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Marine had been invited to a cocktail at her friend Kira’s house in the East of France. Kira was offering it to celebrate her return from her last travel to India. Their hostess had invited all her friends, men and women. She had prepared gifts for everyone. Marine had been given a saree. She was wondering how to wear it. Kira could have offered her a manual. At least, it would look splendid as a plaid on her sofa.

Kira had a very unusual house with a shrine at the entrance with Indian gods and goddesses statues. There were representations of Ganesh, the elephant god and Lakshmi and a few other ones she didn’t know the name of. Although being a christian, Kira made daily offerings of flowers and prayers to these pagan gods. Marine had been shocked to discover her friend worshiping idols but she had realized soon after that her friend was the same one she had known for so many years and not the prey of some weird sect.

Peter, one of their common friends brought back a third Tequila Sunrise. He knew that she was especially fond of this cocktail and that she would drink it. She felt already somewhat tipsy already and it was a very pleasant feeling, making her laugh on any joke. That did not prevent her to sip this glass she had been so kindly given. She was sufficiently aware that she could not drive in such a state and that she did not want to call for the help of her husband in such circumstances. He hated such events and had cowardly delegated her this time, just advising her to restrain herself to a single glass of tequila. She had not followed his advice.

Peter noticed her hesitations : she was playing with her car keys, ostensibly unsure of herself. He proposed to give her a lift. She was on two minds about it : on one side, Peter had often had dinner with her and her husband but on the other side, he was deeply in love with her. Whenever they met, even in a commercial mall, he always brushed against her, ostensibly accidentally but these close encounters always concerned her breasts, her back, her bottom or her thighs always displayed by the short skirts she often sported to exhibit her long lithe legs.

Thinking back to the patient approach exertions of Peter had an immediate turn on effect on her that would have immensely pleased Peter, had he been aware of it. Her cunt was soon on fire and desperately wet together. She had to acknowledge that Peter was handsome and strong with a gorgeous athletic figure, just the opposite of her own husband. If he had been bold enough to really flirt with her, she would never have pushed him away and he would have been her lover for long. But he had neven dared take the first step and neither she did. This evening, alcohol had lowered her inhibitions and only her own deep shyness prevented her from jumping in his arms.

Marine accepted his kind proposition, wishing secretly that he would jump on the opportunity she was offering him. Maybe her present tipsiness was in fact an unvoluntary move to place herself at his mercy. So the was terribly disappointed when he stopped his car at about one hundred yards from her home without even trying to touch her. There were road works in her street and he couldn’t go nearer. Her cunt was still on fire, aching to be caressed. She was really oozing fluids from her love tunnel, her panty was soaked and the odor of woman in love should have reached his nostrils. She just grazed his lips with hers. Peter seemed surprised by her gesture. It was his turn to regret what could have been. She walked away with a wide wave of the hand.

These damn works were very long : nearly three weeks. She just hoped they would be finished soon. Thet were restoring a few old buildings, three hundred years old. They had been deemed sufficiently interesting to be rehabilitated. A few were already occupied by new tenants.

A car passed in the street and splashed dirty water on her. She screamed in surprise and dismay. At that instant, she felt a hand gripping hers and drawing her under a porch. She was still too drunk to really resist. A man was drawing decidedly her inside. That was what she had expected from Peter but it was a stranger that was fulfilling her fantasy. In her mind scrambled by alcohol, everything was garbled : Peter, her husband, this stranger. Had she been abducted or was she meeting her new lover of her own free will?

The stranger led her up the stairs to the top floor, just under the roof. He opened the door and pulled her inside before switching on the light. He had not emitted a single word. He stayed mute, just indicating a door. She went in without any question. It was his bedroom. She tried to pull back but he was standing just behind her. With a simple jerk of his hips, he pushed her in. She turned toward him with their faces just a couple of inches apart. He was somewhat taller than herself but she had put on these new shoes with compensated heels of five inches. He may still be four inches taller, far enough to establish some ascendancy on her.

Marine opened Escort bayan her mouth to protest or to scream for help but nothing occured as the man bent down and took her mouth, pushing his tongue into her mouth in the same move. Nobody had ever kissed her that deeply even when she was experimenting with other students or when she was fianced to her future husband who was maybe as shy as herself. She loved the feeling and especially the heat in her internal organs that have become dripping with her love juices.

Marine was still unquiet : nobody knew where she was and evenmore, nobody at this late hour has seen her smuggled into that house a short distance from her home. The man could do her anything he wished. He was certainly the only tenant in the house and calling for help would certainly be pointless.

The man pushed her on slowly but firmly toward the bed. She could not pretend any longer that she was opposing him only token resistance. She wanted to convince herself that she was about to be raped while everything that happened her belonged to one of her most cherished fantasies : a determined man who would abduct her to his home and would make her totally his, his slave ready to do anything to please him, to be humiliated and perverted.

When her legs came into contact with the bed frame, he stopped pushing her back and began to undress her. He was keeping their mouths tightly joined and his tongue was exploring the deeper recesses. He undid the belt of her trench coat before unbuttoning it slowly. She helped him by swinging her shoulders to let the coat slide to the ground. She was now in her long black cocktail dress. The stranger pushed his hands around her neck and found the zipper of her dress even though it was so well hidden. He appeared to know exactly where to find whatever he was looking for, as if he had uncoated her hundreds of times. He looked for her eyes and when their gazes met, he pulled down very slowly the zipper. Her big and firm breasts had been pushing proudly against the fabric but now with the zipper opening, they were pushing her dress open. Her back was coming into view slowly . She noted he was now gazeind behind her. She understood that there was a mirror behind her and he was watching her being lewdly unveiled without any resistance.

Was it another effect of the alcohol she had drunk or was excitation taking its toll but she was feeling a warm and sticky liquid oozing from her twat and it was definitely not blood from the smell that was now invading the room.

When the zipper was totally open, the man eased her dress from her shoulders which was not a very difficult task. The dress began soon to fall down, just retained by their bodies tightly pressed against one another. The man pulled back slightly, keeping their mouths in contact. the dress fell to her hips. the man put his hands around her waist and pushed down the fabric. Normally the dress should be taken off by the head but she wasexercising so much that her hips were sufficiently narrow to allow the dress to slip down. It was lucky as he would never have agreed their hungry mouths to be parted. If it had been necessary, that brand new dress coming straight from Dior boutique in Paris would have been the victim of their encounter. Marine would have gone back home naked under her coat as the man had already decided she would.

Marine was now wearing only her bra and an assorted boxer and pantyhose. The man would have liked her to wear more fancy and expensive undies. The plain ones she was wearing were not a suitable shrine for the young woman’s assets. To cut into pieces a very expensive bra in front of Marine would have been a bonus for him. But the result would be the same. He took out a sharp knife eliciting a shudder of fear in the young wife. He took in his fingers the bra between her two breasts and carefully cuti it in two. Afterwards, he cut both shoulder straps. the pretty bra her husband had offered her two months ago and that she prefered would end in the trash bin. Then the man cut the waist band of her knickers on both hipswith due care. The boxer fell to the floor too.

Marine had still her pantyhose on. The man was disdpleased to have to break away from her hot lips that had harbored him so far. The tongue of the young woman had entered into the dance a long time before. Both moaned desperately when their mouths actually parted. Maine emitted a small protest.

– You could have unhooked my bra. I loved it and what will I wear to go home?

– Your home is here from now on and each time we meet, I want you without bra, knickers or pantyhoses. Your cunt and breasts must always be naked, ready for my use at any time, for my wishes or orders.

It was the first time he spoke to her and it was to give permptory orders she was finding particularly humiliating but in her heart burnt a desire to submit to such a demanding master that fate had pushed on her road. She would never have imagined herself being a submissive to any Bayan escort man but she was absolutely sure at this instant that she was ready to obey whatever order from a man she had not met half an hour before. He took the flimsy fabric and very carefully cut out what covered her intimate parts, from her pussy to her ass. Those parts and the holes they were harboring were no more hidden. The man picked the piece of fabric he had just cut away. It had been in contact to her pussy. He brought it under his nose and inhaled deeply. It had an enibrating fragrance : the odor of an excited woman. He told her to open her mouth. She obeyed instantly, allowing him to push the fabric into her open mouth. With a swift gesture, he picked also the remnant of her boxer and pushed them also into her mouth.

– Here it is. Now you can taste this fine brew of a young woman in heat. You will taste it every day now but it is time to switch to more serious matters.

Without any warning, he pushed Marine on the bed. She screamed in surprise but did not initiate any defensive gesture. He took her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Her twat was now wide open just before his eyes. He bent forward and licked lewdly her cunt , pushing his tongue inside her as if it was a little cock. It felt delicious but she would rather like him to attend her clit. He was taking extreme care not to touch it whenever his tongue grazed it. She started moaning when the first waves of an approaching thundering climax began to be felt. She was amazed as for years, with her husband, she had believed she could have only vaginal climaxes, cumming only when her husband was deep inside her. Discovering that her clit could also give her tremendous pleasure was completely new for her.

The young wife, so far perfectly faithful was now burning with a violent desire to be plundered by that stranger she did not know even the name. Her whole body yearned to service him : her cunt, her mouth and even her ass hole she had kept in its primeval virgin state but also her breasts and her feet. She did not own her own body any more. She was nothing but a tool totally dedicated to the service of her master, a sex toy waiting with impatience to be used. She was thinking to the many uses her master would do of her body when another terrible climax shattered her again. She arched her back and howled insanely before falling back on the bed, panting. Her cumming had made her exude what she felt like gallons of love juices her master had immediately licked and enjoyed it.

The man had not finished with her. It was another pleasant surprise for her : her husband was always cumming the first. He tried to stir her to a small climax but he usually began to sleep and snore before she was sated. She had to use her hand to find her release as he would be only be available on the next morning. Her master pushed himself between her wide open legs she parted as completely as she could to facilitate his entry. He teased her rubbing his erect cock against her pussylips without entering her. This contact made her moaning in frustration and it fuelled her need. She wanted him inside her cunt, deeply and brutally. She wanted him to fuck her as a master fucks his slave.

– Hurry, Master, I want your cock deep into my pussy. Fuck me hard and fill my belly with your cum!

Marine had never used such words with her husband nor with her early boyfriends but they were coming naturally to her lips. The man caught again her legs, fumbled with his dick to adjust the head to her cunt and drew her to him as hard as he could. Her cunt was slimy with her own juices and his previous cum emissions and it was lucky for her because he was so brutal that she could have suffered injuries. The hard cock pushed deep into her offered belly, digging itself to the hilt without the least foreplay. She thought that Vikings were probably acting that way when they sacked a town during the middle age.Marine howled in surprise and pain from sucj a brutal assault. She was not after all a mare mounted by a stallion!

The man calmed immediately her vehement shrieks by two masterful blows to her cheeks that quelled immediately any desire to rebel. He unsheathed almost completely his cock from her cunt before shoving it back in even more forcefully. He was not trying to give her pleasure, just to strenghten his domination on her. Marine’s legs were still pointing to the ceiling, sometimes wobbling around, sometimes getting very straight when pain reached a peak.

After a few minutes, her cunt adapted itself to this huge visitor and she hooked her legs behind the shoulders of the barbarian stud who was fucking her. He went at it faster and faster, drawing screams with higher and higher pitch. Her endearing words got also more and more perverted and insanr, promising him anything if he fucked her still more.

– Oh Master, Your marvelous dick is so huge! Yess, rip me up so that your dick will pop out of my mouth, hhugh, I. . . I’m cumming!

This Escort new climax was especially long and mind boggling. Marine thought that no man had ever driven her to such violent climaxes. He was fucking her like a god of old legends and his dick seemed not ready to get soft anytime. His dick was gliding in her well lubed cunt as if it was a piston in a Ferrari motor. Yes it was the right comparison : her husband could be compared to a tractor motor that could not be compared with the Ferrari motor that was fucking her.

He was still deep in her cunt and his cock was leasantly stretching her walls farther than they had never been. His strong shoves pushed back in the mattress and the back strike pushed deeper into her cunt the pale with which he ravaged what should have been her husband’s private property. She was screaming in bliss from that forceful invasion. She was exhausted but she wanted still more of it. It was his turn to stimulate her with lewd words.

– Move your ass, bitch, it’s your turn to work up somewhat, raise your hips so I can get deeper in your whore’s cunt!

He was now slapping her breasts with ahh his strength, savagely pinching her pealing nipples. she was screaming in pain but simultaneously she was arching her back to offer herself more completely. She was lifting both their tightly wedged bodies. Her breasts were red from abuse, her nipples were getting violet but she was on the verge of just an even more stupendous climax.. She had now crossed her ankles behind his back and she was drawing him to her so he could get deeper. He exploded once more inside her. SHe felt as if her cervix had given way and he was penetrating her to her heart.

When she regained her senses, a wisp of reason made her utter some reprimand :

– Oh, Master, You shouldn’t have cummed in my cunt? I. . . I am not on the pill. I may be pregnant!

– Don’t bother me. You will go tomorrow to your doctor and ask for a morning after pill but you will have to tell him that you have been fucked without protection with a stranger.

– Oh no, I couldn’t tell him such a thing!

– If you don’t, I will accopmany you and tell him.

– But. . . But he will think me a slut

– But YOU ARE a slut, now! Don’t worry, i will train you. you will soon be the best and prettiest slut in the neighborhood!. As soon as your cuckold hubbie had left for work, we will go and buy you slutty outfits. I don’t want to see you anymore in these long skirts for churchgoing housewifves. I have often watched you when you were shopping. YouÕre prettier in short skirts.

– But what should I put on?

– You will see : micro miniskirts, very tight to the waist and wide at the base so I could bunch them up very easily. when you bend down, I want to see your naked cunt! We will also buy jersey pull overs but I will take them two sizes smaller than yours and you will wear them direct on skin so your nipples will be displayed. I will also look for heels : four inches or more, vinyl skirts in flashy colors : red, orange and white. I want you to be noticed from a distance.

– I will look like a whore!

– Indeed : you will be a whore for my personal use. Men will swarm around you like bees around a honey pot. There will be riots wherever you are. You will never more wear pantyhose but I want you to wear stockings even in summer with suspenders, for sure. You will buy several tomorrow to match your outfits. I expect you will often show your cunt in the future.

Her lover wanted to get in all the fitting rooms. Usually a small note of twenty Euros would be sufficient to quell the opposition of the saleswomen to such special fittings. Quite evidently, he fucked her regularly before leaving the room and paying what he had chosen with her money. Each time he pushed himself deep into her cunt, they could hear that slimy suction noise as her cunt was filled up with his cum. to prevent any leaks, he pushed in afterwards a tampon and it had proved quite efficient.

She felt relieved to have taken a pill on the morning until he told her that she would have to stop taking them as soon as he had decided whether he would keep her as slave or discard her. If he kept her, her sexual life would be completely changed. Her anus and mouth would be reserved for his own use but her cunt was also out of limits to her husband until he had knocked her up. Marine just pointed out that her ass was still virgin and he was clearly too big to fit in. He just smiled back with no comment. The fact that she had not balked when he had expressed his intention of impregnating her was a very good sign of the advancement of her submission.

Her lover wanted Marine to wear one of her new outfit to walk back home. He chose one of her tightest micro skirts in bright red vinyl with matching thigh high boots and a red backless stitch top that in addition left half of her tummy bare. She attracted attention when walking in the alleys of the big mall where they were shopping. Her new outfit and the attention of so many males around her seemed to turn her on too as her hips began soon to undulate provocatively when she was walking that was a great boost for her sex appeal she now exuded from all the pores of her skin.

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