Rayleena’s New Friends

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Rayleena’s first day at the new club was a very good one indeed. Despite having to start on the afternoon shift, she had made more money than she did most nights at her old club. The men were predominantly businessmen and they had plenty of cash, and were especially eager to give it to the new girl in town.

But the thing that struck Rayleena the most, the thing that made the day unusually good was that most of the other girls were very friendly. Dancers can be quite competitive when it comes to separating the money from the men, and sometimes they can get downright nasty if they feel that one girl is taking too big a share of the pot. But these girls didn’t act that way at all. Even though Rayleena probably took in more than her fair share because she was new, most of the other girls were very supportive.

Rayleena had watched the other dancers throughout the course of the afternoon. She liked to see how she stacked up against them, but she also loved to see a nude woman strut her stuff. Sometimes she got as turned on as the men did! And these women were good, no, they were very good.

Three in particular caught Rayleena’s attention.

Chrissy was the blonde bombshell. She had a body that was to die for and when she took the stage, she commanded everyone’s attention. Rayleena couldn’t help fantasizing about nuzzling her head between Chrissy’s pendulous breasts.

Tonia was the best and sexiest dancer. She had a lean, trim body and fantastic legs. When she undulated on the stage she was mesmerizing. Rayleena wondered what it would be like with Tonia’s legs wrapped around her neck.

Starr was the oldest dancer in the club, probably in her early thirties, Rayleena guessed. Her experience showed through as she performed in the spotlight Starr exuded sultry sexiness like no woman Rayleena had ever seen before. When she was through on stage, she always had many men calling for private couch dances from her. Rayleena knew that she would enjoy a couch dance from Starr herself.

At the end of the shift, as the next shift of dancers began taking their turns on stage, Rayleena was changing into her civilian clothes. Starr came up to her and gave her a big hug, and told her that she hoped that her first day had been a good one. Next Chrissy and Tonia Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort came over to get Rayleena’s impressions of her first day.

Rayleena told them that she had quite enjoyed the experience and was very surprised when Starr suggested that the four of them go out to dinner to celebrate Rayleena’s first day.

Chrissy suggested a cozy little bistro nearby where they could get a bite to eat, have a few drinks, and enjoy some mellow music.

The evening passed with good food, a lot of laughing, and many more than a few drinks. They had started out with a couple of rounds of beer, but by the shank of the evening they had graduated to tequila. The four of them were like old friends when Starr suggested that they retire to her condo to relax.

Starr’s condo was a cozy little place. It had a large sofa that sat in front of a large fireplace. There were large pillows both on the couch and on the floor nearby. As Chrissy, Rayleena and Tonia made themselves comfortable on the couch, Starr when into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine and she poured each of them a glass.

Rayleena commented on how much she enjoyed the dancing of the others and even admitted her thoughts at the club that she wouldn’t have minded a couch dance from Starr herself.

Chrissy and Tonia jumped on this idea. “Well, Starr, why don’t you give Rayleena one of your “special” couch dances,” suggested Chrissy and she gave a sly look to Tonia.

“Now that is a very good idea,” said Starr. She positioned Rayleena on the couch, hiked up her skirt and began undulating in front of her. Starr began unbuttoning her blouse, slowly, button by button and she moved up between Rayleena’s legs as she did so. Starr’s knee began pushing against Rayleena’s crotch through her dress and Rayleena pulled up her dress so that Starr’s leg could rub directly against her panties.

Starr slipped out of her blouse and began unfastening her bra. Chrissy and Tonia moved closer together on the other side of the couch and began gently stroking each other’s legs.

Rayleena began to feel a great warmth start to grow in her pussy. As Starr unleashed her breasts and presented them to Rayleena for suckling, Rayleena reached up and grabbed Starr’s ass. Chrissy and Tonia were now fondling each other’s breasts and slowly pushing away clothing.

Rayleena pulled down Starr’s panties and moved her fingers to Starr’s pussy which she could feel was already dripping wet. Feeling this Starr moved up onto the couch and straddled Rayleena’s head, putting her pussy directly in front of Rayleena’s face. Rayleena looked at Starr’s shaven pussy for a moment and then, using her hands to pull Starr’s ass close into her, began licking Starr’s clit, nibbling gently at first and then harder as Starr began to moan and gyrate slowly, grinding her now throbbing pussy into Rayleena’s mouth.

Chrissy and Tonia were now frantically licking each other’s pussies and low moans were coming from them as well.

“I’ve got to get out of these clothes,” Rayleena said as she emerged from Starr’s honey pot and began practically ripping off her clothes, which she tossed haphazardly here and there as fast as she could. Starr back away and removed what little was left of her clothes, and then suddenly turned and left the room, saying “I’ll be right back.”

Now Chrissy and Tonia turned there attention to Rayleena. Each moved to one side of Rayleena and each began sucking on one of Rayleena’s magnificent tits. As she sucked, Chrissy moved her hand to Rayleena’s pussy and began probing it with her fingers. Tonia moved down to get a closer view of the action, and not being able to stand it any longer, pushed Chrissy’s hand away and began feverishly licking Rayleena’s pussy. “Hey, that’s mine!” joked Chrissy and she, too, moved down to try to get in a lick or two when the opportunity presented itself.

Rayleena was beside her self with ecstacy. Here she was with two beautiful, sexy women practically fighting to lick her pussy!

Starr returned to the couch carrying a small blue bag. As she stood by the side of the couch, Rayleena, Tonia and Chrissy stopped long enough to see was Starr was up to. Starr reached into the bag and pulled out a silver vibrator. She calmly tossed it to Chrissy. Starr reached into the bag again and pulled out a hot pink dildo. This she tossed to Tonia. Reaching back into the bag, Starr puled out a huge black dildo, easily 10-inches long. She dropped the bag, looked slying at Rayleena and knelt down in front of her.

Chrissy and Tonia began using their new-found toys on each other, but they both kept watching Starr intently. They knew what Starr had in mind. Rayleena began to get the idea of what Starr was up to as well, and she got a little scared. “Oh, my God,” she thought to herself, “she’s going to use that monster on me!” Rayleena might have been a little frightned, but she was turned on beyond belief. Starr placed the head of this massive rubber cock at the entrance to Rayleena’s pussy, which was glistening wet. Starr began applying pressure to the black dildo and it began sliding into Rayleena’s wet hole, slowly at first and then, almost magically, it slipped in quickly.

Rayleena came almost immediately as she looked down between her legs and watched the huge cock disappear into her. Chrissy and Tonia, both enraptured by the sight and by their own activities, let out cries of ecstacy as well. Starr pulled back the dildo and quickly slid it in again and again. With each thrust Rayleena let a cry of lust. With each thrust Rayleena’s toes twitched uncontrollably as another wave of orgasm swept over her. Finally, Starr removed the massive cock which was sopping wet with Rayleena’s passion. Starr began licking Rayleena’s love juice from the dildo. Chrissy leaned over and began sucking on Rayleena’s pussy again, darting her tongue into the gaping hole that was left by the monstrous cock.

Tonia began licking Chrissy pussy. Starr went over to a chair that sat opposite the couch and began watching the action on the couch. She inserted the same black dildo into her own pussy and began moving it in and out. Soon she was crying out with the others. Rayleena pushed Chrissy back and the three of them tumbled onto the floor with Starr soon joining them. They formed a daisy chain as each had a juicy pussy to nuzzle and each had their own pussy nuzzled in return. Their bodies intertwined and twitching, the four gorgeous ladies each came in a soul-stirring spasm.

As they lay there, basking in the afterglow, the front door opened and a man entered the room. Seeing the ensemble on the floor, he stood there and smiled. “Well, Starr, I see you’ve been having a good time while I was out playing cards with the boys.” Alonzo, her husband, calmly unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor, revealing his cock which was already standing at attention.

But that’s another story.

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