The Old Friend

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Ian was easily 60+, he was around 5ft 9inch tall with thinning grey hair and a pot belly. His trousers came to the middle of his ankles and his plaid shirt was taught around his stomach.

“That wa’ a good bit of food ayy,” he said to me, as I cleaned up around him. Every time I leant forward the lace of my shirt revealed more of my already quite showy cleavage. He stared obviously towards it.

“It wasn’t bad! Tried something new so I can’t complain,” I replied to him, busying myself with picking shrapnel from Christmas crackers off the floor.

We had just been to a mutual friends house for a boxing day lunch, it was a good atmosphere with general chit chat and good wine!

I took a large gulp finishing off what wine was in my glass and listened to the TV playing another holiday special with all the other guests talking through it in the next room.

There was about 5 minuets of me busying around the room until Ian said anything else to me, he stared all the time I was moving and took his chair to sit in front of the door while I had not noticed.

“What do you do with yer self then?”

“Oh I’m a trainee teacher, do much with yourself?”

“Oh not much really, I go into town to get the paper now and I see our June when I see her out n’t street like”

This nowhere-chatter carried on until I realized that he had moved.

“Erm, can I get past to take these glasses please?”

“Not just yet love”

I was puzzled at first, I just thought this old man was feeling stiff but after around 10 minutes I had to ask again, which I found odd to say the least.

“Keep cleaning” He said to me in a stern monotone voice.

“What?” I look to him annoyed and confused, the glasses I was holding I set back down on the kayseri escort table and walked up to Ian. “Excuse me please, I want to get by you.”

“No. Keep cleaning” Ian stood up and walked towards me looking me up and down, curling his lip up. He grabbed my upper arms so I could not move them from beside me. I was only an inch smaller than him but he seemed much bigger than me face to face. Ian’s fingers where like thick sausages – rough from years of obvious manual labor. “You’re lovely. I met lots of lovely girls like you when I was a young man. Do you have a young man?” He brought his face closer to mine, his breath was meaty and smelled of wine. Before I could get a word in he kissed me, if you could call it a kiss; wet lips pushed forcefully against mine.

“Look I don’t-” He did it again. “Ian!” After a third time he led me to the dining table and chairs and began to caress my neck and arms with his thick hands. I winced at his touch to begin with. He outlined my purple jumper and it’s lace trim all the way down to my tight blue jeans.

“You’re lovely. You are a beaut…” he breathed into my neck and down my top. “Fucking hell lass, let me have ye.”

I didn’t speak, I could feel my nipples grow hard and muff swell. It had been a long time for me and a small part of me longed for a quick fling with an older gentleman.

“Listen, I don’t know” I whispered to him “Not here, Ian, I can’t here.”

We spoke about seeing each other at his house later that night. I regained my wits and carried on cleaning. I went to leave shortly after and Ian called to the hosts that he was going to leave because he felt tired, I said I’d drop him off – poor cover I know.

The drive was silent and not kayseri escort bayan once did we exchange glances or touch one another. Just an awkward drive through the night. We got to his old terraced house and I helped him inside. He swiftly locked the behind me and pulled to close to him by my wrists. “Fucking hell lass” He kissed me and I kissed him back this time. My pussy had been throbbing since leaving our friend’s house earlier. We made out clumsily while I fumbled in the dark to undo the buttons on his shirt. I rubbed my hands all over his soft hairy chest and moaned into his mouth. I could feel his cock growing hard under his trousers. It felt thick and nice in size.

“Can we go somewhere comfy?” I asked him, I tried to be sexy but I didn’t do it well.

He laughed at me “Ayy, we’ll get to bed then”.

I followed him upstairs and sat him on the bed. Ian grunted as I started to strip in front of him. Slowly I took of my shirt and sat facing him on his lap, kissing his neck and face. “Fuck, Ian, fuck” I couldn’t string a sentence together, the anticipation had built up so much and I didn’t know why.

We undressed each other, kissing slowly over each new part of the body we revealed.

“I bet you know about giving me a nice time, lass ayy?” Ian growled and pushed my head towards his lap. His cock, as I thought, was thick and a pretty average length. I popped my mouth around the purple bulbous tip of his penis and sucked genitally. We moaned together as I began to take more of his member in my mouth. He pushed my head down and I bobbed on his dick. He became even harder in my mouth. At this point my quim was quivering and sopping wet.

I looked up to Ian’s face and could see his escort kayseri eyes rolling back into his head as he moaned loudly. I took his cock from my mouth to catch a big breath. He put his hand under my chin and guided me up to his face again. I stood up with Ian and he pushed me onto the bed. He towered over me, his hairy pot belly casting a shadow over my body. He came down to meet my pussy with his face.

He grabbed my thighs and bit me, I yelped but he didn’t let up.

“Taste me!” I gasped as he rubbed my clit clumsily. To my surprise he didn’t! He leveled his cock to my pussy and slowed put the tip his. I couldn’t catch my breath before he pulled his tip out and kissed my face. He pushed his tip into me again and made himself go further. I yelped and he pulled out. This continued until he filled my vag all he could.

Ian did not have a steady rhythm and just slammed into me for his own gain. He flipped me onto all fours and grunted like an animal as he ploughed me. I realized this wasn’t going to be what I wanted but felt like I couldn’t stop now. I knew he was getting close to the edge because he slowed down and took longer strokes inside me. “Ian come on my back!” I instructed him, but he was too focused on the task at hand. He slammed into me again and again and again, his grunts getting louder and deeper.

Ian came hard and fast inside me. I was shocked and tried to protest by pulling away but he kept himself inside me, pulling my hips onto his. He scooped under my pussy and rubbed my clit hard as he came. “Ian, I said-” He slammed me hard with his cock as he rubbed me and made me come. When he slid out of me I just lay on the bed. I felt nothing.

Ian stood up and wiped his cock on the shirt he was wearing earlier and went into the bathroom across the hallway. I got underneath the quilt and blankets on Ian’s bed and looked around the room. I could tell he was once married and had kids – they were probably older than me and I bet he knew it.

Ian got in bed beside me without a word. He let me snuggle up to him in bed but there was an awkward air in the room…

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