Empire State of Mind Pt. 02

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Alison Nolan was completely airtight, a large throbbing black cock lodged in each of her holes. Her tiny frame shook with delight as Steve Taylor, Wesley Patterson and Lawrence Robbins pumped her as lustily as possible. Steve was the one whose massive nine-inch cock was fucking her asshole, ready to fill her anus with cum at any moment. Steve pulled at her long blonde hair with his beefy black hand, groaning as he pressed into her with every ounce of his energy.

As her ass was being fucked-and as her pussy was being pleased by Wesley’s thick black dick-Alison lapped away at Lawrence’s cock-head. The big man groaned as Alison’s tongue danced over his penis, trying to coax the cum from his balls. Lawrence couldn’t believe how good Alison’s head game was, especially while she was being taken in her pussy and asshole. Her tongue was so sweet, the sensation it provided so erotic, that almost became dizzy.

Alison didn’t plan on becoming the object of pleasure for three black men when she moved to New York from Melbourne the year before. While she had crushes on numerous black singers and actors from the States growing up, black men in Australia were few and far between, and when she came to New York, relationships were the last thing on her mind.

Alison was a production assistant on “Up/Over,” a show produced in New York and aired on Australia’s Eight Network, focused on Aussies who had either made it big in America or were on the verge of becoming stars in the States. The show was hosted and produced by legendary Australian journalist Hannah Hamilton; Alison personally liked Hannah, but hated having to fetch her coffee, buy her newspapers, and walk her dog. It was virtually impossible for Alison to simply enjoy living in New York; it was work, work, work all the time.

Six months after “Up/Over’s” debut, Hannah decided to profile Monica Hughes, the mardin escort Australian supermodel who was also known as the girlfriend of rapper Marcus “SupaStorm” Johnson-and who had decided to launch her own career as a rapper. Surprisingly, Hannah asked Alison to join her on the interview.

“Why?” Alison asked.

Hannah, a regal sixty-year-old with frosted blonde hair, smiled.

“Well, you’re the only person on our staff young enough to know anything about hip-hop.”


Part of the segment involved filming Monica and SupaStorm in the recording studio. Hannah didn’t really know what to make of the “StormChasers,” SupaStorm’s muscled entourage; she asked Alison to interview them about Monica while she spoke to the model and her boyfriend.

Steve was the first member she interviewed, and she was taken by his good looks and his boldness. “You know you got an ass like a black girl?” Steve told her as she turned around to reposition her chair.

“Uh…why, thank you,” Alison responded.

She could barely focus while interviewing Steve; his coal-black skin, bright smile and heavily muscled body stirred something within her. She couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to kiss his bald head…and kiss his *other* bald head as well.

Wesley Patterson and Lawrence Robbins, the other two “StormChasers,” were lighter than Steve, but every bit as handsome; Alison loved Wesley’s dreadlocks and Lawrence’s hi-top fade, and adored their chocolate eyes and bright smiles as well. She could tell that they loved her blonde hair and her Melbourne accent, and were clearly thinking about what it would be like to turn her into a black-cock aficionado…

The Monica Hughes “Up/Over” show was the most watched one of the series; Hannah thanked Alison for giving her enough background van escort on hip-hop so that she didn’t come across as out-of-touch in the interview. “Take a week off and do whatever you want,” Hannah said, smiling. “You did me and the Eight a big favor!”

Alison was relieved, and contacted Steve to thank him for helping to make the show a hit. Impulsively, she asked him if she could come over to his apartment in Brooklyn to hang out for a while.

“Sure-just bring that big ass with you!”

“I’ll be sure to do that!”

When Alison arrived at the apartment, Steve actually greeted her with his shirt off. “I was cooking, and it got really hot,” he claimed.

Alison smiled as if to say, “Sure.”

Steve had made steak and rice for dinner; Monica thought it tasted great, but wondered if Steve would offer himself for dessert. She shamelessly stared at his chest, imagining what it would be like to kiss his smooth black skin.

Sexual tension built up as the food was swallowed down. Alison couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to make the first move.

“So,” she asked, “do you like white girls with a big arse?”

“Fuck yeah!”

Alison smiled.

“You got a bigger ass than Monica.”

“Thank you.”

“I mean, she’s alright, but she ain’t you.”

“Do you think she’s cute?”

“Monica? I mean, yeah, but she’s Marcus’s girl. And like I said, you’re much hotter than she is.”

Alison blushed.

“I’ll tell you what, though…you know Lawrence, Wesley and myself…you know we jealous of him, right?”

“Why? I thought you were friends!”

“Well…he gets to fuck a hot Aussie chick every night.”

Now’s the time, Alison thought.

She winked at Steve.

“Well…would you like to fuck a hot Aussie chick?”

Steve leaped out of his chair and pounced ankara escort upon Alison, kissing every bit of exposed fair skin and removing her clothing frantically. Alison kissed his smooth chest and nipples while Steve kissed the sides of her breasts and felt on her ass. After whipping off their underwear, they raced to the bed and began fucking wildly, Alison licking and kissing Steve’s bright-black skin, Steve fondling and caressing her beautiful body. When Steve finally penetrated her, Alison howled in pleasure, her body shaking as his hot, firm black cock found comfort in her sweet Aussie pussy.

When Steve came, he filled her lovely cunt beyond capacity, his seed spilling onto his sheets. He licked his own cum from her pussy lips and looked up lustily at her. His cock seemed even harder now, ready to take her again. Alison let him cum inside her a second time before they both fell asleep from exhaustion.

It took a bit of convincing for Alison to hook up with Wesley and Lawrence; handling one big black cock was hard enough, let alone three! Yet Steve managed to talk her into it, convincing her that a night with the “StormChasers” would be a night she would not soon forget.

One night, during a two-week break in “Up/Over’s” production, Alison returned to Steve’s apartment, where Wesley and Lawrence were also waiting for her. After some wine and weed, all four removed their clothes and went to erotic work. Alison quickly found herself enjoying being the focus of so much sexual attention, and seeing these hard, muscular black bodies grinding against her. Each cock seemed harder than the last, each orgasm seemed louder.

It wasn’t long before Alison had a cock in her mouth, ass and pussy at the same time. All three black men were super-aroused by this white Aussie chick, and couldn’t wait to cum.

Alison wanted all of their cum. She hoped that they would all blast off at the exact same time. She wanted to feel Steve’s cream surge into her asshole as Wesley erupted into her pussy and Lawrence exploded down her throat. She heard all three men begin to groan…felt their energy intensify…and realized her fantasy was on the tip of becoming true.

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