The Office Hottie Ch. 12

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Julie stared at the key in my hand, unmoving, not knowing what to do or say. She was overcome by relief, shame, fear, guilt, love, and a dozen other emotions suddenly running through her. Tears came to her eyes as she reached out to take the key from my hand and looked up into my eyes, uncertain if she was actually believing what was happening. The key to solving all her problems, quite literally, lay in the palm of my hand.

I smiled at her as she took the key and held my arms out to her. Julie turned, threw her arms around me and began crying uncontrollably. I didn’t think she would have any tears left in her after what she’d been through and I hugged her and caressed her as she cried and emptied her emotions on my shoulder.

After Julie calmed, I reached over to grab a tissue from the box on the table and she dabbed her eyes, looked up at me and sniffed, “I’m so sorry, can you ever forgive me?”

“I wouldn’t have given you the key to my apartment if I hadn’t forgiven you, Little One,” I replied, smiling and stroking her cheek with the back of my hand.

Julie held the key out and looked at it, contemplating whether she should keep it.

“I want to, I really do, but I can’t,” she finally said, placing the key on the coffee table. “I’m already paying rent and I still have two months left on the lease. I can’t stay here.”

“Sweetie, you can go back to your apartment if you want,” I said, picking up the key and holding it out to her. “To a place you hate, to a place you live in fear. Or you can stay here where you’re wanted, where you’re safe and comfortable. Don’t worry about your lease, or your apartment, we’ll work around that.”

Julie sat there, looking at the key in my hand and contemplating her decision.

“That key comes with a price,” I added.

Julie nodded.

“You share my home, you share my bed, and we share expenses,” I said, as she nodded again. “But we are completely open and honest with each other. No secrets, I mean, none. Understand?”

“I promise,” Julie smiled, taking the key and putting her hand on top of mine.

I scooted a little closer to her and drew a lock of her hair behind an ear. “And whatever money situation you’re in we get it fixed, okay Little One?”

“Lori, I won’t be able to pay rent here until my lease is up,” Julie said, and looked around my apartment. “And, I’m not sure if I can afford to stay here.”

“Pay your rent, then give your landlord 30 days’ notice. Don’t worry about the rent here for the next couple months, ok?” I smiled. “When my old roommate moved out, I realized I could afford the place by myself, it was tight, but that was months ago. We’ll be okay. How much is your rent?”

Julie told me, and I did a quick math calculation. By splitting the rent with me plus her electricity she was actually paying less and was in a much nicer apartment that was cleaner, and safer.

“We can move you out tomorrow if you want and you can move in here,” I added, reaching out to stroke her arm.

“Lori,” Julie began, and sighed. “One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is we’re moving really fast. This is a big step.”

“I know,” I replied, nodding. “I’ve been thinking about that a lot, too, ever since we met actually.”

Julie nodded with a wry smile.

“But I think the past couple days has shown us now that we’re moving in the right direction. There’s the spare bedroom and you can sleep there if you think that would make you more comfortable, we don’t have to rush it. This at least gets you out of that shit hole.”

Julie smiled at that.

“To be honest,” I continued, stroking her arm and looking in her eyes, “I had a feeling in me from the first time we met that the direction we’re going is right.

“Julie, Sweetie, you’re a very special person and have come into my life for a very special reason. I may not be sure what that reason is now, but I know I want to explore what we have.”

Julie smiled and nodded, closed the key in her fist and reached over to hug me again.

“What are we going to tell people,” she asked, kissing my cheek and laying her forehead on mine. “I’m not ashamed of our relationship but this isn’t something I want spread to the world. Not right now.”

“I know, me either,” I said, pressing my forehead against hers. I looked up at her, “People know I have a two-bedroom apartment. They’ll find out sooner or later anyway but for right now, as far as anyone knows were just roommates, right?

“My closet is full,” I smiled. “All of your stuff will be in the other bedroom anyway, a whole closet and dresser to your own. People who come in here will assume we have separate bedrooms.”

“Okay,” Julie replied, with a smile. “Lori, I can’t help but love this idea, this is more than I thought would happen when we first met”

“Me too,” I smiled back at her, stroking her arm. “Is there anything you need from your place tonight? We can make a quick trip over there if you want to.”

“No! Please!” Julie exclaimed, and I saw the fear returning to her pretty, brown eyes.

“Hey, okay,” I said gently, calming her and stroking suadiye escort her cheek with my thumb. “I’m sure I have anything you would need right here.”

“I have nothing to wear and I’m dirty,” Julie said in a dejected voice and looking down at her dirty jeans.

“We’re the same size, I have clothes you can wear. Are you hungry? Did you have dinner tonight?”

Julie shook her head and looked down, “No, I didn’t have a chance to eat anything.”

It’s getting late and she must be starving, I thought.

“Okay,” I said, standing up. “Go grab a shower and I’ll get some things for you to wear. Don’t worry about your dirty stuff, we can take care of that tomorrow.”

Julie hesitated, then stood up and wrapped me in a bear hug. She felt so good in my arms, especially now that we had passed a milestone in our short relationship. So soon, moving so fast. I almost didn’t care; something was telling me that this was a good thing and I knew this was right.

“Go,” I said, releasing her and swatting her bottom. Julie grabbed her butt and gave a little squeal as she headed to the bathroom. I went into the bedroom and dug through my dresser for t-shirt, panties, and sweatpants. By the time I got to the bathroom Julie was in the shower. I opened the door just far enough to put the clothes on the vanity and closed it.

Kisa was waiting for me in the kitchen and I scooped her up in my arms and hugged her, smiling to myself. Such a change of events in one night, I thought; from doom and gloom to a new live-in lover.

“We have a new roommate, Kisa!” I said, twirling around with her, hugging her and inhaling her kitty scent.

Kisa was unimpressed and squirmed out of my arms then went in search of her food dish and began crunching on some kibble. I pulled the door of the fridge open and looked around, then closed it and went to the small pantry. I didn’t have much, I thought looking through it. I had meant to get some shopping in but in the past couple days there was too much on my mind to think about it. I went back to the fridge and spied a couple of avocados and some tomatoes. The avocados weren’t too soft and there was still some onion left and a little cheese, plus some less than stale chips I remembered in the pantry. Guacamole and nachos sounded excellent tonight and I went about chopping tomatoes, mincing onions, and scooping the avocados.

By the time it was ready Julie had stepped out of the shower and was looking like a new girl, smiling and wearing my t-shirt and sweats. God, she was adorable, I thought gazing at her; why would anybody hurt this beautiful girl? I smiled and reached to give her a hug, her wet hair cold on my arms.

“Everything is okay,” I smiled, more to myself, as I buried my nose in her wet hair, inhaling her scent and my sandalwood body lotion. Julie hugged me and kissed me behind my ear. We stood there for a long time, holding each other, feeling our embrace. Julie felt different; taller, firmer, almost like a great weight had been lifted off her.

I broke our embrace and saw tears in her eyes.

“Not again,” I smiled as she gasped a giggle and wiped her eyes dry.

“Sit,” I said kissing her cheek and pointing at the table.

I put the chips in the oven to melt the cheese, the guac was done and just needed a little salt. I retrieved my wineglass and Julie’s from the living room and refreshed them. By then the cheese was bubbling, I pulled the tray out and placed it on the table with the guacamole.

Julie dug into it and mmm’ed at the flavor, a pleasing smile in her eyes as she crunched the chips and licked guacamole from her lips. I smiled as I watched her eat and helped myself to a couple. The rest of the evening was spent in the living room talking and planning. We finished off the bottle of wine and went through another; both of us talking, giggling, crying, and cuddling late into the night. We were both very tipsy when we kissed our way back to the bedroom.

I was very aroused, and I knew Julie was too, but she was exhausted from her adventure of the day and a little toasted, she was asleep as soon as we got in bed. I didn’t mind, it felt so wonderful to have her here. I felt like the happiest girl in the world at that moment as I curled up next to my Little Julie and snuggled her close.

= = = = = = = = = =

The next morning, I awoke to find Julie lying next to me, watching me with a big smile.

“Morning,” I said sleepily.

“I love the way you look in the morning,” she said as she combed my hair out of my face with her fingers. “So sweet, peaceful, and pretty. And a little sexy.”

I smiled as she bent over and kissed my cheek. I’m so liking this, I thought with a smile.

“I’ll get coffee going, okay?” Julie asked as she bounced out of bed and headed into the bathroom.

Mmm… I’m so loving this, I thought with a bigger smile. I stretched and inadvertently dumped Kisa on the floor. I called her back apologetically and petted her until I heard Julie leave the bathroom. I got up, made the bed and headed to the bathroom for my morning routine. By the time yakacık escort I came out I was smelling coffee and Kisa was eating her breakfast in her bowl. Julie had pulled some eggs, cheese, and bacon out of the fridge and was setting up for breakfast.

She came up to me and gave me a wet kiss and a hug.

“Lori, I can’t thank you enough,” she murmured into my neck, kissing it. “You can’t believe how happy I feel right now about all this.”

“It makes me happy too, Little One,” I smiled, hugging her closer. “I’m so glad to see you like this, with a pretty smile on your face.

“Mmm… coffee smells good!”

“Sit,” Julie said, breaking our hug and pointing at the table with a smile. She poured coffee into two mugs and brought half-and-half over. We sat drinking our coffee and gazed at each other; our first morning as a true couple, I thought lovingly to myself.

We talked about the move, Julie said she didn’t have much stuff and between our two cars it wouldn’t take long to move her belongings. The hardest part would be boxing everything up. I told her I had some boxes in the other bedroom and she said the rest of it, clothing and what not, could be thrown in garbage bags and she’d sort it out once we got back here. It would be quicker and the less time she spent in that apartment the better, and less chance she’d run into Kenny. I totally agreed with her.

We finished our first cup of coffee, Julie got up to replenish our cups and began breakfast.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said, looking at me as she laid bacon into a pan. I smiled back and listened to the sizzle, it felt good to have someone here with me, especially Julie. I stood and slipped my arm around her waist as she broke eggs into a bowl.

“This is your home now,” I said, kissing her neck. “I want you to feel at home.”

Julie stared into the bowl of eggs and smiled as she whisked them. I could see her eyes glisten and she sniffed as she tried to fake a wipe across them. I smiled inwardly as I pulled bread out of the fridge and threw a couple slices into the toaster, then set the table.

Breakfast was simple, quick and delicious. We drained the pot of coffee, cleaned up the kitchen and got dressed. I pulled the boxes out of the spare bedroom, rather “Julie’s” bedroom, grabbed a roll of packing tape and some garbage bags.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked her.

Julie looked at me with obvious apprehension in her eyes.

“Yes,” she replied, with a sigh. “But, let’s try and be quick.”

“No problem, Sweetie,” I said, kissing her forehead.

“And don’t worry about Dipshit,” I grinned as we walked out the door. “He’ll have to get past me first.”

Julie’s little furnished apartment didn’t seem too bad at first, but I could see how she wouldn’t like living there. Despite her attempts to keep the place clean and livable, the term shit hole wasn’t too far off the mark. The packing was uneventful, thankfully the bugs she mentioned were minimal and were mostly little beetles and a crapload of spiders. I didn’t see any roaches and she said she never saw any either. Nevertheless, we were very careful and screened everything as we packed.

Julie was right, she didn’t have much stuff and we managed to cram everything into our two cars. We unloaded all the boxes and bags in the other bedroom, and she began putting clothing away in the dresser and closet. In the meantime, I washed her muddy jeans and jacket. The tear in her jacket was easy to repair and I was able to sew it with only a minimal scar to show. By then it was late afternoon and Julie was mostly moved in. Empty boxes and trash bags sat in one corner and she’d added her own personal touch to the room with a small jewelry box and a picture of her family on the dresser, and a lamp and clock radio on her nightstand along with a picture of her and her brothers.

“Let’s call it good for the day and go do some shopping,” I suggested. “I want to celebrate and make something nice for dinner tonight.”

“Mmm… sounds good,” Julie agreed with a smile.

The trip to the grocery store was quick, we picked up some dinner makings plus stuff for the rest of the week and a couple bottles of wine.

Back home — I so loved the sound of that now — we unloaded groceries and Julie helped slicing and dicing while I cooked. Dinner was a lovely Italian chicken dish, slightly spicy with tomatoes, garlic, sweet peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms, capers, red wine, more garlic, and pasta. We also grilled garlic bread and a glass of wine added a final note to our dinner. We were starving and dove in.

Clean up was easy between the two of us, even though we were a bit touchy-feely with each other. A scoop of salted caramel ice cream on the couch topped off the meal. I poured us each a glass of wine and we sat on the couch, cuddling and talking.

“Mmm… Lori, Sweetie, it feels so good to be here,” Julie murmured as she snuggled against me on the couch.

I was propped up one end of the couch with Julie leaning against me. I took a sip of wine, set it on the coffee table and squirmed down into şerifali escort a lying position. Julie lay on top of me and she buried her nose in my hairline, kissing me behind my ear. I petted her hair and ran my hand down her back, pressed down and pulled back up towards her neck. I repeated it again, so loving the feel of her on top of me and beneath my hand.

Julie cooed at the little massage I was giving her and exhaled with her eyes closed.

“Lift up,” I said softly, grabbing the bottom of her t-shirt.

She lifted her upper body and I pulled the t-shirt off her and tossed it somewhere. Julie flipped her hair over one shoulder and wrapped her arms around me. I snuggled down so I was flat on my back, with Julie lying topless on top of me, her arms on either side of me and her hands combing through my hair. Julie sighed a purr as I caressed my hands up and down her naked back. She kissed me on my neck, then kissed me on my cheek and my lips. I slid my hand down her back as she caressed my face and kissed me, then slid my hands to her lower back under her sweats and panties, pushing them halfway down her butt. She kissed me tenderly, passionately, and ran her fingers through my hair, caressing my cheeks.

Julie cupped my face and kissed my lips, the corner of my mouth, my cheeks, nibbling with her lips, tenderly and lovingly. She sat up and grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and I sat up allowing her to pull it off. She tossed it aside as I lay back and she lay down on top of me, her warm skin vibrant and lush against me. Her soft little boobs pressed into my chest as she kissed me, her tongue probing me, searching for my tongue. I parted my lips and she explored inside me, coaxing my tongue from its hiding place.

Our tongues entwined as we kissed, passionately, but tenderly with no hurry or care in the world. Julie took a deep breath and exhaled through her nose as she kissed me, a sigh of comfort and contentment. Her eyes were closed, and she ran her fingers through my hair and caressed my face. I ran my hands up and down her naked back, caressing her, feeling her warm, smooth skin, so soft beneath my hands. Julie kissed my lips, held the kiss, then suddenly giggled.

“What?” I purred with a smile.

Julie shook her head and bent down to kiss me, her lips nibling my lips, then she giggled again.

“C’mon, what?” I murmured, smiling and giving her a tender kiss.

“Kisa is washing herself,” Julie replied, smiling and kissing my lips.

“What? She’s washing herself?” I asked with a raised eyebrow, looking around the living room.

“Yes, on my butt,” Julie giggled. “I can feel her washing herself on my butt.”

I looked over her shoulder and sure enough, Kisa had perched herself square on Julie’s backside, made herself at home, and was licking her front paw and drawing it across her forehead.

Kisa stopped in mid-lick and gave me a look as if to say “Wut?”, but she hadn’t pulled her tongue all the way in. The little pink tip of her tongue had stuck out and she looked so comical with it framed by her black furred face. I began laughing and Kisa ignored me as she went back to her wash.

“What?” Julie asked with a smile.

That just made me laugh harder and the more I tried to explain what happened the harder I laughed. That made Julie laugh and we both giggled as she tried in vain to look over her shoulder but was unable to see Kisa without twisting her body and dumping the poor cat on the floor. Julie rolled off me and managed to scoop up the indignant Kisa before she ran off, hugged her to her naked boobs and snuggled her. Kisa endured the attention while I collected my wits, then grabbed our wineglasses and walked topless into the kitchen to refill them.

I sat, handed a glass to Julie and tinked it, “To Kisa,” I smiled.

“To Kisa,” Julie smiled at me with Kisa curled in her lap. “May she live forever in our hearts.”

We tinked again, and sat there topless on the couch, petting Kisa and scratching a jowl or her neck, talking, and drinking our wine. Julie kept looking at me, looking at my breasts, and occasionally would reach over and stroke one. Julie’s boobs are superb, small little A cups, round, with cute, pink little eraser tip nipples. Mine are larger, but only a C cup with large, dark pink nipples that are always erect. I love her boobs, maybe as much as she loves mine. Julie continued to stroke my breast, and lightly drew her fingers across my nipple, oh so lightly pinching it. Every once in while a pinch would turn into a pull.

“Mmm… that feels so good,” I murmured into her ear, kissing her. “You keep looking at them, would you like more?”

Julie nodded with a smile, and I motioned her to lie down across me. She turned on her back, keeping Kisa in her arms and snuggled into my lap, facing my boobs. I cradled her as she reached out with her lips and began suckling me. Oh, the feel of her lips on my nipple was exquisite, I felt the nerve endings react and send pleasure signals through my breast and down throughout my body. Julie lay there in my lap with her eyes closed, suckling my breast with Kisa asleep between the two of us while she petted her. I caressed Julie as I cradled her, combing her pretty, straight brown hair through my fingers as she fed on my breast and my nipple. I reached down and caressed her breast, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh.

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