Cum Drinker – The Awakening Ch. 01

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(Part One) – “The Awakening”

My name is Jenny, and this is the start of my story. I am a cum slut. A semen slurper. Depraved and happy.

Like any teenager I’d dabbled and experimented with friends and boyfriends. I’d even had a few one night stands. The occasional blowjob. The occasional spot of anal sex. But I was always left wanting more. But never sure more of what?

This was my awakening.

It was my 18th birthday and my friends all came round to my house for a party. Not a big party, just my 10 closets girlfriends and there boyfriends, as well as my boyfriend. As it was my 18th, my mum and step dad had entrusted us to an empty house and had taken my little sister away for the weekend.

As the drinks we gradually started to lose both our inhibitions and a sense of morality. Quite quickly the party games took on a riskier tone. Truth or dare in particular was a good fun. Inevitably, and some what predictably with a room full of drunk young blokes and horny girls, strip poker saw us all get undressed. Some more than others. Some completely.

Once all the guests are naked (or not far off), there not many places a party can go. And an orgy was certainly not something any of us really new much about, or had any interest in. But there we were, naked, undressed and horny.

At this point my friend Kate told us about the soggy biscuit game and suggested a race. We would each fellate our boyfriends at the same time. When they came, we would hold their cum in our mouths until the last girl finished. For being the worst at blowjobs, she would then receive a snowball from each of the other girls.

Even then, I prided myself, as any self respecting girls should, on my ability to give head. But, my boyfriend was absolutely plastered. 5 minutes into the race 3 of my girlfriends were boastfully gargling their boyfriends cum. My boyfriend wasn’t even hard! Bastard.

Another 10 minutes passed by and now there were only 4 of us left slurping and sucking, including Kate. Kate had finished first, but despite the gargling and showing off, and despite not being fond of the taste of cum (she only ever spits), she’d nearly choked whilst gargling and swallowed the lot. Her own rules stated that the loser was the LAST one to be holding come in her mouth. So she had to go again. Her rules. And after swallowing cum – she did not look to be enjoying her second suck.

Suddenly it was just Kate and I left. I felt confident at last. My konya escort boyfriend was moaning a groaning. And the presence of a horny me on the end of his dick seemed to have sobered him up. The horniest odour hung in the room. 9 mouths full of cum, all warm and salty, and 11 soaking wet pussies. The smell was intense and I was getting really worked up. My jaw was aching and I really needed a good fuck. But I was determined. The smell was having the reverse effect on Kate. Having swallowed earlier, the smell was really putting her off, as was the thought of having to swallow again. 11 loads! I really wanted Kate to suffer. She was looking as though she would be sick at any moment and my boyfriend was really getting into his stride – I think in his drunken state he thought he was either a porn star or a cowboy. He was holding my pigtails and literally fucking my mouth.

The taste of pre-come was filling my mouth. The smell of come was filling my nose. I could feel my boyfriends cock pulsing in my throat…… not long. Any moment, and I would feel a hot jet of thick cum flooding into my mouth. Any second now. A second, and Kate would me wiping more than a smile from her face.

My boyfriends thrust became shallower and shallower. His breathing heavier and heavier. He suddenly slowed. Grunted. And grabbed my head. Holding my almost pursed lips around the very tip of his dick. Then the first wave covered my tongue. The taste was amazing. I’d always swallowed as he came. Kate’s advice:

“If you won’t spit, swallow quickly – don’t let the taste hit you.”

All of a sudden I was tasting cum. Hot, thick, salty, creamy. Full of texture. As thick jet after jet overwhelmed my tongue, I started to find different textures – some bits were really, really thick. Like custard. Other bits were almost watery. All of it fantastic. More cum. The jet had become thick ooze from the tip of my boyfriends cock. But he continued to cum. And cum. And cum……

I’d not seen him other than at college for a week, and this was the resulting backlog I guess.

It slowed to a dribble, but cum he continued to do. With my eyes firmly fixed on his eyes, I was mentally picturing him wasting away below the neck, as his body was filled with cum, and I was sucking all of it out of him. I couldn’t wait to see Kate’s eyes. I wanted to stand over her. Lean in. almost nose to nose. Look straight into hers eyes, then slowly open escort konya my mouth, Just a little. Just enough to let the cum run slowly, rather then dribble, from my mouth to hers.

Still more cum. My mouth was filling. And more come…

Her rules. No swallowing until all the come was in at the same time. Her rules. She’d been so smug. So confident of her abilities. Rightly so. She finished first. But she swallowed to early. The taste of come had gotten to her and she almost choked, almost vomited. But she’d swallowed. And had to blow again. Her rules. I couldn’t wait to see those eyes. Those pretty blue eyes as the taste of all those loads of cum hit her senses. And I wanted to add mine last.

And more cum…

I started to fantasize…..Kate was my best friend. My first proper kiss. Not done out of attraction. Or drunkenness. Just to practice. There s only so much you can learn kissing your arm. Now I really wanted to kiss Kate again. And now it was sexual. With all the cum in my mouth. The smell of come in the hair. I was horny. Actually I was HORNY. Really fucking horny. The thought of looking into the pretty blues as the last of the come left my mouth…cupping her face in my hands, then leaning in closer….smelling the cum In her mouth….and closer…..kissing cum covered lips….and closer….dipping my outstretched tongue into her cum filled mouth….and closer…..using my tongue to wipe any stray cum across her face and into her waiting mouth …..and closer…..planting my open, cum covered lips around hers and French kissing her whilst she swallowed all that cum.

Finally. After what seemed like an eternity. He stopped. The last couple of droplets fell into my mouth and he collapsed back into my dads favourite armchair. I turned smugly to return Kate’s earlier boastful gestures. But she was already facing me. The Bitch. Whilst my boyfriend had produced the cum load of his life, her bloke, having already produced one load, had produced a perfectly respectable second load. But, even though my man started his load first, Kate s man had finished his load first.

Her rules.

And behind Kate stood everybody else.

I took my punishment like the true cum slut it made me. Gargling. Blowing bubbles. My mouth filled to overflowing with hot, musty cum. I even reached up to each girlfriend as they emptied their mouths into mine, pulled their mouths to mine and French kissed them. konya escort bayan One or two pulled away, one or two savoured the moment. As for Kate. I made her wait until last. Forcing her to savour every drop of her boyfriends cum. Then tried to kiss her too. But she pulled away, stood tall over my kneeling body, then, in an act of drunken horniness, straddled my mouth……………………………

………………………………….I woke late the next morning, dried cum all over my lips and crusty snail trails led from the corners of my mouth down my cheeks and neck to my breasts. I was lying naked across my Dads armchair. The sound of my friends preparing breakfast and the smell of cum had woken me up. My friends were mostly showered and dressed and sitting in my parents large kitchen,. Someone had been organised. 8 places had been set around the large wooden table in the kitchen. 7 of my girlfriends were already seated. The other 3 including Kate were sat facing the table at the breakfast counter. The lads, all house trained, were tending to their girlfriends needs – cooking scrambled egg, pouring orange juice, slicing toast, bowling up cereal.

The 8th seat was for me.

They were all grinning and I could soon see why. Once I’d crashed out asleep, everyone had decided upon a special breakfast. The guys in particular had put in plenty of effort. And semen. The guys had worked through the night and into the morning preparing a breakfast fit for a cum slut.

Kate asked if I wanted cereal of scrambled egg. I chose cereal. Kate’s boyfriend tipped my cereal into a bowl, reached into the fridge and pulled out a small milk jug and placed them both in front of me. As I poured, thick chilled cum slowly spilled from the jug onto my cereal. I stopped in shock, as everyone roared with laughter. Kate said it had been the boys idea. So, not wanting to hurt their pride I poured. All of it. Onto my cereal. I even stuck my finger into the jug to sweep out the last drops. I stirred the mixture a little before putting the first cold spoonful to my mouth.

They say the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol. Something about a hangover being the body craving for more of the same. And I had a cum-hangover to cure.

Kate then poured me a black coffee and passed it to my boyfriend. Standing with his trousers un zipped and his cock in one hand already – I knew what to expect. The idea had obviously kept him worked up for sometime before the actual opportunity arrived. And when it did, it literally only took a couple of strokes before he was adding cream to my coffee.

I savoured every spoonful of cereal and every mouthful of coffee. Not only did each mouth full of semen remind me of the night before, but also of the possibilities that lay ahead.

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