A Lesson in Spanish

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He came in with his adult son and his grandchildren. He was very quiet and although very immersed within the US culture, I assumed that because his son did not speak English, he did not speak English either. He was in his late 50’s, attractive, dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin, and stood very erect. He did little but glower down on me as I interacted with his family.

The grandchildren translated for their father. They were precocious and actually got me to speak a few words of Spanish, which sent them into giggly fits. After a few back and forth translations, their father sat down to fill out some necessary forms. Using both languages, the children engaged me with stories of their day. Although it was difficult to keep up, I really enjoyed our conversation. I suspect though, that they were getting me to learn and repeat some very silly things. Their grandfather stood to the side, looking stoic as ever.

After a while I whispered to them, “Your grandfather does not like me very much!” That sent them into another fit of giggles.

Their father finished his business with me and as they were leaving, the grandfather said to me in perfect English, “If you work on your Spanish a little more, it might become passable.”

“Puse mi pie en mi boca!” (I put my foot in my mouth). He actually smiled. Only I’m still not sure if beylikdüzü escort I got that right.

Two days went by. It was the end of the second day and I was looking forward to meeting a friend for a happy hour drink. It’s a short walk from the office to downtown. As I left out the front door, he was standing there. My stomach knotted up and even now, I find my reaction to him strange and startling. He asked where I was going and then said he’d walk with me there.

As we walked, he pulled me to the inside of the sidewalk, so that traffic was on his side. He talked a little in Spanish and I could understand some, but was mostly lost. When I confessed my ignorance, he turned as said that he would teach me. Thinking about my limited budget, I told him I had little money to pay for lessons. “No mind, we’ll figure it out as we go.”, he replied.

He told me that he liked that I was nervous with him. And although I imagined myself also somewhat stoic, clearly he could read through this. Nervous was an understatement anyway. I could feel his arm brushing against mine as we walked. His energy pressed into me and made me feel very small. Vulnerable, even. From the moment he walked in the door two days ago and in this moment, I felt a need to both keep an eye on him and to avoid his gaze. There adana escort was just no comfortable moment in his presence.

We were walking past the cemetery between my workplace and downtown, when he gently grabbed my arm and led me in. I could easily have wrenched my arm away, but there seemed to be more than his physicality holding me bound.

We walked deep into the row of trees that separate the two sides of the cemetery. When we got to the fence, he pushed me back against it. “Nada es gratis, niña.” (Nothing is free, girl)

He traced his finger down my cheek, down my neck, and caught it in the top of my shirt, pulling it down slightly. I wanted to look away from his eyes, which were sexy and slightly menacing, but I could not. This was crazy and dangerous. And I was excited.

He thumbed my throat and then wrapped his large hand around it, not choking me so much as applying a downward pressure. With his other hand, he moved my hand over his erection and pressed.

Not saying a word, he took his hands and placed them on my shoulders, pushing until I was on my knees. He undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and brought out his cock. Grabbing my hair and pulling my head back so that I had to look up, he slapped my cheeks with his cock. This left wet stripes wherever it touched. In a moment of strange afyon escort fantasy, I imagined whipping out an elongated tongue to gather up the precum he left on my cheeks.

He stuck his thumb and forefinger in between my lips, pried my teeth apart, and thrust his cock deep in my mouth. Right away I gasped and choked, but he did not care. He rested the tip of his cock at the back of my throat and for a few long seconds, I could not breath. Finally, he put both hands at the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. I put my hands against his hips to brace against him and he slapped my face for it. “Nothing is free, you little slut”, he whispered.

I know I should recoil from this treatment and instead I can feel breasts rubbing against my shirt. As I rock back and forth from the effort of having my mouth fucked, I can feel my pants across my cunt. With every thrust of his punishing cock, I edge closer to coming.

All to soon, I feel his thrust get less fluid and more twitchy. I feel his cock flatten ever so slightly on my tongue. And then he is shuddering and coming into my mouth. He fairly growled as he came and pushed my face into his stomach. His cock is so far down my throat that I have no choice but to swallow his load.

Panting, he pushed my face away from him. He chuckled silently as he gently stroked my cheek where he slapped me. “Es rojo, my sweet. Where i slapped you.”

As he put his cock back in to his pants, he told me to do some studying. I will be his very special student and he will be a very demanding teacher. After all, I already paid for my first lesson.

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