Dreamcatcher: Circle of Friends Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Picking Up Sally the Stripper

The Runt and I were back in business and nothing else in the world just couldn’t matter any less. My mother was fast asleep in her bedroom. I was faking sleep when she returned from the diner. Joy was next-door, I guess, fast asleep, thinking about who’s cock she’ll suck tomorrow. I didn’t care who fucked her tomorrow. Dreamcatcher Productions was back in business, in business for the first time considering our first attempt ended in complete failure. Joy had come over to my house to seduce a teenager, the son of her best friend, and ended up getting video taped, also received a nice facial, her reward for a nice blowjob and dirty titty-fuck we both enjoyed.

It was Saturday morning, around 10:45, when I woke up. My mother was out of bed. Out of the house, in fact. Her and Joy went grocery shopping. The Runt was sleeping on the couch in the front room. I went to my dresser and took the tape we made last night out of the camera. I held it in my hand feeling proud. A smile broke on my face. I went to the front room.

I put the tape in the VCR and pressed play. I sat on the sofa. The Runt was on the other side of the couch. The tape began immediately. On the screen there was a knock at the door. The Runt was stuck in a laundry bag and was surrounded by clothes, but some how he managed to follow me to the door. On the screen I was standing by the door looking nervous. I opened the door. Joy was standing there. She was wearing her night gown. Nothing underneath it. I saw her shaved pussy on the screen and became very hard.

“Excellent camera work,” I told my friend. “How the hell did you shoot like this from a laundry bag?”

“I’ve got skills,” he said. “I still can’t believe we pulled this off. I can’t believe a stupid scheme like this actually worked. But some how it did.”

I went to the refrigerator. I took two cans of beer. I returned and gave the Runt one of the cans. We popped them open. “To Dreamcatcher.” We watched our homemade porno and drank beer. I watched myself on TV, feeling a little bit like a movie star. Joy was devouring my cock with very little effort. I could almost feel her hot, wet mouth and my penis. The way her tongue circled around my shaft. The woman definitely knew how to suck a cock.

The Runt finished his beer and belched loudly. He spoke to me in his heavyset manly voice you just wouldn’t expect from somebody five feet tall. “Maybe this is the start of something good. I don’t think we’re going to fail this time.” He paused for a minute to watch Joy receive the facial. I watched too, drawn to my own work. My cock exploded semen all over Joy’s chin, lips, cheeks and forehead. She ate my cum. She blew bubbles. She had a good time. When the tape came to an end I shut off the VCR. “Bravo! Bravo!” the Runt cheered. “You cum a lot. Made the facial absolutely filthy, just the way we like them.”

“I loved cumming on Joy’s face,” I admitted. “I loved a lot of things about Joy, but Joy’s in the past now. We have to find some knew girls. We can’t start the Dream until we have movies. More girls.”

“That was the problem last time,” the Runt said.

“Not this time. I have a plan. I know a few women who would be interested in fucking my brains out. All you have to do is hide and record.”

“I kind of like the laundry bag,” the Runt offered a joke.

“I’ll get you some better hiding places too.” I got up and rewound the movie. We watched again. We watched it five more times. I loved watching myself on screen. The TV made me look good. I was also thinking of possible candidates. My mind was running fast. I had some ideas.

In the after I put a Red Baron supreme pizza in the oven. The Runt and I sat at the small kitchen table and discussed future plans while the pizza cooked. The aroma of the sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms and onions made my mouth water. I was incredibly hungry having forgot to fix myself a little breakfast when I woke up.

“So what’s the bright idea?” the Runt asked. He spoke with his hands moving. He was nervous, I also figured his mind was racing. He didn’t like to be left out of my thought process.

“Calm down, Runt,” I said. “I’ve considering some options. Joy has several other close friends who come and visit. My mother knows some more attractive women. Some of them even flirt with me. Some want to fuck me.” I let the words sink into his little head. The Runt looked a little more like a rat everywhere. It was his nose. It grew sharper every year. “Today is Saturday. On Saturday night I have a little ritual, a task my mother gave to me when I start driving. At 1:30 in the morning I have to pick her friend Sally Barry. Sally works Jennings Heights Strip Club. She is a stripper.”

“And this girl is willing to have sex with you,” the Runt asked the most important question.

“I’m pretty sure she will.” I knew a lot about Sally Barry. She was one of the most Beylikdüzü Sarışın Escort popular strippers at Jennings Heights. She was also as horny as Joy, but trimmer and sexier than Joy could ever dream of being. Sally is a twenty-seven year old woman with no kids. She has several guys interested in her, most come to the strip club and try to buy her off with a romantic nights, some propose marriage. I heard he talking to my mom one night about her affairs while I faked sleep on the front room sofa. I did my homework on this one.

“I think I know who you’re talking about,” the Runt said. “She has dark red hair. Wears tight ass shorts. Has those big cherry colored lips. She talks with a little girl squeak.”

“That’s her. She reminds me of you in some strange way. Sally has this perfect body and most striking features and yet she talks like she’s still going through puberty. You are small and skinny and talk like a man who is seven feet tall.” The Runt faked a punch to my face, but laughed it off. I smiled myself. “Fucken pizza takes forever.”

“Red Baron always takes a long time in your oven.” The Runt was looking around the kitchen. He had something he wanted to say, to ask, and was looking for the right way to ask me. I already knew what he wanted from me.

“Yes, you can go and use my Internet,” I said. I kept my voice patient. I hated when he acted scared. “I’ll call you when the pizza’s done.”

“You really do know me well,” the Runt said. “Time to go find me some pictures. Women, show me some cummy faces.” He got up from the chair. The Runt was gone just like that.

I sat at the table. My mind was racing again. Sally Berry was so perfect for my plans. She was horny just like Joy, but with one difference. She liked to be video taped anyway. She would fuck me and let the Runt record the action right from the car. I’ve heard her discuss amateur porn tapes she made with various boyfriends over the years with my mother. Faking sleep was something I often did. It was as tasty as apples and as soothing as rain, plus you learned an awful lot about people when they thought you were asleep.

For the next few hours the Runt and I figured out ways to pass the time. We ate the pizza, looked for beautiful pictures of facially cum blasted woman, printed a few of our favorites, screwed around on a few chatlines where we pretended to be horny young teens searching for older men, made another Red Baron supreme pizza, printed some more pictures, talked about Sally and other woman who would be good for Dreamcatcher Productions and finally we watched a little TV with my mother.

“It’s getting late,” my mother said at midnight. “I can’t believe how much time went by. We haven’t talked like this since you were little.”

“When I was ten we stayed up all night and talked about dad,” I said. My dad died nine years old. He was forty-two years old when heart attack took his life at a train station. He died alone at 3:30 in the morning. My mother’s eyes were suddenly watery, but she refused to cry.

“Those were the days,” my mother said. “You remember Dan, Ryan?”

“A little bit,” the Runt said. “I didn’t really hang out with James back then.”

“He wasn’t worthy of my company,” I cracked on the Runt. “Hannibal is an awful movie by the way. Silence of the Lambs is one hundred times better. Can you believe we watched both of those movies.” My mother and I haven’t spent the day watching movies and having a good time in a long while. I kind of missed the days when we did. Times were going by fast. Opportunities like this would not come along very often when I began college in the fall.

“Well I’m beat,” my mother said. “This old woman needs her sleep.” She got up and waited for me to say something. When I didn’t say anything, she did. “You’re supposed to say I’m not old at all.”

“I would,” I said immediately, “but you taught me never to lie.” She tapped me lightly on the shoulder. “Good night, mother.” She disappeared into her room. A minute later I heard her voice from her room.

“Don’t forget to pick up Sally at the strip club,” she called. I didn’t have to say anything. Sally was all over my mind. I thought about her every ten minutes. She gave me an erection every twenty minutes.

“It’s already past midnight,” the Runt said when my mother began snoring in her room. She snored louder than most men, a quality most men found disgusting. I didn’t mind the snoring myself. I was used to it by now.

At 1:24 on the dot the Runt and I left the apartment. I didn’t want to pick up Sally in my beat up beige station wagon so I grabbed my mother’s car keys. My mom owned a brand new 2002 Sebring LX Coupe. I don’t know how she can afford the car on a waitress’s salary and mother refused to do any explaining. I got in the car, opened the passenger side door for the Runt, started the car up and drove away thinking about my destination and the woman Beylikdüzü Şişman Escort who waits there. Sally the Stripper. Horny as can be. She makes amateur porn with her boyfriends. She has the same kind of little crush on me that Joy did. But did she want me? Would she give into me? I was pretty sure she would.

The Coupe was a fun car to drive. On dark isolated roads I drove at one hundred miles an hour, sometimes a lot faster. The Runt didn’t care much for my reckless driving, but was to nervous to let me know about it. During more pleasant driving the Runt skimmed through the James Patterson novel: Roses Are Red. My mom loves thrillers and horror stories by any author. On the back seat were four other James Patterson novels, recently bought from Wal-Mart. The books were Violets Are Blue, 1st To Die, Black Friday and When The Wind Blows. Violets Are Blue was the only hardcover book my mom had purchased, the rest were paperbacks.

“This guy’s pretty crazy,” the Runt said. “The killer fucks a dead woman.” He laughed as if it were a great joke. “He fucked a couple dead woman, in fact.”

“You can read that fast,” I wondered out loud.

“Hell no. This book is over three hundred pages. But the chapters are short. Makes skimming the pages easier.”

The Runt skimmed other four James Patterson novels while I drove. He also likes thrillers and certain horror stories, but he had never read a James Patterson novel I suppose. He read The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal ten times already. He also reads John Sandford and Stephen King. Sally Barry was the only important thing running through my mind. The camera was laid out under the Runt’s feet. Dreamcatcher Production’s second victim would be sitting in the Coupe shortly. Life felt good for the first time in years.

“Finally,” I said. It was 1:33 in the morning. There was a full moon in the dark sky. Sally Berry was leaving Jennings Heights Strip Club. She walked past two big black guys who provided security and a punch that would leave any horny man willing to go to far nice and unconscious. “Go sit in the back,” I told the Runt. “Take the camera. It’s almost show time.”

The Runt climbed over the front passenger side seat and took a seat in the back. Sally spotted the Coupe and waved at me. She broke into a small jog toward the car. I watched her gorgeous, large breasts shake. I was feeling really good at the moment. She was sitting in the car a minute later. “I got worried when I couldn’t find the station wagon,” she said. “But I saw the Coupe and I was like, thank you Jesus.” Her voice was a still a little scratchy, right on the borderline of annoying, but I could live with it. I have for a couple years. Sally’s hair was cut short and dark red. She had a cute button nose and plump red cheeks. She always looked like she was blushing. Her teeth were sparkling white, her eyes were very blue and she always smiled. She was five foot eleven and very trim. Her breasts were nice and big. My mom called her Madam Melons. She were tight black latex bustier with no bra to support her melons. She also wore tight black leather shorts to show off her long, slender legs. The only thing on her body that didn’t match were her Nike shoes. Earlier in the night, while working I was almost sure, she had worn leather boots too. Sally didn’t like leather boots or high heel shoes, however, she just liked to be comfortable, so she wore the gym shoes.

“God I’m glad to be out of that hell hole,” she said when we start riding off. “Hey, Runty,” she acknowledged my friend. She was watching me while I drove. Sally was almost looking into my soul. I wondered what was going on. Did she some how know what I had planned? Did she read my face? My mind. What was going on? Why was she staring at me?

“What’s wrong?” I finally asked. “You keep staring at me.”

“I know about what you and Joy did last night,” she said. The words took me by surprise. “Keep driving. Don’t slow down. I know because she told me.” Her hand reached out. Suddenly Sally was rubbing my cock through my jeans. This was the weirdest happy moment of my life. I was getting incredibly hard real fast. “It feels as big and hard as Joy described it.” She squeezed harder. I wondered if she knew about the camera. No, I decided, she would have brought it up. “Pull into this alley coming up,” she said. I could tell she was turned on. She sounded incredibly horny all of a sudden.

“She told me how she sucked your cock,” Sally continued. “She told me how you fucked her titties. It made me so horny.” I looked at her for a moment. The bustier was off. Her titties were exposed. She was rubbing her nipples with her hand. I turned the car light on as soon as I made the stop in the middle of the alley. The Runt had the camera to his face. Sally didn’t notice the camera, I suppose or she just didn’t care. “Don’t mind us, Runty,” she said to him. “This is something I need to do.”

She Beylikdüzü Sınırsız Escort leaned into me from the passenger side seat and began sucking at my cock through my jeans. I’d never seen anyone this horny before. She was absolutely crazy with just. I squeezed her big breasts while she treated me through my jeans. Desperately she began pulling jeans down to my ankles. She sucked my erected cock through the fabric of my boxer shorts. I slid down her panties and began to slowly finger what felt like a finely shaved vagina. She mumbled all sorts erotic words during all this, but I didn’t understand a word. She slid off my boxers and took the head of my penis into her hot mouth.

Sally was stroking my cock with her tongue, moving up and down as if her tongue was a brush and she were painting my cock. She licked my balls, slowly took one into her mouth, then sucked the other into her mouth. My finger was sliding into her pussy faster. She finally took my nine inch cock into her mouth. I could tell she really wanted me. Sally really loved cock. She braced herself with her left forearm. She bobbed her between my legs. She had taken my entire length without much problem, just like Joy had. I wondered how my mother met two sluts like these. I grabbed her by the back of the head. I pushed her into my cock. I felt her tongue swirling all the shaft of my penis, licking all around. “You taste so good,” she said to come up for breath. She spit on my cock and stroked me with her hand. She came toward me. We kissed for a moment, then she went back down. I had fingers in her pussy and a handful of titty. I was in heaven for the second night in a row. I looked back at the Runt who had no expression on his face. He was a professional.

I began thrusting up and down into her mouth. I banged me knee and the wheel, but I was oblivious to the pain. I moved faster. Harder. I was fucking her mouth while she was on my lap. She met every thrust I made. She stayed in the groove for about two minutes, then we decided to have some for fun.

I pushed the passenger side seat down. Sally laid back as horny as ever. He titties were facing the roof. Her nipples were hard. She was on her back just like I’d always wanted her. I positioned myself on the passenger side seat. I picked her legs up. Control. I felt in control. The Runt looked on. He moved positions so that he could get a good shot. I moved and sucked her titties for a minute. I stuck my head between her perfect, beautiful breasts. I’ve never been this horny. The camera gave me the power. I felt the power earlier in the morning, watching myself fuck Joy on camera. I was being transformed. Sally still hadn’t said anything about the camera. She never would either.

I stuck the head of my penis into her asshole. I was very gentle. Her asshole was a lot tighter than I thought it would be. I let her sphincter muscles adapt to the head. Sally was fingering her pussy like woman possessed my the devil. It reminded a little of The Exorcist. “Fuck my ass,” she screamed. “Fuck me.” This was one of my mom’s friend. The thought excited me. I pushed my cock deeper into her ass. I was three inches in now. “Do it. I love it so much. Don’t stop. Fuck me. Deeper.” I pushed in a little further. Sally pushed one of her titties to her face and began sucking and biting her own nipple. I planted my entire cock into her ass. Again I waited. I let the sphincter muscles adapt to my cock. Slowly I began pumping in and out of her ass. Sally had been fucked in the ass a few times, but she hadn’t as much as I figured. She screamed loudly for the camera. Every pump caused her too shout. I loved the feeling. My cock was nine inches long and pretty thick.

I held on two her ankles with my hands. I squeezed. I was thrusting into more quickly now. I loved the way her breasts rocked back and forth. Her pussy juices were leaking all over my cock. Sally masturbated herself into several orgasms. I pulled out of her, then rammed it back. Three minutes into fucking her ass she had another orgasm. I held onto her while her body went into a rage.

After ten minutes of this my body was wasted. I couldn’t hold back from cumming another second. I warned her. Told her I was cumming. I straddled her chest and pushed cock toward her face. I looked at the Runt. This was his favorite part, I knew him well. “Oh fuck,” I shouted. My first stream of cum connected with her right eye, cheek and forehead. A second stream caught chin, lips and bridge of her cute button nose. I stroked my cock harder, letting more and more cum fly. She opened her mouth and let the cum leak into her mouth. She swallowed at my cum desperately, wanting every remaining drop. When we were all done, I almost collapsed right on top of Sally, but managed to get myself dressed and move to my seat.

Another victim, some more action for the camera.

“Let’s get out of here,” Sally said. She getting dressed, cleaning herself off. “I hope you like the movie we made. I really loved your cock. We should do this again some time.”

“Maybe,” I said.

The drive home was peaceful. Sally was already out of my mind though. I was thinking about the next victim. I had the perfect person, and the best part was, she would come right to me. Dreamcatcher Productions would not die this time.

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