Emails from an Affair Pt. 01

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The below is the first erotic email I sent to my mistress. Our affair only takes place when she visits the city where I live and I come to her hotel room early in the morning before work.


It’s early and the dim night filters through the window as I enter the darkened room. You have slept lightly all night in anticipation but drowsily wake as you hear the key unlock and you hear me come in. You swear you can smell me before you can even see me filling the door as I come into your room. I say “Good morning” then pause at the closet and slowly remove my jacket, then my tie and my shirt. You stir slightly to get a better view as I sit at the edge of the bed and take out my phones and wallet then take off my shoes and socks. I stand up and hang up my pants, then turn around and you realize that sometime in that evolution I lost my boxers too. You are staring at me naked as I silently slide into bed next to you.

I pull you tight against me, your head against my chest and your leg wrapped around mine. You can feel the heat coming off me and you lie there quietly feeling my chest slowly rise and fall, smelling my skin, absently massaging my skin with your fingertips even as you can hear my heartbeat through my chest. You feel my arm gently stroking you and I Beylikdüzü Olgun Escort give you light kisses on top of your head, stopping only to contently sigh. You very slowly start to gently grind against my quad muscle. I tell you how much I missed you, how this is so tender, how happy I am to lie here next to you, and in wordless response you roll on top of me. Your hair is falling down around me, I can smell you and your sleepiness and I can hear your breath quicken as you lower your head down to kiss me. My hips and lips react at the same time as I push up to meet your body. Your lips are electric and as I kiss you I can sense your body coming alive. My hands slide down and pull off your shirt, and I moan in pleasure as I feel your skin pressed tight against mine. You take a hand and pinch my left nipple hard as you are kissing me and you are rewarded with my stiffening erection, which feels incredible through the fabric of your panties. I put one hand on your ass under your panties and with the other hand I gently brush against your left nipple, feeling it harden against my thumb. Now you are moaning as the kissing, pinching and rubbing synchronizes into pleasure.

I scoot down slightly to kiss your nipples as you grind against my torso, my Beylikdüzü Otele Gelen Escort hand still guiding your ass upward as I slowly kiss your belly hovering over me. Now I am pushing you upward and my tongue is pressed against your panties as you lower yourself onto my mouth. My hot breath mixes with your wetness and suddenly you feel the fabric disappear as my tongue touches your wetness. You have one hand on the headboard and one hand on mine, which is still caressing your left breast. You rhythmically lower yourself onto my tongue, saying my name and moaning and releasing yourself onto me, raising and lowering in rhythm until you feel the orgasm welling inside. My tongue lashes like sparks against your clitoris and darts inside you, and you feel the orgasm start, you beg me to fuck you, to fill you, to take you as you come on my face, feeling my tongue everywhere. As it subsides you slide down and kiss my chest and nipples, feeling my stiff dick pressed against you. I won’t let you touch it and you want to so badly as I idly stroke you with my long fingers. As you go down to kiss my belly I call you a Bad Girl and smack your ass. You try again and I suddenly get up.

Moving over to the edge of the bed I flip you over on your stomach and Beylikdüzü Rus Escort just pull you in one strong stroke towards me. Your hips are near the edge of the bed and your legs are spread around me. I pull your hips up so on your knees you feel me lower myself behind you. I can smell your musk and sex as I slowly lick you from behind. I am asking you to touch your clit as I eat you. You feel my tongue inside you, then licking against your fingers and your clit. You again beg me to fuck you, the shallow tongue lashing makes you want me to fill you completely, but I only give you my tongue. I tease you with my finger so shallow and you want to come again. I can’t eat enough of your wetness, you taste incredible and my mouth is so full of you. As you rub yourself with one hand you grab your breast with the other, face down as the bed is muffling your moans as again you come and I greedily am lapping you up.

You are so exhausted you fall to the side, and look up to see that I now have my wet fingers wrapped tightly around my dick as I stroke myself. I gently put my finger into you, so slow and so deep, then rub the shaft of my dick. You are so spent you can barely move as you hear my breath quicken, you see my engorged head, then you feel me come all over your breasts and stomach.

I climb back in to bed and pull you up next to me so that you are back under my arm with your leg draped over me. I smell your hair filling my nostrils, I feel your soft skin pressed against me, I can hear your breathing slow as you nuzzle your face on my smooth chest and absently kiss my skin.

“Good morning” you finally reply.

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