What Did You Say?

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I don’t know if I should relate this story as it happened to us or if I should write it for the readers that weren’t there, you know, all that past tense, present tense stuff. It’s a true story though so I just apologize in advance for screwing up the tenses but hope you can enjoy it anyway. If it hadn’t just happened last night, I’d have spent more time on it but I needed to get it down on paper.

* * * * *

I don’t know if it was a shock but it was certainly not something I ever thought I’d hear her say.

Bianca and I had been out to dinner with some friends that were visiting from Europe. It was about 10 p.m. as we walked across town to the parking garage.

“Let’s go to one of those strip joints…”

“what?” I asked her… “you know. A topless place…” Fact was I didn’t know any, I hadn’t been to one and had no idea where to look, I was open to the idea of finding one although exceptionally shocked that she’d asked me point blank like that.

A guy joined us on the edge of the kerb, waiting for the walk light, I asked him if he knew where the nearest topless bar/strip joint/gogo place was… he was polite but assured in his “no” reply.

I looked back at Bianca who was clinging to a lamppost laughing out loud…”what?” I asked her…”you jerk” she replied… “only you would ask a gay guy…”

” I didn’t know he’s gay, how the hell do you know he is?…”

“you stupid fool” she chided me as she flagged down a cab then wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I figured she had a sense for these things and let it slide as she told me how she loved me, still laughing as she scooted over in the back seat.

The next five minutes passed very quickly, I laughed at myself and with her without knowing why, we were having a good time. The cab deposited us at a place we’ll remember as “our Saturday club.”

We were met at the entrance by a huge bouncer, he took the required cover charge and we descended the stairs still laughing for some reason that I don’t recall and probably couldn’t if I tried to, I think we were just happy and laughing!. We were met at the bottom of the stairs by a hostess. She escorted us to a small round table close to the stage and about 20 feet from the bar. She asked us what we’d like to drink before retreating to get the same. On reflection, the hostess was drop dead gorgeous but when your date belongs on the front cover of every magazine ever published, one tends not to notice these things.

It was just a minute or two before she returned but it afforded me the chance to ask her what we were doing here. “I just wanted to explore the first steps” she replied… “explain please…”

“well, we’re forever talking about another man, another woman, another couple or whatever, I just thought it might be cool to find a place that we would be allowed to look at other people without feeling obligated…” all was clear, I understood and agreed… “besides” you added “I want to see how you would react when another woman is in your face.”

I think she’d shocked me like this maybe twice in all our time together but it was usually well Escort bayan planned, I gave the customary choking, chest beating reaction, it was enough but not enough, I somehow knew she had more in mind.

The first minutes had passed, we relaxed a little, the hostess came back with drinks and a pile of dollar bills that would have been better positioned under the fourth leg of the table.

Sensing that I had no idea about the rules or etiquette, the hostess was kind enough to explain the way things worked… Dollar singles, two’s or anything more were appreciated, a lap dance was thirty five, the champagne lounge was about one fifty with a cheap Moet or up to six hundred if we were in need of Cristal.

It seemed as if Bianca would not stop giggling, almost as if she was more comfortable here than I was, upon reflection, she was, she was enjoying my embarrassment but more than ready to lead me out of it.

It was now that we actually began to look at the dancers, I leaned back more in the chair, relaxed a little bit, she clearly felt and enjoyed my relaxation. I gave appreciative glances and spent liberally, we squoze hands as we watched the dancers, that meant a lot to me, we whispered to each other and kissed lightly, after about four dancers I began to ask her what she liked about each one. She was easily encouraged to slip them the dollars, she told me how she liked their breasts, the way they danced, the shape of their bodies and as we leaned closer together her hand came into mine, I asked her what she would like to do with them… The floodgates opened, she described every rude, crude, sex filled thought that men have ever had about being with two women. Now it was all my treat… her hand led mine to my crotch, almost beneath the table but certainly not obviously…as the next dancer approached us, she left it cradling my cock as she handed over a generous tip… “I know you’d like to fuck her darling…but tell me how…” Ordinarily I’d have choked but we were on a different plane now… I looked deeply into her eyes and replied curtly but explicitly…”I’d like to fuck her doggie style while she eats you…”her small hand attempted to crush my big one as her eyes closed slightly… “I’m getting so fucking wet” she announced it matter of factly, I didn’t react, leaning back a little further I put an arm around her shoulders and motioned to our hostess. As I did so I took in a panoply of men, all there, all alone, the staff were almost exclusively women, the clientele was all male, except for Bianca.

The hostess returned with our drinks, I asked her if they took Amex, of course they did… “may we go to the champagne lounge please?”

“Of course, who would you like to go with?”

I pointed out one girl and asked Bianca to choose the other, as she caught the gaze of several of the girls it was as if they were all longing to be chosen, she looked back at me, put her head against my neck and whispered that she didn’t want three girls to one man… I understood immediately, was I stupid for even asking? Either way, I managed a fumbled acknowledgement and we moved on.. ” what would Bayan escort you like Darling?…”

“the guy all alone by the corner of the bar…”

“go get him then”

“you sure”

“I’m sure if you’re sure”

“I’m not sure”

“I think you’re sure, you’re just not confident enough to ask him”

“That’s what I wanted to explain” I motioned to the hostess, she was close by, waiting for some decisions…I asked her if she’d be kind enough to arrange for the stranger to join us in the champagne lounge…she was happy to at least try to oblige, she suggested that we took the stairs and that she’d take care of the rest, we took the stairs.

We arrived upstairs and were shown in to a cozy room, two oversized sofas and a coffee table but not much else beyond the music that was pumped in from downstairs. Our champagne was brought in by the leggy beauty that I’d spotted downstairs, she was stunning, she looked as if she belonged in dreams, maybe she did or does but on this day she was with us and sharing our own dream, I instantly thought about fucking her and knew before my heart made the next beat that I wanted Bianca more than life. The only questions concerned whether or not Bianca wanted me to fuck this woman, whether she wanted to fuck her, whether she wanted to share her, what she wanted to do with the stranger from the bar etc. etc..So many questions, I needed to let go of all of them and take the ride to wherever it ended… Our hired help was clearly happy to be making whatever she made on such occasions. She closed the door a second before the stranger opened it. He came in and announced his surprise at being invited up here, he introduced himself as Ted, the girl introduced herself as Erica… he and she seemed genuinely friendly and potentially good company, it turned out to be that way… a tap on the door and the hostess was there with four champagne flutes… She returned my Amex card and asked if I had an upper limit on the spending. I asked her for twenty five thousand in cash and told her that I’d sign the bill if she could bring it back. I was thinking that maybe we’d spend a couple of grand but I wasn’t going to be embarrassed into signing multiple bills and I’d be happier to redeposit the cash the next day.

It was Bianca’s idea and by now it was her night. We settled back on the sofa as Erica began to dance for us, Ted helped himself to champagne, lost his jacket and tie, then his shoes, he relaxed completely and then for some unknown and stupid reason, he insisted on sharing the tab. I told him not to even think about it, that we were here to party and that the tab didn’t matter. He laughed and leaned back, Bianca let go of herself as Erica entertained the room.

Biance lifted her right knee out wide on the sofa and hiked her dress up over her thighs to her waist, she leaned in to me, grabbed my hand and placed it on her right thigh, she is so fucking gorgeous to behold but feeling her makes me know that blindness would be acceptable.

Her thong barely covered her pussy but it was all too easy to push against it as Erica danced before us. She let her Escort head fall back and her eyes fall forward on Erica, my fingers circled and chased whatever feelings her pussy needed to find. About five feet away and directly opposite us, Ted was controlled in his own attentions to Erica, she gyrated herself, leaned herself towards us as her cunt displayed itself in Ted’s direction. (I hate the word “cunt” but sometimes I can’t find the appropriate substitute and on those occasions “cunt” is just fine.)

The music turned her around and now it was our turn to see her. It was as if she flowered before us, thin slips of lips, thin streams of wetness and then her fingers danced on her snatch… she opened herself and all I wanted to do was fuck… Bianca’s legs opened wider, her hand undid my zipper, her tongue was being bitten between her teeth… Erica was hairless, totally bald, her ass was bald, her pussy was bald, her sex was perfect, lips full, lips to suck, fuck and remember forever… She opened them and inserted a finger as she danced before us… She reached out her arms to Ted’s thighs and bent herself at the waist… I stared at Bianca, she was there but lost, fingering herself now, two fingers appearing and disappearing rapidly inside her pussy, the thin lace covering her snatch pulled to one side… she caught my gaze “fuck her” she said through glazed eyes…

“did you just tell me to fuck her?” I asked…

“yes” she made it clear. Erica’s hands were busy releasing Ted’s cock as I stood. My pants dropped, I held her hips and impaled myself inside her dripping wet sex. Two strokes had me deep. She felt so fucking tight…hot, wet, like home…She rode with me but it was never going to be a long affair. I came inside her as Ted came in her mouth. I thought for a fleeting moment that I would have liked to cum forever as Bianca watched me, how I might have liked to pull out my cock while still cumming and offer it to her… I’ll keep hold of that thought as this time it was just not meant to be… However, there was a lot of cum and she hungrily thrust backwards to meet every stroke but her own orgasm was a long way from close. With weak knees I fell back into our sofa, Bianca looked at me and then fell into my lap, she sucked the cum and pussy juice from my cock and almost kept me on the right side of erection for about three minutes.

Erica turned to us with Ted’s cum dripping from her lips, the smiles we offered told her that whatever she had in mind would be just fine… She approached Bianca, amazingly she straddled Bianca’s face and this beautiful woman of mine finally got to drown inside a pussy. I watched as Ted watched and as the girls seemed to scream together I responded with an almost motionless agreement to Ted’s stare… he went down on Bianca as Erica fucked Bianca’s face… It was precious to see, to witness, to be a part of but their screams were amazing, Erica’s orgasm probably shook the dance floor downstairs, as I recount this tale I see it all so vividly and know how unforgettable it will always be.

That was the beginning, things went on for about two hours but the shock of the initial reality was what made that evening so memorable, Erica said that she wanted to stay there forever, Bianca said that she wanted her bed, I said that I needed to pay the bill…Ted said not to worry, he owned the place.

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