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I’m working as a bank manager in kerala many people from different sectors of life comes to me everyday and I was very much interested in passing loans to women I ‘m a very horny person and my cock is up all the time with full of energy in my office I had a clerk who was very beautiful her name is Julie she was very sexy and often made me mad with her naval she is 25 ripe and I’m 27 she often comes to my cabin and have chat about the bank and other business very often I get to know her more and every day I see her beautiful body.

We were friends and chatted often she told me that her marriage is going to be arranged and she would be having her engagement soon I congratulated her she was a happy girl from that day but my desire for her grew once we were alone in my cabin I got hold of her by her hips softly from behind as she was heading for the exit door I caught her hips and put my finger into her naval hole and kissed her neck from behind she was actually needing it from me she did not protest my hands went yalova escort inside her blouse and explored her breasts which had become rock hard my lips devoured her lips and entered her mouth licking all the saliva from her mouth she took her hand to her back and held my cock from above my paints and squeezed it I was in heaven after some time of pressing kissing and licking we departed

From that day on this has become a daily routine she would often come to my cabin and enjoy one day I lifted her saree and pushed my dick into her pussy it was hard to get in as we were standing but I managed to make it up I fucked her nicely in that position another day I fucked her ass in the strong room then I was having a plan to have her fucked for a day I choose a Sunday for that and invited her to office she came up and we kissed each other and I slowly pulled her saree down to her ankles. She kissed me hardly on my lips pressing her tongue into my mouth I made way for her edirne escort and licked her tongue down my throat. I took off her saree and I slowly pulled her panties down past her ass. I stared lovingly at it for a second before sliding her panties all the way down her silky legs and tossed them aside. I leaned into her and ran my tongue over her love triangle. I then began flicking my tongue over her pussy lips, I made her lie down on the floor which was now covered with bed sheet which I bought I crawled between her legs. Her bushy cunt was quite a pleasant change I stuck my tongue into the curly hair and began exploring. The hair was soon matted down enough to reveal the features of her pussy She began to moan as I traced circles around it with the tip of my tongue. I slid my tongue out of her and searched around until I found her clit. I licked around it, flicked it with my tongue, and then covered it with my lips and began to suck. I ran my tongue up and down the slit erzurum escort and zeroed in on her fuck-hole. She grabbed my hair when I stuck my tongue up inside her. I licked up one side of her pussy and down the other side all the way to her ass-hole. I encircled her clit with my lips and slowly pulled off. Her chest began to heave and she began humping her pussy against my mouth. I gently rolled her onto her belly. I slid into her I fucked my Julie’s pussy real slow and then a little faster, and then slow again. I kept changing the pace and it was driving her crazy. She felt so good. Her cunt was very hot and wet. Each time I drove in and out of her, she became hotter. Her pussy was so hot it felt like it could burn my man-pole. I pulled my cock out until just the head remained in, then I drove it into her as hard as I could. Then I slowly pulled it back out, this time I completely removed it.

Then I gave up my thing in her mouth and asked her to lick it she licked it for some time mean while I was finger fucking her hard she came many times and at last she made me come into her mouth. She licked all my semen now her marriage is fixed and she is still continuing with me when ever I get a chance I will fuck her I don’t care whether sitting or standing or lying

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