Every Dick Has Its Day Ch. 02

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It’s his worst nightmare. Small penis humiliation.

Everyone in the story is over eighteen. Is a third chapter needed? What would happen?


“I need a large cock,” Albert said.

His hands were jammed in his coat pockets so he didn’t touch anything. He stood in front of a glass counter shuffling his feet. The concrete floor was old and dirty. He moved out of fear that if he didn’t, all the sweat and grime of the seedy patrons would contaminate him.

He was creeped out to be in the sex shop again. It was eleven o’clock in the morning. The place looked squalid and sad.

The same overweight, depressed, crone who’d waited on him last time was there. An unfiltered cigarette dangled from her mouth. She responded to his request. “Don’t we all, hon.”

She laughed at her joke. A flicker of recognition showed in her eyes. She remembered Albert.

“Need another one so soon?” she queried.

“Yeah. The other one went over so well, I’m buying a second for some unsuspecting sorority girl as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange.”

He didn’t tell her that he’d decided to keep the other one, the monster ten-incher that he’d bought earlier and that he’d used on the four gorgeous co-eds he’d met on the subway. He hoped it would continue to be the lure that caused them to have sex with him.

The tired grandmother pulled the same two models as last time out of the case and placed the huge phalli in front of Albert. They were beige in color and over-sized versions of the male organ.

He looked in his wallet. He was running low on cash. He said, “I’ll take the smaller one.”

“Yes, sir,” the toothless sales clerk said.

She took his money and returned with his change. She put the fake prick in a plain paper bag and Albert was on his way to the subway. This time he looked both ways before stepping off the sidewalk.

He didn’t trust the flashing crosswalk sign that beckoned all pedestrians to cross the busy avenue because last time, a cyclist ignored the signal and ran him over.

He returned to his room in the frat house. He wrapped the novelty item in festive holiday paper, had lunch with some fraternity brothers, and then, did some school work.

Two hours later, he closed the book he’d been reading for his Western Civilization class, yawned, and stretched. His mind drifted. He reminisced about last night, which had been the most amazing night of his life.

He said out loud, “Did that happen to me? Yes. I fucked four beautiful women.”

He smiled, recalling the “perfect storm”, the improbable sequence of events the led to his bedding the beauties.

“Should I attempt to deceive them again?” Albert asked himself. “Hell yes!” he answered.

“Their lust and intoxicated state allowed me to trick them last time. What’s the chance that I can pull it off again?”

He stood, paced about his room, and answered his own question.

“Zero? Maybe one in a million. But the reward! Sweet Jesus! The reward is so great! Primo pussy the likes of which a geek like me will never have the chance to sample again unless I become a billionaire.”

He sat and considered the issue.

“How can I prevent them from discovering I’m a fraud? I needed to be smart and lucky. My biggest hurdle is to overcome their natural curiosity and desire to see, touch and suck on the big unit. I have to convince them to have sex in positions where they can’t see that I’m masturbating them with a dildo.

“Control. I have to be in control,” he concluded.

“I want to try and have sex with them again, but I don’t t know their last names or anyone’s phone number. I do know where they live. I’ll go to their place.”

He grabbed his wallet, keys and the massively thick, ten-inch dildo. He shoved it down the front of his pants. He put on his winter coat. It was long enough to hide the bulge in his pants. He marched out of the room saying, “I have to try.”

As he walked across campus to the subway, he began humming “The Impossible Dream” a song from the play “Man of La Mancha”. It seemed appropriate. To bolster his resolve, he sang in a low voice,

“This is my quest

To follow that star

No matter how hopeless

No matter how far

To fight for the right

Without question or pause

To be willing to march into Hell

For a heavenly cause

And I know if I’ll only be true

To this glorious quest

That my heart will lie peaceful and calm

When I’m laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this

That one man, scorned and covered with scars

Still strove with his last ounce of courage

To reach the unreachable star.”

Not surprisingly, Albert received many odd looks from other pedestrians. Who goes around in public singing? He was given a wide berth by students who worried that he might be dangerous, deranged or on drugs.

“Hey, Albert. Why are you singing? Are you a theater major or planning on trying out for a play?” a cute co-ed asked him.

She stepped in front of him, forcing Esenyurt escort him to stop. He’d been so focused on his mission, his quixotic quest for pussy, that he didn’t realize that he had been singing out loud. He was embarrassed, flustered and stuttered, “Ah. Ah. Ah.”

The young college student thought he was babbling because he didn’t recognize her. She said, “It’s Lulu.”

His face was blank. She gave him more clues to jog his memory.

“Lulu? We hooked up in your bed two months ago? I was drunk and wouldn’t leave.”

She was unembarrassed by her words. She continued to rattle on. “You probably don’t recognize me because I’ve lost weight and changed the color of my hair.”

She pulled the hood of her coat down and shook her head. Long locks of beautiful, thick, luxurious, chestnut brown hair spilled out past her shoulders. Her hair was gorgeous. Red and gold undertones highlighted her rich, dark brown hair.

She ran her fingers through it and said, “This is my natural color. I was going through a blond phase when we had sex.”

“Yes. Lulu. I remember. Hello.”

The girl had no filter. Words gushed from her mouth. “I’ve dropped twenty pounds. I swear half of it must have come from my boobs. They’re gone. Thank goodness my stomach and thighs are slimmer. My ass looks fantastic if I do say so myself.

“I’ve been eating better. I exercise. I’m taking care of myself. Two months ago, I was in a bad place. I didn’t like who I was. I was doing stupid things like having meaningless sex with jerks who didn’t care about me.

“I was a chunky, disgusting slut with no self-esteem. The night we met, I let Franklin and Marshall spit roast me. Marshal fucked me while I sucked Franklin’s dick. Franklin came in my mouth and then pulled out and shot his load on my face and tits. But you knew that. You accidentally lick his spunk off my nipple.”

Albert grimaced at the memory and wondered, “How can I get away from her?” He looked at his watch and said, “Lulu, I have somewhere I have to be.”

“Sure. I’ll let you go.” She put her hood up. She reached out to him and touched his arm. She gave him a serious look and said, “Albert, I want you to know, I’m not the drunken, skanky whore I was. Thank you for treating me kindly. I liked the way you kissed me.”

She stopped talking and hurried away. Albert was left standing there wondering, “What the hell was that all about?”.

He put it out of his mind. He re-focused on his quest. He wanted to see the hot girls again. When he last saw Savannah, she’d agreed to go to his frat’s Christmas party. If she’d meant it, he’d have a chance to fuck her again.

He took the subway, got off at the right stop and walked to their apartment. Joanie answered the door and cried out, “Dick! What a nice surprise.” She hugged him.

Albert was nervous. He was always uncomfortable in the presence of pretty women. He returned the hug and mumbled, “Emm. My name is Albert.”

She laughed and slid a lecherous hand down his body. She squeezed the big lump in his pants and said, “Right. The girls and I have been calling you “Dick”. Is that okay?”

“Ah. Sure.” he acquiesced without a protest. He said to himself, “I guess I can’t complain about being objectified. The only reason they spoke to me and let me have sex with them was because I had a giant dildo in my pants and they thought it was real.”

He said, “I would have called, but I don’t have anyone’s phone number.”

“We’ll fix that. Come in. Did you miss me?” she asked flirting with him. She had enjoyed fucking him. She was angling for a second ride on his monster dick.

He was no dummy. He gave the correct answer, “Of course, I miss you.”

“I hear that after you had sex with me, you plundered all the girls.”

Albert blushed. His face turned bright red.

She laughed and said, “Hey! Don’t be embarrassed. If I had the chance to sleep with four hot men in one night, I would. Ha! Come to think of it, I have.”

His face got redder.

“Really. It’s okay. We’re young and unattached. There’s no reason we can’t have fun. And believe me, my roommates and I had a great time with you. There’s no jealousy. No hurt feelings. Take off your coat. Want a beer?”

He removed his coat and said, “Sure.”

She went to the refrigerator and returned with two brews. “Let’s sit on the sofa,” she said. They sat. He took a large swig to wet his parched throat and ease his nerves.

She took a drink and sat her bottle down. She slid over next to him. She was practically on top of him. Her breast mashed into his arm. Her hand gently brushed his cheek. The beautiful blond said in a husky whisper, “So you missed me?”

“Uh huh.” He could only croak in response.

“We have the place to ourselves,” she announced and then, she kissed him. It was a wonderful thing to be kissed by this beautiful woman. Albert felt giddy.

He hadn’t planned to hook up with her. He hadn’t dared to hope that he’d sleep with any of the beauties today, but given this opening, he went Esenyurt escort Bayan for it. They made out on the couch. The kisses were hard and hungry. He pawed at her chest. She rubbed his crotch. Lust overtook them.

To prevent him from damaging her nice top, she removed it and her bra. “Let me get this out of your way,” she said.

Now that he had unfettered access, he pounced on her boobs. He crawled on top of her, groped the ample flesh, and sucked on her hard, pink nipples.

“Oh. Emmm,” she moaned and held his head to her bosom.

She didn’t stop him when he slid a hand up her skirt and pressed his fingers against her damp panties. In fact, she rejoiced, “Oh! God! Yes. We need to move to my bedroom.”

They adjourned to the private space, leaving their shirts and her bra behind. He closed the door and turned to see her disrobing. She tossed aside her skirt and underwear and now completely nude, climbed into bed. He kicked off his shoes and hopped on the bed in eager pursuit of her.

As he kissed her mouth and caressed her breasts, she unzipped his fly and attempted to snake her hand into his pants and touch his ten-inch cock.

“Whoa. Hold on,” he protested.

“I want to see it, feel it, and kiss it,” she whined.

He twisted his body to get away from her. He got out of bed, paced and thought, “I can’t let that happen.”. He saw her robe and a lavender colored sleeping mask causally resting on a chair in front of her dressing table. He went over and picked up the night blindfold.

“Joanie,” he said. He used the commanding voice that had worked for him the last time they’d had sex. “You know the rules. Seeing it, will scare you. Here, put this on.” He handed her the sleeping mask.

She made a face and then, put on the blindfold. “Kinky. This could be fun,” she said.

“Yes. Exactly. Kinky,” he said, embracing and supporting her comment. “Keep the blindfold on my hot, sexy girl.”

He sat on the bed, guided her onto her back and said, “Spread your legs.”

She giggled knowing what was coming next. He didn’t disappoint. He dove between her legs and licked her hairless sex.

“Ohhh,” she groaned. “God! That’s wonderful.”

Albert got down to business and ate her pussy with the enthusiasm of a grateful geek who worried he’d never have this chance again. He was thorough. He was willing to put in the time. It would get her body ready for the huge dildo and, he figured, it would distract her. He reasoned, if she was focused on climaxing, she’d be less inclined to demand to see the giant cock.

His active fingers, tongue, and lips had her vagina weeping. Fluid gushed out of her tasty snatch. Moans and sighs poured out of her mouth. Her hips rocked rapidly as her mind dreamed about the big dick she thought he possessed.

“Oh. Oh. God! I’m ready. Fuck me!” she pleaded.

He smiled, pleased that he’d driven to this desperate state. He rolled her over onto her stomach and said, “Get on your knees.”

“No, not doggie-style again. I’m worried you’ll pound me and punch me in the cervix.”

“Fuck! What now!” he shouted in his mind. His mind raced. He recalled a position called “The Sidekick”. Ever the diligent student, he’d looked up “Best sex positions for a big dick”. He’d memorized the ones that didn’t allow the woman to see the man.

“I have the perfect solution. You’ll love this one. It limits how deep I can penetrate you and it’ll stimulate your G-spot. You just lay there. I’ll do all the work. You focus on your pleasure. This isn’t going to be a quick fuck. I’ll take my time and blow your mind with gentle, sensual thrusts.”

“Emm. Sounds good.”

“Lay on your stomach. Stretch your left arm straight up. Bend your right arm and right leg. Bring them up like you’re crawling.”

He got up on his knees and helped her position herself as he had requested.

“Great. That’s it. Keep your weight on your left side. Rest your head on your left arm. I’ll straddle your left leg. When I enter you, my cock will rub the front wall of your vagina and your G-spot.”

While he talked, he gently rubbed her slim ass. He also leaned forward to make sure the blindfold was in place. It was.

“That sounds great,” she said.

Albert was pleased with her level of compliance and cooperation. He decided he could risk fucking her. He quickly undid his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear. His small unit was hard and ready.

His hand caressed her labia. He inserted a finger in her hot, weeping pussy. He said, “Almost ready. I’ll open you more and apply some lube.”

He leaned in so he could fuck her with his small dick. One hand reached out to the bed to support his weight and the other grabbed his cock and slipped it into her molten hole.

It took all of his self-control not to moan and not to slam his prick into her. He kept his body off her as he fucked her. With his small dick that was no easy feat.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” he cried out in his mind. He hurriedly fucked her slipping two inches of his slim Escort Esenyurt cock into her pussy. He was nervous, scared, excited and overwhelmed by the wondrous sensation that came from fucking this beautiful blond.

He didn’t last long. “Ohh,” he cried out softly as he climaxed. He struggled to breathe quietly, not to cry out announcing his orgasm and not to jab his cock as deep as he could inside her.

“Err. There. That ought to do it,” he said.

He sat down on her thigh and as quietly as he could, he took a couple of deep, calming breaths. While he did so, he caressed her ass with the giant dildo and then, he teased her by pressing it against her opening.

“Emm,” she sighed and wiggled her butt against the monster cock. She said, “Hello, big fellow. I’m ready.”

Albert pushed it in.

“Ohh. Crap! I thought I was ready.”

He stopped. The head was barely inside her.

“Fuck me! That’s a big dick!” she exclaimed.

Worried for her safety, Albert began to pull the dildo out. She objected, “No. Don’t remove it. I’ll adjust.”

She took a deep breath and said, “OK. Slide it in nice and slow.”

Albert was gently and patience. Her pussy stretched to accommodate the thick unit. Her sighs and groans of discomfort morphed into coos and moans of pleasure.

“Oh! Oh!”

He slipped the massive dildo in slowly and smoothly. She loved it. The stretching. The friction. The way her vaginal wall and G-spot were caressed, stroked, and polished. She basked in the good feelings that built slowly, then, bubbled over in a powerful explosion that wracked her body. She convulsed. Her whole body trembled as she orgasmed.

“Oh. Oh! Ohhhhh!”

He joined her and cried out faking his climax, “Oh! Oh! Fuck!”

Then, Albert stayed his hand and left seven inches of thick, slick silicone in her pussy. She luxuriated in the joy that engulfed her whole body.

Albert considered himself a gentleman. He told himself, “Under normal circumstances, I’d stay still, be quiet and let her enjoy the moment, but this is far from a normal situation. If she turns around, she’ll catch me red-handed with the dildo”.

He quickly pulled the fake dick out and hurriedly dressed. He shoved the phallus into his pants while she was lost in her pleasure.

She awoke and pleaded, “Don’t go!”. She turned and reached for him.

He made sure the dildo was hidden. Then, he looked in awe at her beautiful face and perky tits. “My God! You’re a beautiful woman,” he said. He meant every word.

She smiled, accepted his compliment, and returned one. “You have a great cock and know how to make love to a woman.”

He came to her and they kissed. Greedy bastard that he was, he copped a feel of her breasts and thumbed her erect nipples.

The door to her bedroom opened and her roommates stuck their heads in. Albert was glad he’d put the dildo away.

The other girls smiled mischievously. Cassie said, “I knew it. When I saw your bra on the living room floor, I knew you were fucking ‘The Dick’.

Albert blushed. Joanie faced her friends unembarrassed. She didn’t care that she was naked or that she had cum running out of her hole. She said, “Yes and It was wonderful.”

“Can I have a turn?” Mei Ling asked politely.

“No. Sorry. I have to leave,” Albert said. He didn’t want to push his luck. He put on his shirt and said, “I came over because I didn’t have anyone’s phone number. My frat is having a Christmas party this Friday. Savannah and I talked about attending.

“Savannah, do you want to go with me?”

Savannah was slow to answer. She was drunk the other night when she agreed. She was happy to bed Albert, but she had no interest in dating him. She gave him the fake smile she used to let boys down gently and said,

“Dick, I mean Albert, you’ve had sex with all of us. I think we should keep things casual and be non-exclusive.”

Her roommates felt the same way. They’d discussed the time they spent with him. The general consensus was that he was a fun fuck, but not serious boyfriend material.

Cassie said, “Albert, We all like being with you. We’re happy to share you. How about the four of us go to your party?”

To show they were in agreement, Mei Ling asked, “What time does it start?”

“Nine o’clock. This Friday.”

Joan asked, “How should we dress?”

“Anything Christmassy.”

They exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet at the party. Albert returned to school. He was pleased he’d see them again, grateful that he’d banged Joanie again, and he looked forward to Friday night.


Friday, Albert had a horrible day. In the morning, he was called on in his Calculus class to share his answer on the assigned homework. He did and everyone laughed. He screwed it up royally and the teaching assistant made fun of him.

After class, he returned to the frat house. He sat with his brothers and ate lunch.

The president came in and said, “Boys, as you know tonight we’re having our Christmas party.”

A cheer went up in the hall. The president, waved his arms, to quiet the crowd and said, “That’s the good news. The bad news is we have to get this place ready.

“Seniors will handle the drinks. Juniors and sophomores are in charge of music and decorations. Freshman will clean our house. Check the bulletin board for your assignment.”

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