A Personal Ad

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It all started by answering a personal ad in Rochester, it said they were a couple and were looking for a girl to meet and have fun with and the fun would include a little BDSM. For quite a while I had been thinking about submission, dominance, and bondage, I found it kind of kinky and its kind of turned me on thinking about it. I had had some fantasies about being submissive to someone and being spanked or flogged and I thought maybe this would be a good opportunity to explore them. I wondered what it would be like to be tied up and flogged, some nipple play (oh how I love nipple clips) and forced to satisfy a woman or a guy. I just was not sure if it was something that should stay a fantasy or something I should actually try.

Reading the ad, I thought what the heck it can’t hurt to talk with them besides, they may not be interested in a transgender woman anyway. So, I answered the ad and maybe a week to ten days later I got a reply from Ann, she said her and her husband Rich would love to talk more via email so we could learn more about each other. I explained to her that I was a transgender woman, and their ad piqued my interest, and I was hoping I could learn more about what they might have in mind. She wrote back right away, and we corresponded for several weeks getting to know each other.

I learned that she was quite a bit younger than Rich and that both were bi and that they had a playroom set up in their attic. Although they had been to a few fetish parties together Rich was far away the more experienced of the two. But what was great for me was that they would both love to meet a trans woman (yea). Ann had been with quite a few women and she enjoyed the topless pictures of me. After being on hormones for several years I must admit I can fill out a sweater quite nicely, lol.

Rich was attracted to my mention of enjoying nipple clips and that I would be a willing student. We really had some great conversations via email, and I felt like we learned a lot about each other. Finally, we decided to meet. I planned on being in Rochester for a long ordu escort weekend that worked for them and we settled on meeting at Club Marcella’s on a Sunday evening.

I had no idea what to expect but was determined to make a good impression and wore my “fuck me” red pumps and a short black dress. We met and talked for over an hour and picked a date for us to get together at their home. They were and are such nice people and I loved our conversations and getting to know them. I felt like I could be so open with them I told them all about my trans journey and they told me all about how they met and their BDSM history, it was so nice. I could not wait to visit their playroom!

In anticipation of our first meeting that would involve playing I reserved a beautiful room at a resort hotel and checked in early so I could relax and get ready for the evening. I booked a massage and a facial and then took a nice long hot bubble bath back in my room. I laid out what I planned on wearing, my Ferrari Red front hook bra and panty set, black thigh highs, black 4″ heel pumps, and my favorite short deep grey dress that zipped up in front. After applying plenty of body lotion I slipped into my bra and panties and stood at the mirror to apply my makeup. I took a lot of time because I wanted it to be perfect. I blew dried and curled my hair and finished by putting on dark red lipstick. I dressed and stood back from the mirror and thought damn girl, you are looking good. I loaded up my purse being sure to put in my favorite nipple clips and I was off, to what I was not sure. But knew I was extremely excited!

It was about 7:30 when I got to Ann and Richard’s home. We chatted for a bit in their living room and they asked me several times if I was OK with what we were going to be doing and we agreed on a safe word (I picked the word red, original, huh) that I could use any time I felt uncomfortable. Not really knowing what I would like or be into I told them I was open to most anything and I would let them know if I was not enjoying it. With that I followed rize escort them upstairs to their playroom. I walked in and immediately thought whoa their set-up was looking pretty impressive and fun.

Rich had me stand up to a rod hanging from the ceiling and he unzipped my dress letting it fall to the floor. He then unhooked and removed my bra spilling my breasts free. Both he and Ann complimented me on my nice breasts. Rich then had me raise my hands in the air and tied my hands to the rod. He then sensuously placed nipple clips on my nipples. The feeling of the clips being attached was incredible, and I moaned out loud.

So, there I was hands tied up in the air with my breasts hanging loose and just wearing panties, thigh highs and heels and I felt the soft smack of a flogger against my back. Rich asked if I was OK and I said yea, it actually felt nice. He then picked up the pace and force considerably and I have to say I absolutely loved each time the flogger touched my skin.

The feeling of standing there so exposed and being flogged was heaven. Seeing that I was OK he tried a whip and even that although more painful felt wonderful. He came in front of me and placed tighter nipple clips on and started gently flogging my tits and wow that sent me to the moon. Although my eyes were closed, occasionally, I caught sight of Ann standing off to the side smiling and seemingly enjoying the show. She was now in a nightgown and from what I could see looking sensational.

The flogging eventually slowed down and the three of us fell into a huge bed they had in the room. I was feeling pretty heady but could not take my eyes off Ann. She looked beautiful and I longed to taste her. Rich noticing my interest whispered to me that Ann loves having her pussy licked and that I should drop down between her legs and go down on her. Well, he did not have the sentence out of his mouth, and I was on my knees with my face deeply buried into her sweet smooth pussy.

I devoured Ann while Rich and I both played with her breasts and she tasted divine. sakarya escort With each stroke of my tongue she let out a low moan that told me she was genuinely enjoying what was happening. She reached down and ran her hands through my hair and pulled my head tighter to her pussy forcing my tongue even deeper. She was so hot which made me so hot and I was absolutely loving being between her legs and I wanted to please her, I wanted to make her cum. Suddenly I could feel her orgasm rumble throughout her body with such force that I could barely keep up the pace. She let out a loud moan and then her body collapsed in pure joy.

Moments later she gently steered my head into Rich’s lap taking his rock-hard cock and guiding it into my waiting mouth. I quickly took his hardness in going all the way down till I could feel his balls on my chin. I completely engulfed his cock till I could feel the tip on the back of my throat causing us both to moan. His cock was beautiful, just the right length and girth to really enjoying sucking and oh how I did. I loved sliding my lips up and down his shaft feeling it get harder and harder each time I went up and down. Ann held my head tight to his cock as he picked up pace and he erupted inside my mouth with such force that his cum ran out of the sides of my mouth, fortunately Ann knelt down and caught any stray streams and we kissed exchanging his cum between us.

I joined them on the bed and Ann dived between my legs and swallowed me and Rich sucked on my swollen breasts like a hungry infant. I was in heaven and I instantly came so hard my body shook. We laid there for quite a while and soon it was time for me to go although honestly, I did not want to. I did not have strength for another session, but I felt so warm, safe, and comfortable with them I wanted to stay.

We made our way downstairs and we all kissed each other goodnight and said we had a wonderful time, and that we should talk again soon. I drove back to my hotel and took another bath trying to relax and take in everything that happened that night. It was all pretty heady stuff and I needed time to process it. My phone rang and it was Ann asking me if I was OK and thanking me for our time together. It was so nice of her to call and that just made me feel even more OK and safe. I cannot wait till we meet again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32