A Sissy’s Story

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Sunday was so boring for me. Nobody came out on Sundays to see me and Melanie, my mistress, was busy at work. She’s a successful pornstar and has videos all over the internet, but that left me on my own.

I lay on my bed, dressed in a bright pink thong and a silky purple nightie that barely reached below my round ass.

I opened the laptop and clicked on the first site I had open, Sissy Porn. Yes, I, Gabrielle am a sissy slut and proud of it. I love the smell, the feeling, the taste of cock so much that I crave it.

But for now, my favourite pink dildo will have to do as I clicked on a video and started to feel my little clitty growing hard against my thong.

“Mmmm, hello sir, is that big juicy cock for me?” I asked my dildo, pretending that a man had come to fuck me good.

I slowly brought the dildo up to my lips and kissed it softly, groaning slightly before sliding it into my mouth, feeling the plastic cock rub against my tongue and wishing it was real.

On the video, a man with a large thick cock had got his little sissy bitch on her knees, sucking his cock and massaging his big hairy cum filled balls as she moaned in pure ecstasy.

I copied her actions, moaning like a bitch in heat as I turn on the dildo to the lowest setting, the vibrations coursing over my tongue as I slid it into my throat.

After a few minutes of fucking my own throat, I pulled it out and grinned at how wet my dildo had gotten, perfect for sliding into my slutty pussy.

I looked at the video and the sissy was laying on her back, legs spread and clitty bouncing all over as her daddy fucked her hard, sinop escort using her pussy mercilessly as he thrust and stretched her around his throbbing cock.

I reach down and slid my thong to one side, teasing my pussy with my dildo before sliding it in, feeling my pussy ache for a real cock to stretch it wide.

But I started to slowly rub my clitty through my thong, my pussy full of dildo and my clitty leaking my sissy cum, it felt so good that I didn’t even notice the video had ended with the slut getting a massive load of cum shot inside her, marking her as his property.

I quickly felt myself squirt, laying on my bed, pussy shivering with joy as my clitty made a mess in my thong but I had hit that high again, my body too exhausted to move, so I slumped on my side a sucked on my cum covered fingers as I went onto my social media account.

Searching around for potential clients, I found one that immediately caught my attention. Tall, average build, short brown hair and whilst he wasn’t the fittest man I’d ever seen, looking into the eyes of his profile pic, I found myself wanting him more and more.

Scrolling down his page, I saw he worked close to my house, at the train station café. At that moment, I decided that despite how my mistress would feel, I had to go there tomorrow and meet this man.

(To know what happens here, I suggest you read my other story, First time together, if you haven’t already.)

After he left, I felt my heart sink into loneliness. My body craved his touch, my pussy craved his cock and as I lay on the sofa, catching any leaking cum and swallowing sivas escort it, I came to realise I wanted to be with him so much. I had been with men before but none of them had ever made me feel loved, they only wanted a fucktoy.

I lay there until Melanie got home, she was smiling until she walked in and saw me, my pussy still slightly gaping and my face in bliss from sucking his cum off my fingers. She approached and cleared her throat. I jumped out of my skin and looked up at her, my head not wanted to believe she was really there.

She was stood in her sexiest red dress, her F cup breasts bounced as she looked down at me and her long chestnut hair was falling into her eyes slightly.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. “Gab, what happened?” She asked, a touch of concern in her voice as she looked me up and down.

I blushed hard, trying to find the words.

“I…I brought someone here…and he…” I didn’t have to say another word before she sighed and shook her head.

“Gabrielle, you know you shouldn’t do that. There are men out there that will take advantage of you and abuse you and I don’t want that for my little sister.” She said, her concern rising.

I looked to the ground. She was right as she often was about these things but I still felt yearning for that man.

“I’m sorry sis…It’s just…I think I love him and that he’s the man of my dreams.” I said, realising immediately that she didn’t look convinced in the slightest.

“Then how come he’s not here still?” She asked but I sighed.

“I sent him home cause I thought you’d be mad.” I said, tekirdağ escort my voice trailing off a little but she pulled me into her arms, hugging me tight. “Gab, I wouldn’t have been mad. But now I’ve got to test his loyalty to you.” She said and I looked at her confused.

“Test him? Please don’t try to seduce him.” I said, knowing what my sister was like when she found something she wanted.

She’d done it before in school, when I had found a lovely guy but one temptation from my sister and he dumped me for her. She never got together with him though.

“Don’t worry, if he’s good, he’ll want you, not me. Now, don’t text him tomorrow until I get back.” Melanie told me.

We went to bed that night without another word on the subject but when I woke up the next morning, Melanie was gone, leaving a note on the kitchen counter.

“Gone shopping, be hope later.” Was all it said.

The day passed quickly and several times, I was so tempted to send him a message but then remembered what Melanie had told me and put my phone down again.

Later, when Melanie got home, we unpacked the shopping and she gave me a kiss.

“So, how’s your day been?” She asked and I sighed.

“Pretty boring, I really want to see him Mel, So much.” I said and she just laughed.

“That’s understandable if you’re in love.” She said before walking through and picking up my mobile phone.

“Let’s send Lover boy a message to rattle his cage.” She said, her fingers dancing over the keys before dropping the phone back on the sofa. “There we go.” She said.


(To find out what happens next, read Along Came the Mistress, unless you have already.)

(Hope you enjoyed this little look into the how Gabrielle and Melanie came to be in the main character’s life. More will be coming soon, including the identity of the mysterious stalker.)

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