The Neighbors Ch. 04

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NOTE: This story contains bukkake. If that offends you or is not your cup of tea, please stop reading now.

“Come on in,” Lana said, inviting Tina into her apartment.

“Thanks for having me over,” Tina replied.

“Hey, mi casa su casa, right?”

Tina just smiled. Lana noticed that Tina looked amazing, as usual. She was wearing a black leather top that cut down between her breasts, a sort of vest shirt that she wore over designer jeans. She looked like a rockstar, especially with her hair slicked up in a sonic flare. She wore shiny lip-gloss on her lips and heavy eyeliner. Hell, Lana was practically considering pouncing on her right then and there in the hallway. When Tina finally stepped into the light, she was nearly positive she saw speckles of cum caught in her hair. Clearly, Tina had just finished up with Mark and left him very happy elsewhere. Lana just blushed.

“So how has the job been treating you?” Tina asked. (See: PART III).

“Pretty intense,” Lana replied finally making her way to the living room where she sat down across from Tina. It was Tina who had asked to come over at this peculiar hour. Lana herself was just getting ready to crawl into bed and had since changed into her pajamas. Even in her sweats, Tina thought Lana looked gorgeous. She thought about the many times she had come home over the last a week and found her naked in her own apartment, with a face full of her husband’s cum. Each time excited her more than the next. On a couple occasions, Tina had made Lana lick her until she came also. Lana had become the married couple’s de-facto sex-toy by this point in their relationship. But they always made sure she came before she went home.


“Well Lana, its been a pretty intense trip here, hasn’t it?” Tina asked.

“I’ll say,” Lana admitted while smiling.

‘Well, my husband and I have grown quite fond of you Lana and, well… its because of this that we both wanted to extend and offer to you. But don’t feel like you have to accept it. Being an adult means knowing your limits.”

Lana raised an eyebrow

“Oh, now I’m intrigued…”

Tina smiled.

“Lana, do you know what a bukkake is?”

Lana shook her head, honestly having no idea what Tina was talking about, but the sound made her pussy flood with juices. It sounded foreign, forbidden, and exotic. What could it possibly mean, she wondered?

“A bukkake is kind of like a gang-bang, only without penetration. Its where a girl kneels before a group of guys who all masturbate and then cum on her face,” Tina said as a matter of fact.

Lana’s jaw nearly hit the floor.

“Like what I saw in those pictures with you…”

Tina smiled. “Exactly, but that was more of a group sex kind of a thing. Anyway, the reason I ask is because, every once in a while… on very special occasions… my husband and I would throw a bukkake party.”

“Like, other guys would… cum on your face?” Lana asked, incredulous.


“Wow, I bet that would be really hot to watch…” Lana breathed, crossing her legs immediately. Tina noticed this and smiled.

“Does that sort of thing turn you on, Lana?”

“Well, yeah… especially those photos of you when you were younger…”

“Would you like to maybe be in one with me?”

Lana’s eyes went wide just then. “With you!”

“Yes, with me, but a bukkake is going to be a lot more intense than anything you’ve done yet. A lot more,” Tina said with conviction.

“How so?” Lana asked.

“Well, for one thing, at a bukkake you’re going to have several men cover you in their cum, not just one. It can be pretty intimidating to be naked in front of that many guys who are basically there to turn you into their sex object. Now, I know all of the guys we would invite personally – and they’re all sweet guys – but in this context you’re just there for one purpose. And that’s to let them all ejaculate onto your face.”

“And you like it?” Lana asked, honestly intrigued. “I mean, it sounds really hot, but like… Mark is okay with it? I mean, its one thing to let the guy you love do it to you, but… other guys? I mean, I hope you don’t mind my asking all this…” Lana stammered, obviously nervous about the topic of bukkake. Tina just smiled.

“I don’t mind, and I’m glad you’re asking questions. It means you’re being mature about this. I do like it a lot, and Mark is very okay with it. He loves watching it actually. We both know and trust each other, so there’s no jealousy involved. I know my limits and I don’t mind letting myself be degraded every once in a while.”

“I thought you said receiving a facial wasn’t degrading?” Lana asked.

“True, when Mark does it to me. But the other guys don’t love me. They might like me, and some might even care about me, but they don’t show up for those reasons. They show up because they want to ejaculate onto a pretty girl’s face, more specifically… my face. They all want to leave their mark on me. They want to turn me into a karabük escort lowly cum-slut by doing so. Its incredibly degrading to be viewed and used like that, but… I fucking love it because it gets me off. Besides, its just fantasy,” Tina went on.

“So what happens?” Lana asked, immediately finding herself wet from the mere thought of Tina’s face covered in cum.

“Its pretty simple. You get naked and kneel in front of a bunch of naked guys who beat off all over your face. You’re going to be giving blowjobs left and right, but only when things are getting started. Once things really get heated up, they’re just going to be fucking your mouth and then shooting their loads all over your face,” Tine explained.

“And you’ve done this?” Lana asked.

“We used to hold a bukkake party over here, yes. I love it, but that’s because I really like cum. “

Tina handed Lana some photos. Lana took them in hand and was shocked to see Tina’s face, unrecognizably littered with cum. Her hair was stained with long rivulets criss-crossing in every direction. A thick layer of cum literally oozed down her features and dripped off her chin, spilling down onto her small breasts and eventually trailing down over her bald vulva. Lana was instantly taken a back when she realized Tina had trusted her enough to look at her naked, covered in multiple loads of cum.

“My god! Your face is absolutely drenched!” Lana exclaimed.

“I know!”

“How many guys were there?”

“All in all? About 12, but some of them came multiple times….” Tina recalled. “The thought of what I let them do and how I let myself be used got them all going even after they came. After they call cover me, I become their prize and we all take photos together. Afterward, I clean myself off, but stay naked the rest of the night in case I need to service anyone else individually in front of the group. I usually take quite a few more facials by night’s end. I usually have to shower all over again before I crawl into bed just so Mark can have a fresh canvas to paint when he gives me my last facial for the evening…”

“Sounds… hot. But I still can’t get over how much cum that is. I know this is going to sound strange, but… you look fucking hot like this,” Lana exclaimed.

Tina smiled.

“My husband seems to thinks so too. He usually fucks me silly afterwards,” Tina said through a devilish smile.

“So… when would this happen?” Lana asked, her heart beating rapidly beneath her chest.

“Tomorrow afternoon…”

Lana just looked to Tina and smiled.

“Count me in!”

Lana prepared her body the next day and made sure her pussy was freshly shaven. She straitened her hair and left no detail unattended on her face. She applied a deep red shade of lipstick to draw attention to her lips, applied just a touch of cover-up, and applied a thick layer of mascara and eye shadow. When she received Tina’s text telling her that everyone was beginning to show up, Lana took a deep breath and stared herself hard in the mirror. It was go time, and there was no going back at this point. Lana took another deep breath and finally grabbed her things and took off out the door. When she arrived at Tina’s, she was surprised to see Mark and Tina mingling with a crowd of over ten nameless guys. All the guys’ faces lit up when they saw the nubile redhead at the door. Many of them catcalled and whistled at her.

“Everyone, this is our special guest of honor, Lana…”

Tina approached Lana at the doorway. Lana was immediately struck at how beautiful Tina looked. Her lips were glazed with a sparkling gloss, her eyes painted neatly with black mascara, her hair flared up and slicked back.

“Glad you could make it, by the sounds of it, I’m going to need some help tonight…”

“What do you mean?” Lana asked.

“The guys like to talk dirty as foreplay I’ve noticed. Mostly just turns into them asking you how big a cum slut you are, that type of thing.”

“Oh yeah?” Lana asked, instantly feeling her pussy flood with excitement.

“Why don’t you get acquainted while I go freshen up…” Tina suggested.

“Uh sure…”

And with that, Tina was gone. Lana stepped into the group of guys who immediately crowded around her.

“So you’re Lana, huh?” one guy asked.

“Yup, that’s me…” Lana replied.

“Mark tells us he was the first guy to cum on your face?” another asked.

“Yeah, just a couple of weeks ago I guess…” Lana stated nervously.

“Do you like having cum on your face?” Another asked.

Lana blushed. “Well, I guess I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t…”

“Okay guys go easy on Lana now…” Mark interjected.

Mark appeared from within the crowd wielding a video camera that made Lana instantly nervous. Tina appeared right behind him. Were they going to record this?

“Okay Lana, we’re going to make a little tape today in celebration of your first bukkake, all right?”

Lana shrugged, clearly nervous karaman escort about the idea of being recorded.

“I guess so…”

Mark turned the video camera up at her, which was apparently already recording.

“So tell us, Lana… why do you like cum on your face?”

“Uh… well… I don’t know. I guess I just love the feeling of being dominated and having a guy give me a facial is a pretty clear way of doing that,” Lana managed.

“Well, are you ready to let all of these guys cum on your face?” Mark asked.

Lana nodded.

“Good. Then why don’t we begin?” Mark said as Tina approached Lana. “Lana, if ever you’re uncomfortable please let us know and we’ll stop. No need for safety words here.”

“I understand,” Lana said, short on breath.

“Great. Gentleman, the rules are simple. My wife and her pretty little friend here need to be reminded of their place. I want you to drown them in sperm, understand?”

All of the guys cheered and clapped to this.

“Lets get started,” Mark began. He turned to his wife and her friend. “Undress. Now.”

Lana stood up and peeled off her shirt, revealing her large breasts bursting beneath her sexy black bra. Next came her pants. When she was left standing in her underwear, Lana saw Tina already topless, slipping off her panties and revealing her bare pussy to the crowd. Lana took a deep breath and looked around to a crowd of strange men staring at her. She had never undressed for this many people before. Finally, Lana unhooked her bra, and pulled it away from her milky white breasts. Her puffy pink nipples were standing at attention. One of the men reached out and grabbed one Lana’s breasts and squeezed it firmly. The feeling of a stranger touching one of her private body parts caused a shiver to run up and down her spine. She blushed and looked the man in the eye.

“Wow, are these things real?” he asked.

“Yup,” was all Lana could think to say.

Then, Lana took a deep breath and hooked her fingers into her panties and revealed her own shaven pussy to the crowd. Tina took in her form and strutted over to her and pulled her down to her knees with her.

Everyone was already unbuckling and fastening their belts as they approached the naked wife and redhead. And that’s when Lana saw all of the men’s semi-erect or flaccid penises staring right at her. Lana turned back to Tina, already sucking on a penis that did not belong to her husband. Lana felt hands on her head, which caused her to turn back around in just enough time to notice that a penis was rocketing toward her mouth. The semi-hard cock slipped inside Lana’s mouth, which caused her to go wide-eyed. Lana looked up and looked into the eyes of the man she hadn’t even been introduced to, but was already sucking his dick. Lana decided to fall into form and started blowing the man as she felt another hand lift one of her free arms up. The man placed Lana’s hand on his penis, which grew in her firm grip. Lana occasionally slipped the man from her mouth and looked over to Tina… she had a cock in each hand, and another stuffed down her throat. The sight caused Lana’s pussy to flood with more juices.

“Mark said you two have slept together…” one guy said.

Tina smiled, removed the penis from her mouth, and crawled over toward Lana. She took her away from the blowjob she was giving and placed her face in her hands. Tina, met eyes with her, and brought Lana into a passionately deep and sloppy kiss.

“Feel each other up!” Another guy called out.

Tina started to grope Lana’s breasts. Lana felt a familiar wave of excitement flood through her groin as she started to grope Tina back. Tina smiled and then slipped her fingers down between her legs and penetrated her wet pussy. Tina smiled as Lana groaned and the crowd cheered.

“You’re soaking wet you little slut!”

“What can I say, I love giving head…” Lana managed.

“Show everyone how much you love it,” Tina managed, seemingly uninterested in all of the cocks being stroked before her. Lana sat back and spread her legs wide, revealing her pussy, which was leaking all of her juices and covering her vulva in a glistening layer of pre-cum. The crowd howled with excitement when Tina dove down and started to lick Lana right there. Tine quickly pulled herself back up – her husband grabbed her by the head and shoved the length of his cock down her throat.

“I think these ladies need reminding of why they’re here,” Mark said.

“I agree,” said Danny, a young twenty something year-old that approached Tina, his raging erection pointed right at her face. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her away from Lana, up toward his throbbing member. Tina smiled when she looked up and saw that it was Danny, a boy who worked under her at the office as her assistant. Danny took his cock and slapped it all over Tina’s face, immediately smearing a thick stream of pre-cum all over her features.

“Just because you’re the boss at the office, kars escort doesn’t mean I respect you outside the office,” Danny said.

And with that, Danny grabbed Tina’s head and shoved his cock deep inside the confines of her wet mouth, far past her tonsils. Tina let her hands drop to her side and knew she was going to get it. Danny began to give Tina a throat-fuck so intense, she thought she was going to physically be sick. She couldn’t believe the awful sounds coming from her throat as her eyes watered over and her mascara ran down her face. And that’s when Tina realized it wasn’t just her making the noise, but Lana. Tina attempted to look over and noticed that Lana was having her face fucked harder than she had ever had it fucked before. Finally, Danny released Tina who began coughing and gasping for air.

“Be gentle with her, she’s never…” Danny’s cock rocketed back into her mouth as he took her head into position and started to fuck her face all over again.

“Don’t tell us what to do, bitch!” Danny huffed. “This isn’t the office, Tina. That’s right. I’m calling you Tina, not Mrs. Saunders. You know why? Because all you are… is a lowly cum-slut… a common whore who has her assistant pencil in daily facials by her husband for her.”

Tina’s eyes went wider than ever as Danny finally released her.

“You… you know about… ahem… you know about…” but Tina couldn’t catch her breath in time.

“Of course I know, Mark’s the one who told me that he drives across town during his lunch break just so you can get your daily fixation. He told me sometimes you’ll lock yourself in your office for hours after he’s gone, just sitting there reveling in a fresh load of sperm dripping down your face. He even showed me a picture once,” Danny said, a big shit-eating grin on his face. Tina just moaned around his cock in dismay.

The awful sound of Tina’s throat being fucked permeated the room.

Meanwhile, Lana was gagging on the cock that was slamming into the back of her throat and wasn’t able to breath out of her nose anymore. Then, much to Lana’s horror, the man held his cock deep inside her throat while her nose was buried into his abdomen. Pre-cum and saliva drooled out of her mouth and spilled off her chin as her face turned beat red. Then, the man released her. Lana started to cough while the man beat his cock all over her face, smearing more of his pre-cum all over her dolled up face.

“You like having your mouth fucked like that, slut?”

“Yes…” Lana managed.

Lana then turned away and grabbed another cock causing a loud groan from the man it was attached to. She throw her lips over it and reached back and grabbed the man who she was just pleasuring, his penis dripping wet with her saliva and his pre-cum. She started to stroke him as she blew a new cock. Soon, another man was grabbing her free hand and using it stroke himself. Lana was no longer in control, and she loved every second of it. She never thought in a million years she would do anything as slutty as this, but here she was.

Lana turned her head and saw Tina, now blowing Mark while a couple of other guys beat off in front of her. Lana continued to switch off blowing all of the guys around her, many of them occasionally reaching down and fondling her large breasts. Tina continued sucking different dicks beside Lana, half the time falling victim to having her throat fucked against her desire. Still, she was used to it by now.

“Okay girls, I think its time to get in the center here,” Mark said.

Tina crawled over to Lana, both of their faces already a mess of saliva and pre-cum around the lips and chin. Their make-up was ruined, but the night was only just beginning.

“So who’s ready to cover these pretty little faces in cum?” Tina teased.

“I can’t wait to shoot my load all over you, Tina,” one man admitted while stroking himself right in front of her.

“Don’t forget, we need to ruin this pretty little redhead’s face beside me too,” Tina said, turning to Lana who couldn’t believe the circumstances she found herself in.

One of the first guys Lana blew approached her.

“What are you?” he asked.

“Just a cum-slut, sir,” Lana played along.

He groaned and exploded right into Lana’s face. The first jet splashed across her lips. Tina watched as another jet struck right up the bridge of her nose and across her forehead up into her red hair.

Just then, one of the men shot a jet of cool sperm across Tina’s face, splattering across the tip of her nose and splashing across her opposite cheek. Another cool jet struck right into her forehead. Tina quickly turned around and smiled up at the man as another jet of cum splashed across her cheeks.

Lana looked over and watched Tina being facialized while another man came up and shot a thick jet of semen across her already cum covered face. She felt thick wads of it splattering across her forehead and running down into the first batch already dripping down over her nose, eyes, and lips.

“Your wife’s face looks so beautiful covered in sperm, Mark.” Danny said as he approached Tina, furiously stroking himself before her. She looked up at him, her face a mess of cum.

“Come on, Danny, I know how much you love cumming on your boss’ face…”

“How does all that cum feel?”

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