Afternoon of Pleasures , Closers

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Dan lay on his back staring at the same ceiling he had been staring at for 3 years but the bed was different. A naked woman straddled him. She had long black hair, chestnut brown eyes and kissable lips, pale soft skin contrasting his Latin bronze. She moved her hips smiling down at him. Then she rolled her head back, eyes closed in ecstasy and sighed in bliss.

Dan placed his hands on her moving creamy hips, her breasts like two ripe fruits ready to be eaten. Her nipples so pink and hard with arousal. The woman was so familiar but he couldn’t place her.

But just as the woman leaned down, her mouth tantalizingly close to his, he heard a faint beeping that grew louder. It became so loud that Dan’s eyes flashed open to find that it had been a dream. Damn… he was sporting a semi-hard on.

He rolled over, letting the rays of heat to warm his back. He felt the cold space beside him. Dan heard his wife, Karen, in the bathroom already getting ready for her day. He wished to go back to sleep, back to that dream. It had been a year since he and Karen had sex.

It wasn’t her fault. Karen was incredibly attractive with beautiful green eyes, soft wheat colored hair and fair skin. Daniel Ferrera himself was quite good looking with blue eyes and having Latin blood gave him an exotic look. Karen was a major publisher who had been trying to find the next George R.R. Martin and Dan was busy at this law firm. Sex just slipped under the radar. The bigger issue was that they both seemed fine with it.

“Honey, you up yet?” Karen called out.

“Almost,” Dan sighed. Their German Shepherd, Rocket, jumped onto the bed giving Dan his slobbery kisses. Not the good morning kiss Dan wanted.

“Remember you’re going to meet with Evangeline Blackwood today for lunch,” Karen walked out of the bathroom wrapped tightly in her white silk kimono robe, her hair in a messy bun. She was lithe and flexible. Dan was still hard from his sex dream. If Karen was up for it he would give rip the kimono off but he knew when his wife was not up for a tussle.

“Your new big author?” Dan rubbed his eyes trying to think of something to get himself soft.

“She’s still on the fence about leaving her old publisher,” Karen searched her closet for an outfit. “The girl is 27 but she’s no fool. Insult the wrong people and you get blacklisted…”

Dan was barely listening after that. He breathed deeply as images of the woman faded into the gray of reality.


Dan sat at the café with his coffee going over some contracts while the hustle of New York City hummed outside. A few women passing by outside gave him “Hey you” looks. He was 37 and one of the youngest partners at his firm. He was used to getting a few looks for his fancy watch and good looks. Occasionally a few women flirted with him but he was never serious. He didn’t know if it was commitment to Karen or perhaps they weren’t his type. They were always younger or older women who tried too hard.

He checked his watch. Evangeline Blackwood was supposedly the next Danielle Steel in romance novels. She sold millions of copies of her first book, The Duchess’s Secret worldwide. There was even talk of turning it into a movie and blow 50 Shades of Grey out of the water.

Dan didn’t read many novels but for research he read Miss Blackwood’s book and it wasn’t bad. Perhaps that was what made him have those dreams.

“Mr. Ferrera?”

Dan looked up and was stunned. It was the girl from his dream… not quite but now he realized why his dream woman was so familiar.

“I’m Evangeline Blackwood,” she said, her voice was a bit breathy but musical, a tenor but feminine. In one graceful movement Evangeline sat down opposite Dan, crossing one leg over the other, laying back in a seductive pose that would have seemed obvious to some but she had such poise and oozed confidence and sensuality that drew Dan in like a moth to a flame.

“Yes… I’m Daniel Ferrera.” He gave her body a bold, sweeping gaze.

She wore a tight wrap black dress that showed a modest amount of cleavage and her curvy figure. It contrasted her pale skin that made her look younger than 27. Her long black hair was loose, draped over her shoulder while displaying one of her dangling silver earrings. Her eyes were two glittering chestnuts set in a round face with pink lips. She was something straight out of a Romance Period painting.

“Sorry I’m late,” Evangeline’s eyes had some sort of secret knowledge, her smile would outshine Mona Lisa’s. “I almost didn’t come.”

“I’m glad you did.” Dan couldn’t help but smile.

Evangeline’s eyes were her most outstanding feature. They were bedroom eyes that Dan imagined glazed over after a night of passion twisting in the sheets. They talked about business and other things for an hour.

Dan could feel his skin itch, urging him to touch her. Sometimes their hands were inches from each other. Dan could feel the heat of her skin so close to his own.

Evangeline tilted her head to the side whenever she asked maraş escort a question and contemplated Dan’s answers. She didn’t want to miss a thing. She studied his face and gestures. Dan was afraid she would hear his heart hammering or sense his desire.

Evangeline tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear after she giggled at a joke he made. Dan wanted so badly to do that. His fingers yearned to touch her, his mouth to taste her. What was it about this woman that awakened such lust in him?

He nestled his foot against hers. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact she seemed to pin his ankle against the table. Evangeline acted cool the entire time. She rested her head in her palm, leaning on her elbow, pulling back her foot to Dan’s dismay.

Then Evangeline said, “I still don’t know… Loretta gave me my start.”

“I’ve read over your contracts with Miss Loretta Stevens,” Dan leaned in, his hands folded on the table. “You should be getting more money. Your books are making her a profit but they’re your babies. You deserve a fair percentage of the profits.”

Evangeline tilted her head again, the sunlight catching the sheen of her dark hair, highlighting the strands into bronze, chestnut eyes glittering with curiosity. The corner of her mouth curved up as she watched Dan who felt himself flush.

“Maybe…,” she said softly. “Your wife seems like a nice woman.”

Mentions of his wife cooled Dan. He didn’t want to talk about another woman. He should feel guilty but for some reason he didn’t. Or perhaps he just buried his guilt.

Evangeline checked her phone, “3 o’clock already? I should be getting home. I live just around the block. Do you want to walk with me? We can talk about business further.”

“Of course,” Dan sounded more eager than he should have been. They walked closely together out of the café but never touching. Evangeline never looked his way once. She was quite calm and mature for her age. Despite their agreement to talk business they didn’t say a word.

The other people around them melted away. They didn’t matter. Evangeline seemed to float in her graceful strides. Dan sometimes fell a bit behind though it allowed him a view of her nice round ass.

They reached her apartment building. Dan held the door open for her but Evangeline never said thank you. She only gave him her dark eyes so full of heat. They took the elevator. 2 other people were in there to Dan’s chagrin. Evangeline didn’t seem bothered at all, who pushed the button for the 10th floor.

In fact she boldly stroked his hand with her finger. The action sent hot tingles down to Dan’s bones. He could feel his blood rushing to his groin. He was afraid that he would show his arousal to the people in the elevator.

They stood at the back, their backs pressed against the wood paneling of the elevator. Evangeline’s posture was completely nonchalant. But Dan shifted every few minutes.

But Evangeline didn’t stop there. When other people came and went on the elevator which was torturing Dan making him sweat a little. Evangeline was touch-hungry and would not be denied. She took his hand and guided it up her black dress, only to rest it on her thigh.

Evangeline pressed her lips together but stared straight ahead. Dan’s heart quickened as he felt himself get semi-hard created a small bulge in his slacks that he prayed to God no one would notice. This woman was driving Dan crazy with lust. He could feel the heat of her womanhood coming off in waves. He wondered if he went up further he would feel that she was wet as well.

Evangeline sighed deeply as Dan dared to inch closer to her hot pussy. Then they finally came to her floor. Without a word Evangeline pushed Dan’s hand away to his frustration then lead him out of the elevator.

Instead of walking together, Dan walked a few paces behind Evangeline as she searched for her keys. His pulse quickened with forbidden longing. The hallway seemed to go on forever but they finally came to her apartment door. It was a deep red, like blood, like passion.

“Thank you for walking me home,” Evangeline unlocked the door and slightly opened it but she didn’t go in. Instead she leaned against the wall looking at Dan intently.

“My pleasure…,” Dan said as he saw a stray strand of Evangeline’s hair fall in her face.

Without asking Dan tucked Evangeline’s hair behind her ear. She blinked, eyes hot with desire. Perhaps it was because she was something new. Or maybe things with Karen were worse than he thought but before Dan could think of the consequences he pulled Evangeline in, hands caressing her round face and crushed her mouth with his.

The kiss was bone-tingling, wild with passion as their tongues slicked together. He was hungry for her body and her own was only too happy to welcome him. Evangeline could feel his arousal pressed against her stomach. She led him into her apartment without breaking the kiss. Dan slammed the door behind them and Evangeline pushed him against the closed door, nibbling mardin escort on his lower lip.

Dan was mad for her, mad with desire and animal longing. Evangeline seemed to read his mind as she unbuckled his pants and taking his staff in her practiced hand. She held him and knew her power which intoxicated her. Evangeline looked into Dan’s pale blue eyes as she slid her hand up and down the length of him. She watched as he closed his eyes in ecstasy.

Evangeline slowly lowered herself then she kissed the mushroom head of his cock. She gave it a slight flick of her tongue. She licked him like a cat as she kept a firm hand on Dan’s shaft that pulsed in her gentle grip. Evangeline lingered on the tip, torturing Dan a bit longer then she took him into her mouth.

“Uuuhnnnn…,” Dan groaned as he felt Evangeline’s mouth on him, a trap of moist heat for his manhood. His body bucked as she worked his shaft. She was amazing. Thoughts of Karen dissolved as Evangeline sucked hard at his swollen member. He ached for release.

The sight of her brown eyes dark with lust looking up at him as she worked his sinewy staff made Dan want to cum hard in her mouth. But she stopped, licking her pretty pink lips that were wrapped perfectly around his stalk a minute ago. This woman liked to tease him. With his hard cock still her hand, Evangeline led him towards her bedroom.


Dan was still semi-hard as he lay panting beside her. Evangeline lay on her stomach watching Dan intently, sweat gleaming on her lower back, her black hair disheveled, smiling like a cat who ate the canary.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me,” Evangeline rolled over, stretching out underneath the damp sheets, her body felt deliciously sore. “I’ll sign the papers.”

“To be honest I forgot all about that,” Dan rolled over catching Evangeline’s salty sweet lips in a sensual kiss. He caressed her round breast that fit perfectly in his palm. They were still firm and perky in the afterglow.

Evangeline raked her fingers through Dan’s dark hair sending hot tingles through his scalp. Dan took one of her nipples into his mouth, rolling the hard nub with his teeth making Evangeline take a sharp intake of breath as her grip in his hair tightened.

“Mr. Ferrera…”

“I think you can call me Dan,” he laughed against her neck, his mouth moved down her slender throat.

“Dan…” Even the way she said his name was sexy. Everything about Evangeline Blackwood screamed sex. “It’s 7 o’clock. Shouldn’t you call your wife?”

Evangeline’s tone was completely serious. More business-like.

“I’ll call her and tell her I’m held up at the office,” Dan sighed rolling onto his back as Evangeline pulled on his dress shirt. He loved it when she wore his things. He wanted to attack her again. Drag her underneath the sheets and never let her escape.

Then his stomach grumbled.

“Chinese?” Evangeline called from the bathroom.

“Absolutely,” Dan rubbed his eyes awake.

Evangeline came back, Dan’s shirt half open hiding her ample breasts. Her lips were a darker shade of pink. Dan could feel his cock throb with need. Evangeline made it to the bed in slow strides, her chestnut eyes clouded in a sexual haze.

Without a word Evangeline straddled him. The scene was familiar. Perhaps dreams come true after all.

Her tongue slithered into Dan’s mouth as her free hand began massaging his swelling member. She quickly guided him inside of her. Slowly Evangeline rocked her hips as she continued to sensually kiss and tongue dance with her lawyer lover who placed his hands on her hips lifting her up then she guided his cock into her drizzling feminine flower.


“Your wife talked to me before our meeting,” Evangeline admitted. They sat at her dining room table, Evangeline still wearing his dress shirt and Dan was without one. She couldn’t help but admire his muscles. He wasn’t hard cut but he certainly worked out. Evangeline loved tracing circles in his firm broad chest and kissing it.

“Oh?” Open Chinese food boxes covered the table. Outside the city was a nightlight against the black velvet night sky.

“She told me you two had drifted apart and that if anything happened she would be okay with,” Evangeline spoke about the whole thing as if it were just another business meeting.

“I had no idea my wife was pimping me out,” Dan took the dirty plates and placed them in the sink. Yet he found that he wasn’t surprised. He didn’t feel guilty about Evangeline because his marriage didn’t feel like a marriage anymore.

“She doesn’t want a divorce,” Evangeline walked to the sink getting the dish soap detergent and hot water ready. Dan retreated to the table content to watch Evangeline do domestic chores in his shirt.

“Why doesn’t Karen tell me this?”

“Hell if I know,” Evangeline shrugged with a grin. “I never intend to get married and find out how a married woman thinks.”

That comforted Dan in a sense. He wasn’t urging for a divorce either. mersin escort

“Besides,” Evangeline put on yellow rubber gloves and began washing the dishes in the soapy water. “Aren’t marriages just business contracts?”

“How does a 27 year old know so much about marriage?” Dan laughed dryly.

“I’m a writer,” Evangeline chuckled. “I should know quite a few things otherwise my writing wouldn’t make any damn sense.”

Dan stood behind Evangeline, feeling the heat of his skin through his shirt. He started nuzzling her neck and inhaling her natural scent. She could hear the sound of his shallow breathing. He sent the old familiar shiver coursing through her once she felt his breath caress her neck.

“Can at least finish some dishes before you ravage me again?” Evangeline chuckled though she was already removing her rubber gloves as a lusty feeling of warmth washed over her.

He sunk his teeth into her shoulder making Evangeline gasp as the pain melted into pleasure. Dan’s musk aroused her making her pussy clench with urgent need to have him inside her. No scent was sexier than a man in heat.

“Leave them,” Dan’s hands moved down from her shoulders, along her arms then wandering to her waist and then her hips sending exciting signals to Eve’s pussy.

“I’m too tired now,” Evangeline lied, her body aroused by Dan’s hands that seared her flesh like a brand. His soft lips imprinted sizzling kisses on her neck making her pussy drizzle. A fire kindled in her loins and desire burned in her belly.

“Are you?” Dan whispered hungrily into his young lover’s ear. He could already sense Evangeline yielding to his touch. Dan’s one hand moved down to her thigh, sneaking up under the shirt she wore with such comfort. Evangeline’s breath hitched when she felt her lover’s hand touching her womanhood, massaging her lightly, teasing her.

“Jesus…,” Dan whispered with a hungry growl into her soft dark hair. Her scorching heat made Dan rock hard now. Touching it. Feeling it’s warmth aroused him uncontrollably. He dipped a finger inside her hot slick folds so easily. She was so tight, her muscles clenched around his finger as Evangeline whimpered.

She took Dan’s other hand and held it to her breast. Dan fondled Evangeline’s breast while his other hand continued to play with her pussy that was so hot, wet, and throbbing in need for him. He played with her sweet berry, fat was lust. Evangeline bit her lip whimpering for him not to stop.

Dan’s hot breath caressed Evangeline’s neck. The sound of him breathing was enough to get her hot. She rubbed herself against him. Her skin becoming electric from the friction of their bodies. She could feel Dan’s manhood iron hard pressed against her tail bone. Dan whispered, “Let me do the work.”

Evangeline turned around and pulled Dan in for a kiss, animal hunger in her big brown eyes. It was a slow tender kiss that made them both seethe, feeding the fires of lust building into a bonfire. Their kiss deepened as Evangeline rubbed Dan’s aching bulge through his slacks.

Dan groaned into Evangeline’s mouth. Evangeline tore off Dan’s shirt that was a cotton prison. She wanted to be skin to skin with him. Dan salivated at the sight of her swelling flesh. He kissed the tops of her luscious peaks.

Dan lifted Evangeline into his embrace then carried her to the dining room table. She snaked her tongue into his mouth. Her legs spread wide, Evangeline dragged her nails along Dan’s bare shoulders sending hot shivers along his spine.

Evangeline wrapped her legs around Dan’s waist pulling him inward so she could feel his maleness pressed against her femininity. Her brown chestnut eyes burning with animal lust as Dan pulled away then gently pushed her down on the table, opening her legs wider.

Dan smiled wolfishly. His lips brushed lightly against hers then he dragged his tongue along her neck. Evangeline bit her lower lip at the sweet sensation.

Dan made his way down, kissing the tops of Evangeline’s breasts trailing down her flat stomach, digging his tongue into her navel. He smiled as heard her giggle. He then came to that secret treasure between her thighs. She radiated heat.

Her golden flesh glistened with her wetness and scent of her arousal was pungent. Dan pressed his lips to Evangeline’s inner thigh. She giggled as he playfully bit her. He trailed his nose down until he came to her drizzling hot feminine portal.

The heat of his breath made her mewl and moan. She bit her nails, her eyes closed in ecstasy as her other hand raked through Dan’s black hair. She felt his tongue lapping up the juices and she licked her lips in excitement. Dan loved the taste of the young author’s love nectar.

Dan touched Evangeline’s wet hot slit, inserting his finger slowly, listening to Evangeline sigh in pleasure. He felt her muscles clamp around his finger. He pumped slowly liked a skilled torturer before stretching her wider with another finger.

Evangeline groaned as her muscles pulsated, locking and unlocking as Dan worked his fingers inside of her tight satin canal, her breathing becoming more ragged. Evangeline thought she would cum but Dan wanted revenge for earlier when she teased him with her mouth. He stopped. He felt himself grow iron hard as watched Evangeline buck her hips, moaning in protest.

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