Role reversal

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Steve lay on his back with his legs in the air. He was alone in his flat. The air was perfumed by a lavender massage oil which he had smeared around and in his anus. In his hand now was a saucepan. He wanted to see whether his arse could cope with a sizeable penis. He had done this with candles, but he hoped to land a guy with a bit more than that. The saucepan handle was cylindrical and swelled to a ball at the end – about the same size as the end of his cock. He inserted the tip and pushed slowly and gingerly. Before he knew it, the thing was in and he felt okay. No pain. If he could do it with an inanimate object like this, he could allow a man to penetrate him.

He removed the handle and took it into the kitchen to wash.

Tonight he would go to a gay club 50 miles away and get himself picked up.

Steve had three main types he fantasised about: black guys, Indians and fat hairy white guys. It would have to be one of those.

He took a shower and got dressed in a blue shirt and black jeans, with grey boxers underneath. He put on his slip-on shoes in case he had to take them off in a hurry.

Ready, he watched TV for an hour until it was late enough to leave.

As he started the engine of his car he found himself nervous. Tonight he was going to get himself seduced – by a guy.

He parked a couple of hundred yards from the club and walked briskly there, wondering if anyone could tell what he was up to. He prayed that he wouldn’t bump into anyone he knew.

Entering the club, he took a deep breath and told himself to relax. He was just like the girls he had pulled over the years – and he didn’t think they had been terribly nervous. Maybe it was first-night nerves.

The music was deafening: the sort of high-tempo disco that gay clubs were renowned for.

He found a separate bar which was quieter, and sat in a corner with a JD and Coke. There were a lot of guys around, in groups, couples and a few on their suadiye escort own. He studied the options and the first of his favourites appeared: a tall, fat, red-haired man, balding and unhealthy-looking. Steve would have forgiven him that, but then he heard the guy laugh and it was one of those loud, forced, hale-and-hearty ones, which he hated.

Steve went to the bar for another drink and as he stood there the fat guy came up behind him and leaned over him. Steve didn’t like the stale smell of his breath, and even though he felt his cock throb at the closeness of a hairy body to his own, he decided it definitely wasn’t going to be this one.

He went back to his table and pretended to do things on his mobile. Then suddenly two black men appeared and asked him if anyone was sitting there.

He told them to sit down and they did. The three talked for half an hour and for every second of that time he was having fantasies about being in bed with both of them. His trousers bulged and he didn’t care. One of them leaned forward to make a point, and put a hand on his knee. Steve fought the urge to move forward so the hand was nearer his cock. One of these guys was tall and stocky, the other shorter and slimmer. Either could have had access to his willing body and he got the distinct impression they wanted it.

Then the taller guy’s phone rang and it turned out they had to go. He exchanged numbers with them and said he would call them. Both of them.

They left reluctantly and Steve was alone again. It was getting late and he felt he should do something. Then he spotted, all alone in another corner of the bar, an Asian guy. Not camp, but serious-looking. Steve gave him a long look and pulled his eyes away quickly, then looked back and did it again. After 10 minutes the guy came over and introduced himself as Aleem. He sat down and they talked happily. Aleem was a computer engineer who lived in the town in a flat just around the yakacık escort corner. He was tall and dark-skinned and quite hairy. Their knees touched as they talked and neither moved away. Steve’s cock and balls had come to life again and he wanted to get naked with this man.

‘So, shall we go to my place, where a drink doesn’t cost a fortune?” Aleem said.

‘Why not?’ Steve replied.

The flat was at the top of an office block, with a view of the city that was probably nicer in the dark. Steve stood in the window and looked out, wondering what was going to happen next. Usually it was he who made all the running, but tonight he was going to let Aleem call the shots. Sure enough, the Indian came up behind him, leaned against him with his cock against Steve’s buttocks and put his arms around him. Steve turned around and found himself kissing a guy. And the guy was doing the hip-grinding and arse-feeling that was normally his department. Then Steve decided that it was okay to reciprocate, so he ran his hands down Aleem’s spine and held his buttocks. Then he unzipped Aleem’s trousers and put his hand into another man’s underpants. Aleem was deliciously hairy. It was like a forest down there and Steve just kept his hand around the guy’s balls, feeling his scrotum and enjoying the hair brushing against his wrist.

‘The bedroom’s through there,’ Aleem said, leading Steve by his free hand. The other one stayed in the Indian’s pants.

Steve wanted to fall to his knees and suck Aleem’s cock, but he didn’t. He waited. They stood there in front of the bed and felt each other’s cock and ran fingers into arseholes.

‘You love my balls, don’t you?’ said Aleem.

Steve grunted.

‘Would you like to suck me?’ Aleem said.

‘I would love to suck you,’ Steve replied. ‘Lie on the bed.’

Aleem sat down, pulled his trousers and pants off and lay back. His cock was brown, and Steve hadn’t seen one like it before. şerifali escort White cocks, yes, all sizes and some straight, some wonky, some delicious-looking. Black ones all dark and dangerous. But brown, no. Maybe Indian guys weren’t gay. But this one was. Steve looked at his erect cock lying on his stomach, emerging from that thick black hair. He wanted to see Aleem’s arse, find out if it was hairy too. He was feeling bold.

‘Aleem, show me your arsehole,’ he said softly.

‘Why?’ Aleem asked.

‘Because your crotch is so hairy and I love that. I want to look at your arse.’

Aleem turned onto his stomach and lifted his arse a little. He had hair in his crack. Steve pounced on it, licking this Indian arse eagerly. He had wondered if it would be spicy – after all, you are what you eat. And Aleem’s arse did taste of cumin. Steve wanted to make a curry called Aleem’s Arsehole.

Then Aleem turned over again and said authoritatively ‘I want to cum in your mouth.’

Steve wanted that, but he wanted to have that cock in his arse first. He lay on his stomach and said ‘Fuck me first.’

Without speaking, Aleem reached into the bedside cabinet and produced some kind of lubricant, which he worked into Steve’s arse. Steve got up on all fours and waited. Aleem positioned himself behind him, then Steve felt a blunt instrument nudge into his crack and push inside him. It was so exciting. His arse was being invaded for the first time, and the cock that was doing it was brown. He was being fucked by an Indian man. He loved it. He wanted Indian spunk in his bowels.

Aleem fucked Steve firmly and increasingly quickly. Steve couldn’t believe the feeling. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. Somebody had once told him it was like having a shit in reverse, and he could see what they meant. He still wanted to have Aleem’s spunk in his mouth, but decided that would have to be another time. This time he was going to have Indian spunk up his arse.

Aleem shagged him harder and faster and then began to emit animal noises before Steve felt Aleem’s cock ejaculate inside him. He felt it lift and twitch as the Indian came. He had been fucked, and it was a lovely Asian guy who had done it.

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