Downfall of the Fixer Ch. 01

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(This is only my second story and I enjoyed writing it immensely. The important thing, however, is how you, the readers, enjoy it. Please post any comments you have. I will take them all to heart. My intension is to make this a continuing story.

Finally, I would also like to thank terimarie for her wonderful job of editing. I recommend to her to all you authors out there. Thank you.)


They call him the Fixer. His job is nothing less than unusual — offering assistance to couples in need of extra spice in the bedroom or helping husbands loosen up their sexually repressed wives. He advertises discreetly on two web sites. After receiving emails, he chooses the most interesting or enticing to respond to. After an exchange of emails and sometimes pictures, he decides if they will go to the next level of scheduling a meeting. If they are all comfortable with this meeting, he will proceeds with what he likes to call his “project.”

Over the past two years he’s taken on ten projects. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, he has had several repeat sessions with eight of the wives — most without their husbands’ presence or knowledge. This is his ultimate satisfaction and pleasure.

This is the story of his most recent project — and how dramatically it changed him. It began with a husband who wanted help in thawing his frigid wife. From the emails and finally the first meeting, the Fixer quickly surmised the problem — the husband was really only interested in his own gratification. He had no idea what his wife’s needs were. In his selfish mind he had a frigid wife.

Both in their mid-thirties, they were professionals and in relatively good shape. We won’t spend much time on describing the husband. Jena, however, deserves some time. She was 5’8″ and weighed about 145 lbs. She looked to be of some Mediterranean ancestry, with an olive complexion and short dark brown hair. Her mouth was wide with full lips. Her breasts were large and natural, at least a C+ cup size. They looked like what he liked to call fat mom tits. He immediately loved her wide hips and heart shaped ass. Long, well-formed legs finished the picture. She had a classic Sophia Loren body.

They all met for the first time in a local hotel bar. Jena and her loser husband met the Fixer at 7pm on a Friday night. Jena liked what she saw. The Fixer was about 6’3″, 220 pounds with grayish-brown hair. He appeared to be forty-five. He was actually fifty-two. He was dressed in gray slacks and blue polo shirt.

Jena had at first been reluctant, but when her husband explained that this person, called the Fixer, would help bring her out of her shell, she at least agreed to the meeting. Though she was still fond of her husband, he was a selfish lover and she had stopped truly loving him sometime ago. Jena thought maybe this was a chance to have the type of sex she had always heard about. Though she was still nervous, she did like what the Fixer looked like.

“Hello, you can call me Rich. Jena, you are indeed a beautiful woman,” the Fixer said. “I do hope we have the chance to get to know each other better.”

Jena blushed, looking away from his admiring eyes and thanked him. Her husband ordered drinks, engaging in small talk.

“So what happens now?” her husband asked.

“That’s entirely up to Jena. Jena would you like for this to go to the next step? Would you like to come upstairs with me?” the Fixer asked gently.

She nervously took a sip of her drink this time without breaking eye contact with him. “Yes I would,” she replied.

The Fixer smiled and reminded them both of the original agreement. Jena would go upstairs with him — if she agreed, she would stay with him through Saturday with the freedom of leaving at anytime. Either way, the Fixer would get her home safely. Her husband was to leave. He could go wherever he wanted, but was instructed not to stay on the premises, eliminating the possibility of second thoughts.

Both agreed, while her husband, the silly bastard, nodded his head in approval with an idiotic grin on his face. As they enjoyed one more drink, most of the conversation was between the Fixer and Jena. His low, gentle voice and caring eyes helped to put her at ease. She also liked the way he would touch her hand when talking with her.

The Fixer stood up and told her husband he could go now. He then held out his hand to Jena and said, “Come with me.”

When her husband attempted to say something to her, the Fixer calmly said, “Please go, she’s mine for now. I’ll send her back to you a changed woman.”

The two of them walked together to the elevator with his arm around her waist. Once the elevator doors closed, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her lightly. She responded by opening her lips and meeting his probing tongue with her own. As he broke the Escort bayan kiss, he told her how much he was looking forward to getting to know her tonight. She smiled and nodded. He knew at that moment he had read her correctly.

Once on the twelfth floor, they walked down the hall to his suite. He opened the door and followed her in. The room they entered contained a king size bed, sofa, wet bar and hot tub. A large bathroom was off to one side and glass sliding doors covered the far wall, opening to a beautiful balcony overlooking the city.

He led her to the sofa, made sure she was comfortable and poured them both a glass of champagne. Sitting beside her, he asked what it was she wanted in her sex life, what was missing? She looked at him in surprise.

“Look, I know what your husband has been saying and what he expects from this, but it’s obvious to me that you are the one who’s not satisfied,” he said. “So please, don’t hold back. I’m here to give you what you want — tell me what you want.”

She put the glass to her lips and took a long sip. Knowing she was hesitant, the Fixer patiently gazed into her eyes, placed his hand on hers and waited for a response. Taking a deep sigh, Jenna placed her glass on the table and said, “My husband’s idea of sex and romance are the same. He expects me to respond to him after a couple of gropes from him. If I’m not ready when he tries to enter me, he says it’s my fault because I’m not trying.”

She paused. The Fixer rubbed her hand softly, encouraging her to continue. “He expects me to go down on him every time, but won’t do the same for me — it’s frustrating,” she said, looking away. “When he does enter me, he only lasts about 5 minutes at the most. Then he tells me ‘that was great,’ rolls over and falls asleep. We’ve been married 6 years and I’ve only had one brief relationship before that, so I thought this is just the way it’s supposed to be.”

Once again meeting his eyes she said softly, “The last year or so I’ve begun to realize that I’m missing something.”

“Yes, you have been,” he said. “I’m here for you — tell me exactly what you want so I can make things pleasurable for you. My own pleasure will come from yours.”

He could see the drinks were relaxing her. She looked at him shyly and said she just wanted to experience what she had been missing. “Will you let me set the lead? Do you trust me?” he asked. She nodded.

He stood, pulling her up against him. As they kissed for the second time that evening, their lips and tongues explored more freely, while his hands gently explored her ripe body. Her ass was full and firm, her breasts soft, but supple. He couldn’t wait to see her out of her sundress, but knew from experience that patience would win out.

“Please go into the bathroom and remove your shoes and underwear,” he said softly, but more firm than before. “Keep you sundress on.”

She surprised him by smiling and hurrying to comply. When he heard the toilet flush, he thought “good girl no full bladders in the way.” When she returned, she was a vision. Sundresses were one of his favorites, they showed off a woman’s body better that most garments. It molded over her large breasts, her partially aroused nipples poked through the material, down her flat belly to her flaring hips and ass. With the bathroom light behind her, he could just make out her mound.

“Is this better?” she asked.

“Perfect, come sit with me,” he replied.

He drew her close on the sofa and this time when they kissed, he could feel her body through the fabric of her sundress. He squeezed and hefted her right breast. This brought a sigh from Jena and she kissed him harder. When he pinched her nipple she moaned into his mouth. His right hand was holding her head while his left dropped from her breast to her ass. After a few squeezes, he moved his hand to her thigh, gradually raising her dress until her bare skin was exposed. Jenna shuddered as the Fixer lightly stroked her bare thigh with his fingers.

Continuing their passionate kiss, it was obvious to him this was the type of attention Jena craved. He moved his hand higher while she spread her legs to give him access. Moaning when his fingers brushed over her outer lips, he discovered that she was more than moist, making it easy to penetrate her soft, full inner lips.

Slowly parting her lips, the Fixer eased his index finger into her pussy and curled it up, causing Jenna to experience a hard climax. She whimpered a “thank you” and laid her head on his shoulder while she caught her breath. He held her tight, thinking what a sex-starved woman she was and what an asshole her husband was.

The Fixer instructed Jenna to get in the hot tub and he would join her shortly. After running hot water, he headed to the bathroom. He needed to use the facilities, Bayan escort but also wanted to give her privacy to disrobe.

When he left, she pulled her dress off and stepped into the hot tub. It felt great. She was looking forward to seeing him naked and seeing what else was in store for her. He had already made her feel better with just his touch, caress and kisses. She also suspected from the bulge she felt while on the couch that he was much bigger than her husband.

He returned wearing one of the hotel’s robes. Standing at the edge of the hot tub, he looked at her admiringly. She was sitting across from him with her legs slightly spread. He could see her dark trimmed bush. Her breasts were magnificent. He had mistaken the size earlier — they had to be close to D cups with dark tight nipples that were hard and fat.

“May I join you?” he asked

“Oh, please, yes,” she coyly replied. She was really beginning to relax and enjoy the experience. When he dropped his robe, she gave a small gasp. His cock was only semi hard, but looked to be already longer and thicker than her husband’s. He just smiled and sat on the edge of the tub. He began to slowly stroke his cock while watching her staring at it. Patience was not one of his usual virtues, but he forced himself. He was rewarded when she began to move toward him never taking her eyes off his cock. She squatted between his legs and pushed his hand away, replacing it with both of hers. She slowly stroked him as he continued to harden for her. Finally she held him in one hand and looked at his 9½-inch long 3-inch thick monster. Her hand did not fit all the way around.

“My God, that will never fit,” she said in disbelief.

“You were made for this,” he said soothingly. “By the time we’re finished, you will feel my cock everywhere. I’ll go slowly and only at your pace. This is about your pleasure.”

He reached out and slowly pulled her head toward his cock. She pushed it up against his belly and began to lick up its length until she got to its’ head. She pulled his cock down to her mouth and attempted to engulf the head, but had a hard time stretching her mouth. She kept working it until the head popped past her lips. She waited a moment while panting around his cock and thru her nose. Her tongue was busy working as much of his head as it could in the now confined space. She pulled off and swallowed the head 3 or 4 more times until her lips had stretched to more comfortably accommodate it.

Before returning to her task, she looked up at him, smiled, and said she was going to enjoy his cock. He couldn’t help but smile back at his new conquest and reached out to pull her head back to his cock. This time she swallowed at least another four inches of his cock. With one hand holding the remaining part of his cock, she began to bob her head up and down while stroking him. She was a great cocksucker and soon had his cum flowing down her throat. She continued to suck and lick his cock head until he lowered himself into the tub.

He pulled her to him and kissed her mouth. He tasted remnants of himself on her. He reached between them and lifted a breast in each hand. He leaned down and licked and sucked first one then the other nipple. His gentle bites brought moans from her.

Two things surprised her; he was still paying attention to her and she could feel his still semi hard cock against her belly.

He had her bend against the edge of the tub so he could sit behind her. He had perfect access to her ass and pussy. She trembled when he grabbed her heart shaped ass and spread her cheeks. Her asshole was puckered tight and didn’t appear to have been invaded recently. She had prominent inner lips that pouted out invitingly. She had been trimmed, but he would have to do a better job for her later.

He leaned in and licked from her clit to her asshole, then spent some time licking around and attempting to force his tongue into her rectum. It was obvious from her moans that this was a new experience for her. He slipped lower into the water giving him better access to her pussy. When he spread her lips and stuck his tongue into her depths, he was welcomed by her wetness. Along with her enticing aroma, she also tasted good.

She began to wiggle against his face moaning and sighing. He kept this probing up for some time. By now her clit was quite prominent and stuck out at least a half-inch. He clamped on to it with his lips and rubbed his nose into her pussy, while pushing a finger into her ass. She began to ride his face. Soon she shuddered, held herself still and came on his face. He slowed his licking down until she caught her breath.

“That was a first for me. No one has ever done that to me,” she whispered.

She turned around and sank down in the tub, pulled him close and kissed him deeply. Escort She reached down and held his cock. He was ready for her. She got up and asked him to just sit there so she could straddle him. “I want that monster in me, but you’re so big I need to control the pace,” she said.

After he complied, she stood over him. He looked at her breasts above him, again amazed at their shape and size. Before she could sit down, he pulled her close and buried his face in her pussy. She squealed and pushed him away laughing. She then knelt over him and lowered herself until his cock head touched her pussy lips. She reached down and grabbed his cock and began to rub it against her opening. When she had him positioned, she began to lower herself. As her pussy began to stretch, she began to moan and pant. Once the head was in she took another 3 inches and then withdrew. She lowered herself and each time took another inch.

He couldn’t believe how tight she was. It felt as if he was fucking a virgin. Each time she lowered herself, he pulled down on her hips, filling her cunt slowly with his hard cock. When he had about six inches in, he was in fact visiting virgin territory. He had her breasts at his disposal so he would hold one and then the other while keeping her nipple tight in his mouth.

She thought she was going to faint. She had never felt so full and she still had more than three inches to go. Her nipples were enjoying his attention. When she lowered herself, it caused her breast to be pulled and extended. This just added to her sensory overload. She began small short strokes until she got comfortable and courageous. Then suddenly she dropped down forcing the last of his cock deep within her. She shrieked, spasmed and climaxed. She felt as if she was losing consciousness. Her spasms lasted for several minutes and she buried her face in his neck, gasping through the aftershocks of her orgasm.

He held her tight and enjoyed the feel of his tightly wrapped cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. He thought her very daring to have forced the final part of his cock into her virgin depths. When she calmed down after about five minutes, he reached under her ass and began to lift and drop her. The buoyancy of the water helped this.

She enjoyed the pleasure/pain of this stuffing. While he bounced her, she lifted one of her breasts to his mouth. She shuddered thru a mini cum when he sucked the nipple in hard and clamped on to it with his teeth. She felt his speed increase and his sucking become hungrier until she felt his cum spurt into her depths.

He held her until his heart rate returned to normal, running his hands up and down her ass and back. He told her to stand up so he could get up. She moved to him and began to clean his cock. When she finished, he stepped out of the tub and grabbed a large spa towel. He held it for her and when she got out, he wrapped it around her. He dried himself and put his robe on. After they were both dry, he poured some champagne and they sat on the sofa together.

“So tell me how you feel. What did you enjoy, what didn’t you enjoy?” he asked.

“I…I enjoyed it all,” she stammered. “I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. Your cock felt wonderful stretching my mouth and pussy. I loved your tongue and lips on my breast and pussy. You can do anything you want to me, anytime.”

“Careful what you wish for,” he said with a chuckle.

“I know your cock is above average, but do most men like to eat pussy and play with breasts and nipples like you do?” she asked.

“Men who want to please their women find out what turns them on by experimenting and asking questions. Any man who pleasures his woman will only increase his own pleasure,” he explained. For a moment, he had forgotten his role as the Fixer — as a teacher — and was caught up in the moment just like Jenna was.

As midnight approached, he asked if she wanted to be taken home. Her answer was clear, as she stood up, dropped her towel and pulled him to her. Gently opening his robe, she kissed him lightly and led him to the bed by his cock.

Turning off the lights, the room dimly glowed from the outside city lights. When she lay down, he rolled her on her side and spooned up behind her. He pushed one arm under her and wrapped the other around her. This gave him one of her breasts in each hand. His cock began to stir. She reached back and placed his cock at her pussy opening and turned her head around so they could kiss. As his cock came back to life, they both pushed to ensure its’ entry into her tunnel. They started a slow motion that soon has his entire cock again buried in her depths.

She turned away from him so she could push back and make sure she had all of him. While he continued to squeeze her breasts, she kept up a slow rocking motion. Several minutes later she felt another powerful climax roll through her body. Shortly after, she felt him stiffen and felt the warmness of his cum filling her again.

They fell asleep, arms around each other, with his cock still buried in her wet pussy.

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