Mom’s Birthday

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This past year has been a tough one for my mother and I. My Dad died just a little over a year ago and our finances suffered. Mom had to find a job and I had to put off entering college. I got a menial job and began to contribute to our existence. Mom’s birthday arrived and I managed to squirrel a little money aside. I went out and bought her a necklace. It wasn’t the greatest piece of jewelry but it was all I could afford.

When the day came I presented the necklace to my mother. When she opened the box she began to sob.

“You shouldn’t have wasted your money, Seth.”

I told her she deserved a present for all she had done for me. I took the necklace and stood behind my Mom and placed it around her neck. I hate to admit it but I was able to look down and see her cleavage clearly. My Mom had big tits and I couldn’t avoid looking. Once I had the necklace snapped in place I kissed my Mom on the neck. She turned around to look at me and then I kissed her flush on the mouth.

Mom got this face on and she stood up and ran into her bedroom. I didn’t know what to do. I was so horny right then. I know you shouldn’t be thinking about your mother that way but we had gotten so close of late. I went to my bedroom and I stripped down. I had to do something. I began to stroke my cock with my hand. All the time I was thinking about Mom. What would it be like to have sex with her. I got myself hard and then I got up from the bed.

I walked down the hallway and stood at Mom’s door. What should I do? I tried the door and it opened. Mom was sitting on the bed. She was just in her bra and panties now. She looked up and saw I was naked. This was it, I needed to act now. I walked bahis siteleri in and stood in front of my mother.

“You shouldn’t be here like that,” Mom told me.

I didn’t say a word. Mom was staring directly at my dick. That much I was sure of. There was a silent pause and then my Mom reached out and took my cock in her hand. She began to softly stroke my dick.

“Suck on it, Mom.”

My Mom looked up at my face and then down at my cock. Mom slid closer to me and she opened her mouth and drew my cock in past her lips. I hadn’t had sex in such a long time. Her mouth felt so good wrapped around my rod. Mom started to go down on me. She was down to the root on almost every suck motion. I put a hand on the back of her head to urge her on. Mom must have gone on for a few minutes or so and then she pulled off.

I reached over and unsnapped her bra. Her tits came tumbling out. They were lying on her chest and her brown nipples were erect. I then urged her to lie back. Off came her panties and then I joined her on the bed. I spread Mom’s thighs and I lowered my face to her muff. I guess you could say I just went crazy. I was lapping at her opening. sliding my tongue up and down her gash. Mom was moaning loudly now. There was no doubt she wanted and needed this.

I found her clit and I started biting on it. That really sent my Mom over the edge. Her pussy was drenched in juices now. I had to have her. I pulled away and got onto my knees. My Mom’s face said it all.

“We can’t do this, Seth.”

Oh yes we could. I took hold of my dick and I pressed my mushroom against her opening. When I entered my Mom she let out this whimpering canlı bahis siteleri sound. I pushed in and out until all seven inches of me were inside my Mom. I fed her my cock and Mom placed her thighs around me. I was like a madman possessed right then. I sped up my fuck strokes and our pubic mounds touched ever time I entered her. Her tits were bouncing on her chest. I lowered my face and found a hard nipple.

I was chewing on one nipple then the other. My Mom was getting into it, that much I was sure of.

“Oh God Seth, fuck me hard!”

I went hard and deep. My balls were hitting my Mom’s bottom. She was mine now. There was no turning back. I drove my prick into her right up to the hilt. Mom’s pussy was going into convulsions. It felt like a fist was gripping me and then letting go. I pounded my mother hard that evening. I know we went a long time until I felt my nuts starting to pinch. I tried to hold off for as long as I could but I was so worked up.

I probably should have pulled out but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I grunted and then shot my streams of cum into my Mom’s voracious cunt. When my Mom felt my hot spray hit her pussy she went wild. Her pussy muscles were holding me tight. That made me cum even harder. My tank must have been topped off that night. I pumped my dick into Mom and she milked me of every hot drop of my love cream. I almost hated the fact I got soft.

When I could no longer stay erect I pulled out. There was this popping noise and then my love cum came spilling out. There is nothing hotter than watching your cum dripping out of your Mom’s pussy. Mom pulled me into her body. She held me tight güvenilir bahis and we kissed each other. Mom finally let go and got up from the bed. She stood up and went to get herself cleaned up. When she returned her pussy lips were all red.

“I haven’t made love like that in a long time, Seth.”

I knew there would be more where that came from. Mom took hold of my dick and she started to lick me with her tongue. I didn’t think it was possible but I began to get hard again. Maybe that is what Mom had in mind. She then mounted me and slid her pussy lips across my cock. I couldn’t take much more of that. I got my dick into position and I pushed up. I slid into my Mom so easily. There was still cum inside her and it was just like lube. I shoved my cock up into her tummy and Mom dropped down onto my cock.

We got into a nice rhythm and I took my Mom’s pussy one more time. This time was better. I was able to reach up and fondle her big breasts. I squeezed them hard and my Mom had more orgasms. She actually squirted her juices onto my dick and belly. I had never experienced anything like that before. I just couldn’t hold out. I was able to fire more cum into my Mom’s pussy. It was like I flipped a switch and my Mom turned into this slut who needed fucked badly.

When I went soft my cock felt so raw and sore. Mom got off of me and we held each other for the longest time.

“I know what we did was wrong but I couldn’t hold out any longer,” Mom said to me.

Even though times were financially tough for both of us, we continued to be lovers. When we both get home from work we hit the sack. We have tried almost every position available. I love to have my Mom on all fours and her tits are dangling to the bed sheets. I ram her hard that way and she howls every time I thrust my dick into her wet pussy.

I don’t know if we will ever get back on our feet financially but it doesn’t matter as long as I can have my cock deep in my Mom’s pussy.

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