Assassin Ch. 03

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—to all of those who sent me feedback and wanted me to continue with the story, here it is, I hope you all like it and continue with the great constructive criticism.—Selene

Dawn was just around the corner and the birds started to stir. Silence had fallen over the forsaken lovers and the world seemed to stop. They were asleep; the only noise in the home was the ticking of the clock on the wall and the soft hum of the ice machine in the kitchen. Lena was the first up and she climbed out of bed. Her feet hit the carpeted floor and she stretched them slightly before walking. Christian was still sleeping and did not even notice when she got up. Lena walked over to the closet and shuffled through the clothes, yawning at some of the choices. That was when she saw it. There was a silver case at the top of the closet. It was past the shoebox, and she really would not have seen it if it were not for the sun coming through the blinds. She slowly reached for it and only after standing on her tiptoes did she finally get it. She listened for Christian, sat on the couch, and opened the case. Inside, was a gun and shiny silver bullets that were next to it. Lena thought for a second and left the case on the couch. She left the room and came back with a cloth from the bathroom and a towel wrapped around her body. She picked up the gun, wiped off her fingerprints and loaded it. Then she left the case on the couch and walked into the bedroom. She watched Christian, still asleep, with hair falling in his face slightly and the sun beaming on his chest. Christian was about to have a rude awakening. When he heard the click of the gun, he woke up and jumped at the sight of the gun in his face.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked looking at her. She didn’t say anything in response. He eyed her body and then he eyed the gun.

“Don’t do it Lena.” He replied seriously fearing for his life. Lena began to lower the gun when she felt a hand stretch across her stomach. The feeling sent goose bumps down her spine. She glanced over her shoulder and then felt a gun in her back.

“Do it.” Antony whispered threateningly into her ear. Lena was ready to fire when she hesitated. Antony then took it upon himself to finish the job. He removed the gun from her back and shot Christian four times right in the chest.

“Aaahhhh!” Lena screamed sitting up in bed. It had been another dream. Christian was startled awake and he pushed Lena’s hair back to get a look at her terrified face.

“Jeez, are you alright?” he asked rubbing her arm and pulling her into him.

“No…” Lena pushed him away and sat at the edge of the bed. Christian kept his distance for a second and then began rubbing her shoulders.

“What’s wrong?” he asked kissing her shoulders.

“I have the feeling that Antony knows I haven’t killed you yet.” She stood up and walked into the bathroom. Christian ran his fingers through his hair and walked in after her. She was running bath water and she turned to look at him. It was midmorning and Christian looked at the clock. 10:30.

“What should we do?” he asked kneeling in front of her. She was sitting on the side of the tub. He looked at the striking difference between his white tub and her creamy ebony skin, he found himself thinking if that was how it looked when they fucked. Him being white and all.

“I don’t know.” She replied shaking her head. She stopped the water and unplugged the drain. She sat there for a minute thinking and running her fingers through her hair. Christian started rubbing her legs and pulled her down to him. His hands calmed her incredibly. Lena wrapped her arms around his neck and began rubbing the back of his head. Their breathing started to increase as their hands explored. He put one hand between her legs and the other on her breast as he put the nipple in his mouth. Lena’s head fell back as his mouth totally enveloped her nipple. Christian sat her on his lap, his hardened penis nestled between them. Lena, biting his ear and scratching at his back ground her body against his causing him to moan loudly in response.

“Make love to me.” Lena panted and Christian obeyed. He laid her on the floor and began kissing her entire body. She closed her eyes and shivered when he touched her inner thigh. Christian nestled himself between her legs and entered her slowly. After a few seconds, Lena looked into his eyes.

“I’ve changed my mind, FUCK ME!” Lena pushed him off her and mounted him. His grunts and groans signaled a nearing climax, but he held on. Lena could be a kitten when having sex but then she could be a tiger…she was a tiger right now. Lena started grinding faster and then she would stop, which told Christian she was about to come. As soon as the orgasm ripped through her body, he couldn’t hold out any longer. Her walls gripped his cock and pretty much strangled it.

“Uh…ugn….uuhhhh!” Christian came soon after and without missing a beat he pushed Lena on her back and held her legs in his arms picking her lower body off the ground fikirtepe escort as he was on his knees.

“Come again.” He said pushing into her. Lena moved her hips in circles pausing shortly, as he would hit her spot. With each push, she would push into him sending him deep. Soon, the lovemaking ended as Lena arched her back and came finally relaxing onto the floor.

Hours passed as the two of them lived what seemed to be a semi-normal life. Christian walked into the bedroom and used the phone. Lena was in the kitchen cooking chicken enchiladas. When Christian returned she asked.

“Did they believe you were sick?” she asked getting the cheese out of the fridge.

“No, my boss kind of heard us the other day, he just told me to show up tomorrow and be ready to work.” He laughed in reply. Lena turned bright red.

“So, he only heard the good parts right?” she asked becoming concerned and putting the bag of cheese back on the counter.

“Yeah, he sounded supportive. He said you sounded hot.” Christian picked a slice of tomato from the cutting board. Christian sat in the kitchen and watched her as she cooked dinner for them. When she placed the enchiladas into the oven, she closed the door and turned around to find Christian standing behind her. She did not say anything to him, she could tell what he wanted. He began walking towards her, forcing her to walk backwards and into the wall. When she stopped at the wall, she never stopped looking into his eyes. He began to breathe heavier and slowly began touching the baggy shirt of his that she was wearing. Every now and then, she would close her eyes and suck in her breath. Christian’s hands found her erect nipples and he playfully slid his hand over them, never making contact for more than a second. Lena sighed deeply and he grabbed the bottom of the shirt and pulled her up. Bracing her body against the wall with his he reached down, and released his cock and pushed up and into her. Lena gasped at the sudden entry and let her legs dangle over his arms. He had her in the perfect position she couldn’t do anything but bend to his will. He pushed further and further into her and all Lena could do was open her mouth expecting sound to come out, none never did. With each thrust, he grunted and groaned until he exploded inside of her. They rested for a moment and then he let her down. She was tiny compared to him and her head fell into his chest. He wondered if he had hurt her in anyway but she said suddenly.

“That was brilliant.” Lena wiped the hair away from her face and walked into the bathroom to wash up. Christian stood at the bathroom door and watched her.

After dinner, Lena and Christian decided to sleep and in the morning, they would do something about Antony. As they got ready to go to bed, Lena became uncomfortable about getting in the bed.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked climbing in.

“It’s not safe to sleep in the bed.” Lena replied pulling the sheets and pillows off and placing them on the floor.

“Okay, we can sleep on the floor.” Christian replied helping her make their bed. Lena, now wearing another shirt was beside him and fell asleep in his arms.

“You bitch!” Antony yelled running in with henchmen in tow. Christian and Lena were still lying on the floor. She had pulled the covers up to cover her beasts.

“Antony!” Christian yelled as Antony ran over, and grabbed Lena by the hair and pulled her towards the door.

“Kill him.” Antony said as his groupies unloaded on Christian. Lena didn’t watch and Antony pulled her to her feet and led her into the kitchen.

“Do you want me to fucking kill you?” he asked putting his gun back in his pants.

“What?” she replied stepping back into the fridge. Antony pulled a knife from a drawer and walked over to her.

“I specifically asked you to handle this. You didn’t…you disappoint me so.” He replied getting very close to her. Lena stood there starting to cry as she looked over his shoulder and saw the other men dragging Christian’s bloody body out of the room.

“Christian.” She sobbed almost in a whisper. When Antony saw her reaction, he thrust the knife forward and into the soft flesh of her stomach.

“AAH!” Lena screamed and sat up. She frantically felt her stomach and found it still to be solid. Christian, awake looked at her and knew it was another dream. The two of them sat silently and Lena suddenly got up.

“What are you doing?” Christian asked as she turned on the bathroom light blinding him shortly.

“I have to make it look like we struggled.” Lena knocked over glass vases and turned over tables.

“Why?” Christian asked lying on the floor, those rigorous sex sessions left him tired.

“So Antony believes me.” Lena ran naked into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. When she returned Christian was filling the tub with hot water. He saw Lena with the knife and backed up.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Cut me.” She replied handing him the knife.

“No.” gebze escort he replied giving it back.”

“Look, if he sees I’m injured and there’s blood everywhere, then he will believe me when I tell him that I killed you.”

“I won’t.” Christian folded his arms.

“Fine.” Lena holding the knife in her left hand cut a deep gash into her right arm.

“What the fuck!” he yelled grabbing a towel and putting it on her arm.

“I’m sorry.” Lena said stabbing Christian in the side with the knife. It didn’t go deep, but he started to bleed.

“Lena!” he yelled. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Lena put on one of Christian’s shirts and told him to be quiet. He did, trying to ignore the blood poring from his side and getting everywhere. Lena looked into the peephole and Antony was on the other side with a gun in his hand. She returned to Christian and told him Antony was outside the door. Christian started yelling and breaking stuff.


“Bye lover.” Lena put in flailing the knife around splattering blood on the walls. When he heard the yelling he smiled and put the gun away. Lena returned to Christian kissed him passionately on the lips and pushed him into the tub.

“Play dead.” She said rubbing her blood on her face and letting it drip down her legs. Before Lena opened the door, she picked up the knife.

“Hello.” Antony said as she opened it. He saw blood and tears all over her face. Then he saw the gash on her arm.

“Is he dead?” he asked looking in and seeing a bloody scene.

“Yes.” Lena dropped the knife at his feet. She was waiting for him to say something when she felt dizzy and fell to her knees. Antony grabbed her and tried to pick her up when he noticed her paled ebony complexion.

“I have to get you to a hospital.” Antony scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his car. Before he left he walked back into the loft and into the bathroom looking for the body. There he was floating in the blood-filled tub. Antony smiled and left.

While in the hospital Antony stayed by her side telling every nurse and doctor who asked, that Lena was his fiancée. He sat down by her bed and watched her. She was ignoring him and flipping through the television channels.

“Are you going to ignore your future husband forever?” he kissed her hand and she jerked away.

“You are not my fiancée. I hate you.” Lena said simply as Antony stood up, grabbed her neck with both hands, and began choking her. The alarms and bells went off as her heart beat rose and a nurse ran in.

“Oh my, what’s going on?” she said as Antony let her go and started rubbing her hair.

“Thank goodness you came, my baby here was having trouble breathing.” Then a cop walked in.

“Is that true ma’am?” he asked her.

“Um, yes, I was…” Lena started coughing. “I must’ve swallowed my water wrong, he was helping me.” Lena smiled at them through teary eyes. When the cop and the nurse left Lena started crying silently.

“Baby, I’m sorry, you know how I get sometimes. I’m sorry.” He touched her tear drenched cheek and she nodded slightly. Lena turned away from him and curled up in her bed sobbing. Antony, feeling bad left her alone and went home for the night. Lena didn’t move until she heard another man walk in her room. She turned over, saw Christian walk in, and shut the door.

“Christian, is that really you?” she asked.

“Yes, it is. How are you?” he asked caressing her cheek. She knew this wasn’t a dream and she tried to sit up to give him a hug.

“Take it easy.” He replied lying her back down.

“How’s your side?” she asked.

“It will heal…I sent a cop friend of mine in here to talk to you, I guess Antony was here.”

“Yeah, he tried to kill me.” She replied wiping a tear from her face.


“Don’t worry Christian, I’m okay as long as I’m on these monitors.” She smiled and touched his arm.

“I hate to tell you this, but, in order for us to get him, you have to go back in.”

“I can’t.” Lena said, accent apparent. “He’ll kill me, you do understand this don’t you!” Lena started hyperventilating.

“Baby calm down.” He sat down.

“I can’t…don’t make me…” she started crying. Christian shook his head and said.

“We’ll have a wire on you…”

“He’ll find it.” Lena interrupted him in a panic.

“Well, we’ll put one in your purse or something.”

“You do realize that if I go back we will have sex.” Lena said as Christian put his head down and nodded.

“I won’t want to, but Christian, he would kill me if I said no.” Lena put her hand on the back of his head as he looked up at her.

“I understand.” He replied as he suddenly heard Antony’s voice down the hall. Christian, not having a way out ducked behind the bed as he walked in.

“Baby, I’ve talked to the doctor and I can take you out of here. Let’s get you dressed.” He smiled handing her a bag of clothes. Lena, içerenköy escort using all the strength she had at the time, opened the bag and sifted through the clothes. When she found what she was going to wear, she looked up at Antony.

“Do you mind? It’s only polite to let a lady dress in private.” She said as he smiled and walked out of the room. Christian came out from behind the bed and helped Lena get out of bed.

“Baby, I love you so much…” he started to say something else but she stopped him.

“I know, I love you too.” She replied trying to get off her hospital gown.

“Marry me.” He asked looking into her eyes.

“No.” she replied.

“What?” he asked crushed.

“When you same me from Antony, ask me then.” She hopped off the bed. Christian shook his head and helped her get dressed quickly. He touched her ebony skin and slid his finger from her neck, down her shoulder and onto her belly. Lena held her breath trying to concentrate on his hands touching her. He pulled her into him, slowly clasping on her bra. He slid a pair of panties up her legs and kissed her bellybutton when he finished. When she was finished, she walked out of the room and met Antony’s kiss in the hallway. Christian stayed in the room until they left, then he realized, they didn’t get a tap on her. He looked around and saw that she had purposely left her purse there.

Two days later Lena was furiously searching the estate. She ended up in the office where Antony was.

“Baby, what are you doing?” he asked putting down a stack of papers and photos. Lena bent over and her leather skirt gave him a glimpse of her perk ass. He became rock hard in his pants.

“I think I left my purse at the hospital, baby, can I take the Benz and go get it.” She gave him that seductive look and he stood up from the desk.

“Come here.” He replied as she slowly walked over to him. She walked behind the desk and he pushed her over on it. He began rubbing the leather skirt she was wearing and ran his hands up her thighs. Lena moaned in pleasure as he touched her. When he got to her pussy, he found she wasn’t wearing any panties. He had expected at least a thong, but no panties! He unzipped his pants letting out his rock hard penis. Lena looked at it and licked her lips.

“Give it to me now…hard and fast.” Lena purred as she looked up at him. His rigid breathing only became louder when he entered her.

“Shit, you’re so hot…I want you so bad!” he grunted pushing into her. Lena spread her legs apart farther, grabbed his hands, and placed them on her hips. As he held onto them, she pushed, back sending him into her very core. Lena watched him over her shoulder pretty much trying to ensure he wouldn’t strangle her.

“Oh, you’re going to make me cum!” Lena squirmed as an orgasm ripped through her body. Not soon after she started, Antony joined her. His ass was clenching and his knees locking as he unloaded into her. It seemed like he shot gallons of cum into her. He pulled out and handed her the keys, plus a few hundred to go shopping.

“Thank you baby.” She replied kissing him on the lips. She felt in between her legs and pushed her fingers into her. She pulled her fingers out and shoved them into Antony’s mouth making him lick them dry. When he finished Lena smiled and left the house. Shortly after she left the room, Antony got on the phone.

“Follow her.” He said hanging up and leaning back in his chair.

Lena had driven to the hospital and found her purse, inside she saw the bug and she closed her purse with a smile on her face. When she got back into the car, she took a trip to Rodeo. Valet parking was excellent and she took the time to walk down the street and enter a few shops. She knew that Antony had someone follow her, so, to flex her seductive muscles she tried on the skimpiest outfits and anything with an excessive amount of cleavage. She looked up and saw a man in a hat enter the store, he walked back and into the dressing room. Lena knew it was Christian. She grabbed a few outfits and walked over to the dressing room. After going in, she walked around the corner and into the first one, she saw with male feet.

“Hey baby.” She said dropping the clothes.

“Hey.” Christian replied taking off the hat and hugging her tightly. Lena started kissing him and pulling at his clothes.

“We can’t do this here.” He said, “You’re being followed.”

“I know.” Lena replied unzipping his pants and pulling up her skirt.

“Lena…mmmmm.” Christian groaned as Lena put his cock in her mouth sending it into the perfect erection. He stifled his groaning long enough to pull her onto her feet and face her towards the wall.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” He replied entering her from behind.

“Oh don’t stop!” Lena exclaimed pressing her breasts against the wall. Christian felt her ass and went all the way down her legs. On the way up, he rammed into her making her yelp in surprise. His thrusting started to increase until he was pushing so hard and fast he thought he was going to come first, but Lena beat him to it. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back as he pushed faster and harder until he came. They didn’t have time to catch their breath when a store worker walked in.

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