Teaching Jen Ch. 02

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It was wonderful to have Jen and me living together. After we unpacked her stuff, we went out back to cool down in the swimming pool. She had a red bikini on and I could see how her nipples dented her top. We dove in and swam a few laps ending up on the first step of the pool. The sun made her tanned wet body shine as she sat back taking it all in. I could feel my dick starting to rise to the site of her body, but I did not want her to think I was a nymphomaniac, so I got out of the pool to get us some drinks.

Whilst I was busy in the kitchen I saw how she got out of the pool and laid her down on one of the pool benches. This gave me a wonderful view of her perky ass. I got the drinks and walked out to her. As I got there I noticed that she had taken of her top and pulled her bikini bottom into the crack of her ass. This made it look as if she was wearing a thong. Her action left me with a little dilemma. Now my dick really wanted to stand up and be counted and fetching drinks again was not an option. I sat down next to her with my left leg lifted just high enough so she would not be able van escort to see mister in the army now. After a while she turned over exposing her wonderful breasts to me. My eyes moved down her body tracking a few beads of sweat running over her flat tummy and ending in her navel. I gazed further down.

Stopping at her mound and admiring how her bikini made an outline of her pussy lips. I could feel my dick screaming for relief. I was like a happy school boy when she asked me to rub some lotion on to her back. I waited till she turned over before I got up. I sat down on her just behind her perky ass. I made sure that my bulge was positioned in such a way that she would not notice anything. Goosebumps appeared on her back as I started rubbing the lotion on to her shoulders. Slowly I moved down making sure that I covered every last millimetre. I was in such a trance that I did not notice my dick sliding down from its position and appearing out the side of my trunks. Pre cum dripped on to her thigh giving her a puzzled look on her face. She turned her head only to see my dick sticking out yalova escort of my pants. I realized what was going on and froze completely. My face went bright red and all I could say was “Oops”.

She grinned as she went back to her previous position. Her legs slowly opened underneath me revealing her wet bikini. Without hesitation I got hold of the bikini material between the crack of her ass and proceeded in pulling it off her. At the same time my trunks went flying. My dick stood upright and hard, happy to be free from its prison. I bent over and lifted her hips slightly to give my member the perfect angle of entry. Her pussy lips engulfed my dick as I entered her. She started to groan as I went deeper and deeper. This time there was no waiting from her as the base of my shaft hit her mound. She started bucking her hips and making circular movements. I could feel how my dick rubbed against the inside of her pussy. I reached around her with my one hand and started to cup her breast.

My other hand grabbed her shoulder and I started to pull her up to me. On her way up yozgat escort she closed her legs; increasing the friction between our members. I knew I was not going to last long so I pulled out and turned her around. As she faced me she grabbed my dick and started to stroke him. I started to make my way down her body; giving her little bites as I went. She squirmed with every bite. I slowly opened her legs as I reached her mound. With the underside of my tongue I started to stroke her clit. Her knees buckling as my tongue stroked her hard button. I placed my thumb on her clit and worked my way down her slit. The sweet taste of her pussy juice just made me hungry for more. I stiffened my tongue and entered her love hole. With bold strokes I tongue fucked her, until I could feel how her pussy started to contract. She grabbed the hair on my head as she came. Her body shook and bucked with every pulse. Finally her knees could not take it anymore. She collapsed onto me, grinding her pussy into my face. Her cum soaked my face and I enjoyed every moment of it.

We kept that position for a while and just stared into each others eyes. The sun was setting and we decided to go inside. As she got up the sun hit her body at such an angle, making it the most erotic scene I have ever gazed upon.

Her second lesson was over.

To be continued…

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