Difference in Height

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All right – so it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Just another “amateur night” in the taverns of land. Usually not the time to be out and about. However, my best friend was in town and having just arrived we thought it was a good idea. We started with sushi (an historic event for us since it our favorite mutual repast) and thence off to the wonderful tavern across the street.

This one is not the only one in this little block of heaven but it was the one with the greatest likelihood of allowing us “fogies” in for a drink and to listen to some live music. It was also the place where the younger set (as in just above 21) weren’t spilling into the street. Since dinner was late the festivities were fully underway.

We managed to move over to hover above a couple at the bar who were entwined (fully on her part – noticeably “hard-to-get” on his. I’m thinking that if I had some woman who looked like that tonsil-hockeying me and roaming with her hands – the last place I’d want to be at this already relatively late hour is sitting on a barstool. I mean the music was good but NO ONE is that good. To each their own I suppose. Well, whether it was a matter of intense mental projection or simple fate, the couple did finally decide to make a move. The woman likely having gone to the restroom at least twice during our vigil just to “take the edge off” what was already paramount passion. Good luck to the laddie and hopefully he found the stamina to complete what looked like was going to be all-out passion.

Ensconced on the stools and sipping on the brew the dancing from the various couples and singles showing off with one another provided easy amusement. One group in particular sparked interest. The characterization (and believe me I am really good at this) was that of a group, flock or gaggle of women from out of town visiting the neighborhood and having a night out. There were five in all. The leader of the pack – a woman with “somewhat bitter” written all over her face. Tolerant of the action and likely a somewhat recent victim of some form of mental abuse by one of my gender. I hate that this happens. It gives the rest of us a really bad name.

Regardless – cavorting with the dancers was two of this group (both ladies in case that wasn’t obvious) who spent a good bit of time dancing with one another. Almost in a form of display for the crowd. Mostly from the one I pegged as “psycho-woman” of the bunch. Her partner, starring as Ginger Rogers to her Fred was a young lady who came to my mind to be known as the Munchkin.

People watching is just no fun at all unless you can make up stories about who these total strangers are and what they are up to.

As the time passed and the dancing continued – PW (psycho-woman) made the most of every song. With increasing frequency dancing with more gender-acceptable partners. My buddy Sean moved off to relieve himself and thus opened the stool we had fought so long for – but in reality only temporarily. I was guarding it carefully. However, when I turned my back to it for just an instant – someone moved onto it. It was the Munchkin.

Compressing the tale for the sake of getting closer to the denouement, she was just looking to take a load off of her feet. The open spot seemed logical and so she sat. As it happens her name was Kim. She was very open to conversation and most revealing about her surface level background and what had brought her to this little hole in the wall in a smallish city by the ocean. And, yes, I was right about the out-of-towner posit. The group had come down for another function, taken a hotel nearby and decided to stay through the evening’s festivities rather than move back to their more northerly residences. They’d taken a taxi to the tavern – or close enough to it that they had found it eventually.

As for Kim, my original Escort bayan appraisal and assignation as Munchkin came from her rather diminutive stature. She claims five feet. In my experience that frequently means something less than that but not overly so since there is some pride taken in being REALLY short. Anyway, Kim, the dental hygienist, had been dancing and was in need of rest, which is how she happened onto the stool. The odd thing that struck me first as we conversed was her leaning over close as we talked. Not that the noise level did not require such an action but more from the fact that when she did, every time, her more than ample breast rested on my forearm. As she straightened up again between phrases or sentences, she lifted it off but invariably brushed it against my upper arm a bit.

Well, after five or six repetitions of this action (no inobservant person I) I decided to tilt the conversation more toward what might occur a bit later on in the evening. Call it heavy flirting – veiled but with less entendre than superficial chit chat. Kim is something on the order of mid-20’s but a laugh-and-smile countenance along with that ample and hour glassed shape. I felt more than a bit of stirring below the belt sometime around the seventh or eighth time she pressed that more-than-ample protrusion into and along my arm.

As the evening moved toward conclusion, I had noted to Sean that perhaps he would drive the vehicle home (some six blocks or so) with me and a passenger along for the ride. That is, if Kim were to be so persuaded. Kim was amazingly receptive to this notion and she confirmed this by pressing both of her supremely ample breasts essentially around my arm as she raised her lips to my ear to effect the response.

The accomplishment of disengaging her from her original party was a simple matter. Some rather disapproving looks from the leader of the group (wishful thinking on my part that perhaps she would rather take Kim’s place) and a terribly evil grin from PW. Kim as tipsy but not even close to roaring drunk. This surprised me a bit since, upon rising that morning, I noticed that I hadn’t changed much in appearance. Certainly there was nothing there that indicated me to be a 20-something. Clearly I can pass for 40 but no accounting for taste.

Once back at my house Sean thought first of attempting to join the upcoming festivities but then averred and wandered to the back bedroom for his sleep-off and retreat from jet lag. Leaving Kim and me to fend for ourselves. Which we proceeded to nearly immediately accomplish. Fending that is.

My experience with women who bear very large breasts is not minimal. In those experiences I have found that a good percentage of them are not what one would call “sensitive” in that area. I had already begun to assume this to be the case with Kim since her constant pressure on my arm during conversation would otherwise (I figured) have driven her to heights of arousal. Turns out I was wrong.

This is where the fun begins. There is a significant height difference between Kim and me. Something on the order of over a foot-and-one-half. That disappears when seated naturally and the initial contact worked to get us going.

Kissing her proved to be a trigger point of some sort. Now, among the parts of my ego I keep intact at all times are realistic understandings of my sexual capabilities. Kissing is one of the strong suits. It was very pleasant to say the least and the dental hygienist clearly had very clean teeth to boot.

My hand fell to one breast early on – through a pullover sweater. Anticipating not much in the way of response – I was surprised as her breathing immediately increased in rate and the sensation coming back through her skin – even through the sweater – was loaded with electricity. Before Bayan escort much time passed – clothing was flying through the air and landing on the floor of the living room. I find that having large hands is beneficial in almost any circumstance involving breasts and this experience was at one end of the spectrum of options. Holding one and rubbing the ball of my thumb over the nipple, covering expanses of area outside the realm of “ordinary” brought them to full attention. Swelling quickly they also had the rather surprising effect of somehow being tied to her legs as they spread with each motion.

I switched plans of attack and placed my mouth atop one of her nipples while my dominant hand moved swiftly south to those now open legs. Practice makes perfect I always say and the practice of a lifetime paid huge dividends here. Easily spreading her already wet pussy l positioned my hand and fingers to take aim directly at a now exposed and already swollen clit. I rubbed it gently – seeking the precise areas where the most stimulation resulted. Along one side of it and over the top of it. Finding moisture for additional lubrication was very easy. It was nearly everywhere within a short period.

It was when I slipped my middle finger slightly into her and then withdrew it that she grabbed my hand and insisted on its entering deeper for more permanent residence. She moved her hips slightly forward and I immediately found that sweet spot of hers. Ah what wonders youth has – it seemed but an instant from touching that spot that she came – loudly and boldly. Head thrown back and in full song. She then looked into my eyes as though surprised. Perhaps she was not totally of the experience that she wished.

She began groping – seeking my near-fully swollen member. The first time she’d taken a good look. Her approving eyes gave it all away. Then I took her hand as she held my cock and we strolled off to my bedroom.

Therein plays the difference in size. Making for the bed immediately she knelt rather than sat in order to get the head of my now fully engorged member to her lips. But only fleetingly as she immediately devoured it. She took nearly all of in her hungry mouth and, no joke, literally giggled as she pulled back along its length. Holding the head of my cock in her mouth and gripping my ass she proceeded to work her tongue around and around it. Sucking the licking the precum full off of it. She continued with her tongue over the length and around the girth of it repeatedly and would then drive her mouth over it. I couldn’t help but entwine my hands in her hair and assist in the mouth fucking that ensued. Much exclamation of how much she liked it was responded to with exclamations of how good she was in her actions. My hands alternated between her hair and her breasts – the nipples of which were most distended now. Tweaking them and rolling them between my fingers. This only served to enflame her passion further.

As we moved together in this fashion for some time, we both determined that we had more to do. She held my cock and moved to lie back on the bed. Her ass was just off the edge of it so as to have her feet reach the floor. At her request I took my moist cock and first obtained some of her personal lubrication from between her legs. Dipping inside her long enough to rub that spot of hers again to just before her climax. Smearing the juices from below over my cock and between her very large tits I climbed onto the edge of the bed – straddling her. She pressed those tits of hers around my cock and thrust along the greased artificial canal. As though she had a second clit in the middle of her chest the excitement for her mounted again. The head of my cock bumping first into her chin on the upstroke and then into her mouth as I lifted her head with one hand beneath it. Escort She squeezed her own nipples, which likely accounted more for the arousal than a misplaced and alternate love button.

We were both in full rut by this time. I took her hand and sat her up. Then fully to her feet. The size difference being most evident now. The look of wonder on her face as she tried to imagine how we would accomplish the next maneuvers was something I’ll hold onto. Then I had her stand on the edge of the bed. When she did so she had to bend a little to allow my mouth access to those red and somewhat raw nipples of hers. My hands slipped to her ass in encouragement. Her arms around my neck now she got the picture. I held her in the air from her bottom and lifted her. She released one hand from my neck so as to guide the missile into her dripping pussy. Her new surprise came when I held her just on the end of it. You strength does have its advantages. Her legs wrapped around my flanks, she remained suspended there.

I lowered her a bit further onto it. Slippery though it was, her pussy was suitably tight. Lifting her again and then lowering her a little farther onto the shaft moving upward and inward. A small movement with my hips allowed the head of my cock to rub against what I calculated as the precise place inside her where real sensitivity lies. Her reaction confirmed my calculations.

We proceeded in this standing approach with long lifts and lowerings as she took in her breath at the same time as she took in my rigid tool. The most difficult part of the activity was when she came again in mid-air as the pace of elevation and lowering quickened a bit. She was wearing now and, despite strength, there are limits.

I laid her carefully on the bed and took up residence beside her. Our mouths attached instantly and my free hand worked its way naturally onto her mound and manipulated her clit once more. The noises she emitted told me to proceed apace – which meant that with two fingers working this time in an intensely damp and dark space her inner spot was rubbed to another “fare-thee-well.”

Shaken from the latest release she was near panting as I ran my tongue over her. Lips coming into play as she absorbed the tantalizing taste approach being applied. Upon completion of the oral exploration of all parts of her skin I lie back. Reaching over I guided her to straddle me – my throbbing cock ready to be used. She leaned forward slightly and reached again with her rather talented hands to place me at the entrance to her flooded channel. Before she could drop fully onto it I had gotten my hands beneath her and teased my way in – inch by inch once more. She began to moan and ask for further input (so to say) as I pulled away with my hips into the bed while assisting her ass higher simultaneously. Then reversing the process in long strokes at first. She braced her hands on my shoulders as we quickened the action and made the driving harder and more pronounced. Deeper into her with each stroke. Her tits flailing above my chin her head lowered taking it all and wanting more.

When at last I found myself ready to explode into that hot jungle between her legs she too has come to another peak. When she threw her head back and proclaimed to the deities how much she enjoyed the activity, I arched fully and thrust my first hot load deep inside her. Breaking into syncope of pace we continued until I was left drained. Her internal muscles, not as skilled as some, were however, in full spasm as biology took hold and drew every drop from me. She collapsed on my chest, panting. Those tits of hers serving to cushion the fall and the weight of her lying there. Laughing now we agreed that there were indeed ways to compensate for height difference that made things most enjoyable.

Out of the corner of my eye I was evaluating the height of my nightstand and how much time it would take to tidy up the bedroom the next day with accessories and lamps scattered about from different perches. The answer is: quite some time as it turned out.

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