Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02

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Before the story begins, I want to thank you Theron, for writing another story with me, for keeping the images and words flowing from my mind, and for keeping my body aching with pleasure;)

Daddy didn’t talk to me very much after the day Danielle and Irene were over. He’d grunt when I said good morning, or give slight commands to pass things at dinner. I was sad, I didn’t understand why he had turned like that, and upon asking him, he’d never answer. Danielle and Irene both asked when we were all going to get together again, and I told them that I had no idea, Daddy wasn’t speaking to me. They finally stopped calling, after I got pissed when asked the same question over again. I yelled at them that I’d call them if it were to happen again, but other than that to leave me the hell alone.

It had been a couple of weeks when Daddy entered the living room, and stared at me for a long time before speaking. I stared back, hoping that my questions would be answered. He gave me a slight smile and spoke.

“I’ve been thinking.”

“About what Daddy?”

“About you. You were a good girl the day that your friends were over, but I still don’t think that you’re that much of a slut.”

I looked at him puzzled.

“Why not?”

He didn’t answer my question directly.

“I’ve been thinking, and I think it’s time to prove yourself. To show me that you’re as much of a slut as you say you are, Jessica.”

“How Daddy?”

“You don’t worry about that. You just be ready when the time comes, okay?”

“Yeah sure.”

I was confused and excited at the same time. I really had no idea how I could prove that I was a slut, I thought I had after the morning of fucking Daddy with my two friends. I wasn’t going to push the subject that would just upset him. I thought about this for two days, before Daddy showed me what he meant.

I came home from work, and found Daddy talking to a friend of his on the couch. I knew this man; he had watched me grow up. I smiled at him, not realizing why he was really here.

“Hello Mr. Sawyer, how are you?”

He gave me an odd smile. “Hello Jessi. I’m fine. But Hon, today I want you to call me Don.”

I looked at him in confusion. I had never called any of Daddy’s friends by their first name, it was disrespectful.


Daddy smiled and patted the spot on the couch between him and Mr. Sawyer. I walked over slowly; a little afraid of the way both men looked at me. I sat down, my body tight, my hands in my lap, and my eyes looking at my feet. I felt Daddy’s arm go around my shoulders and I shrunk more. I didn’t want to, it was the first time Daddy had touched me in a while, but I felt uncomfortable. Daddy made me lean against him, and I blushed when his hand found my breast and rested on it. He gave it a little squeeze and I shifted uneasily in my spot.

“Why are you so tense Jess?”

I turned towards Daddy, my eyes wide with fear and anxiety.

“I don’t know Daddy.”

I jumped when I felt Mr. Sawyer’s hand go to my knee. His hand was so hot on my skin. I looked down at it, and up into Mr. Sawyer’s face, my eyes fluttering away quickly when his met mine. His hand moved slightly up, and stopped on my upper thigh. I looked back at Daddy who was smiling lustfully at me.

“You need to relax Jessi. There’s nothing to worry about. Just me and my old friend Don here. You know Don, right?”

“Y.Yes Daddy.”

“Known him for a long time, right?”

“All my life Daddy.”

“Yeah, so there’s no reason to be so pent up, is there?”

I cast my eyes down, and lowered my head so that my hair hung down into my face.

“No Daddy.”

“That’s a girl. Now, be polite to Don.”

I turned my head towards this man that I had known for so long. I had to force a smile, and I tried to speak but my mind went completely blank. I looked at him, my mouth slightly open, trying to form words. Finally, words came, but for the situation they were the wrong ones.

“How’s Mrs. Sawyer?”

He gave an odd look, but his hand never left my thigh. He began to rub his fingers around the skin. It took him a second to answer, but he too forced a smile and spoke.

“She’s fine.”

“Good. Ummmm?”

My eyes flew back to Daddy, I had no idea what to do, though, I had figured out what was going to happen. Daddy rolled his eyes at me, shook his head, and sighed.

“Okay, conversation’s over!”

I winced at his words, he sounded so angry.

“It’s time to prove to me that you’re a slut. If you really are, you’re going to enjoy the hell outta what me and Don are about to do to you.”

I gasped and looked back at Mr. Sawyer. I shook my head in protest. Two girls had been just fine, but two men? Two cocks? Oh God, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do this. I could tell from the look Daddy was giving me that I wasn’t going to have much time to think about it either.

Daddy looked at his friend and nodded.

“Okay, Don, Gaziantep Sarıgüllük Escort go ahead.”

Mr. Sawyer looked at him and then back at me and smiled.

“It’ll be my pleasure.”

Then his hand moved from my thigh to the crotch of my panties. I jumped slightly and started to pull away until Daddy spoke to me.

“Be still, young lady!”

His eyes flashed in anger as he spoke, and I knew I’d best do as told.

Daddy leaned back to watch as he again told Mr. Sawyer to “go ahead.” Mr. Sawyer’s fingers began stroking my pussy lips through the silk panties I was wearing, and he leaned down to kiss me.

His kiss was gentle at first. His soft lips moved from my neck to my cheek to my lips, lightly brushing my skin as they moved. He teased my mouth with his tongue as he continued his stroking of my cunt. As I slowly started to respond to Mr. Sawyer’s advances, Daddy spoke again.

“C’mon now, Don. She’ll never learn anything that way. Pick it up a little.”

I was confused. This was nice. I liked this fine, but Don seemed to understand, because his light kiss got much harder and deeper right away. And his fingers suddenly pulled aside the silk of my panties and went to work on my bare slit. This change in pace unsettled me, and I began to struggle again.

I felt Daddy take a handful of my hair and shake my head as a signal to behave, which I did. Then I felt his other hand on my breast, kneading and pinching. I had to admit that their ministrations were having an effect on me. Daddy was right, I just needed to relax and enjoy what was happening to me. Obviously, I would enjoy this as much as I had during our last encounter.

Don pulled his lips away from mine, and gave me a big smile as his fingers found their way into my pussy. He pushed two inside of me, and moved them around. I moaned, my hips thrusting forward as his fingers found my g-spot. He looked over at Daddy.

“I gotta taste her. I want to taste this sweet pussy.”

Daddy gave him a shrug, a signal to do whatever he wanted, and I watched as Mr. Sawyer slipped off the couch and between my legs, his fingers never missing beat. My attention turned back to Daddy as he got up, and took off his pants. He came to me, standing at the edge of the couch, and pushed my head towards him. I moaned loudly when Don’s tongue found my clit, and I took Daddy’s cock into my mouth. I thought to myself as I began to suck Daddy’s cock that I could really start to like this. It felt so good to have Mr. Sawyer licking my pussy and Daddy’s cock in my mouth, but this light start would not last every long.

With his tongue and his fingers Mr. Sawyer made me cum quickly. He pulled up, took his pants off as well, and came to stand by Daddy. Daddy pulled my head off his cock by my hair and turned my face towards Don’s cock.

“Suck his cock, Jessi!”

I did so, looking up at this close friend of Daddy’s as I took his cock down my throat. His hips began to thrust into me, slow at first, but becoming harder and faster as he grew more excited. I felt Daddy’s hand go down to my tit, and he began to pinch my nipples, tweaking one then the other. I began to moan, but as soon as I got used to having Don’s cock fucking my mouth, Daddy pulled my head away. I gave a frown and looked up at him. He took his hand from my breasts, and grabbed his cock with it, as Don grabbed his. I really couldn’t believe how instinct they were, and wondered how many times they’d done something like this before.

Both men began to rub their cocks across my lips, cheeks, and neck. My eyes rolled back in pleasure, until I felt them both pushing into my lips.

“Open up!”

Daddy commanded, and I stared at him wide-eyed. There was no way. I shook my head and responded.

“Oh Daddy, I can’t! I can’t take both of you!”

“We’ll just see about that!”

He pushed his cock into my mouth, and Don began to push into my lips. I kept my lips around Daddy’s cock; I wasn’t going to take them both. This made Daddy angry, and he brought his hand down to my face. He pressed his finger into my jaw so hard that I whimpered in pain. He pressed harder, making my lips leave his cock and a howl come from me. When my lips dislodged, he quickly moved his other hand around my head, and got his fingers around the inside of my lips. Don shoved his cock in my mouth, and Daddy let go. My mouth hurt, it was completely stretched, but I couldn’t get away. Daddy kept my head in place with his hand, and both men began to thrust into my mouth. They weren’t going very deep, neither one of them could get down my throat, but that didn’t matter to them. Seeing my mouth stuffed with their cocks is what matter. I could feel my spit leaking down my chin, and I wanted to wipe if off, but I knew that would make Daddy angry again.

They kept this up for so long, and through the pain, I could feel my pussy throbbing. Something in me was telling my body that this was enjoyable, and I believed it. It did feel really good to have their cocks in my mouth like that. It made me feel like a true whore, and I liked that feeling. I brought my hands up, and began to knead their balls as they fucked their mouth. Daddy laughed and looked over at Don.

“I knew she’d end up liking this. She is proving to be a really whore, isn’t she?”

Don agreed, with a grunt.

Daddy then pulled my head away and held it up facing Mr. Sawyer. Daddy spoke to him.

“Go ahead, Don. Tag her.”

Don grinned nastily and suddenly spit in my face. This shocked and upset me, but I felt something inside of me break as Don spread his saliva around my face with his hard cock.

“I want y’all to fuck me now. This fuckin’ little slut needs some cock ASAP!”

The men looked at each other and smiled, and then Daddy looked down at me.

“Jessi, get on you hands and knees like a good little whore and we’ll teach you what it means to be full of cock. Won’t we, buddy?”

Don said, “Oh, yeah!”

Excitedly, I collapsed to the floor and pulled my top off. Daddy got behind me and pulled my panties off while Don positioned himself in front of me and waved his cock at me like a toy. I bit at it like a dog trying to get a bone, but I never caught. Every time I missed, Don would smack me in the face with it, causing a dull-sounding thud to reverberate.

Daddy was laughing behind me when I felt a sharp slap on my ass. That was followed by the sensation of his cock driving into my cunt, causing me to buck forward and smash my face into Don’s prick. Both men laughed as Don pried my lips apart and crammed as much of his fat cock into me as possible.

My muffled moans filled the room as Daddy fucked my pussy and Don my face. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying this; the feel of two cocks was the best feeling I have ever had. Don pulled his cock from me and I looked at it like a ravenous animal. I moaned loudly when he wiped his spit-clad cock all over my face. I moved quickly, catching it between my teeth as he pulled it back over my lips. I laughed, and looked up at him, as I chewed on the head of his cock. When I let go to suck it back into my mouth, Don moved it again. I watched as he came down to his knees. He placed his hands under my arms, and pulled me up a little and stretched my body so that I was closer, moving me up, caused Daddy’s cock to slip deeper into my cunt, and I let out a loud sound of pleasure. Don grabbed his cock, and began to rub it across my hanging tits. I moaned again, and as Daddy saw what Don was doing he moved. Daddy grabbed my hips, and sat me on top of him, as Don scooted to me. Daddy leaned down in my ear. “Grab those tits, and fuck his cock with them!” “Yes, Sir, Daddy.” I lent forward and placed Don’s cock between my tits. It was hard in this position, but I was determined to do as Daddy said. I moved my tits up and down on Don, and then figured that it was easier just to bounce them around in my hands while squeezing them together. He helped by thrusting his hips, and I moaned loudly as I watched my breast jiggle around Don’s cock. “Oh Geeze, Daddy this is so good! Having both of your cocks to play with is the best! I love having Don’s cock between my tits, while yours is deep in my cunt!” “I knew you’d like it you little slut.” Don looked down at me, his eyes dark with desire, but wide with awe at how I had taken to this situation. “Goddamn, this is some girl you got here man.” “I know, but she’s still not passed one thing to become a true slut.” I knew what Daddy was talking about, and I decided to quit being a baby about it. “Do you want my ass Daddy? Is that what you mean? Please take it; I want you to fuck my ass! I want to feel your big fat cock in my tight little hole!” Daddy laughed, and from his movements I could tell he was shaking his head. “Now that’s a turn around.” “I wanna make you happy Daddy and I want to make Mr. Sawyer happy too. I want to be a good girl for the two of you.” Daddy gave an approving sound, and pulled my body up and away from Mr. Sawyer’s cock. He grabbed my tits roughly and began to knead them. “Well, I think before we do that, Don needs to feel this hot cunt.” We both looked at Don, who looked quite eager to place his cock in me. “That sound good Don? You can fuck this little tramp for a while and then we’ll set to work on her ass.” I smiled at Mr. Sawyer. “Yeah, Don, does it sound good to fuck my wet hot pussy? It’s still rather tight you know, and I’d just love to feel that fat cock of yours up my cunt.” Don smiled and looked straight at me. “Sounds like a mighty fine plan.” I smiled back. “Good, then please get that hard cock over here, and fuck the hell out of this pussy. It’s just aching to feel your dick!” Daddy pulled out of me, and Don pulled me on top of him.

“Jump on top, little lady, and let Don fuck that tight, juicy cunt.”

He said as I straddled him, I sat down on Mr. Sawyer’s stiff prick and rubbed my pussy on it, back and forth, back and forth.

Don looked at my Daddy.

“This little bitch is a tease, buddy.”

Daddy looked at me.

“Jessi, stop teasing the man and stick his cock inside of you.”

“Yes, Daddy,”

I answered and reached down, straightened up his prick, and slowly lowered myself atop it. It wasn’t as big as my Daddy’s, but it filled me up pretty good. I began to ride him slowly, moving up and down while I played with my breasts and watched the look of pleasure on this grown man’s face.

Don grabbed my hips, and began to bounce me on his cock, as he thrust up, sending his cock deep inside my pussy, and causing me to moan out in pleasure as I pinched and pulled at my nipples. Daddy laughed, and looked at Don.

“Don’t get too excited, we’re far from being done with my little slut.”

Don slowed his pace, and allowed me to go back to grinding my hips on him, back and forth, side to side, and in circles. I felt the oncoming of an orgasm building in my body, and Daddy must have sensed it.

“Okay, stop!”

“But Daddy! I was going to cum!”

“Not yet. Don, go ahead and pull your cock from her, don’t want her to try and be sneaky.”

Don smiled up at me, and pulled his cock from my now aching pussy. I frowned, and then gasped as Daddy came behind me and pushed my body down to Don’s, making me lay flat against him. Daddy placed a finger at the opening of my ass, and moved it around. My hips wiggled uncontrollably, I moaned as my pussy rubbed up against Don’s cock.

“Hold still! I gotta get you at least somewhat ready.”

I was glad Daddy wasn’t going to just shove his cock up my ass, like he had done Danielle, and I held as still as I could. I felt wetness on me, and turned back to look at Daddy.

“Turn your goddamn head around!”

I turned back quickly, and whimpered as Daddy pushed his finger inside my ass, up to the first knuckle. I hadn’t realized that there would already be pain involved. It was a dull pain, but it was uncomfortable none-the-less. I said nothing; I didn’t want to upset Daddy. I breathed in deeply as he pushed more of his finger inside of me, and got it up to the second knuckle. His finger seemed stuck then, and he began to move it around. The dull pain stopped, and was replaced by a feeling of pleasure. I moaned lowly, as Daddy continued to stretch my skin with his finger.

“There she goes,” Daddy said. “My little slut likes it in the ass.”

I felt his finger disappear, and then something wet, fat and warm nestled itself up against the tight little pucker of my anus. My God, the difference in size between the head of Daddy’s cock and his finger made me realize what was about to happen. I thought there was no way my ass could take Daddy’s fat cock – his finger, sure, but his cock? No way!

I spoke up.

“No, Daddy, please!”

When he heard that, he quickly pushed his cock into my ass, which caused me to jump forward and gasp in pain.

Mr. Sawyer placed his hands up on my shoulders and pushed me back toward my father, which drove Daddy’s hard cock even deeper inside of me. The pain was starting to subside, and it was replaced with a sensation of ass being stuffed full. This was surprisingly pleasurable.

I began to wiggle my ass around on Daddy’s dick, when I heard him speak.

“Okay, Don, it’s your turn.”

I felt a flash of fright again. I looked at Mr. Sawyer, his face was full of lust, and a small smile played on his lips. He got his hand down between me and his cock, and began to move it back to my hole. Oh God, no, there was no way I could do this. Daddy’s cock filled my ass so much that I could feel it pressing against my pussy, the opening was tighter, there was absolutely no way Mr. Sawyer could get his cock in me. I shook my head, and began to protest, my voice sounded small.

“No, no, no, no, there’s no way. I can’t take you both! I just can’t. No Daddy! Please don’t do this!”

Daddy’s hand came down into my hair, and he whipped my head back so hard and fast that I saw spots for a minute.

“Shut the fuck up, you little whore! Don’t no body care what you want! You are here only for the pleasure of me and my friend! We will use you anyway we fucking want to! Now, lift your ass up a bit so Don can get his cock into you!”

I felt like crying, but I held the tears back. I shut up, and I took Don’s cock. I felt so full, I couldn’t move, my body lay flat against Don’s, and I wondered how these two men were going to get any pleasure from someone who couldn’t move their hips. But I found out. Both men began to thrust at the same time, sending their cocks deep into my pussy and ass. Don worked a little harder than Daddy and I could hear his breathing becoming faster with the effort. As for me, the fear, the pain, it was gone, and I was beginning to feel something new, something I never felt before in my history of having sex.

I began to moan, and my body worked without me telling it to. My hips found that they could move, and I began to buck back on Daddy’s cock, and thrust forward onto Don’s. My moans grew louder, as my body began to get tremendously hot. My mouth opened to moan again, but instead of just sounds of pleasure, my mind decided to talk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32