Cassie Needs the Money

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“Jesus… er, Cassie, do you have any cash? My card is being declined,” Tom said, despairingly. Sighing, his wife Cassie handed him the last note in her purse. It was all she could do not to cry. They were in a desperate situation. No money to spare, only earning enough from Tom’s crappy new job to pay the bills and the rent. It wasn’t living, it was existing. They needed to do something and fast.

Getting home after the twenty minute walk, it barely seemed worth it. A few cans, some bread and milk, a bit of cereal. Nothing good to eat, just the completely bare essentials. It had to change.

“Look,” she said, sitting at the kitchen table, “We need to do something else. I know you don’t want me to, but … I’ve got to get us some money. I haven’t got time with the course to do anything, but perhaps I could do something small, just to give us some spending money, a bit of leeway.”

“I know,” Tom said. “But what is there? There just aren’t any jobs at the moment. Not even in places like that supermarket. What would you do?”

“I’ve been thinking… what about modeling? Or, er, porn?”

Tom’s eyes widened. “What? Seriously? No, I mean… you mean, like, having sex with other men?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to go that far, just like softcore maybe? Taking my top off a bit. It’s not something I want to do, but while I’m young and stuff, it might be ok money. And I’m fed up of eating fucking soup and bread.”

“I understand. Well, I’m not happy, I don’t want anyone else but me seeing you without a top,” Tom smiled, “…but, I guess we need the cash.”

For the next week, Cassie scoured the internet for anyone local who was doing that sort of business. Finally, she came across a site that seemed perfect. A few e-mails later and she’d agreed to meet the main photographer,

Michael, at a café in town. Cassie got there early, very nervous about what she was doing.

“Hi, Cassie?” a man said. She looked up and smiled at a handsome black man. He didn’t seem like the sort of type who’d make pornography. He was well-groomed, neat and tidy and clearly very physically fit. He was attractive too.

She felt calmer now, as she’d assumed he’d be a ‘dirty mac’ kind of lowlife.

“I’m Michael and, can I say, you look radiant,” he said, beaming a white teeth-filled smile at her. She smiled back and they talked for a while.

“I know you said you’d never done this kind of thing before and it’s ok, we get a lot of first timers. Some stick with it, some don’t, though I’d be confident in saying that far more fall in love with what we do than don’t. I’m thinking… yes, I think you could really get a buzz off our work. I can see a lot of potential in you, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“No, it’s fine,” she said, blushing a little. “Sorry, I’m just not used to people talking about me like that.”

“I find that difficult to believe, a beautiful girl like you,” he said. “Let’s talk business. Come to my studio tomorrow and we’ll do a few clothing shots, a bit of lingerie and then, if you want, some topless shots. Does that sound ok? Or would you want to do more?”

“More?” Cassie blurted out.

“Yeah, you know, naked shots, some pussy shots, that sort of thing.”

Cassie didn’t know what to say, other than to look surprised and blush strongly.

“Sorry, perhaps I went too fast for you,” he said, giving her that same disarming smile again. “It’s double the money if you do decide to go for those extra shots, so perhaps discuss it with your partner and we’ll talk about it tomorrow, ok?”

She agreed, but she knew what Tom would say. To her surprise, though, he was more receptive than she’d imagined.

“Well, I’m still not happy, but if you’re showing your boobs, does it really matter that much more if you show your … well, you know?”

To her, it did matter, but if he was happy with it, the extra money would sure come in handy. So there she was, in Michael’s studio, preparing to take all her clothes off. She was very nervous, but Michael was kind and considerate.

The lighting was all done and she stood in the middle of the set, which was your average bedroom environment.

Slowly she stripped, lots of photos being taken. As they went on, she got more into it, trying to show to the people viewing the pictures that she was enjoying it. Michael continuously praised her and urged her on. Soon she was topless, kneeling on the bed. Touching her breasts, she was urged to play with her nipples. As she did so, she felt herself getting samsun escort more turned on than she’d expected. Wow, she was actually enjoying this, she thought. Michael kept on urging her and she, reflexively, reached a hand into her underwear to touch her clit. Realising what she was doing, she stopped, shocked at her behaviour, but Michael kept on saying it was fine, just to go with the flow. Off went her skirt and her stockings until it was just her lace knickers keeping her from total nudity.

She’d gone this far, she thought, and she was definitely very horny right now, so why not? Standing on the bed, he hooked her thumbs under the elastic of her knickers and slid them down, exposing herself to Michael’s camera.

“Let’s see that pretty pink pussy,” he said, moving in closer. Cassie obeyed, lying back and spreading herself. Michael shot her in a variety of different positions and poses until, eventually, he handed her a gown and said they were done. She put it on and joined him next to the kitchenette unit for a coffee.

“You were great,” he said, pouring her a cup. “You’ve never done this before? Sure, you were nervous at first, but we got some great shots of your pussy. Tip though – lose the bush. People like that whole virginal thing. Bit sick perhaps, but you give the people what they want. How about… you shave your pussy and we do another session tomorrow? We can try a different outfit at first, change the setting, that sort of thing. Same rate.”

Cassie was eager to do so. She’d never shaved herself, but if it got her more work, what the hell? This had been easier and more enjoyable than she’d expected. Tom was delighted with the money and for the first time in ages, they treated themselves to a night out.

Weeks went past and Cassie was earning decent money. Things were ticking over, they were able to afford a few treats every so often and stress levels were lowering. Plus, she was enjoying it. Michael gave her digital copies of all the photos he took and Tom couldn’t stop raving about how gorgeous she looked.

Then disaster struck. Tom went into work one day and found out that he’d been laid off. It was through no fault of his own, but as he was the newest staff member, he was the easiest to let go to save a bit of money. In a black mood, he wouldn’t speak to Cassie that night. She was distraught. Where would they get their cash from now? There seemed to be only one thing for it – she would have to bite the bullet and ask Michael if she could do… more to make up the difference, but the way Tom was feeling, she thought it best to keep this a secret.

So, the next time she was due to go to Michael’s studio, she rang and asked him. For a moment, he was silent.

“I think we can work something out, sure,” he finally said, “but I guess I need to know what you’re prepared to do.

We can start small, see how you feel?”

She agreed, reiterating the fact that they were desperate for the money. Was that a mistake, revealing her desperation? Too late now, she thought. She just had to hope things didn’t go too far or she’d have to find some other way to get the money.

“Ok, so… would you be happy with introducing some sex toys to your shoots? Dildos, vibes, that sort of thing. It’s not really that much more than you’re doing now, except you’d be videoed masturbating too.”

“Um, I think so, I guess,” Cassie said. It wouldn’t be out of the question to do that, it was just what she was doing with the nude shoots, just with her touching herself. She could live with that.

“Brilliant. That’s good, I can tack on a bit to each shoot for that, but it won’t be that much more really. I guess if you really want to make up the shortfall we’re going to have to introduce another person…”

“What? No, I don’t think I can do that. I can’t, it would be cheating on Tom…” she said, aghast.

“Look, I can understand your misgivings, but here’s two things: one, you’ve got no money apart from what I give you. Doing a sex scene, it doubles the payment at the most basic level. Two, it’s just work, it’s not love or an affair.

You just get together with another person and do a scene, leave and take your money. It’s a job, like how actors have to do these things in Hollywood movies, you know? Except you actually get to have fun doing it, which is a plus!”

“Urgh, I guess, if you put it like that,” Cassie sighed, knowing he was right. How could she say no? Say no and get evicted? Or say yes escort samsun and have sex with a stranger? “Ok, I guess I’ll do it.”

“Wonderful, I don’t think you’ll regret it. I’ll do my best to make sure we get a nice atmosphere, friendly and so on.

It’ll be fine. Ok, so… boy or girl?”

“Er… what?” Cassie said. “I’m not a lesbian.”

“Well, virtually none of the girls in the industry are. Most people are bisexual, that’s why the guys don’t get bothered with all the dicks flying about in group scenes. Just sometimes first timers like to start with another girl. Perhaps it is more comforting being with someone of your own sex, I don’t know. But it’s up to you. If you want a boy, that’s obviously cool.”

Cassie didn’t know what to say.

“Look, I’ll call back in 10 minutes, give you time to decide,” Michael said. Cassie agreed, hanging up. She sat down and played the potential scenarios over in her head. She’d never thought about women sexually before, so obviously a male partner would be better… but wouldn’t that be more like cheating? Taking another man’s penis into her would be much more like she was cheating on Tom, right? She genuinely couldn’t decide and was still agonising about it when Michael called.

“Michael, I… I don’t know, I can’t decide,” she said, struggling to control herself. “I… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, dear, don’t worry, it’s ok,” he said, soothingly. “Tell you what… I’ll book a boy AND a girl, you can choose when you meet them, ok?”

“Um, I guess,” she said, wiping away a tear as she pulled herself together. “Ok, I’ll be over soon.”

As Michael hung up again, Cassie wondered if having both a girl and a boy there would be the best solution after all, but, well, it was done now. She’d at least be able to size them both up, see which one she liked better.

A while later she was ready and on her way to Michael’s studio. Nervous as hell, but more determined than she’d been on the phone. They needed the money and she’d do whatever it took to get it. Tom would see it was the right thing to do once he had a good meal in him, paid for with her hard-earned cash.

“Ah, there you are, I was beginning to get worried you might have had second thoughts,” Michael said, opening the door to his studio. The building was fairly non-descript, the front being occupied by another of Michael’s businesses, a taxi service. Occasionally Cassie had taken a taxi back home when the shoots had gone on longer than expected and she was tired. Something told her she’d be taking one back tonight too.

‘Actors’ went around the side to a blank door with a small sign reading, simply, ‘Studio Entrance’. Entering, she took off her coat and hung it on a peg next to the door.

“Come on in, dear, let’s get you comfortable,” Michael said, handing her a glass of wine and ushering her to the bed on which she’d performed her first nude shoot. She sat and sipped her drink.

“Guys, come in, she’s here,” Michael shouted. From the back of the studio came two people, a woman and a man.

Both were stark naked.

“This is Olivia,” Michael said, indicating the girl. She was stunning, long black hair cascading down her back, perfect breasts and an impeccably shaved pussy. Standing at nearly 6 foot tall, she was a tall, leggy woman. Cassie felt stirrings in her that she’d never felt before. Could she be attracted to this girl? The way she was feeling suggested she might indeed be. She realised her nipples were hardening and her pussy was beginning to get wet. God, what was wrong with her?

“…and this fine young fellow is Matthew,” Michael continued. Cassie looked at the man and, at least this time, her heightened arousal didn’t surprise her. He was an Adonis, like a sculpted statue of prime male flesh. Every inch of him was toned and muscled and, to her delight, his penis was long and thick, much bigger than Tom’s.

“Hi,” both of them said to her, big smiles as they moved to greet her. She nodded bashfully, trying to keep her eyes above the Equator. To her surprise, they sat next to her, close enough to be inside her personal space. She felt uncomfortable with them so close, but tried not to let it show.

So… which one do you prefer?” Michael said. Cassie felt like all eyes were on her, but she still couldn’t make a decision. Both of them were so attractive, she couldn’t say no to either. The man’s penis was stunning and she had to admit she really wanted it, but the girl, samsun escort bayan she was so, so beautiful and Cassie couldn’t deny how turned on she had got at the sight of her.

“Er… I think… um… oh, what the Hell… I want both of them,” she said, surprising herself. Michael was clearly surprised himself, but he played it cool.

“Is that, er, ok with you guys?” he said.

“Oh, I think it’s more than ok,” Olivia said, reaching up to Cassie’s chin and tilting her head towards her. Their lips met and tongues entwined, Cassie just letting herself flowing into the moment. She closed her eyes as Matthew began to caress her breasts, murmuring as feelings of pleasure grew inside her.

Without thinking, she opened her legs and two hands quickly slipped under her skirt and knickers. She moaned into

Olivia’s mouth as soft fingers probed her pussy and stroked her clitoris. Matthew slipped one then two fingers into her now soaking wet vagina, slowly stroking in and out. Olivia broke the kiss and began to smooch on Cassie’s neck, always a good spot for her. She bit her lip as the stimulation from all over her body began to overwhelm her.

Suddenly, she was being gently eased onto the bed, her skirt and knickers slipped off by Olivia. Her top was tossed aside and she too was naked. Olivia spread Cassie’s legs and dove between them, her mouth covering Cassie’s pussy and tongue lavishing it. Cassie cried out as the tip flicked her clit, one hand reaching to hold Olivia in that position.

To her right side Matthew now knelt, his prodigious cock demanding to be sucked and Cassie couldn’t resist it. Her mouth enveloped the bulbous head, all reluctance gone now her body was broiling with these new feelings. She moaned as her pleasure rose, Olivia ministering to her like, well, a pro. Her own rising pleasure was mirrored by her increasingly feverish sucking and licking of Matthew’s member. Out of control, she moved to his balls, smothering them with kisses and lavishing them with her tongue, hands gently stroking his length as she did so.

As her pleasure rose, she became less able to concentrate on Matthew, moving away from him and letting herself be enveloped in the wonderful sensations Olivia was forcing from her.

“Oh Christ,” he gasped as as she felt her orgasm approaching. “It’s amazing, fucking amazing…”

Her body bucked and thrashed as her first female-instigated climax exploded inside her. When it began to subside,

Olivia crawled up next to her and they shared a sloppy kiss, the other girl’s lower face still soaked with Cassie’s fluid.

“Ahem,” a voice broke their passion up. Matthew was kneeling below Cassie now, cock standing proud. “May I join in?”

Cassie and Olivia giggled and the former, all restraint gone now, spread herself. Knowing she was on camera, she urged him to fuck her.

“Come on, stud, stick your big cock inside my juicy fuckhole,” she growled. Her wish was granted as he pushed his thick penis into her. For the first time, she was having sex with a man outside of a relationship and it felt… well, exhilarating, to be perfectly honest. He was reaching places Tom never could, his length and thickness feeling so good as it entered her over and over. He pressed his body down onto hers, her legs instinctively wrapping around his back.

He kissed her and she lost herself in the moment. All thoughts of Tom or her normal life were discarded as he pounded her pussy. The kiss was broken and Cassie opened her eyes just in time to see Olivia’s smooth cunt descend onto her face. Greedily, she began to lap at the succulent opening, loving how sweet it tasted. It was so dirty to her, to be getting screwed by a strange man and to be eating out another women. So dirty it drove her over the edge, her second orgasm of the session more powerful than the first, tearing through her body and leaving her crying in pleasure.

Her pussy clamped down on Matthew’s cock, trying to milk it off its precious fluids and he cried out, unable to hold on. Before she knew what was happening, he was cumming inside her. Alarm bells rang in her head, but the pleasure she was feeling drowned them out.

Matthew collapsed off her, lying on his back as Olivia moved off Cassie and gorged herself on his shrinking meat, eagerly feasting on the mixed fluids of the two other lovers.

“So, Cassie,” Michael said, “I guess you liked that, huh?”

Cassie didn’t reply, she just lay there, chest heaving, smiling like she’d won the lottery.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Michael chuckled. “Oh, looks like we’re not quite finished yet…”

Olivia had finished with Matthew and was now between Cassie’s legs, who gasped as the girl thrust her tongue into her fucked hole, trying to taste the sperm that was oozing out of her.

“I fucking love it,” Cassie mumbled.

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