After Work One Night

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Let me tell you about when I was 24 and out of collage, at my first engineering job. Training for the corporate ladder et. al. I didn’t think I was cut out for it. Getting confused about where I was heading, I went for a drive after one Friday. I ended up at a bar that I never have been to or since. I was felling to myself and sat at the bar with my crown royal on ice. It wasn’t a dive bar, but not an upscale one ether. Just a nice place.

I was there for about an hour on my second drink when I noticed in the mirror a woman looking at me, maybe because I wasn’t looking or on the prowl, or just because of the hansom guy I am. She must have gotten off work because she was dressed in office clothes. She smiled with the smile that spoke volumes. She was available and interested. I smiled back and she moved down to sit next to me. Quite forward, but I loved it. I offered her a drink and she was quite willing. I’m sure I’ve never been picked up before so sure this was a first.

She had the shoulders back perky look. She had short blond hair, cotton knit dress just above the knee. This was back in the early 80’s mind you. We started to talk about things, weather, and politics. I noticed that her foot had slid over under the bar toward mine. I slid mine over and touched hers. It was electric. We continued our conversations all along rubbing our ankles together. I guess its called footsie. Soon I noticed her nipples poking out from her dress. Her smile was getting that sly look to it. She had a goal in mind and I wasn’t about to stop her. She finally said that she had some pot in her car, but didn’t know how to roll a joint, could I help her. (early 80’s). I, having smoked my way through collage, said that I might be able to. It was dark outside, I paid the bill and we walked out.

Her car was parked in back, out of the way. It was an old Chevy with a bench front seat. You know the kind, where you kırşehir escort make a big turn and you honey slides all the way over next to you. We called them Slide Over Baby seats (SOBs). She was in the drivers seat and I next to her. She leaned over to the glove box for the pot and brushed my leg. More like slid her arm across it. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her to me. Our kiss was electric. Her lips sucked my tongue to hers. I heard her grown. My arms were around her when she pushed me back and went to unbuckle my pants. I slid them down in a heartbeat and exposed my hardon. She had a look in her eye that said she new what she wanted and started to suck my cock.

Man o’ man did she love what she was doing. I of course loved it to. My hands went for her honey pot. I could hear her moaning for more. I slid her skit up and pulled down her panties, which were soaked. I pull them off and slid my body down the seat to and pulled her over so I could taste her honey. Great cars back then when you could slid the front seat back and have a roll out bed almost. She ground her self into my mouth and tongue while I thrust my hips to meet her lips. I exploded first, which she sucked, and groaned. I continued to suck her and nibble her clit and play with my fingers until she creamed my face. I ate everything I could. We both had sweat dripping from us along with each other sweet stuff.

We slowly sat up and kissed the kiss of tenderness. Tasting each other in our kiss. I was so turned on with tasting my own juices mixed with hers. Hmmm. We slowed down the passion. We just slowed down. She pulled her dress back down and composed herself but still with a sly smile on her face. She reached over to the glove box and pulled out a small baggie of pot and a pack of rolling papers. She asked, “Do you still want to blow a joint?”

“Of course!” I replied and proceeded kocaeli escort to take the materials and produced a beautiful joint. I prided myself for my rolling technique. We slowly traded hits from the joint, just making it last awhile. We continued our small talk but this time we were shoulder to shoulder. When it was done, our hands had mutually started to roam. She had hers up my shirt, slowly making patterns on my chest and pinching my nipples. She had this one-piece dress suit on, which luckily had small buttons down the front. I had the hardest time getting them undone. We started to kiss again and I could tell she was amused with my dilemma. She did nothing to help or hinder and I finally got enough of them undone to start my own playful actions. She wore a center clasp bra, my favorite. In no time it was undone and I started to move my kisses down her neck, back up to her ear.

I love to nibble on ears. Light little nibbles. She had a low moan that went with a sliding of her body. My kisses continued down her neck to her shoulders. I then placed my mouth on her nipple, which was hard and erect. She let out a louder moan and pulled my head to her breast even harder. She had small breast and it wasn’t hard to have her whole breast in my mouth with me sucking and licking. I love breast, all breast, big, small. I just love them. I guess I love the whole body of a woman, head to toe. My one hand was on her other breast and my other was making its way up her thigh. It reached her sweet honey pot, and she exploded. I could feel her waist shaking. My hand was instantly wet with her cum. This woman loved to cum and she did it easily.

I couldn’t stand it any longer though. I started to slide my pants down with my cock bouncing to attention. I slid her down on her back and pulled her legs up. I couldn’t stand it any longer and knelling and holding her legs konya escort up I slid my cock into her. It slid in like a hot blade in soft butter. I let it stay buried all the way in while I played with her feet and calves. I sucked her ankles. I then pushed her thighs and bent her knees back so they were almost to her breast. I started to thrust my hips slowly. Sliding out… in… out… in… I started to come down with a pounding slap, faster and faster. Sweat dripping of my face on her thighs. Hearing her moans and groan and seeing her hands grabbing the seat with white-knuckle strength, I knew she came again. This was the third time that night, but who’s counting. She thrust her hips in whatever small motion I would let and I could feel her pulsing around my cock, feeding it more cream.

That made me starts even faster, banging away without any thought, just shear desire to cum in her, to feel my orgasm. Then it happened. I had a muscle freezing orgasm. I tightened up to a hard pole of muscle on every thrust while I shot my juice in her. I heard her give out a soft scream of pleasure while she pumped her vagina muscles around my cock, and it was heaven.

It seemed to last for an eternity, or maybe we both wished would, but slowly we came back to earth. I let her legs go and pulled out. There was just one more thing to do. I when down to help clean her up. I slid my way down her body and placed my mouth on her sweet muffin. I licked and sucked and nibbled and tongued. She grabbed my head and pushed harder. Grinding her hips against my tongue and lips. I found another taste treat with a mixture of her juices and mine in a cocktail that can only be found at the rarest of bars. After my delicious cleanup she wanted to have a taste also by pulling me up to her lips and kissing me sucking my tongue into her mouth.

We were exhausted but wonderfully satisfied. She bolted up with a quick jerk and said she had to go home to her husband. She hugged me and thanked me for a release that she was hoping to find. She didn’t want to give me her name and I never asked nor gave her mine. I got out of the car with a hobble and weak knee look that probably made me look drunk. I was, but not on alcohol.

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