A Place to Stay

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This all happened over thirty years ago. I was student teaching in my last semester at a prominent “teacher’s college” in the Northeast. As March rolled around the group of students I was with were shocked to hear that while all our friends went on Spring Break we would remain teaching. To add insult to injury, the dorms were closing (as were dining services.) Shit! We were expected to find our own lodging, among other things for a week. I certainly did not have money for a hotel for the week, and the one guy I knew pretty well was in the same predicament as I was.

The other person I knew well was Jenn. A pretty brunette who lived in the on campus apartment with three other women. She was also student teaching. Now the campus had a pretty strict cohabitation law, but I felt with most of the campus shut down this might not be a problem. We had been out drinking many times and we got along super well so I asked if I could borrow her floor. Sure, not only that, her roommates were off to Florida and Carly said if I brought my own sheets I could use her bed. So I made arrangements to show up on Sunday evening, taking the time to go home for the weekend and do laundry and all the stuff college aged folks do on a weekend home.

Before I move on let me tell you about Jenn. She was about 5’8″ and is somewhere between cute and hot with huge brown eyes, long hair and largish boobs considering her thin figure. A nice ass, and long legs she was the total package. She was smart too. The odd thing. according to her, was adolescence was unkind to her with braces, a bit of weight problem, acne and a tendency to dress very dowdy, she did not attract any male attention. So when she finally blossomed between her senior and Freshman year at college she had no idea she was hot, therefore her “hot” ego never fully developed. While she was hit on and dated heer and there, she never really found anyone sincere or smart enough. So she was a complex sort of package.

When I arrived Sunday I was greeted with an enthusiastic hug which I returned. With both of us currently unattached, we had a lot in common besides teaching. Plus with both of us being student teachers the chance to exchange “war stories” was a plus. We had been so busy in our lives we really hadn’t talked as much as we might have liked. We traveled quickly over to the grocery store for lunch and dinner supplies which I paid for as “rent” for the week as well as quick run into the department story for school supplies. We passed by the swimsuit display, nicely at the front of the store when we were still in the middle of a Northeast winter. “Hmm, I prefer bikinis” Jenn said flipping through them.

“Oh does this mean a fashion show later?!” I kidded. I was rewarded with a wry smile, a punch on the arm and that “all men are the same” eye roll. We continued and headed for her apartment where we made my bed, moved my stuff out of the way and graded papers.

With the exception of the first night where I took her out for dinner (more rent) our days were busy and we traded student stories and graded papers. It was relaxed. Coming home Tuesday night it began to snow and by the time 6:00 PM came around it was a good old fashioned snow storm. Our friends from Florida rang us up, drunk and kidded us how they were enjoying 80 degree days and sunshine on the beach. Bastards! beyliikdüzü escort At 7:00 P.M. our school district called. With 12″-15″ predicted, school was called for the next day. We decided to finish up grading and then have a little wine and relax, knowing we had a day off.

We traded some stories and began reminiscing about the last 4 years at college. “You know Taylor” Jenn said.

“Of course.” Taylor or Tay for short as a good guy, we used to hang out and he had graduated last year. “Have you heard from him.”

“No.” said Jen. “Did you know he always used to hit on me?”

“I know he liked you.” I answered.

“No, I mean remember how you and and everyone would leave and Tay would stay behind.”

“Sure, Dan and I used to kid he was trying to talk you in bed. But since he was hot and heavy and two years into Kelli we figured it was all talk.”

“No, not at all. He constantly told me he loved me and would ask me to sleep with him.”

I was shocked. “Gee, I thought you seemed kinda weird around him last year, no wonder.”

“Well, I knew everyone liked Tay, Hell I liked Tay, but that got be a bit a much. Mostly I would have brushed it off if he hadn’t have been attached. I didn’t like Tay in that way, but the fact he was snooping behind Kelli’s back pissed me off.” She said. “Pissed Kelli off too, but I had to tell her.”

“So he never had a chance?”

She shook her head. “Even unattached, the whole fake intellectual vibe rubbed me wrong. He constantly tried to make everyone think he was all deep.”

“Not a real intellectual like me” I kidded.

She fake rolled her eyes. “If you’re getting up Einstein, grab me another wine will you?”

We chatted for another hour, drank more wine and talked about the end of last year. “Remember how drunk Maryann was at that party we had here in the apartment.”

“Yup, she was wasted.”

“I remember she suggested playing strip poker and we ended up playing Pictionary. Can you imagine a prude like her playing strip poker?”

“Yeah I’m still pissed off about that night.”


“Are you kidding, a chance to see you naked? The hottest woman on this campus!” Realizing what I said I lifted my voice at the end and tried to laugh it off like I was making a joke.

“I think the wine is talking, but that is sweet.”

“It’s not the wine” I said, again more seriously then I perhaps wanted to, “really you are smoking.” She blushed.

“But how do you know you wouldn’t lose, how do you know I wouldn’t be laying eyes on your sexy little body?”

I had not thought of that but said “Now who is letting the wine do the talking? Besides what’s a little naked between friends?”

She put her glass down and retreated to the bathroom, she returned in a bathrobe, She undid the sash and holding the robe over her boob and bush quickly showed me her side. “I am naked beneath this.” She closed the robe and tied the sash tight and curled up on the couch. “So as you said ‘What’s a little naked?'”

“I don’t get it”

She smiled. “Strip. Show me some skin. Do as I like for a little while and maybe you will get what you want” she paused “Or maybe you won’t” she smiled playfully and a little wickedly.

I was dazed, and without realizing it really, pulled bodrum escort my t-shirt off. She whistled appreciatively.

“What the fuck was I doing? We are a little drunk” I thought. “Maybe I shouldn’t do this and fuck everything up.” But it was late and getting more daring, I peeled off my socks and sweat pants. I realized with some horror I was getting hard exposing myself. I decided to call her bluff and stood before her in my briefs “Would you like to do the honors?” I knew full well she wouldn’t. She absolutely wouldn’t. She would be the voice of reason and say she was just messing around. Instead she uncurled from the couch and without warning yanked my underwear down to my knees, my hard cock springing up, barely missing her chin. Her eyes lit up.

“MMM, I like” she said as she pushed me away, hand on my stomach. “Now step out of the underwear, I mean naked!”

I slowly stepped out of the underwear and stood naked and hard before this very clothed woman. “Wow. I mean I didn’t think you would do it.” she said. She looked a little overwhelmed.

“I didn’t think I would either, but the chance…”

She quickly recovered and cut me off. “I told you to get naked and do as I like for a little while. Your chance isn’t here yet.” She pushed the robe quickly off her shoulder, showing me her neck and creamy shoulder and quickly pulled it back up. My cock twitched at that and she laughed. “This will be fun. Step closer to me and kneel down.”

I did as instructed, my cock sticking proudly out and she ran a hand down my chest. “I cannot fucking believe I am doing this.” she whispered. I moaned appreciatively. “Yeah I know you can’t fucking believe it either. Don’t get your hopes up, this could be a very frustrating evening.” She ran her hand over my neck and spent some time on my nipples pulling and pinching. “Someone likes that” she said noting my quickening breathing “I’ll keep that in mind.” She ran her hand down my stomach and arrived at my hard cock, her hand nestled in my pubic hairs. She ran her hand back up my chest, I involuntarily groaned. “Poor baby” she laughed.

She ordered me to stand and over to the couch. She walked over to the sink and took a small towel. She retreated to the bedroom and returned with another towel and a small bottle. She threw me one towel “Sit on this. uh, bitch!” She didn’t sound convincing or commanding and we both knew it and laughed, but I put the towel down and sat down. “Um what can I make you do next?” she wondered aloud. “Oh I know!” She ran back to her room and came back with something in her hand. “A hair scrunchy” she said. I looked quizzical. “Carly uses one on Laird. I think it will look cute!” For the first time her hand touched my cock and balls and she fit the scrunchy over them. Just a little bit snug, it felt good. “Wow looks like the head is changing color” she noted. Indeed a slight purple hue, but not bad. She reached over and gave my balls a rub and scratched a finger nail over my head stopping at the hole. I looked over again, kinda questioning. “Don’t be so presumptuous you! She said. “I may not date a lot, but I have had my share off of experiences” she said with a flip of the hair. “No unsatisfied customers.” She laughed as she slid up my cock with her soft hands.

“But you want me naked” she said “I think bolu escort maybe a naked you is worth a flash of a nipple. Maybe.” She smiled “What else can I make you do?” I never had a hot naked man at my beck and call.” She smirked “I do so love that scrunchy, it looks so cute, I borrowed it from Carly, so don’t stretch it out, although I think it may be too late.” Indeed my cock was pushing against it’s elastic barriers.

She smirked again. “Just sit for a minute.” she said. I sat considering my situation as Jen seemed bent on putting me through every little thing she could think up. She threw the bottle to me that she brought out of the bedroom. Astroglide. I knew it all too well, good slippery stuff. “Rub some on your nipples” she ordered. “Now play with them.” I felt really odd pulling, pinching and stroking my own nipples in front of her. However her face was a little flushed. She liked it, and I was getting into it. “Stop” she ordered. “Lube up your cock and balls and get busy”. I did as told and she definitely approved. I stoked and squeezed my balls and took long strokes on my hard cock. She stopped me as I got closer. “Look quick” she said and unsashed her robe exposing her right tit quickly and recovering it.

“That’s it?” I cried out.

“Maybe, you said yourself being naked was a small price for a chance.”

“I never said anything about jerking off!”

“Hmm you are right. I did ask for a few other things. And being unattached, like me, you probably have a lot of frustration built up.” She made a fake sad face. “Poor baby!” She walked over and removed the scrunchy, all coated in lube and a little precum. “Hmmm, how will I explain this to Carly?” she wondered aloud. She flicked a finger over my cockhead and got some precum on her finger. She put it on her tongue. Instantly she made a face. “Yuck that lube is nasty tasting.”

“Okay, I have had my fun” she said with certainty “I think you have earned it.” With that she stepped away and unsashed her robe, her boobs came in to view as well as her hairy, though well groomed bush. She looked at me shyly and bright red with embarrassment. “Do you like?” she said uncertainly then looked at my cock which was harder the ever. “I guess so” she said.

She walked over and hugged me, her breasts pressing against me, I pulled the robe back and let it fall to the floor and squeezed her ass. “Was it worth it? she asked, again so uncertain.

I let go and looked in her eyes and kissed her. “Yes.”

She sighed and led me back to the couch. She leaned back on it. “Cum on my tits. All over them, let me watch you.” I needed no further encouragement. She quietly rubbed her pussy while I jerked off. She watched my face with an expression of her own pleasure and excitement.

“I’m gonna cum” I grunted.

She took her pussy soaked hands and lightly touched my balls and I lost it all over her boobs, long strings of cum coating her pink nipples. Dragging her hand through my cum she touched and fingered her pussy to a short but intense orgasm, licking her fingers seductively after.

We went to bed naked that night, I arose first and made coffee. I made the decision to shower but not dress. She did the same when she woke up an hour later, hair wet from the shower, but not a stitch on. I thought it would be odd, so did she, but it wasn’t and we had more fun that day, including a long slow lovemaking session with her bent over the kitchen table, no additional lube was needed!

We stayed naked the rest of the week (when not in school of course.) Thirty years later, we are still at it. Thank you student teaching.

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