Autumn’s Twilight

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She was a portable riot looking for a place to happen. Autumn; the elegant gale wind that swept through my life at one end as gently as a lamb then blew out of the other with the roar of a lioness. From the very moment our eyes met our fates became inescapably entangled. The Classroom was 2 tons of excitement stuffed into a 10 pound bag on that bright October morning. Colorful Ghouls, Ghost, Witches and Vampires were pinned to various parts of the wall to ring in Halloween. It was a day of magic that gave an entire class of 2nd graders the power to summon alter egos and persona hidden deep within. No longer did children fill the large class room. It had become a hall of justice for leagues of Superheros, a great crypt for monsters and a holding cell for all types of natural and unnatural animals. The energy was raising to a shrill pitch as the parade drew closer and closer with each movement of the clock on the far wall. We could all hear the drums mixing with the clamor of talking parents and onlookers gathering outside.

The large, sugary, orange cookie sat on a napkin staring up at me. It was just a doppleganger that had taken the shape of a jack-o-lateran with a toothy grin from ear to ear. It was a weak attempt at deception. No matter what shape it took as a big red heart, a brown turkey, a green christmas tree or even a four leaf clover, it was still the same damn cookie tasting the same damn way. I sat amongst my fellow monsters, the only feral Werewolf surrounded by Jason, two Freddys, A dozen Vampires, and several other bizzare creatures. We we’re planning our attack against the heroes at noon day recess, our numbers were large and our kung fu was strong. We knew they knew that we we’re coming for them. Across the class they all sat with identical cookies the same as our own. 3 Supermen, a Batman and several other heroes whispered their plans to one another in conspiracy like tones.

Then the Universe threw a curve ball and tethered us to one another. A tall, East Indian man walked into class wearing a rather expensive looking suit. His skin was darker then even my own, which seemed strange considering I was told to mark “Black” when filling out survey’s. He had thick eyebrows, a strong clean shaven chin and his jet black hair was tied back into a long tail. He walked through the class with his head held up and his back straight as an obviously proud man. Beside him with her small hand within his larger hand was a short, slender girl. Her skin was a soft shade of mocha, and she had thick, jet black hair just like her Father. It was tied up in a similar fashion but kept back out of her face by a deep red ribbon. She and her father walked pass our table but all the other children were too busy to pay much attention.

Our eyes met for a moment and we smiled a shy smile at one another. They continued through the class until they reached the large, deep mahogany desk of Miss Sanders. She was a young, attractive blonde who’s passion for children made her physical beauty pale in compare. She rose from her desk dressed professionally in a deep blue blouse and a dark skirt highlighted by dark nylons. Her light blonde hair had been tied into a bun and her classes rested upon her nose when they shook hands and began speaking. I couldn’t hear them over the class and I suddenly, desperately wanted to be known what was being said. The girl at his side looked around nervously with two, large brown eyes. After they had finished speaking her father kneeled kissing her on the head then speaking to her for a little while. Then as quickly as he entered, he briskly turned and left leaving the girl behind to join the class.

“Class.” Miss Sanders called over the cacophony of plots, conversations and over all jubilation. All the eyes of the class room turned upon the little girl and our teacher. The weight of all those gazes made the girl’s eyes tear up but her cheeks remained dry. “We have a new student, her name is Autumn Sita. Make her feel welcomed.”

There came a song of giggles, hello’s and other assortments of greetings. The excitement was much too much to hold everyone’s attention and they all fell back to talking to one another. I couldn’t look away from her as the teacher told her to find a seat before going back to her own desk to grade papers. Autumn looked around for several moments before she caught some sort of unseen and unheard beacon. Out of all the empty chairs of the class she some how found the one by me and took a seat.

“Hi.” Autumn said nervously. When she spoke her slight, British accent was alien to my ears.

“Hi.” I said back just as nervous. My Mother had taught me that you should smile when greeting others so I did as best I could.

“My name is Autumn.” She said before smoothing out her blue dress lined with white lace. “What’s yours?”

“Azazel.” I blurted quickly. “But…but everybody calls me Zel.”

“That’s a funny name.” Autumn laughed a little.

“Do you have a custom?” I asked curiously.

“No.” Autumn said sadly. “We just moved here.”

I didn’t know how to ask or how to offer and for a moment I considered tuzla escort backing off. Autumn looked so sad sitting as a normal girl amongst so many superior characters. The magic some how passed her by and that began to make me sad for her. “Want to share?” I finally asked with so much fear.

“How…how can we do that?” Autumn blinked curiously at me.

I couldn’t find the words so I picked up the mask and gave it to her. Autumn looked down at it and the slowly a smile began to spread across her cherubic face. When she rose those deep, brown eyes to me I could see the spell had been cast. “Thank you.” She whispered shyly.

“She’s with us?” Brandon asked quickly from my right. He was a green, grinning skeleton with a sword.

“Yep.” I said brightly to him.

“Cool! We got another monster in our league!” Brandon slapped his hand on my back. He was also African American but a little lighter then me. “We are going to kick their butts out there today!”

From that day on it was Brandon, Autumn and me. They were my best friends and I was theirs. I don’t know what it was about that girl with the big, brown, sad eyes but I felt the need to defend and take care of her constantly. I fought for her on the school yard when someone would pick on her, I walked her home after school. Soon we began even playing together on the weekend.

Teachers even knew that Autumn, Brandon and I were inseperatable. Over our years together others joined us and left. Autumn and me often tagged along for Brandon’s crazy ideas. Like the time we tried to build a plane. The time we wanted to see if you could really tame a dog like Crocodile Gundi by pointing your pinky and thumb at it, which effectively got us chased by a massive Mastiff. When we played doorbell ditch, egged a teacher’s car, lit a firecracker in the library, and even went into the sewer looking for an Alligator. Once we waited for a staff meeting at the school when all the cars were parked outside in the lot during the 6th grade. Autumn had taken a porno mag from her Father’s drawer and we tore pages out placing one explicit scene after another under their windshield wipers. For the three of us the time growing up together was spent in fits of laughter, watching movies, strange accurance, and trying to best each other in one video game or another.

The years marched on as we continued a one way track to madness and music. Our group shrunk and grew over the years, going from three to four, to five, to eight, and then down again to six. By our senior year in High School we had all changed so much. Yet some how we remained each other’s soul mates. Brandon had become a crass, outgoing and even a bit arrogant. He was a running back for the Colts, our high school football team. He took to wearing the latest fashions and hanging with mostly the in-crowd. Brandon was very good at his chosen sport and there was a definite scholarship in his future. He stood at 6’0 and had become very broad shouldered. Most girls thought he was very handsome if even a little arrogant, but Brandon just loved having a good time like the boy I grew up with. He was still impulsive and very impractical. His Father owned 4 successful restaurants and it gave them more then a comfortable income. It was early August when Brandon was given a deep red Mustang for his birthday. Autumn and myself had about fallen over when it pulled out of the garage. On a summer night that will infinitely live in my soul; Brandon, Autumn and myself drove around with the top down listening to music. We listened to a song called Pulse for most of the night along with 2 Pac, DMX, and a bunch of R&B. It lasted until the sun touched the sky chasing away our night like it was just a dissolving, wonderful dream.

I was lower middle class but it never bothered me. However, what did bother me was when I was suddenly cursed with Manic Depression. Hell was dark and hot, I could never find the door out no matter how hard I tried. I had become somber, withdrawn and often ditched class refusing to deal with it all. I was considered very gifted because I painted and wrote very often, but I couldn’t care less. I began wearing all black and even found a pair of heavy, motorcycle boots. I was all angst and rebellion, I found rock, goth and metal then abandoned most of rap or hip hop. It was all pretty cliche but nothing is ever cliche when your the one doing it. I use to run for the school track team before that ebony ghost stole all my hopes or cares. I stood at 5’11 and was slender muscle compared to Brandon’s frame. Against my Mother’s better judgement or wishes my Older Brother shocked me when he brought me a Motorcycle. A maroon, Honda that was built to mimic the more expensive and much loved Harleys. Beggars can’t be choosers, and I wasn’t even remotely going to complain. I was finally allowed to ride after classes and some training, it was one of my greatest moments. Autumn and Brandon stood by cheering when I started the engine and put on the helmet with a dark visor. They were always there to cheer me on in more ways then one…

Autumn had blossomed to göztepe escort a stunning woman when we all reached 18. She had become curvaceous. More of a rebellious Lilith then an pious Eve. She was a slender but not a fragile looking waif. Her hips flared and her breast were fairly large with a slight natural sag. Autumn was woman as she was meant to be before fools began listening to men designing woman’s clothes and being told to starve themselves back into reverse puberty. Autmun’s facial features were exotic, angular and very feminine. She had well defined cheek bones and large almond shaped eyes that often appeared mysterious and always a little sad. There was something mysterious, deep and and passionate about Autumn. Yet even in her elegance and mystique there was something wild, fierce and free in her. Autumn often wore long, flowing skirts, sweaters, dress pants and blouses. Black, Purples, Grays and deep Reds were her favorite colors. She had a small silver piercing in her nose and her right ear had been pierced with silver rings all the way to the top. Autumn was infamous for her black finger nail polish and lipstick. She stood at 5’7 with wavy, jet black hair that fell past her tail bone. She wore a lot of strange jewelry and before long it was said she praticed Witchcraft, it was just a rumor but I and Brandon knew it was true. Autumn was an only child and her Father made just as much as Brandon’s. However, her Father and Mother didn’t think she was mature enough for a car.

We all had groups we hung out with at school but we always had each other after school. We were there for all the good and bad times in each other lives. They were there for me when my Father died, or when Brandon’s house caught fire, and when Autumn’s parent’s got a divorce. If there is a Heaven then for me it would be riding around with those two, just going to movies and hanging out. I loved the two of them deeply. It was too perfect to last. Maybe it was Karma and we had to pay for all the good times we had…

I started dating a girl named Alisha during my senior year at High School. She moved from the violent jungle of Oakland to the calmer suburbs of Union City. I had once lived in Oakland but it was long before that. Alisha was a light skinned girl, tall and slender from playing basket ball almost all the time. She had these mischievous, gray eyes and sandy brown hair. How we started dating is beyond me. She was into R&B, Rap and things like that. It was considered being Black, as she and others would put it. I never knew that White, Black, Latino, Asian and other people had to act a certain way to be accepted as what they were by birth. I guess I just wished everyone would just be a personality and not a color. It was all crazy talk. Alisha use to say she liked me because I was different. It was probably mostly the rumors. I was popular mostly because of acting out and having an explosive temper, but I wasn’t accepted. There were rumors of witchcraft and satan worship surrounding me, none were true. I just really loved the color black, had bad eyes in the sunlight and kept to myself mostly.

There was one thing Alisha did often have in common though. We both enjoyed fucking and would find time to do it one way or another. Alisha was a very attractive girl though she often wore baggy clothes to hide her very athletically tight body. She stood 5’8 and was mostly slender, carmel colored legs.

My Mother, two Sister’s and me lived in a Townhouse in a very good part of the city. It was a community of retirees and families. No one was home and me and Alisha was putting those two hours to the best use we could. Me and Alisha often wasted little time with four play, we we’re ready enough by the time we would reach my or her house from school.

“Goddamn! Fuck! What’s gotten into you today, baby?” Alisha breathed out between moans. Her slender back was arched as she rest upon all fours atop my bed. I held her slender hips tightly in my hands while I was literally fucking her senseless from behind. I couldn’t tell her what had gotten into me because I didn’t even know. I spent most of the day feeling her up and kissing her passionately any time I could still an unnoticed chance. By the time we reached my place I was dying to fuck her. There was an audible slap of flesh each time her firm ass would meet my pistoling hips. Her soft, carmel brown skin was glowing with a soft sheen of sweat, her B cups swayed and jerked hypnotically. Her muscles tensed in her thighs and back. We could hear the faint but constant slurp of her sopping cunt as it sucked on my rigid cock. It was a beautiful sight to keep me focused on nothing but her. I watched the way Alisha’s very tight ass would tense and shimmy when it collided into my hips. Below I had a perfect view of the way her hairless, light brown cunt lips as they surrendered willingly to the pillaging. Those nearly dripping fold would grip at my dark, veiny, thick shaft. The soft lips would slip inward as my cock buried itself to the balls inside her then slip outward revealing its delicious, soft pink, clinging seam each time üsküdar escort I pulled out. My entire cock was wet and glistening with her hot, slick juices.

There was no feeling on the world like fucking here back then. When we were going at it like that I forgot all my problems. Alisha was beginning to moan louder as she lowered her upper body to the bed and rose her ass a little higher. I didn’t think I could penetrate her any further and yet she proved me completely wrong. I gasped causing her to groan low with satisfaction. I felt her hot, gushing walls begin to tense along with the rest of her body. Her fists tightened in the black covers and she began to shove back into each stroke. Her snatch began to slowly squeeze like a velvet fist. Our lustful act picked up speed and she some how grew wetter, hotter and all the more wanton. I felt her pussy began to spasm and she opened her mouth in a silent cry. Her eyes tightened and she pulled at the sheets, Alisha’s body jerked making her thrust out of rhythm and out of sync with my own. I loved when Alisha would cum.

She gasped, moan, mewled and moan out of control. Plus her pussy became so sensitive afterwards. I kept her by her hips and continued to plow deep into her. I slowed down pulling my rigid cock out nearly to the deep, brown head then slowly sliding it back in as far as I could. Alisha gasped each time I tortured her with slow, intentional strokes. It wasn’t something I knew by instinct, it was something she had asked me not to do one day while we fucked on her couch. She tried to speak but lost her words with each stroke, I slide one hand under her tight belly, brushing my finger tips over the faint but very present muscle and buried my eager hand between her slightly damp thighs. I found her clit between those swollen lips and began to grind the hard little button in tight, slow, firm circles. Alisha bucked moaning loudly as she was beside herself, neither of us cared who heard at that point. I began to grind my aching tool deep into her drenched, clenching cunt with vigor.

“Oh god! God! You fuckin bastard!” Alisha called out shivering. The pleasure had become so sharp it was nearly painful. Her slender, cat like body would shudder and jerk sometimes when a particularly sensitive area was brushed and pressed.

“A bastard that is fucking you.” I said while still grinding deep into her sensitive pussy and rubbing her burning clit. She felt so good, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Fuck you.” Alisha challenged with a breathless whisper.

“Say you’re my slut.” I demanded firmly as I began to fuck her at a quicker pace. It caused her back to arch and another silent cry pierced the air. Alisha looked almost dazed in her lustful, wanton state. The slurping of her tight, cunt being invaded over and over again was much louder. It felt so good.

“No!” She challenged again. “No! I’m, I’m n..not your fuckin slut!”

“Fine.” I said literally trying to hold back. I knew she was enjoying the game, she always did. I rubbed her clit a little faster and I felt her box tighten in response. Alisha squealed before looking over her shoulder at me with pure lust. “Say it.”

“Okay! Okay! I’m your slut! I am your fuckin slut! Give this horny bitch a good fucking!” Alisha mumbled almost unable to talk. It happened suddenly and it was a first. Suddenly she jerked hard losing her rhythm again. Her voice came out in high pitched, breathless squeaks that was barely passing her lips. She closed her eyes jerking harder. “Oh shit! Oh fuck! God! Oh God!” She said over and over. It was like every muscle under her carmel brown skin suddenly tightened until completely tensing. She was cumming a second time and much harder then the first. I couldn’t stand the sudden rush of liquid fire and clenching of her burning pussy. I grunted, closing my eyes just as I felt my balls began to empty deep into her pussy. Alisha was on the pill and we took full advantage of it. Probably not the brightest thing now when I look back.

She rolled and undulated her body gracefully as she felt the hot, thick cum pumping into her depths. I grunted causing Alisha to shove her hips back and grind her ass deep against my pelvis. My dark hands held her light brown hips, and I was able to feel the bones just barely. We must had grind for some time before I finally had to pull out of her and Alisha lowered herself onto the bed with a contented sigh. Before long she rolled over onto her back exposing her secrets fully. Her eyes were closed and her full lips were parted as she tried to catch her breath. Her sandy brown hair were in two pony tails for some reason that day. They sat heavily upon the dark sheets off the bed like woven ropes of perfection. Her swan like neck tilted her head back leading to her pronounced collarbone. Her firm, light brown breast were topped off by dark brown areolas and perked nipples. Each time Alisha took in a breath her ribs became momentarily visible an down further was the obscure trace of her tightened stomach muscles. Just below her small naval was the horizontal evidence of an old, nearly inch long scar. Alisha had narrowed hips leading down to two very long, shapely legs. The soft brown lips of her cunt were completely smooth. Their puffy, glistening petals were open surrendering a lewd and very delicious sight of her pink, well used seam.

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