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The small talk is over. We are in the bedroom. We both know what we are here for. We are on the bed, naked, facing, embracing. My prick is hard, trapped between our two bellies. VERY hard. HE knows what we are here for. Your nipples are also hard, boring into my chest. And your cunt is wet. SHE knows what we are here for.

I roll you onto your back and kiss you, gently, on the mouth. I trace the outline of your lovely face with my fingertips, from temple to chin. Then up to your mouth. I trace the outline of your lips. Gently, so gently, I caress your eyebrow, then your ear, then back to your chin. Down, along your throat to what my mother always called, your salt-cellar, the notch where your collar bones meet. Along the collar bone to your shoulder, then down the front of your shoulder to where your armpit begins. Gently round the side-swell of your right breast, beneath it, up the enticing valley between your tits, rising and falling as your breathing quickens. At last. The nipple. I trace the puckered surround, then take the stiff bud and roll it between my fingers.

My resolve, to only touch you with my fingertips, breaks and I lean forward to take the other nipple between my lips, drawing it into my mouth, teasing the very tip with my tongue. You moan softly, the first sound either of us has made since entering the room. I have broken my self-imposed rule. I move my mouth to yours for another kiss, deeper this time and transfer my exploring, pathfinder fingers to the left nipple, wet with my saliva.

Your left hand, trapped between our bodies, gropes for and finds, my throbbing erection. Your fingers circle the shaft as I bend to suck your right nipple.

‘Hold it, squeeze it.’ Says my mind. ‘But don’t wank it, not yet.’

You seem to read my mind and simply hold tight onto my organ, making only tiny movements. I trace each rib, back and forth, then down to the indentation of your navel. Over the soft swell of your belly and my fingers are where your sparse, trimmed sex-hair begins. Again I deny myself, and you, by moving sideways to the point of your hip. I resist the temptation to travel the shallow valley of your groin, and move instead down the front of your thigh. I can only reach as far as your knee, so the return journey begins. Up the inside of your thigh to the warm, moist place between your thigh and your outer cunt-lip. You moan again and spread your legs, inviting more.

Not just yet. My fingers move up along this valley. Across the little forest of your pubes and down the valley on the other side. Now back between the inner and outer lips of your sex to the junction where your clit waits. I make it wait a little longer, travelling back between the lips on the other side, down until the pad of my finger caresses the tight pucker of your anus.

You buck up towards my searching fingers, hungry for rougher treatment. But not just yet. I roll you over onto your front. I kiss your neck and shoulders. I run my fingers down the groove of your spine and into the valley between your buttocks, gently over your rosebud.

“Please.” You whimper. “Touch me.”

I push my middle finger deep inside your cunt. Hot. Wet. Gaping. Drawing out the juice, I transfer my finger to your arsehole. You resist at first, then relax and my finger enters as far as the second knuckle. You moan again. I put my finger back into your cunt, now the pad of my thumb is pressed firmly against your arsehole. I reach forward with my index and muğla escort ring fingers, trapping your clit between the fingertips, and rub. Within seconds you climax, crying out in your passion, pressure relieved at last.

I roll onto my back, allowing you space and time to recover from your come. But you turn towards me, propped on one elbow. I raise the fingers that have been at your cunt, to my mouth, and suck off your juice. You smile, lean forward and kiss me, tasting yourself on my lips.

It’s my turn now. My turn for relief. You don’t hesitate to head straight for my prick with your mouth. You kiss the tip, then lick away the bead of moisture there. You kiss along the underside of the shaft, along the thick ridge to where it runs between my balls. You kiss and lick my balls, then take each one in turn into your mouth, swirling them with your tongue. Back now up the shaft to the tip, mouth open this time, wet lips and tongue-tip exploring. You take the tip of my prick between your lips and engulf it. Just the tip. Swirling it as you did my balls. Then you take it deep, to the back of your throat. You release me slowly until just the tip is in your mouth. You pull down the skin on the shaft with your fingers, at the same time pushing with your tongue until the foreskin peels back from the knob. Now the raw tip is in contact with your tongue and inner cheeks.

I can’t take much more of this, my spunk is demanding release. You sense my need and suck hard, wanking the shaft at the same time. I roar as the spunk erupts, warm, thick, salty, into the back of your mouth. You swallow each spurt, as though you were swallowing oysters. You keep me there until the last drop has slid down your throat, then crawl up the bed to kiss me on the mouth with spunky lips.


You lie on your front, raised up on your elbows, as though you were sunbathing. You study my face, questioning. My mind answers;

‘Yes, there is more, just let me get my breath back.’

You read my mind again and relax, letting your face rest on the pillow. Now I can see all the way down your back, to the saucy upthrust of your buttocks. Lovely arse, demanding my attention. I raise myself up and you move to roll onto your back, but I stop you. I started at the top of your front with my fingers, now I am going to start at your bottom, with my lips. I am going to make love to your delectable arse.

I move your legs apart and lie down between them, my face over your bottom. I place a kiss on each cheek. Tender, closed lip kisses. Butterfly kisses. I cover everywhere with kisses, finishing at the prominent bone at the top of your valley. I pull the cheeks apart, revealing the pink/brown lozenge of your anus. With closed lips, this also is kissed. You push up from the bed, revealing the other hole. Much larger, gaping. Wet with your juices and begging for attention.

Again I tease you. I kiss my way up your spine until I am able to kiss the nape of your neck. My weight is on you, I am lying on your back. The knob of my fully recovered prick is tantalisingly close to your entrance. I could just… No, not yet. I lift my weight from you and turn you onto your back. Now I can shower your face with kisses until, drawn by the treasures down lower, I kiss my way down your throat to your lust-swollen tits. Each receives the full ‘lips’ exploration. All the time my mouth is closed, I am kissing you just with pursed lips. Even when I reach your muş escort pebble-hard nipples does my mouth stay closed. Just the lips. Only the lips.

I sense your impatience. You’re ready to be fucked aren’t you? Well, I too am feeling the need for further release. Soon. I quickly move my face to the apex of your thighs, you spread them impossibly wide, all of your being is centred on your gaping, dripping, hungry cunt. I lower my face to it, my tongue snakes out to collect your nectar. Then I hesitate. Would you be able to tell if I just used my lips? I seek out your tiny love-bud and press my lips against it. You howl with pleasure as, at last, your centre gets the attention it has been craving. I rub your clit just with my closed lips. I am not sucking you off, nor licking your cunt. I am wanking you with my lips.

If you can tell the difference, it makes no difference to the result. You come powerfully, jerking wildly as your passion is relieved again.

Now! Now I need to be inside you. I slide quickly up your body and kiss you on the mouth. A proper kiss this time, passionate, desperate and loving. Unaided, my knob finds your entrance and slips in. One push and I am ball-deep up your cunt. You cry out at the suddenness of it. I remain still, savouring your warmth and allowing your sheath to accustom to my size. It’s big. Not long, average in length, but very thick. Almost two and a half inches at it’s widest. You must have realised when it was in your mouth? Well, now it is stretching your cunt.

You wrap yourself around me, arms and legs holding me into you. We are like one body, pasted together. I drive into you just with hip thrusts. You are crying out in passion. Incoherent noise. A special language for wild fucking like this. You have not stopped coming since my lips were on your clit. Each thrust of my prick up your clasping cunt sends you further into orgasm. I can wait no longer. With a great roar I send torrents of boiling spunk deep inside you.


We lie side by side on our backs, panting. That was sensational. I want more. More kissing, more licking, more sucking, more fucking. Especially more fucking. Again your left hand finds my prick, soft, wet from your cunt and my copious spunk. Immediately it starts to show interest. I turn to you, raised up on one elbow.


“Much more.”

The room is warm. There is a sheen of sweat on your upper lip. I lick it off. Salty but sweet. The contact becomes a kiss. Your head and shoulders are raised up on the pillow. I watch as a trickle of sweat begins it’s pleasant journey between your tits. I move quickly and my tongue is there to collect it as it emerges beneath them. Now I want to lick you all over. Now my tongue follows the route pioneered by my fingers. With it’s two accomplices, my lips, my tongue seeks out every fold. I feast on your cherry tipped tits before heading south to where the river flows.

No self-imposed restrictions now. I lick and suck at your cunt-lips, outer ones first, then the soft inner lips. Your hole is full of my spunk and your own plentiful love-juice. I drink from you. It is as pleasing to me as the finest wine. I have your legs over my shoulders. Each of my hands clasps a globe of your arse. I move away to look at your ravished hole. A slow, lava-like trickle of come seeps from it and pools in the well of your anus. I collect it on my tongue and drink it. I stiffen my tongue and press it against nevşehir escort your arse-bud. You relax the tiny valve and my tongue pushes in. I push as far in as I can, then start to push in and out, fucking this forbidden place with my tongue. You scream in pleasure and rush to yet another orgasm. I am impressed, you can come from having my tongue up your arse? How will you react if I stuff my prick up there? Then I realise that I am wanking your clit with both thumbs as I tongue-bugger you. No wonder you came.

I crawl back between your thighs and push my prick into your cunt again. You push up to meet me. We fuck gently like this for ages, then I roll onto my back, taking you with me so that you are impaled on my stalk. I fuck up into you as you bear back down, taking me deep. Suddenly you pull away from me and squirm up my body until you are astride my face. You lower your dripping cunt onto my mouth. In this position my hands are free to roam over your body. I squeeze your bobbing tits, then hold your hips as I stab into your cunt with my tongue. Then I clasp your glorious arse cheeks and revel in the feel of them.

My bursting prick is waving about, neglected, looking for love. I indulge myself by taking the sticky shaft in one hand and wanking it vigorously. When you realise what I am doing, you spin round and take over, allowing my hands to make free with your now dangling tits. You lower your face to my prick and suck it deep into your throat. All the time my own mouth has not lost contact with your cunt, except when I use it to suck and lick your arsehole.

You come again, but maintain your oral grip on my prick. You want me to come with you, to spill once again into your throat. But I don’t want to come in your mouth. I want to fuck you again. I want my last reserves to spill into your cunt. I pull away from you and position myself behind you. You want this too. You want me in your mouth and your cunt at the same time. If only. You lower your shoulders to the bed, raising your arse up so that I can stab into your depths. I sink with ecstasy into the warm wet welcome of your cunt. I lean back to watch my shaft plunging and re-emerging from your lovely cleft.

As I watch, your arsehole seems to wink at me with every withdrawal. I want it. I want your arse. I want to sodomise you. Bugger you. Fuck you up the arse. Again you read my mind. You turn your head, your lovely face is twisted with lust. Your voice is a hiss.

“Yes.” You say. “I want it.”

I pull out of your cunt and without breaking rhythm, drive my prick up you arse in one powerful thrust. I am mindless of your feelings. I am all prick, demanding satisfaction. Your scream must be heard all over the building. But it is a scream of pleasure as well as of pain. How it must hurt, this great cudgel rammed into your tiny hole. But you love it. You push back at me and start the fucking movements yourself. I start to stab into you, entranced by the sight of my turgid flesh plundering your insides.

Suddenly I can feel movement inside you. You have pushed your fingers up your cunt and you are rubbing them against the underside of my prick. What an amazing feeling. I’m going to come. I can’t hold back. You come again as my last drops of spunk pulse into your tortured hole. I shout out loud as each jet leaves me and fills you.


We dress in silence. We were strangers. We met in the hotel bar. Two lonely souls far from home, looking for the same thing. For one night only, an alternative to masturbation. Uncomplicated, no questions sex.

But it has been more than that. Better than expected. Better even than hoped for.

What now? Will we exchange ‘phone numbers? Could it be repeated?

Could it ever be that good again?

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