Exchanging Flesh Ch. 14

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Mae and I eventually found our own place. And though I would continue to visit Bobbie–her big pale tits and domineering ways had a hold on me–the focus of my sexual longing became for the first time, strangely enough, my wife.

Our new apartment seemed to give Mae some new physical freedom. It was not unusual for her to roam around completely nude doing house chores or even just sitting and reading. The sight of her compact, five-foot-two frame never failed to get my dick hard. Upon reflection, I realized we had never lived alone, the two of us. There had been roommates in college and at our old apartment where Melissa and I had done it in the closet. And, of course, at her mother’s house, well, there had been her mother. So we had never occupied a space, just the two of us. Until that winter of 1980.

I realized too that I had never really analyzed Mae’s body. Sure, I knew she was cute and attractive but her sexual non-entity some how prevented my exploration as I had with so many others. Now, in her freedom, I watched and learned and was quite thrilled to find that she was really a slightly shorter version of Bea. The same breasts and hips that would grow with children into a body that already delighted me–her mother’s.

Mae also welcomed my advances regularly for the first time in our marriage. Routinely, when I found her naked, I would strip out of my own clothes and show her my rapidly growing cock. She would smile demurely, delighted with the effect her body had on me and gently take me in her mouth.

Those were times, when I would look down at her as she sucked me off and see her eyes looking back up as she sucked my hairy balls and fisted my big dick, so big in her small hand and I felt a sweet love for her that I had felt for no other. Not even her sweet mother who I had thought was my greatest passion. I would explode in her mouth and she would eat all she could but couldn’t resist pointing my still coming dick at her pretty little tits and smearing the last drops on her nipples, my cock would not soften but stay hard and she would turn around to accept me from behind, which ultimately became one of her favorite positions. I would place my dick at the entrance to my wife’s cunt and slide my hardness into her, then draw her up and kiss her neck and fondle her tits from behind her as she rose on and off me, bringing herself to orgasm and shuddering. For she could find her G-spot in this position and came readily.

One time doing just this, my dick came to its release point again and as I started to pull out, I said, “Coming, babe. Got to come.”

Only she ground her self down on my prick and said, “It’s okay, Danny. I started on the pill last month. We’re safe.”

She reached back and held my head to her shoulder as I came in her sweet pussy. Came strong jets that shot deep in her cunt. Mae brought home Alex Comfort’s Joy of Sex one day and things really began to heat up. Although I was familiar with most of the positions and ideas from experience, Mae marveled at the book. Soon we were experimenting in ways I never thought could be possible with my wife. The idea of creating and acting out a fantasy interseted her greatly.

“Do you know what Melissa told me once?”

My ears perked up at that one. Mel could have told here a lot of things.

“No, what?” I said cautiously.

Mae took a deep breath, her small breasts heaved and fell. “Remember our first apartment back at school?”

I nodded.

“Well, she told me that she fucked someone in the closet of our bedroom.”


“No way,” I said. “When?”

“During your graduation party.”

Double bitch.

Carefully, I said, “Who?”

“She would never tell me. It must have been that guy she was dating then. What was his name? John.”

Whew. “Yeah, I think so.”

Mae touched my hardening cock. Thoughts of Melissa always affected me.

“She said he had the biggest dick she’d ever seen.”

John? Or me?

“What else did she tell you?”

“She said she was only going to give him head, but she got so turned on that she had him lift her up and they did it standing while she held on to the door jamb.” Mae was stroking me as I remembered Melissa’s little fat body.

“That must have been hard. She was pretty hefty,” I said.

Mae licked the head of my cock. “Want to try it?”


“Screw in the closet? Standing up?”

“Sounds like fun.”

“We could make it a real fantasy, like in the book. You could pretend I’m Melissa and I could pretend you were John. No, I couldn’t do that. He wasn’t attractive. But you could call me Melissa and I could pretend to be bad like her.”

Holy shit!

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Do you find her attractive?”

“Mel? She’s okay.”

“She told me you kissed her once. When you were mad at me.”

Triple bitch.

“Oh, that was nothing.”

“She said it was a really good kiss. And you touched her breasts.”

“Mae, it was a joke. I just wanted to get her hot and bothered and leave.”

“It’s Halkalı escort okay, Danny. I’m not mad. Not anymore.”

She stroked my hard prick.

“Did you like touching her tits? They’re a lot bigger than mine.”

“It was okay.”

“Then pretend I’m her. Live out the fantasy of fucking her with me.”

I couldn’t tell her that that fantasy had been pretty well lived out. Besides the idea turned me on.

“Go in the closet and wait for me,” I said.

Mae giggled and, after licking my dick again, got off the bed and went onto our large bedroom closet. She closed the door behind her.

I waited for a moment then went to the door and knocked softly.

“Mel,” I whispered.

“Come in.” I heard Mae say.

I opened the door and slipped in, closing it behind me. It was dark but I felt Mae’s small tits against my belly. Her hands rubbed my chest.

Mae said, “Ohh, Danny, I’ve wanted you for so long.”

I played along. “Me too, Melissa.”

She got hold of my dick. “It’s so big. May I suck it? I bet Mae won’t do that for you. I could do it real well. Right to the back of my throat.”

Shit! Mae did a damn good impersonation of Melissa. Her voice even sounded like the fat girl’s.

I said, “Sure, I think I’d like that, Mae.”

“Call me Melissa.” Mae’s voice.


“That’s it,” Melissa again. “I’m gonna suck this big monster ‘til you come down my throat. Show you what your missing staying with little Mae.”

It was weird hearing Mae refer to herself. Weird but enticing.

She got down on her knees and took me in her mouth, using both hands to jerk my dick as she sucked. It was good. Partially because I was remembering the real Mel doing it. Then I remembered something else.

“Put your hands on my ass, Mel.”

Mae/Mel placed her hands on my ass cheeks. I pumped back and forth and she got the idea. She pushed my ass cheeks and drove my cock in her mouth. It felt great, like Melissa used to.

Then she stopped and said, “So you like little fat girls, Danny?”

“I like you, Melissa.”

“Good.” She licked my cockhead and got a taste of pre-come. “I was gonna just blow you but I need this big thing in my fat twat. Lift me up, Danny. Put me on your big dick and I’ll love you forever.”

“You got it, Melissa. I want to see how your fat little pussy feels.”

Mae stood up and I easily lifted her–she didn’t weigh half what Melissa did. She reached down and notched my cockhead into her cunt. I dropped her down on my penis and she squealed in delight.

“Oh, it’s so big, Danny. Feels so good.” She ground onto me.

I started lifting her up and down. My cock went on and out of her.

“Yeah, big man, fuck me.”

She reached over my head and held on to the top of the door, taking some of the weight herself just as Melissa had. I wondered how in-depth this discussion had been.

Her small tits were right in front of my face.

Mae said, “Go ahead, bite my big tits, Danny. I know you want to.”

I chewed her tits remembering the soft flesh of Melissa’s large orbs. I fucked her pussy harder.

“Oh yeah. Feels good. Are you fucking her, Danny? Are you fucking Melissa?”

“Yeah, baby. Yeah.”

“Does her fat little pussy feel good?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“What comes next? Oh, now I remember,” Mae said. “Remember fucking her asshole, Danny. How your big cock felt in her tight ass?

Jesus. How much did she know?

“What?” I said.

Mae’s voice. “Just play along. It’s part of it.

“Yeah, I remember. Your ass was fantastic.”

“I loved having you in my ass, Danny. Your cock was so big. And after when we tasted it. So sweet. Fuck me, harder. I wish it could be my ass again. Fuck me. Come in me.”

I screwed her as hard as I could and soon came in Mae’s pussy. But my mind was filled with Melissa and her sweet fat little body.

Mae groaned and it was her orgasm that she felt, biting the inside of my neck softly as she did.

When we were done I held her there in the closet, my dick deeply imbedded in her cunt.

“Did you fuck her, Danny?”


“Melissa. Did you fuck her in that closet?”

“Just now. Yeah, sure did?”

“No, I mean back then. Did you fuck her that night in that closet?”

I was silent.

After a moment, Mae said, “I knew it. I knew it was you. That guy John could never have done what she described. Besides, no one but you ever called her Mel. It had to be you.”

“When did she tell you?”

“That same night.”


“No. She protected you. I think maybe she was just trying to tell me that you needed something. But if it’s true then you did it with her at least one other time. When you put it in her ass. Right?”

I nodded in the dark.

“It’s all right, Danny. Because now we’re good, right? Now we get along great and I’ll never disappoint you again.”

My soft dick slipped out of her and she got down from her perch but I held her even tighter. Halkalı Escort Bayan “Oh, Mae. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. I came too. That was some fantasy.”

I smiled. “Sure was.”

“And now I’m going fulfill one of yours.”


“Husband, I’m going to let you fuck my ass.”

With that, she moved past me and out of the closet.

By the time I got out of the closet and into the bedroom my dick was growing hard again. When I saw Mae, my wife, face down on the bed with her shapely white ass held up before me, her little pink asshole staring at me, my erection fully blossomed.

But I sat down beside her on the bed and turned her over to kiss her mouth. She had a willing but trepidatious look on her face.

“I love you, Mae,” I said. “This is something you can enjoy, too.”

“I want so much to please you.”

“You do, Mae. In many ways,” I assured her.

I licked my way down her body to her fragrant pussy. Alive with the smell of our juices. I stuck my tongue in her canal.

Mae said, “But I thought…”

I replied, “Soon, babe. But first this.”

I slowly and painstakingly ate her to orgasm. Mae held my head in place as she thrashed on the bed.

When she was done, I curled her legs upward to gain access to her anus. It was wet from my work on her cunt. I put the spear of my tongue on the little bud and Mae moaned. I then spread her asscheeks and drove my tongue into her asshole. I fucked her with my tongue.

“Oh, yesss.” I heard from her lips.

After a few minutes of this action, I replaced my tongue with the tip of my index finger. It went easily in to the first knuckle, but Mae tensed up.

I didn’t want her to panic so, to keep her mind off what I was doing, I curled around in a sixty-nine position so we were on our sides facing one another.

“Keep me hard for you, baby,” I told her. There was no need–my cock was stiff as a board–but I wanted her occupied. “Keep me hard for your pretty, pretty ass.”

Mae grasped my hard dick and took the head in her mouth. She sucked me lightly and stroked my meat with her fist. It felt great.

I returned to work on her asshole. I opened up her bud gently and patiently. The same way I had done to her mother’s asshole. The same way Vera had taught me long before. Soon I had two fingers fully on her butt. Aside from occasional moans, Mae’s only reaction was to stuff more and more of my cock in her mouth. My cockhead beating at the back of her throat felt great. I knew it was now or never because she would have me coming shortly.

I easily pulled my fingers out of her and placed my hand at the back of her head to stop her movement.

“It’s time, babe,” I said gently, as I dislodged my huge prick from her warm mouth.

I shifted around so we were face to face and kissed her lightly, tasting my cock on her lips. I took my place between her legs. I was going to fuck her ass face to face as I remembered her mother preferred it that way. Mae was becoming so much like Bea that I figured it was the best way.

As I put the big head of my dick on her slack asshole, Mae said, “Oh, Danny. I’m going to come again. Put it in my pussy and fuck me till I do. Please, it won’t be long.”

I gladly did as she requested. I wanted her as relaxed as possible. My cock slid easily into her aching cunt and I aimed my thrusts at her G-spot. Soon she was writhing beneath me in orgasm, crying out how much she loved it and me.

I held her afterward, my cock deeply imbedded in her. I could easily have come then but for the promise that awaited me. As I gently slipped out of her, Mae turned over and presented her bottom to me. I protested.

“Mae, I want to do it face to face.”

“No, Danny. This is your fantasy. Fucking my ass from behind.” She reached back with both hands and spread her asscheeks. “Go ahead. Take my asshole, husband.”

The hole was so inviting, I couldn’t hesitate. I squirted some K-y on my dick and spread it thickly over the head. Then I placed a dollup on her anus and spread it all over and inside the soft hole. Mae had her face in the pillow and her ass in the air.

As I placed the head of my dick at the small entrance and heard a amuffled “Do it” from below. I pushed forward and the head went easily in her butt. Mae gave a sharp intake of air and her hands moved from her ass cheeks to my hips.

Her face moved to the side so she could speak. “Danny, careful. You’re so big. Careful of little me.”

I brushed the side of her face and simply replaced her hands on her ass. As I did I pushed in another inch. She screeched and tried to pull off. I held her ass firmly in place.

“We just have to get by the band of flesh, babe. Just a little more.”

“No, Danny, no. It’s too much.”

“Mae, you said you wanted me to take you. Did you mean it?”

A breath. “Isn’t that part of it? Don’t you want me to say no?”

“If that makes it easier for you.”

“God, you cock is so big. It’s never felt this big before.”

“It’s this Escort Halkalı big because of you.”

“Danny, whatever I say–don’t stop.”

“I won’t, Mae. Tonight I can’t.”

I pushed in another inch and Mae stuffed her face in the pillow starting a mantra of “Don’t. Please stop. You bastard. Don’t. Take it out. So big, it’s too much.”

The whole time I crammed her ass with inch after inch of my dick until I felt the relaxation of her hole that I knew would happen. When I was completely inside her, I held myself there and let her get the feel of me. Before long she was moving slightly back and forth on my cock with her asshole.

“Oh, yeah” she said. “I get it now. Do it, Danny. Take me. Fuck my asshole.”

I grabbed her asscheeks and pulled my cock almost all the way out. Then I let it glide in smoothly to the hilt. Mae moaned “Ahhhhhh.” I did the same thing twice more. The third time Mae moved her ass back to meet me. I knew I was golden.

That’s when I started to fuck her. I increased my momentum until I was screwing her anus relentlessly. Pounding in and out, each stroke finding the hilt of my cock lock in an embrace with a ring of flesh that held it.

Mae just kept on saying, “Omygod, omygod, omygod.”

Finally my breath grew rampant and she turned around.

“Are you gonna come, baby?”

I said yes.

“Stop. Wait a minute, Danny. I want to tell you something while you fill my ashole with your big cock. God, it’s so big.”

It took all I could do but I stopped fucking her and held myself entirely in her small chute.

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “Feels so good. So much better than I expected. What I want to tell you, Danny, is–I knew about them. I knew about them all–No, don’t move!–I knew about Melissa–you were under that sheet that night weren’t you? Don’t speak. And Bobbie, with her big tits and fat ass. And Liz and Rikki and Valerie and her sister. I knew about Charlotte the Harlot. That one made me nervous, Danny. And I knew you were fucking Bobbie while we were staying at her apartment. You had a threesome with Peter. And I know about Vera, Danny, how she taught you, how you could never be with one woman after her. I know about Vera because my mother told me and because she told me, I know about you and my mother.”


“DON’T SPEAK. I knew about it all. And I’m still here because I love you, Danny. And now I can make you happy. I’ve shown you that. I can do anything any of them can do. Some things I can do better.”

She drew her ass the length of my cock and sat aback down on it.

“You’re so hard, Danny. Don’t move. Let me do it for you. Don’t move an inch. Let me do it for you.”

Mae tightened the muscles of her asshole around my cock. Tightened and let go. Sucking my cock like she did with her mouth. Sucking it hard and soft. Quickly and slowly. I could almost feel her tongue lapping at my dick.

“Oh, shit,” I said. “That feel so perfect, Mae. So good. Can’t hold back much–”

“Do it,” she said. “Do it in my ass.”

She pushed back on me, and rose off, repeating the action again and again fucking my cock with her asshole until I shot my come deep into her, holding on to her butt for all I was worth. I held her there as my cock quivered inside her. Then I pulled her small body back and held her from behind, my chest to her back, grasping her small tits and chewing at her neck. I held her there until I was soft in her bottom and she gently farted my cock out. Then I turned her to me and hugged her, kissing her face and lips.

Mae reached between us and got hold of my semi-hard prick. She broke our kiss and said, “Have to taste it. I have to.”

She moved her face down to my groin and feasted on my cock. All the tastes of us: my semen, her cunt juice, her shit, our sweat. She gloried in it.

Meanwhile, I was supple enough to lean over her and get my tongue in her asshole to collect the treat there, just as I had done with Melissa. I savored the taste and gathered as much as I could on my tongue. Then I brought her face from my cock to mine and kissed her. Her tongue beat about my mouth to find every drop.

This was what I had wanted from Mae all along. Unbridled lust. Commradery in sex. And now I felt I had it. My true love who had been with me all along.

Sex with Mae only got better as time went on. She was ready for anything. Any fantasy. and, though anal sex became part of our lives, it never became the primary act between us. In fact, as we grew closer out of the bed, sex became eversomuch more enjoyable. I was very happy at that point in my life. Very happy.

And I stayed loyal to Mae for quite a long time. But Bobbie was always availible.

Shakespeare, in The Winter’s Tale, calls it “to exchange flesh”. And the exchange of flesh with that huge body had always been a hard thing to resist. Indeed, it seemed that this exchange of flesh with as many bodies as possible was the driving force in my young life. I needed the acceptance of many women, not just one. Needed them to open there rich thighs and take me into them. Recieve my flesh and give me their own sweet bodies. So, I continued my affairs. With Bobbie. With this gorgeous little Asian girl with long, black hair down to her ass that worked with me. With others. And with Mae, who, if she knew, didn’t seem to mind. Because, with her, I gave my love.

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