My Driving Lesson

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This erotic tryst occurred in July 1983. I was 18 at the time and I just ready to get my learners permit to drive. I was living with my Uncle and Aunt at the time out at the lake. My uncle would take me out on the old country roads to get used to the car and get comfortable behind the wheel. I was ready to conquer the world, but what occurred over next few weeks I conquered something even more precious….

It began during a week to which my uncle was once again ready to leave town. He was heading to Harrisburg to address issues on landfill permits in our area. so it was me and Eileen spending the next week together, just her and I. Well I was feeling quite bummed though since without him around to take me out driving I was going to have to wait to get my license. I was hoping the week would go by fast.

Well, Monday morning came, it was a gorgeous summer day, the sun was out, no clouds in the sky, anywhere. The local forecast was calling for temps in the 90’s, it was perfect. After breakfast, Eileen mentioned that she wanted to run into town to do some shopping, I wanted to go swimming down the lake. After several minutes going back and forth, she batted those pretty little baby blues at me and I gave in and decided to go into town with her. She had this phobia of driving alone, anywhere. We compromised though and said she drop me off at my grandfather’s while she went and shopped. I figure that would be cool, since I could stroll over to the playground across the street and shoot some hoops with some of my friend’s who lived in town.

Well we left for gramps later that morning, she just dropped me off and said she be back in about 2 hours, I just shrugged my shoulders. Well the guys were already there, we played couple of games till 20. Afterwards I went back to the house, and was hanging out in the rec room cooling off from the heat. Well then I heard my aunt come back from shopping so went to help her bring packages in. I was just wearing a pair of grey gym shorts and a tank-top, my torso Escort bayan still glistening from the sweat I worked up earlier. Well we just sat around talking about this and that for the afternoon was passing.

It was now around twilight and we decided to head back to the lake. On the way back, we made a slight detour. She pulled off down this road that lead to where she lived as a child growing up, it was sort of a town within a town. But since the flood happened no homes were to be built there and all the people who used to live there had to sell and move. Everything was grown over, just the road the led in and out was in tact. I asked her why she pulled up in here, her reply was to let me drive back up in here, since there was no traffic and I could get used to turning in tight quarters and “parking”… My heart began to race. I was like that is cool, so we got out to switch sides, when I got something I was not expecting as we past each other in front of her white Subaru. She reached out grabbed my arm, pulled me close to her and kissed me deeply, passionately with her wanting mouth. Surprised by her boldness caught me completely off-guard, in a moment I regained my senses and met her kiss just as passionate.

As are lips parted, my heart had to be racing at unbelievable rate. I watched as she turned towards the passenger side with her long, slinky, sexy legs glimmer as the sun began to set, the way she shook her arse, gave me an instant hard-on. I followed her like a lost puppy as I thought to open the door for her. Her finger touched my pierced lips as she shook her head no. Now taking my hand, I was putty now, whatever she wanted I was hers to do with what she wanted. She led me just over this grassy knoll that overlooked a small stream. As we took a seat in the high grass, my eyes just stared at this beautiful specimen of womanhood, from her long flaxen-blonde hair, to her baby-blues, the moist red lips, her shirt just unbuttoned to show a hint of cleavage and tied in front to accentuate Bayan escort her smooth flat stomach. Her short white shorts that really showed off maybe her most attractive feature those legs.

She patted the ground beside her, suggesting for me to sit beside her. Rubbery-legged, I obeyed her gesture. with birds chirping and grasshoppers singing and with the shadows of a brilliant summer sunset, allowing the shadows of the trees to reflect off the green grass and of course the sounds of the gentle flowing stream echoing in mind. I looked deep into her twinkling eyes. Taking a deep breath, again our mouths met, with much more passion and desire than just few minutes before. I was completely lost in her now, my palms sweaty, I began caressing her sultry legs from her thin ankles to just below the hem on her shorts.

Slowly and gently my massage continued, her legs feeling smooth of silk. My kisses trailed off her ruby lips, across her cheeks, nibbling gently on her lobes, down across her neck. I slowly laid her back in the grass now showing signs of the evening dew. My hands now found her snap of those shorts, undoing her, slipping down her zipper, my hand found it’s way to her forbidden fruit. Her panties moist with her sweet nectar, I removed both items nervously. Her legs now spread wider, my fingers touched her pulsating, swelling clit, that sent shivers down the both of us. I felt my finger just completely slide into her entrance. Her soft coos now became more intense as she moaned with each new sensation. Her eyes closed tight, my free hand now undoing her top to expose those 38C gorgeous mounds. arching her back to allow me access to her fastenings, I undid her bra and tossed it aside with rest of her garments.

Now with her totally nude, I focused in on her breasts, caressing and suckling each hardening nipple, my fingers still exploring her ever-willing pussy. Time seemed to have stopped, nothing mattered at this time to me but her. I wanted her to be satisfied totally. Escort Not wanting to stop satisfying my luscious, voluptuous aunt. I hastily undressed and picked-up where I left off. Her pussy now becoming so loose I was able to just about slide my hand into her with ease. the more I pounded her, the more she cried and pleaded for, I don’t even know how many orgasms this woman had or was having, her body was in a like a complete convulsions. I was now getting to that point of exploding myself, since I was not yet knowing how to control myself at this age. So not wanting to waste my ejaculation. I replaced my now drenched hand with my throbbing cock. I wanted this to last, but I was getting closer. I slowly removed my hand from her depths, and slid my mouth down past her navel, encircling it a few times as I passed. The overwhelming scent of her sex teased my sense as if dipped my tongue to taste her passion juices. Flicking my tongue over and over her clit, she bucked to meet each touch. I know she was orgasming again as I darted in and out of her sopping pussy.

I could not hold it anymore, I slid back up on top of her, positioning my throbbing and sore cock over her waiting pussy and kissing her full on the mouth, I entered her in one motion. Letting it settle in for a moment, trying desperately to keep my self from filling her womb with my thick semen. We began moving rhythmically together. It was like we were perfect for one another, we matched moves in unison it was heavenly bliss. No words spoken, just the sounds of our hearts racing, and the sounds of our moans filled the now darkening skies. I looked into her eyes one final time, I saw the love that she had and that was it for me, with a cry of pure unadulterated passion, I unloaded all the semen I think I ever had inside of her, my body erupted and shook violently, I was numb. Soon afterwards, I felt her nails dig deep into my back as she wrapped her legs around me and went through her orgasmic finale.

We held on to each other as the sensation began to subside, and just collapsed into each others arms. we laid there, watching now as moonlight shimmered through the trees. we knew this was just beginning for what was going to be a very interesting summer for both of us…

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