Crush Ch. 03

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It was a long wait through an already long Monday before it was time to meet Natalie at the high school where she worked as a history teacher. Her text message the day before had been brief and to the point; enough so that I was sure to bring along a few packets of condoms, as there was a good chance of using them sometime that evening.

Her idea to meet at the school was intriguing, to say the least. We obviously couldn’t risk anything at her house again, although coming within seconds of getting caught by her husband in the backyard was as big a thrill as I’d had in my life. I was in town for the high school reunion and had only a few more days before I had to get back to Phoenix. My hotel was a good 20 miles away, but I would’ve asked her to meet there if she hadn’t beaten me to the punch.

The school was fairly plain from the outside, just your average brick monstrosity, sprawling over a couple of acres. I pulled up at 4:15, so the place was mostly deserted except for a few kids out on the football field and the stray teacher walking to or from the office. I found the office quickly and realized that there was no directory of which room was which. That meant asking the secretary where Natalie’s room was. I thought it might do to have some reason for visiting her, so I said I was an old friend coming by to help her with some cleanup, which wasn’t entirely untrue, anyway.

The secretary, a prim older woman with a wicked stare, gave me an odd look and directed me to room 12, up on the second floor.

Before knocking, I glanced through the small rectangular window in the door and saw that Natalie was indeed inside. I could only see her backside as she kneeled down in front of a cabinet on the far side of the room, but, of course, that was enough. She had on a longer skirt this time, beige and tightly cut around her fabulous hips. A tight white sweater topped off the ensemble. It wasn’t until she stood up and leaned over the counter top that I could see that she was wearing smooth white hose as well. As she leaned over and to the left, I noted the way the sweater bulged as her large hanging breast filled it out.

I suddenly realized I was already hard as a rock, standing in the hallway peering through the window. Before someone hauled me away, I figured I’d better get inside. I knocked softly and saw Natalie turn quickly, those green eyes instantly finding mine in the window. A brief smile flitted across her face and I got a wonderful view of her shapely form walking toward the door. Those enormous tits looked even bigger in the white sweater, and a strong bra kept them from moving when she walked, but also pushed them up and out towards me. I noticed then that she wasn’t wearing any shoes at all, only the white hose.

When she opened the door, there was only time for a brief “Hi” before I found myself kissing her passionately, backing her into the cabinets. The feel of those firm tits pressing into my chest was amazing. Almost instinctively, she reached down and grabbed my straining cock through my jeans, as if to reassure herself that it was ready to go again after the other day. For my part, I was running my hands all over her tits over the sweater, preparing to send them down to her waist to see what was waiting under that skirt. I got my right hand under her thigh, luxuriating at the feel of the soft stocking, and she was beginning to wrap her leg around the back of mine when she suddenly pushed me back, nervously glancing through the small window.

“Ummm, we can’t do this right now, unfortunately. Most Escort bayan of the people around here know my husband enough to know that you’re not him. If we’re seen I’m most likely out of a job.”

My heart sank, as I had been envisioning the heightened sensation of having sex in a classroom with the imminent possibility of getting caught, and it didn’t bother me a bit.

“Don’t worry, though,” she said, noticing my disappointment, “In a little while everyone will be gone except the janitors, and I think I know how to dodge them.”

Well that was certainly a better prognosis.

“In the meantime,” she said, straightening my collar, “would you mind actually doing me a favor?”

“Anything,” I smiled.

“I need a six foot folding table for class tomorrow, and the janitors will most likely forget to bring it in. Could you go over to the gym to get me one?”

“Sure,” I said. “Not a problem.”

“They’re in the storage room between the male and female locker rooms. Here’s the key.”

I took it and turned to go, but she stopped me with a quick and frenzied tongue kiss that set my cock twitching in my pants. I could already feel some wetness forming in my underwear as the pre-cum was released.

I only passed two people on the way through the halls to the gym: an older male teacher that may or may not have noticed that I was walking a bit funny, and a pretty brunette student that smiled shyly as she passed by. I resisted the urge to turn and check out her ass after a few steps, though I was so horny at this point that it took everything I had to avoid it.

The gym reminded me a lot of the one at my high school. Rubber floor, movable bleachers, that constant scent of sweat and exertion that never saw a decent fresh air breeze. The place was deserted except for two girls engaged in a half-hearted one on one basketball game. Probably juniors by the look of them. They had identical blue tank tops and shiny navy blue gym shorts on, and while not dwelling too much and not wanting to stare at underage girls, I did notice that the blonde was fairly attractive, while the shorter redhead was more average looking but with a toned body. They took no notice of me as I moved along the wall toward the locker room entrance. There were several doors between the locker rooms, so it took me a few tries to find the one that my key worked in. Inside I found a dark but fairly large storage room packed with chairs, tables, wrestling mats, and even some football tackling sleds. I couldn’t find a light switch, so I left the door open for some illumination from the gym. As I was moving some mats out of the way, I noticed a beam of light coming from the wall about two feet off the ground..

‘Is that what I think it is?’ I said to myself. ‘Naw, couldn’t be.’ Sure enough, bending down to take a closer look left me staring through an inch-wide hole directly into the girl’s locker room. It was like looking through a sort of tunnel, so from the other side the hole must have been sandwiched between two lockers or cabinets so as not to be very visible. ‘Must be something only the janitors know about, since it’s in a locked storage room,’ I thought. Unfortunately for me, the locker room was empty, and I was about to turn away and grab the table I needed when I saw some movement through the hole.

From a door in the back of the locker room came a cheerleader in full cheer dress. Dirty blonde hair, tight figure, smooth tanned legs. She had her back to me and was closing the door when I noted that the outfit was cut exactly Bayan escort the same as the one my high school had featured: down to the red and gold coloring. I got an even bigger shock when she turned around and I realized that in fact it was the same outfit, and that Natalie was the one wearing it.

‘Oh…my…God,’ I thought. Maybe I even said it out loud. At that moment my cell vibrated and there was a delayed text from Natalie that said simply, “meet me in the girl’s locker room.” Now I knew what she had been planning all along: a re-enactment of the fantasy I had drooled over for years, and that apparently she had shared as well.

I made record time getting out of that storage closet, leaving the table and scooting next door to the locker room. We faced each other across the room, which was lined with lockers on each side, and featured two long wooden benches in front of each bank. Natalie was simply stunning. Her hair was curled and styled as I had remembered it, and if anything she looked better in her old uniform than she did as a teen. She wasn’t as chubby as she was in high school, but still filled everything out impressively.

“Surprised?” she asked, smiling in flirtatious way.

“To say the least,” I answered.

“I went and dug this out after the reunion last week. Can’t believe it still fits.”

“Oh, it fits all right,” I gushed.

I used to have this fantasy,” she purred, “that you would follow me into the locker room after the game and…well, you know…”

“Of course I know,” I said. “I had the same one about a thousand times.”

“Well,” she said, spinning around and showing me the whole costume. “Now we get to see what might have happened, I guess. You might want to lock that door behind you.”

I just nodded and turned the bolt.

“Soooo, what would you have done first?” she asked.

I decided not to tell her about the peep hole, since she probably had no clue about that. Still, that would have probably been first on my list in high school. I would have watched her undress from the hole, paying little or no attention to the other half naked cheerleaders in there with her. I would have jacked myself off in that storage room, imagining her in the shower, soaping up that beautiful ass, and…Hey, maybe there’s another hole in the shower room? Wouldn’t put anything past a perverted janitor.

I had to snap out of my reverie, because, after all, the sexiest girl in the world was standing in front of me in her cheerleader uniform, asking me what I wanted to do to her.

“First, I think I’d sit on this bench and have you do a little modeling for me,” I said finally.

“Sounds good,” she agreed.

I sat down on the long wooden bench in front of her and she giggled as she turned slowly around. The burgundy skirt was cut about halfway up her thighs, and was trimmed in gold around the edges. The tight burgundy top bulged out with her breasts and slimmed around her torso. I once again marveled at the fact that this woman had given birth to two children and still had a belly as flat as a pancake. She had on white sneakers and thin white ankle socks, which set off the tan of her legs. As she stood in front of me and facing away, I reached out my hands and touched her smooth calves. She turned at the waist and looked back at me with a purely seductive look. My head was even with the back fabric of her skirt, and I could smell the perfume and linen scent of it.

‘My God, what does she have on underneath that skirt,’ I wondered. In high school, Escort it was burgundy colored panties. I knew this from watching intently for the occasional high kick on the sideline of the football games. My curiosity was satisfied a second later as she slowly bent over forward, the skirt rising up until I could see just the lower curve of her ass cheeks and the mound of her pussy, which was indeed covered by burgundy panties, only this time it was a thong, which was definitely not standard issue on the high school squad. I caught just the slightest whiff of the scent of her pussy, which I was now thankfully and blissfully familiar with after tonguing it the day before. She was obviously turned on from modeling for me, and was getting wet already. Needless to say I was almost painfully hard, and had been for the better part of an hour.

I ran my hands slowly up the back of her legs, her thighs, and finally to her ass, resisting for the moment the urge to bury my face in her crack. This teasing stuff was too good to end so soon.

She moved away, turned around and sat on the opposite bench about 8 feet away, her hands pressing down on the front of the skirt as she opened her legs wider. She leaned down and unlaced each shoe, removing them until she was sitting in her white socks only. Slowly, then, she lifted the skirt until I could see the front V of her panties. A small spot of wetness had appeared where her slit would be. Now she reached up and began to lift her top up, revealing first her tanned, smooth stomach, and then the white lace bra that barely held her massive jugs in place. Her nipples were hard and poking through the lacy fabric. She lifted the shirt over her head and dropped it behind her.

I decided I was definitely too far away, and dropped to my knees and began crawling across the floor toward her. She responded by opening her legs a bit wider, and I crawled right between them until my face was even with her crotch. I began slowly licking and kissing each thigh, starting from her knees, until my nose was touching the fabric of her panties and her scent was overpowering. She shuddered as I placed my lips directly onto her panties where they covered her clit and began licking her through the soft covering. Her legs closed around me and I felt her place them over my shoulders, her stocking feet rubbing up and down my back. The heat and the scent of wet pussy was intense. Her skirt had fallen over my head and I was under it completely, my tongue moistening her panties from her clit down to her velvet opening, which was fast becoming soaked from her own juices. My hands moved up to her bra-covered tits and massaged each one. She helped by sliding the lacy fabric down and releasing her left breast from its confines, guiding my hand to her rock hard nipple. She let out a soft sigh as I massaged it with the fingers of my right hand.

Her sighs grew louder and more frequent as we made a soggy wreck out of her underwear, my tongue pushing the fabric into her pussy hole and then darting back up to her engorged clit. I could tell she was close to exploding as her legs tightened around my shoulders and her hands grabbed my head through her skirt, pushing my face further into her crotch. Slowly she rocked her pelvis up and down and came in a quiet torrent, flooding her panties with her juices and almost suffocating me.

It was then I noticed the pain in my knees from kneeling on the concrete floor. It was also then that I realized that I may not have locked the door to the storage room in my rush to get out of there.

As I lifted Natalie’s skirt and brought my head out into fresh air, I quickly glanced over at the hole, which was indeed nestled deep between the last locker and a cabinet and could have sworn I caught a quick movement from it.

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