male moan in the back seat.

“She just took my husband’s cock into her mouth”, Sue narrated. “Your wife is sucking my husband’s nine inch cock. She seems to like his bigger cock”.

I looked in the mirror and could only see John’s thong. I pulled down the visor and looked in the vanity mirror and saw Nicole’s head bobbing up and down on John’s impressive manhood. She seemed in a trance. A lust trance.

I pulled into their driveway a couple of minutes later. Sue pulled a garage door opener from her purse and opened the door. I couldn’t pull into the garage, so I stopped in the driveway. And, we all piled out. Just like that. One naked guy, one guy in his shorts, and two women in garter’s, stockings and heels, bare pussies showing. They weren’t my neighbors, so, fuck it.

Once in the house, John immediately lay down on the living room floor on his back, cock pointing straight in the air. “Climb on, Nicole” he said. And, she did. No wasted time. Cock in pussy, now.

“Let’s watch them fuck” Sue said to me.

This probably was another “duh” moment. Like, what the fuck else would we do. My wife is grinding her pussy up and down John’s impressive piece of man meat. I look and them and want to be there, somewhere, with them. Sue had other ideas, and immediately planted her pussy on top of her husband’s face. As she ground her wet pussy into his mouth, she kissed Nicole deeply. So, I am still in my shorts, watching all this sex, and wondering where I fit in. That being said, it was still fucking hot to watch.

“I need to fuck you, now” I said to Sue as I pulled her off John’s face. “Oh, baby, I thought you’d never ask. I want your hard cock in my hot cunt” was her response.

Wow, this is one super hot fucking woman, I thought. I wanted to fuck her, bad. As I looked at my wife, Nicole, I felt Sue’s hot pussy slide over my cock. I let out a deep moan of primal emotion as my cock went deeper into Sue’s surprisingly tight cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32