Renee’s Internship Pt. 03

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Monday morning started off slow for Renee, she was introduced to a few more staff members then assigned to a sous chef. Lauren had her schedule worked out from having had previous interns. The time spent in each of the areas of study gave the intern opportunities to actually learn a task then master it.

It was flexible enough to allow extra time if there were a task or concept that wasn’t completely understood during the normal time allotted. Renee was mostly interested in the actual cooking of the various recipes that Lauren and her chefs had devised rather than how to chop an onion or any of the other vegetables.

The staff was very pleasant. Renee made friends quickly, not being a threat to their jobs allowed them to relax and open up about the work they performed. They knew that Lauren has slept with some of the previous interns, it was common knowledge which Lauren didn’t hide. She didn’t tolerate gossiping, if she discovered that they were teasing her about sleeping with the boss she’d have a talk with them. Normally, during the first week it became obvious if Lauren had designs on the intern; the staff waited to see what was going to happen with Renee.

About mid-morning Lauren called Devina to schedule a yoga session. Devina wasn’t in, so Lauren left a voice mail.

The day went quickly. Renee busied herself learning her way around the kitchen, prepping the various vegetables, making stock, then partially cooking some of the entrees to save time during the dinner rush. She helped put away a few orders that arrived, meeting the delivery people while learning a bit about each supplier. One of the drivers flirted with her. She smiled then politely went about her business.

Renee didn’t have much if any contact with Lauren during the day. The schedule had her working from the ground up in the restaurant, learning its hierarchy and routine. The business end with Lauren would be the final area of study.

At the end of the business day, Lauren entered the kitchen. She took up a position where she could watch Renee without being seen. What she saw pleased her, Renee was busy working, talking with the staff and fitting in like Lauren had hoped. She watched for around five minutes then made her way through the maze of shelves and stoves to let Renee know it was time to leave.

Renee was glad Lauren had arrived. She was happy to be busy all day but this was a different kind of physical work than she had been used to. The sauna was going to feel especially good tonight.

They said their good-byes then headed home. On the way Renee told Lauren of her day and the things she learned. Lauren smiled while listening, knowing she had made the right choice for this year’s internship.

When they arrived home, they ate a light dinner, then worked out. The sauna time was pleasant and relaxing. They talked of the next day’s tasks and then called it a night.

The next morning they began their routine at Felicia’s just as they had on Monday. Since the restaurant was open seven days a week each day’s prep was mostly the same. The major difference was with the daily specials and those depended on what suppliers had available the previous day. Lauren liked to use local products so, depending on what was in season her executive chefs would feature those in their menu preparation.

While Lauren was in her office Devina returned her call. She and Lauren talked for quite some time catching up on various business and personal happenings. Lauren told her all about Renee and how well she was doing and what a delight she was to be around. Devina questioned Lauren’s motives with the younger woman on a personal relationship. Lauren confessed she was attracted to the mid twenty year old but was making a conscience effort to avoid seducing her for the time being. She admitted it was difficult but she could do it. Devina gave her a sarcastic reply of, ‘right’. This made both women laugh with Lauren confessing that Devina knew her too well.

Unfortunately Devina couldn’t make it out for any session for another couple of weeks, she had family issues that needed to be resolved. They penciled in a session and dinner for the next to last Tuesday of July, said their good byes and went on about their day.

The next two weeks flew by. As Renee learned more of the daily routine she didn’t need much supervision. Her mentors in the kitchen informed Lauren that Renee had learned all she could about the daily prep and it was time to learn about the evening functions of the establishment. Lauren was delighted with the news. She’d known Renee was a bright pupil and this confirmed her thoughts.

After working the day shift for her first two weeks Renee shifted to the dinner rush. This was a completely different world. The restaurant opened at five and like many other dining establishments they gave a discount for ‘early birds’. The clientele were mostly older couples who tended to eat there on a regular basis. She learned this by talking with them while noticing the staff and many of the Gaziantep Oral Escort customers were on a first name basis.

A few of the regulars upon hearing she was the summer intern smiled and nodded as if they knew something she didn’t. Renee just brushed it off as inconsequential, they were nice to her and that was all that mattered.

She also noticed most of the evening staff, waiters, waitresses and cooks all smoked. She considered it a filthy habit. Figuring it was the stress of the job she shook that off also. Exercise was the better stress relief along with masturbating she thought to herself.

The end of July was rapidly approaching, Lauren and Renee had become close friends in that short amount of time. The sexual tension between the two subsided mostly due to the long hours at the Felicia’s. Their time alone together was mostly spent driving back and forth to the restaurant and at breakfast in the mornings.

Workouts continued as did the sauna time. Renee had become very comfortable around Lauren. So much so she never wore clothes in the sauna or hot tub much to Lauren’s delight and frustration. Having Renee so close and naked took it toll on Lauren’s toys not that they could complain but they were getting a lot of usage from their owner.

Finally during the next to last week in July, Devina came over for a yoga class. She arrived around ten giving the ladies plenty of time to sleep in and eat breakfast. She pulled up in a Mercedes convertible, top down, her long raven locks held in place by a scarf. She wore yoga pants that left very little to the imagination with a tech top over her sports bra. Her fingernails and toenails were painted crimson with a small jewel mounted in each forefinger nail. Slipping out of her car she grabbed her mat, water bottle and towel then headed to the gym where Lauren and Renee patiently waited for her.

She opened the door to the gym without knocking as per her custom. She had a key which Lauren had given her a long time ago. Knowing her ‘students’ were waiting inside she didn’t need it. Both Renee and Lauren turned to look as she walked in. Renee tried not to stare but couldn’t help gawking at the mocha skinned beauty as she glided into the room. Lauren glanced at Devina then focused on Renee observing her reaction.

Lauren could tell Renee was enthralled, she stood still watching as Devina set her things down then opened her arms to hug Lauren. She was a good six inches if not more taller than Lauren and Renee. After her hug and a kiss on Lauren’s lips she turned to Renee with a gleam in her eye sizing up the lovely young woman. She walked over as Renee offered her hand but, Devina ignored it and hugged her.

She could feel Renee’s heart pounding as they held each other. Devina reminded Renee of the actress Priyanka Chopra except she thought the actress was shorter and didn’t have a bindi on her lovely forehead.

When Devina finally released her she let out an audible sigh, her heart still beating furiously in her chest. Lauren smiled at Renee’s reaction and knew this would be an interesting session.

Upon releasing Renee Devina looked her over, “So, you’re Renee the teacher and Lauren’s lucky winner. Congratulations! I’m Devina, it’s great to meet you. Are you ready to do some yoga?”

Renee took a deep breath, “Yes, I’m the lucky one. It’s nice to finally meet you Devina. I’ve been looking forward to this since Lauren first told me about you. I’m very ready.”

Devina smiled and looked over at Lauren, “I like her already. Fantastic, let’s get the heart pumping a bit before we start our session. It feels cool in here, no Bikram today?”

Lauren grabbed her mat, rolling it out, “No, I didn’t want to just have Renee dive into that. Maybe next session unless she’s willing to her first time.”

Lauren and Devina both looked at Renee, who was getting her mat rolled out.

“Oh, I’m game. I’ve done yoga a couple of times. I don’t know the pose names or anything like that. I’m willing to try it. Crank up the heat, Lauren. I won’t pass out, I promise,” she smiled.

“There you go Lauren, let’s turn up the heat a bit and get our sweat on.”

Lauren grinned as she walked over to the thermostat. Devina unfurled her mat placing it in front so the other two women could observe her.

When all was set she started them off with jumping jacks to get their heart rates up. Renee didn’t tell them hers was already racing. Devina paid more attention to Renee talking and guiding her through each pose and explaining in a soft voice why they were doing each position. They started with breathing exercises, lifting their arms over their heads in a wide gentle arc. Devina would pause and place her hands on Renee’s sides then her arms, guiding her, making sure she had the proper form. Just as Lauren had told her Renee enjoyed Devina’s touch. She was firm, yet gentle each time she guided the younger woman’s body. Her soft voice and calm demeanor helped Renee slip into a relaxed state of mind as the session wore on.

As the heat in the gym grew more intense the three women began perspiring and consuming more water. Devina kept an eye on Renee looking for signs of fatigue or ill effects. When they were halfway through the workout Lauren removed her top with Devina copying her shortly after.

Renee tried not to stare as Devina slowly removed her shirt then her sports bra. It was difficult at best because Devina had the most perfect breasts Renee had ever seen. Her brown toned body was in perfect proportion, her breasts were full and only slightly jiggled as she walked around giving her instructions to her two lovely pupils. Her dark aerolas caused Renee’s eye to focus on them whenever she looked up or over at the Indian beauty.

Devina noticed the awkward stares and delighted in Renee’s attention to her. She’d make sure that Lauren knew if Lauren hadn’t come to that conclusion herself.

Feeling a bit like the odd one out, Renee finally removed her top much to the delight of the other two women. Her breasts were a bit firmer than the slightly older ladies in the room and just like them proportional to her body.

All three women were now stretching their bodies while sweat oozed from their pores. To Renee it was a very erotic scene; two beautiful women stretching and posing in provocative poses which distracted her from clearing her mind, something Devina kept repeating.

Just as they were starting one of the final poses Lauren’s phone rang. With a grunt she got out of her pose and answered it. The ring tone was assigned to the restaurant and she knew she had to answer it. She left the room to talk as Devina and Renee entered another pose. When she reappeared she told them there was a crisis at Felicia’s that she had to deal with it. Renee asked if she should go but Lauren told her it wasn’t necessary. She and Devina should finish the session and she’d be back to get her for the evening dinner rush.

Renee wished her well as she and Devina returned to stretching. Lauren donned her top and went into the house to shower and change clothes. After about fifteen minutes Renee heard the car leave wondering what the tragedy was.

Devina secretly thanked her lucky stars to be left alone with such a lovely young woman. She then started doing more intricate poses which required her to ‘help’ Renee get into them. Her voice remained calm and soothing as she placed her hands on various parts of Renee’s anatomy getting her into the various positions. Her compliments on Renee’s flexibility and muscle tone embarrassed the younger woman.

Renee was enjoying Devina’s undivided attention; her hands seemed to spend a lot more time on her since Lauren had left for the restaurant. Every so often Devina would touch her in a way that would send a rush through her body. She was slowly becoming aroused and she hoped Devina didn’t notice. When she thought she might break down and excuse herself Devina ended the session, she told Renee to stand and they practiced breathing together once more. Renee thanked her, knowing Devina was a frequent guest she wasn’t worried about her being on her own at Lauren’s. Renee excused herself then went to the house to shower and change.

She’d gotten undressed and was adjusting the water temperature of the shower while thinking about how amazing Devina and the yoga lesson was. Recalling how Devina’s hands felt against her warm skin she knew she’d have to relieve herself while showering. Stepping in she grabbed her body gel which by now had become part of her masturbation ritual. This time however she was startled by the opening of the shower door. She froze upon seeing Devina standing there naked with a smile on her face.

Devina looked her over, “Mind if I join you?”

Renee stammered a bit, “Umm, well, I guess not. It’s not the biggest shower in the world though.”

Devina’s grin grew wider as she stepped in bumping into Renee on purpose, “I guess we’ll have to get closer then won’t we.”

Renee backed up a bit allowing the dark skinned beauty to join her, “I guess so.”

Devina slipped her hand over Renee’s removing the body gel from it, “Here, let me get your back.”

Renee turned allowing Devina to soap her down.

As Devina slid the gel over Renee’s back and shoulders she quietly began her seduction, “You did very well for not knowing a lot about yoga.”

Renee closed her eyes enjoying the touch of the taller woman., “Thank you, you’re a very good teacher.”

“The proper term is yogi, like the cartoon bear. I enjoy introducing yoga to such lovely and willing students such as yourself. I could feel your enjoyment as I helped you get into some of the positions. You’re a very responsive student Ms. Teacher.”

As Devina spoke her hands moved from Renee’s back to her front, wrapping around the smaller woman drawing her against her own body. Her hands cupped the younger woman’s breasts massaging them while making them slick with the body gel. Renee was powerless to resist as she leaned her head back against Devina’s shoulder. She felt the taller woman’s breasts against her back; the firm nipples obvious to her. They felt so good against her skin that all her replies to Devina’s words were nods and soft mumbles.

Devina kept massaging her new conquest delighting in her willingness. She pinched and played with Renee’s nipples until she got the desired effect of arousal. She knew Lauren wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours and the vibes she’d felt from Renee during their time alone were now being explored to their fullest. She knew Lauren had designs on her intern but they’d shared lovers before. Lauren might get a little upset that Devina had taken her first. They’d been friends for a long time and since this girl would only be here another month Devina didn’t feel much in the way of guilt seducing her.

Her hands continued massaging Renee’s slick body one on the breasts the other sliding down to her tummy. After a few moments Devina whispered to Renee to turn off the water. Renee complied reaching over and extinguishing the flow. Devina smiled as Renee returned to her arms and sighed.

Devina kissed the nape of her neck as her hands wandered further south to Renee’s trimmed mound, eventually finding it’s way to her vagina. There she continued massaging while softly whispering compliments to the aroused young beauty in her arms.

“When was the last time someone made love to you sweetness,” Devina inquired.

Renee sighed, “Much too long ago.”

Devina smiled, “We’ll change that soon, baby girl.”

Renee shivered when Devina whispered to her. Devina gently turned her around looking Renee in the eyes; she leaned in and kissed her new lover on her lips, lingering there enjoying the willingness in Renee.

Renee wrapped her arms around the bronzed amazon holding her tight as their tongues danced together. Devina shifted her weight placing Renee against the shower wall, her hands exploring the girls firm curves as they breathed into each others mouths.

Devina could feel the anxiousness within Renee. She broke their kiss to work her way down the girls body with her mouth. Kneeling; she cupped Renee’s ass in her hands then placed her face above Renee’s vagina, kissing her mound. She lovingly explored the girls body kissing and licking her way around her thighs, hips and tummy.

Renee was in heaven, it had been a year since she’d had a lover and with the close proximity of Lauren she only satisfied herself with her own hands. She’d missed the warmth and closeness of another human being against her skin arousing her and making love to her. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this with Devina and she hoped Devina wouldn’t tell Lauren but she needed this relief. Her yearnings for Lauren would have to wait. Right now she lusted for the bronzed goddess between her legs who seemed all to willing to satisfy herself with Renee’s body.

Renee spread her legs to allow Devina all the room she needed. Her knees were weak but not enough to think about. Devina was guiding her to the orgasm she’d hoped Lauren would have. They both excited her in different ways and at some point she hoped Lauren would make love to her also.

Those thoughts quickly vanished as Devina lapped Renee’s labia with her tongue. The young woman moaned as the tongue explored and probed her sweetness. Devina removed one hand from Renee’s firm ass. She pressed it against the girls thigh, one finger tracing a path up the leg to join her tongue between Renee’s legs.

Renee’s moans of delight grew louder as Devina placed one finger just inside Renee’s moist pussy. She then stood leaving her hand in place, fingers massaging the swollen clit.

She stood, slightly bent fingering Renee as she suckled the lovely breasts before her. Switching from one to the other she’d gently bite then tug a nipple, her tongue circling the aerola then repeat with the other breast.

Renee was biting her lower lip, her knees weakening with each tug and suckle. Her moans became words encouraging Devina in her actions. She was oblivious to the cold shower tiles against her back as Devina rapidly brought her to climax. When Devina slipped a second finger inside her body buckled as the rush of delight raced through her. She almost lost her balance but Devina steadied her as she writhed with delight. Devina’s fingering and nursing became more intense which drove Renee to the climax she’d been longing for. She tried gripping the tiles to no avail as her body responded to the stimulations created by Devina. With a massive shake she climaxed soaking Devina’s hand.

Devina smiled as she stood up to kiss her most recent conquest. Renee kissed her back nearly sucking in the older woman’s tongue as she did. They kissed for a bit longer Devina felt the tremors rock through Renee’s body as they eventually subsided.

Devina carefully extracted her fingers as Renee’s orgasm gradually simmered down. Her soft words of encouragement had added to Renee’s climax. Rarely had Renee been with a lover who knew what she wanted from the beginning. Devina hands and intuition were amazing just as Lauren has mentioned.

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