Double Click

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Jenna flicked the on button on her computer and felt a stirring sensation as her screen whirred to life. She dialed up her modem and strummed her desktop with her long fingernails impatiently as she waited for the familiar graphics to fill her screen. One day, she promised herself, she would update her geriatric system and put a stop to this irritating waiting.

Eventually her computer informed her that she was on line and a mechanical voice informed her that she had mail. Jenna didn’t care about e-mails. Who would when there was a whole cyber world to explore? Especially when there were millions of people who were willing to chat to her in hundreds of chat rooms, but Jenna wasn’t bothered about the hundreds of chat rooms or their several million chatters, she was only interested in one. One chat room, one chatter going by the name of Masterful.

Jenna had come across the chat room by accident. She should have been working on some research for work. She ploughed through tens of websites but none of them seemed to be producing anything of substance. Until she decided to take a break and check out the new phenomenon; chatting online. Personally, she thought that it was sad, talking to complete strangers, faceless ones at that. But anything was better than trying to find out the public response to soft drink adverts.

Moving her mouse towards the Chat Now button, she kept her eyes peeled for her workaholic boss and curious colleagues. Entering her nickname as Virtuality she ventured into the unknown universe. She watched in amazement as her screen filled with words and quips by other chatters and she typed in a tentative hello. It didn’t take long before she got caught up in a conversation with several of her “room mates”.

From that day onwards, Virtuality made a regular appearance in cyber space. Both at home and at work she regularly interacted with chatters all over the world, every day creating new adventures. Like a little kid in a sweet shop Jenna excitedly picked through the chatters, striking up new conversations and making new friends, until one day when the little kid inside of her discovered a special piece of candy that really tantalized her sweet tooth. He called himself Masterful; Jenna knew nothing about him, except that he was male and approximately the same age as she, or so he said. He was a really smooth operator; his chats were funny and whimsical. Every time Jenna sat down at her desk and logged on to her favorite chat room, she felt her stomach churn and her heart thump hoping that he would be on line.

It was late Escort bayan one June evening, when it happened for the first time. Virtuality and Masterful clicking away on their respective keyboards. Jenna, her eyes glazed with exhaustion thought that she was dreaming when Masterful’s next sentence came up on the screen. “I want to kiss your lips and taste your tongue.” Jenna sat straight up in her chair, her tiredness forgotten and felt a sudden surge of energy. She felt desire well up inside of her, and her fingers began taking on a life of their own replying to his virtual advances.

Every wicked word was filled with lust; every saucy sentence crammed with electricity. She placed one finger in her mouth and sucked it hard, trailed down towards her breast, and traced a circle around her erect nipple with her soft fingers. She allowed her other hand to creep up her inner thigh towards the moist center of her lust. She fingered her wetness, emitting a passionate moan as she felt her entire body tremor and tense in a delicious climax.

Elsewhere, Masterful was sitting at his PC, not believing that Virtuality would respond to his cyber messages in such a provocative manner. Her words, constructed especially for him, caused a stirring in his groin. He groaned with desire and removed his hardness from within the confines of his jeans and began stroking it, imagining that they were Virtuality’s hands. Her fabulously naughty notions became apparent in her messages, “my lips wrapping themselves around your throbbing manhood, my tongue tasting your manliness,” and they made him want to release his juices. Picturing her hot red mouth he ejaculated all over his hands and he leant back on his chair with a satisfied sigh and a smile on his face.

Once again Jenna logged on to the net and noted that her lust inducing Masterful was available to take care of the constantly increasing passion oozing from every saucy pore. Her fingers clicked elegantly on the keyboard, her anticipation and excitement mounting with each stroke. Masterful and Virtuality, two faceless, nameless strangers exchanging delectable moments of desire and passion. Having fulfilled her daily dose of cyber lust, Jenna as usual complimented Masterful on his extraordinary performance, but this time, instead of the perfunctory thank you, Masterful responded with an unexpected “how about we do this for real?” Jenna sat back in her chair, mouth agape.

She had never thought as Masterful as a real person, she didn’t even know his name; he was just a delightful distraction in her otherwise Bayan escort extremely mundane world. Sitting at her desk, however, Jenna recalled how Masterful described his moves and how they turned her entire being to jelly and thought how much better it would be to actually feel his hands on her breasts, his lips on hers, his tongue in her mouth, his entire masculinity combining with her erotic femininity. Finally, she responded with a simple “yes”.

Jenna sat in the corner café and checked her reflection one more time in her compact mirror. Nervous excitement bubbling at the surface as she waited for Masterful, whose name she now knew was Nick. As she ran a comb through her hair in a desperate attempt to look perfect, she suddenly heard a voice behind her, “Jenna”. The voice, so smooth and dripping with passion, like chocolate sauce caused Jenna to jump in her seat as she turned around to face her partner in lust.

“Nick,” she whispered, her entire being shaking. If the voice was sexy, it didn’t hold a candle to the owner of those smooth syllables. His eyes a dark rich chocolate colour stared straight into her translucent grey ones as she unfolded her body from the uncomfortable plastic seat. He just stood there, so sexy, and yet seemed to be unaware of his ravishingly good looks, his unassuming smile making him all the more desirable.

“Hi,” he casually leaned forward and kissed Jenna on her cheek as she smiled coyly in greeting, “coffee?” he gestured to the now vacant café table. Jenna nodded and sat herself back down in her seat. So engrossed was she in Nick, mesmerised by his smile, losing herself in his eyes that she didn’t notice the waiter waiting to take their order.

“Jenna,” Nick interrupted her daydream.

“Sorry,” Jenna jolted back to reality. She turned to the waiter and was about to request her choice of beverage, when she suddenly heard herself say, “I haven’t decided yet.” As the waiter moved away from their table she ran her tongue over her lips and whispered conspiratorially to Nick, “it’s not coffee I want.”

Nick’s hand gripped the steering wheel, as he felt Jenna’s hand touching his knee whilst he drove. Her hands gently gliding up and down his leg, reaching towards his crotch. He knew that his body was responding to the soft touch as he kept his eyes peeled on the road. Knowing that his driving concentration was impaired in his present state, he swerved violently into a side road and slammed his brakes.

“Oh Jenna,” he took his face in both his hands and kissed her firmly on the lips, “I have Escort waited for this moment for months.” Jenna didn’t reply but kissed him back softly, first planting slow deliberate butterfly kisses on his lower lip and then slipping a soft moist tongue into his mouth. They kissed, pouring all their pent up sexual frustration into that one delicious passionate moment of desire.

Jenna jumped over her seat and landed in the plush material of the back seat, her eyes glinting with desire and beckoned with her finger for Nick to follow. Still slightly breathless from their passionate clinch, Nick clambered to the back seat. For a single defining moment, Jenna and Nick stared at each other and then like an explosion all their eroticism bubbled to the surface with hands furiously exploring and lips succulently tasting every contour of their bodies.

Jenna laid Nick back on the seat proceeded to open his shirt buttons one by one, leaving a little trail of kisses on his torso as she did so. When she reached the top of his trousers, she looked up at him and winked mischievously whilst her long manicured fingers gently lowered his zip and she reached him and took his hardness in her hands. She could feel Nick’s appreciation growing as she moved her lips over his generously swollen member. Nick ran his fingers through her fabulously long brunette hair and moaned in pleasure as she swirled her tongue around him and sucked on his virility. She could feel his desire throbbing from the confines of her hot wet mouth and suddenly she wanted him inside her, she wanted to feel his masculinity filling her entire being.

She moved upwards and kissed him again hard on his mouth. He shifted in the seat and moved his hands upwards, reaching inside her bra and caressing her breasts. Nick moved his mouth over her hard pink nipples and sucked on them, slowly moving his hand towards her long smooth legs and tickling her inner thigh.

He reached the centre of her lust and playfully ran his fingers over her love button. Jenna groaned, her body yearned for his, for their contours to entwine, for their juices to blend as one. She sat up and straddled him, moving him inside of her and rocked back and forth, every movement increasing her longing, every breath increasing her passion. She knew that they were reaching momentum; she felt his body tense and her insides clenched in unison. Nick could no longer hold back and sighed loudly and heard Jenna cry out as he filled her with his lust.

Jenna and Nick lay back their clothes in disarray, hair rumpled, but their sweaty bodies satisfied and relaxed. “You truly are Masterful,” Jenna whispered as she gently nibbled on his ear.

“And there is nothing Virtual about you,” Nick grinned in response as they once again melted in a passionate embrace.

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